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The Catwalk Dreams of Brazil’s Have-Nots PDF Print E-mail
2004 - December 2004
Written by Gabe Ponce de León   
Tuesday, 28 December 2004 21:00

Isabela Hasselblad, model from RocinhaOn a cool Saturday morning in Rio de Janeiro,  Zé Luiz Summer, a 34-year-old Afro-Brazilian, leaves his home in Rocinha, Brazil’s largest favela (shantytown) and begins descending down the meandering alleyways of the favela.

Rocinha—which means “little field” in Portuguese—sprawls along the northeastern fringe of São Conrado, a chic neighborhood of modern high-rises and million-dollar mansions.  The favela swells with over a hundred thousand inhabitants and boasts the moniker “the city within the city.”

Like most Rio de Janeiro favelas, Rocinha is dominated by drug traffickers who police the streets and invest some of the spoils of the drug trade in community projects.  On Good Friday of this year, Rocinha was transformed into the very image of the crisis of civic order in Rio de Janeiro when a war between rival drug lords left dozens of people dead.

In his stylishly torn jeans and designer shirt, Zé Luiz would look at home in a café in Soho.  But amid the dilapidated trappings of the favela—where T-shirt, Bermuda and Havaianas flip flops often serve as all-purpose attire—he stands out just as the red-faced, paunched gringo does among the expertly-tanned and finely-sculpted bodies of Ipanema beach.

But why can’t a designer shirt seem right on a resident of the favela?  This is the question to which Zé Luiz has dedicated much of the past decade and out of which the idea for a modeling school arose. While other ideas like starting an MBA accounting school or creating other MBA programs fell by the wayside.

Zé Luiz traverses a highway via an overpass to São Conrado where he enters the Ayrton Senna da Silva high school.  Inside, he climbs three dingy flights of stairs to the ooftop, where a youth baseball tournament game is in progress.  There are plenty of little league bats everywhere.  He unlocks the door to a gym and enters; the floor of the room is padded with gymnastics mats and mirrors cover one wall and a horizontal wooden bar lines the opposite wall.

Zé Luis waits patiently in the empty gym for his pupils to arrive.  It is now half past nine, when class is scheduled to begin, but in accordance with the casual relationship the Carioca (native of Rio de Janeiro) has with time, it will be another hour or two before every would-be model has made an entrance.

Now the hour hand on the wall clock points to ten and almost that many students have trickled in.  They link hands in a circle in the middle of the room.  Zé Luiz switches on a boom box and an American pop tune fills the room.

He joins his students in the circle as they walk counterclockwise in sync to the music, the human circle spinning like a wheel.  A few minutes pass and the students break the link but, remaining in single file, proceed to parade around the room, snaking and zigzagging, showcasing the trademark Brazilian flair and knack for improvisation.

The model train makes a few tours of the room and then disbands as the students line up along the western wall, facing the mirror on the opposite end of the room. Zé Luiz begins with a demonstration—he crosses the room, his hips jutting forward; his steps are deliberate, yet nimble. His posture is relaxed and his thumbs are hooked around his pockets.

When he reaches the wall he stops, tilts back his head, partially closing his eyes and forming his lips into a slight pucker.  His graceful movements and supreme confidence reveal the fact that he once had a modeling career of his own.

Now it is the students’ turn.  Ana Karenine, a wiry 14 year-old takes off toward the mirrors.   Her legs criss-cross as she swoons forward on a wave of excitement, her body swaying gently.  She reaches the mirror, jerks her head left as her curly hair flies right.

She tosses a seductive glance toward the mirror and, with her hands on her hips she spins, and heads back to where she started.  Zé Luiz nods, almost imperceptibly, his approval.

Next is Elizane Souza Leopoldino, whose artist name is Liz Leopoldo. Her cream-colored cheeks are fleshy and her jaw has a strong thrust that ends in a pointy chin—unconventional features that she hopes might be her passport to success.

When she entered Dreams Models a year ago, she had not yet mastered walking in high heels—let alone strutting her stuff on a runway.  Now she walks with a confident air.  She wears black sandals whose straps wrap around her feet like spider legs, skin-tight black jeans that accentuate her formidable thighs, and a short sleeve shirt.

But it is in her hips, where her true prowess resides; those powerful, Brazilian hips, whose titillating movements possess that coveted ability to freeze time, to command attention, to concomitantly intrigue and entice.

Perhaps they were the reason she was selected by the designer George Moreira to model a bridal gown on the popular late-night talk show Programa do Jô (a Brazilian equivalent of David Letterman) last year in São Paulo.

Liz admits that she was nervous, but she never had second thoughts about going through with the gig.  After all, the bright lights of the São Paulo studio are a long way from Vitorino Freire, the small agricultural city in the impoverished northeastern state of Maranhão, from where Liz emigrated in 1996 at the age of eleven.

With its incessant bustle and irreverent throngs of people, Liz recollects the culture shock—and even fear of Rocinha and Rio de Janeiro—she felt when she first arrived.  Over time, however, Liz came to consider Rocinha home and that same Rio hubbub now bubbles through her veins like her own blood.


By a quarter past eleven, Zé Luiz’s flock has grown to twenty.  It seems that every time he takes his eyes off that imaginary catwalk, a new student has appeared, preening in front of a mirror, or chatting with another student.

At the opposite end of the room, young footballers have drifted over from their soccer tournament and are now jostling for space in the doorway.  The disheveled bunch loiters around for a while, hissing and giggling from the sidelines.  Before long, they hustle back to the more important business of working out the holes in their game in time for the 2010 World Cup.

If you can make it in Rocinha, you can make it anywhere.  These young women are already inured to the hoots and howls that seem to follow attractive women in Rio de Janeiro.  Rozeres, a slender 20-year-old with a majestic forehead and oblong eyes, complains that “ninety-nine percent of men are up to no good.”

For Rozeres, who migrated to Rio from the northeastern state of Paraíba when she was a baby, one of the principal problems with dating men in Rocinha is that a woman who is not cautious can find herself manchada, or stained.

Indeed, young women growing up in Rocinha navigate through a contradictory social space in which traditional values impose constraints on acceptable behavior, yet where promiscuity is prevalent and incidences of teenage pregnancy high.

Joana, a precociously zaftig fourteen-year-old laments the fact that many girls from Rocinha—including one former Dream Models student—become pregnant before they are eighteen, and sometimes even at her age.  “This is not because of lack of awareness, it’s just carelessness,” Liz tells me.

“Sometimes girls get pregnant because they want the man to stay with them,” Michelle, a beautiful 16 year-old with large, hazel eyes, tells me. “I had a friend—a guy—who was twenty-one and he got his girlfriend, who was fifteen, pregnant.  When she told him that she was pregnant, he broke up with her.  Her father decided to go over there, to talk to some people about it.  The drug traffickers heard out the girl’s father and made the guy marry her.”

While incidences of teenage pregnancy are generally higher in favelas than on the asfalto (literally, the “asphalt” or the formal city) the majority of females in Rocinha—which has strong roots in the traditional Northeast from where most of its families emigrated—would be considered socially conservative by mainstream American standards.

Evangelical Protestants are the fastest growing religious group in the community.  Not a single female student that I spoke to admitted to drinking alcohol or casually using drugs—though I was later informed that many of them sometimes take a surreptitious swig.

Indeed, there is a sharp double standard that exists between the sexes in Rocinha.  The majority of Dreams Models female students contend that women are now winning a greater space in Brazilian society, especially in the workplace.

Yet they more often than not attest to coming from highly patriarchal households, where women of the family need to fight to maintain equal-footing with the men.  Some female students also complain that male relatives who are the same age are permitted to stay out late on weekends, while they must adhere to strict curfews.

Even more vexing, however, is the encouragement adolescent males often receive from relatives to acquire sexual experience.  Those who are shy—or perhaps “late-bloomers”—might even generate concern regarding their sexual orientation.  Females, on the other hand, are almost invariably pressured to scrupulously preserve their chastity throughout their teenage years.


After relocating to a large space downstairs, the catwalk exercise resumes as two females students begin walking in tandem across the room.  One is Jessica, a diminutive 12 year-old girl, who is attending class the first time today.  She has sharp features and beautiful clear eyes.

There is a natural bounce in her gait and she carries herself with remarkable grace, though every so often she quizzically peeks to her right to the more experienced Rozeres, just to make sure that she is doing everything correctly.  Rozeres, with perfect technique, glides forward with spry steps and seductive hip sways.

“At first we all thought that we could become top models,” she tells me.  “Then we realized that it’s not so easy.  It’s really hard to break into this profession; most of the work we get is at benefits and things like that.”

But she goes on to acknowledge that even if economic benefits never do accrue to her, she has profited from the course in other ways.

“We came into Dreams Models with many flaws,” she confesses “that we have since worked out.  Now I can say that I can walk into any place and any kind of atmosphere, and hold my own.  I was very timid when I came in.”

This is no insignificant assertion when considering the economic and social exclusion that shrouds the favela.    Zé Luiz recollects the words of a television producer several years back to appear on a show—words that underscore the stigma that clings to the favelado—resident of a favela—in Brazil.  When he brought his students to this producer’s television studio he recalls that the producer could not believe they were from Rocinha.

“But they are so beautiful!” the producer exclaimed in disbelief.

“People think that people from Rocinha have no manners, no culture,” according to Thaynara, a 16 year-old.  “But it’s not the place that makes the person, it’s the person that makes the person.”

In Rocinha, a prevalent belief is that prejudice against even extends to the job market.  For instance, in Rio de Janeiro it is commonplace for favelados to conceal where they live in job applications by providing false addresses to prospective employers.

According to Ana Maria, a lanky 18-year-old, her cousin recently applied for similar positions at two different companies.  In one application she disclosed her real address whereas in the other she put down a false address in an affluent neighborhood.  She was offered the position only at the latter company.


It is almost one o’clock and the class has all but disintegrated into pockets of conversations, as fashion magazines, or pictures of past runway shows circulate the periphery of the classroom.  There is a window that stretches the distance of the western wall.  On the left side of this window, the high-rises of São Conrado cut into the nebulous sky.

Across the highway, on the right side of the window, Rocinha’s ruddy edifices are submerged in fog one minute, only to resurface the next.  This scene is uncannily framed by concrete arches from the external structure of the building, creating the impression of a bridge, from one side of the highway to the other.

I realize that possibly no where else in Brazil is the gap between the country’s haves and have-nots so palpable, so symbolically visible, as in this spot where I now stand.

Here I recognize the intrinsic divide between the stigmatized, degraded world of the morro (hillside slum) and the glistening cachet of the fashion universe.  Is it possible that in some space, at some point in time, these two worlds can actually converge?

Zé Luiz, who believes he has witnessed a marked improvement in the manner in which mainstream society interacts with the favela and vice-versa, thinks so.

“The rise of a new generation of Brazilian idols, soccer players and musicians, many of whom are poor or dark-skinned, contributed to creating a new social face of Brazil,” he tells me.

Yet despite progress, he dolefully acknowledges that “of ten runway models, eight are white, one is dark-skinned, and one is black.”  Moreover, he is aware that few favelados meet the universal standard for height and weight for haute couture models.

According to Zé Luiz, an instinctive longing to be seen resides at the burning core of the human spirit.  In the subculture of fashion models, this drive is even more dominating.

If Zé Luiz is correct then could it not follow that, coming from the favela—which sometimes does not even appear on the city map—this primordial instinct might not pulsate even stronger?  Could this be true not just for the aspiring model, but for the teenage drug-trafficker as well?

“Perhaps the real value of my project”, Zé Luiz tells me, “should be measured not necessarily in how many runway models it produces, but in how it elevates the self-esteem of the students.  I think it makes many of them more comfortable with themselves.”

Gabe Ponce de León is a photographer and writer from New York City.  He lived in Rocinha for over seven months.  He is on the board of directors of the Two Brothers Foundation, a non-profit based in Rocinha.  He can be reached for comments or questions at

For more information about Dreams Models, Zé Luiz Summer can be contacted at

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Comments (197)Add Comment
Ze Luiz
written by Guest, December 29, 2004
I admire Ze Luiz and his efforts to "make something" of himself, while offering an escape to the moradores of Rocinha, unfortunatly salvation for Brasil's poor does not lie in his modeling school on the asphalt, but with better educational opportunites for Brasil's socialy disadvantaged women. Recently a local super market chain was hiring, they came under fire because all citizens with addresses in the favelawere not considered for the open positions. It is true however, that Brasilian women are quickley moving ahead of their male counterparts, especially in the sciences where I work. All labs are now nearly 75% women working in research and analisis, I would expect this to continue, as women take a more active role in social activites and politics, something Brasil will benefit greatly from.
written by Guest, December 29, 2004
This just goes to show how shallow the brazillians are and how jobs where looks, not brainpower, are seen as ways out of the misery.

Bazillian women are not more beautiful than women in so many other countries, but they think they are soooo goodlooking! I'm a man who has often been stunned by the extreme prejudice that I have been met with because of my (white) race in Brazil. I have never been in a country where a persons race means being met with such a strong prejudice.

Everybody thought that I was rich, a millionare ore something, people just wouldn't believe that I'm middleclass averege kind of guy. No, I.'m white so I must be extremely rich! It was a very bizarre experience.

For many of these third world countries I really can't see the way out. I mean people in Brazil only think about sex! Now, isn't there other things in life than sex?? Such an insane country! I was visiting Brazil a while ago but I had to return prematurely. I just couldn't stand it anymore.

The last straw was when I witnessed a caraccident. A woman was killed in front of me, she was splattered all over the place. The truck who hit the women just continued driving away from the place like nothing had happened. And people around the scene showed no signs of emotions, they just kapt walking by without any care in the world.The head of the dead women was turned in my direction and she looked me right in the eyes... I just couldn't take it anymore, I had to leave.

At least now I know how hell is like! Before I came to Brazil I thought that black skin was pretty; Now I think that white skin looks rather nice actually.

Brazil is doomed to be a third world country forever due to it's cruel, false, immoral and careless population.
written by Guest, December 29, 2004
Calm down
written by Guest, December 29, 2004
Take some viagra my friend. The reason we think about sex is because we are so good at it...much better than whitebread up north. Perhaps it is because your women are so fat and ugly. Probably came here with your girlfriend and she stayed with a Brasilian man. To bad you wern't ran over man, I would not have stopped.
RE: Pathetic
written by Guest, December 29, 2004
Your lackluster use of the english language is matched only by your blindness. I am so embarassed to be an American when I hear people like you speaking out. What are you even doing reading this magazine? Go away feio gringo. The people of Brazil have shown me to be some of the most caring considerate and beautiful people of_the_world. Please return to the safety of your shopping mall and dial 9-1-1 if you feel afraid.
bravo ponce
written by Guest, December 29, 2004
Very insightful Article. Having only a superficial knowledge of the current situations present within the favelas of Brazil, Ponce De Leon does a good job in illustrtaing some of the characteristics of life in Rochina. In todays modeling world, there are certainly some brazilian beauties. It is interesting to imagne theses supermodels careers possibly stemming from the project mentioned here, or perhaps one like it. More importantly, though the career and iterest of modeling obviously appears shallow to some - one guest in particular - the story does a fine job in showing how programs such as ze luis' help brood self esteem and confidence among a young age group fighting constant gender and class issues as well as poverty and the ongoing violence.
i can feel ya
written by Guest, December 29, 2004
I can understand what he is saying a bout race.....being white in brazil is a sign of social status and that can only lead to Brazilian's having a distorted world view. When Brazil drops these false notions of race only then can the lead from the pool of third world countries. Look at the advancement of the US where maintream society has come to accept people of all races and colors.
Feel this
written by Guest, December 29, 2004
Yea, let's look at the US my fellow American writes, where most blacks still live in poverty in America's largest cites. Why is it that the prison poulation in America is over 75% men of color? Ever heard of racial profiling? Yes my while friend, while you are busy saying, "Oh I am not a racists. some of my best friends are negros", black are dying at almost double the rate of whites from aids. Mainstream US is still a racist society, and only the progressive population understands the struggle of our brothers and sisters. This is pure bulls**t, by a white American, who lives in white neighborhoods, and will cross the street before he passes a black youth with dreads. He is the same chickens**t who has so much to say about Brazil in the previous posting, but has no clue as to what he is talking about. While I have nver been to Brazil, from what I understand people of Brazil posses a tolerent and progressive attitude, I am planning my own visit soon, and I am looking forward to seeing for myself. To my white countryman, bow before Condeleca and Colin...but for the rest of us, take of your white hood and show your skin head, you are really what America is all about.
ok what ever
written by Guest, December 30, 2004
first off I am black and only in America do black rule popular culture.....u are some what right however ...the US is still a little racist but i have been to Brazil
and it was almost like the US in 1950. i saw a plenty people of color but turn on the TV i maybe saw 1 or 2 blacks.....turn on the TV in a America.....most of the comercial have black or hip-hop in them......yes in America u have problems facing black....but America is the best Country for a black person to be in........
written by Guest, December 30, 2004
I have visited Brazil from America several times.
I find Brazil and its people to be some of the most compasionate and friendly people I have ever met.
I have traveled all over the world and Brazil has many things that make it a great place to visit or live.
As long as people like Zé Luiz Summer have hope, anything is possible.
The people of Brazil are special. Stay the way you are. Help the poor and let's raise the standard of living for all through the many programs available.
Zé Luiz Summer -- you are so strong and show the way for others to follow.
Re: ok whatever
written by Guest, December 30, 2004
Only in U.S. blacks rule popular culture? You watch too much TV. In Brazil you see the influence of the African religion and customs on a daily basis. Have you ever heard of Iemanja, Ogum, Oxossi and other Afro-Brazilian deities? Good luck to find such manifestations of true black culture in the U.S. Have you ever seen capoeira? Another Afro-Brazilian art/fight form, and what about samba, carnaval e the African influenced cuisine you find throughout Brazil? In Brazil, Africa rules much more than other places in the world outside Africa itself. Check this out: If you want to see ancient African rituals, you need to go to Bahia because only there they have been preserved. You won't find them not even in Africa nowadays, due to European colonization. Wake up and realize that Brazil is above all African influenced. By the way, Brazil is America too: South America...
written by Guest, December 30, 2004
Maybe the people in Brazil are caring and compassionate but they've certainly gotten used to the violence and the caos in their society , to the point of apathy and even denial . Most Brazilians don't really consider it their business as long as they're not involved in it (or as long as they profit from it , like police and corrupt politicians). While the majority of inmates in America may be black , you just can't bribe your way out of trouble in America as easy as you can in Brazil . The majority of Brazil's inmates are just poor. Funny too , that comment that says " we're good at sex" . I bet it was written by a guy. Brazilian women are good looking, kind and sexually repressed.It can be great to be a guy in that society but there's much more to good sex in my opinion.
\"Um pais de todos\"
written by Guest, December 30, 2004
Brasil new motto claims it's a Country for all races. Until all it's citizens and government officials accept reponsibility for their racists ways, this is only another motto like "Orden e Progresso" on the national flag ( neither saying are facts in Brasil and many citizens can't even read it. ). Brasil and many other countries, rich and poor alike have a long road ahead; by not providing and educating ALL citizens on the importance of education they loose a great pool of future generation of leaders and educators. Brasileans of all colors and from all regions are strong people with big hearts with a go get it attitude, Prez. Lula is a perfect example. They've so far survived old time slavery but yet not modern day slavery, military government, hyper inflation, corrupt local and federal leaders, unemployment, drug epidemics, crime, drought and extrime poverty to name a few.
We as Brasileans need to take responsibility to teach the childrens well, doesn't matter the color. Yes, there are a few Brasileans of dark color on TV, most of them are in sports, musicians and there is always a maide on the novelas, also one Minister of Culture in the present government but good luck finding a doctor or a lawyer.
Muito obrigado.
These are the facts
written by Guest, December 31, 2004
There is truth in all the above postings. First, I will concede to our American friend, that yes things are much better in the USA. It is a much stronger country, where citizens live in safety and security. In America everyone has a chance at a good education, and to make something of themselves. It is why so many of our fellow Brasilians leave and live in the US. The same is not true here in Brasil. I would also like to say that I have meet many American's here, and find them decent people, I would also say that most American's who come here find Brasilians as one poster says, very warm, and friendly people, who enjoy the company of our foreign friends, I am truly sorry the poster did not experience this. Still, our cultures are very different, we have many things to be ashamed of, and many to be proud of. I am ashamed that the poster acuratly potrayed our violence situation, he is absolutley correct, when he says that we have decided to live with it rather than deal with it, I am ashamed by our in actions in this regard. I am ashamed that our police and government officals are corrupt, yet I am proud of those that are not corrupt who take up arms against the criminals everday, many are killed, and their deaths are reported in the second or third pages of our newspaers, to me, these are heros, low payed young men trying to make a difference. I am ashamed of our poverty, and our inability or unwillingness to educate ALL our children, I am proud of Ze Louis in the story for trying to do something, even something small for his people, our American friend should not critisize his actions, it will take many small deeds like this to truly make a difference. I am ashamed of racism, as one poster points out, black culture IS part of our popular culture, but the things he mentions do not educate blacks, or provide jobs that will bring them into the mainstream, in fact they do the opposite, it is a way of "containing" our black brothers and sisters. Perhaps if Petrobras, TIM, INBEV, and Brahama poured the same amount of money into education than they do for Caranaval, it would make a difference, Carnaval does not make a difference, it just fills the government and commercial accounts, but does nothing for the poor people who lead it. Yes, we have a new black minister of health, Lula's team also has Pele and Gill, but as the poster pointed out, no black doctors, lawyers, and very few professionals. There are many things that I am proud of about Brasil, and I maintain great hope for my country. But we can not deny our probelms are huge, even if pointed out by foreigners.We must accept "Constructive" critisism for what it is, if we do not want the worlds critisims, then perhaps we should work harder to solve our problems. I love Brasil, this is my home, I was born here and I will die here, but if my children decide to leave, I will not try and stop them
written by Guest, December 31, 2004
I've visited Salvador da Bahia,Brazil a couple of years ago and like a previous poster stated the African presence is so much more dynamic in Brazil than it is in the United States. Heck, I didn't even know what an Orixa was until I visited Bahia and had cowrie shell readings with a mae de santo. Also,there appears to be a lot more Black-On-Black love in Brazil verses the Black-On-Black crime here in the United States. Yes,Brazil does have it's problems but overall it's waaaaaaay better than living in the United States. I have many African American friends who have moved to Bahia after visiting for the first time and there is definitely a magical quality and feel to the whole state of Bahia. I too am planning to move to Bahia in the near future for it was in Bahia that I found out who I was as a descendant of Africa.
Really ?
written by Guest, December 31, 2004
Waaaayyyy better than living in the United States ? Better for who ? You must have enough money not to have to worry about working. Have you ever tried working in Brazil and paying your bills with your Brazilian salary ?
Have you ever had your life threatened because your are using some stupid fancy sunglasses and this kid with a gun in your face wouldn't care if he had to shoot you just to take them from you ?
And if it's so much better to live in Brazil how do you explain the fact that there are THOUSANDS of Brazilians leaving the country , abandoning friends and family just to live in a cold place like Boston and spend their time earning 8 dollars an hour ?
We're absolutely thrilled that you are going to find out who you are as a descendant of Africa , which is completely beyond the point by the way. The topic discussed above is not wether there is an African presence in Brazil , but what possibilities exist for an average black man born and raised in Brazil.The day you make a living as a black man working in Brazil with a trade you learned over there ,you'll be ready to post a significant opinion about that matter.
Lose the attitude
written by Guest, January 01, 2005
Hey Carioca guy: Why insult all white men because of one? Why does a man Brasilian think he is so gostoso?. Funny, my Brasilian wife thought it was all BS. You think a woman wants to listen to only your interests: sex, feutball, party.
Get off the beach and look for a library mulato. Brasilian women may rule the world but you men from Rio are simpletons.
How Much Better Do Black People Have It
written by Guest, January 01, 2005
I'm not blind to the problems of Brazil but I'm not blind to the problems here in America either. I am a 44 year old African American female working for slave wages myself. After working for the government for over 21 years I don't make that much more than $8.00 an hour myself and you say that African Americans have it so much better than Blacks in Brazil. Sure the white elite in Brazil sit in their million dollar mansions and talk about superior Brazilian racial democracy but so does their counterpart here in Brazil. The white American sits in his billion dollar mansion created by slave labor and the minimum wage jobs most African Amercians have in this country have and talk about how "progressive" this country is and how all Americans have equal access to education but have any of them ever been chained to the back of a truck and had their heads ripped off in the good ole United States. White Americans can't tell me diddly about how progressive the United States is and how bad Brazil is because they see the United States from their point of view. White Americans can talk about Brazil and it's problems all they want to but America needs to get their own sh*t together before they criticize Brazil. Our government needs to pay Black Americans their reparations and open up those prison doors like a previous poster says and let 75% of African American out of those toilets. Yeah America is so progressive that's why our government is over in Iraq dropping bombs to get some other countries oil. You white Americans make me sick you never get enough money and wiil kill your own mother to make another dime. Don't blame Brazil because they don't make money their God like white Americans do and have to worry themselves bald and can't have sex because their minds are on making another dime. I will gladly go to Brazil and deal with it's problems than deal with white Americans who don't know what life and living is about. Keep on living in your progressive America because this country is going DOWN. Iraq is going to win this terrorist war and all you racist white crackas will be jumping out of windows in gasoline underwear. How you like that?
Could not have said it better.
written by Guest, January 01, 2005
Come on down sister, you have it the nail on the head. Life here is not about chasing the almight whitey's $$$, it's about friends family, and pride. It's good to see an American sister say it, because I believe that you are an example of how most black American's feel, not the oreo who posted the intial commets.
written by Guest, January 01, 2005
It's like I said, you really need to spend a year (or less) working in Brazil to understand what minimum wage is , what it means to be really poor. That's what I was trying to say : 8 bucks an hour is MONEY , you are rich compared to the average black Brazilian. You have no idea what it's like. It'll make you run back to the USA immediately and be greatful for what you have. Don't get me wrong though , I encourage you to go , especially when you have such a precise vision about Americas hopeless future.
And I didn't say the American government is making right choices , I'm just talking about what possibilities are available for the average black person in Brazil.
I'm not a white American telling you how progressive your country is.
Go ahead and open those prison doors , great idea. I'm pretty sure 75% of the inmates are innocent (as long as their black). The feeling I get is that racism in America comes from the blacks too.
Thanks For The Compliment!!!
written by Guest, January 01, 2005
Thanks for the comment cause that's the way I feel. White Americans and the United States don't need to be in these third world countries with their capitalist,white supremacist bulls**t. If these thirld world countries want to sit up and make love all day more power to them. It beats sitting around worrying yourself bald and working 24-7 365 days a year to make an extra dime. Some of these white Americans are getting what they deserve too. They've put all of their time and energy making another dime and some of the dot-coms company have gone kaput. This system that the white American has created has now become a noose around his neck and it's got him in it's vise like a boa constrictor. Nah,America don't need to be giving Brazil advice with all of the Viagara and anti-depressants these stressed,overworked,impotent,bald Americans take so that they can continue living in this country where money is God and takes precedence over human beings. If white people hate Brazil more power to them because Brazil doesn't need them. I and a group of my friends are trying to get African Americans to buy up all of the property in Bahia because we want a part of Brazil that is truly African and not peopled with white Americans who will spoil this Brazilian paradise with their capitalist,racist bulls**t propaganda. White Americans do Brazil a favor and please stay out of Brazil - they really don't want you over there and like the Brazilian poster said take Viaga,get your heads out of your butts and make more than money your God. Thank God I have a Brazilian fiance because these American men are cold,materalistic,capitalistic and can't get it up because they are worried about making an extra dime. I can see why a lot of women are into Brazilian men because I'd rather have a man that thinks about sex all the time than one that worships money and never get enough of it. White American men live on these corporate crappy jobs because they are too afraid to have a family life because they may lose another dime. Americans please stay out of Brazil because as overweight,stressed out and impotent as Americans are they don't need to be giving advice to Brazil and Brazil is wise not to take it. Brazilians keep on doing what you're doing - you're beautiful,have lots of hair,are sexy and good lovers. Always be that way and let white Americans chase the almighty dollar and continue jumping out of high-rise buildings in gasoline underwear because all they care about is money,money,money. Americas is a sick country so don't buy into the bulls**t these white devils are preaching. These devils are going to burn up in America because they're going to lose this terrorist war and when Bin Laden drops the big one I'll be making love in Brazil.
Living in Brazil
written by Guest, January 01, 2005
I will be retired when living in Brazil and because I am going to marry a Brazilian I will have some Brazilian citizenship. I'd rather clean backed up toilets in Brazil than to continue living in America with these blue-eyed devils who are going to end up getting everybody in this country killed because they can't stay their butts out of Iraq because they want more money,money,money. I've never been around people such as white Americans who never get enough money. Geez is a trillion dollas enough money for you or will you sacrifice your very soul to make a zillion. America is a sick,corrupt worped country and I basically hate everything about it. African Americans don't have crap in this country especially considering the nearly 500 years we have been living in it. Oh yeah you have a few Aunt Jemimas like Oprah Winfrey who is a billionaire because she is white woman in a Black woman's body but her experiences and money are not the norm for the average Black American. She lives in her ivory tower and continue to do so as long as she keeps letting white folks cry on her shoulder. America can take their capitalist bulls**t and shove it because I'm moving to Brazil. This little bit of bulls**t money African Americans make ain't crap compared to what White Americans make.
written by Guest, January 01, 2005
It's like I said you guys have absolutely no experience living there. You probably visited or maybe you have a Brazilian friend and you love talking s**t about your country while you live in it.
Maybe be should go by statistics ? How many Brazilians left heir country to live in the USA , compared to how many Americans left the USA to live in Brazil ? What's the ratio ? 1000 Brazilians prefer to leave for each American that prefers to leave ? Oh , one more thing : If it was easier for Brazilians to get a visa and come and live in the US , this place would be completely filled and overcrowded with Brazilians. Maybe that would make you happy ? Funny too , how you can generalise the white man and just call him a white devil , and put everyone in this category. You're a racist here and you'll be racist in Brazil too. Do me a favor and you stay out of Brazil. Just because the property is cheap (and you can afford it with your American dollars), doesn't mean they need you over there. What exactly is your contribution to Brazilian society ?
Mind Your Own Business!!
written by Guest, January 01, 2005
Mind your own business. America is for white people. I don't know about how many Brazilians come to the U.S. but I saw a hell of a lot of white Americans in Brazil who had gotten tired of the capitalist,racist,white supremacist bulls**t that this country is about. White people have created this system and not the system is turning around and kicking them in the butt so they don't need to be advising Brazil on diddly. When America can get it's bulls**t together than they can give advice to others. Also,look at your statistics and you will see that most Viagara and anti-depressants are prescribed for Americans moreso than other countries. White Americans can tell me what the fug they want to about this fugging country and I'm not buying it. My butt will sit in Brazil and whites can stay the fug out of Brazil since they hate Brazil so much with all of the n****rs that they have other there.
Reasons Why Brazilians Move to America
written by Guest, January 01, 2005
Because of unfair white supremacist bulls**t. Everybody knows that the blue-eyed devil has been raping and plundering third world countries for years so residents of those countries have to come to this country to make a living. The white man does not play fair because money is his God and might makes right. I doubt if Brazilians want to come to this country to look at ugly,fat,impotent,unhappy,money-grubbing Americans.
There is no white Brasil
written by Guest, January 01, 2005
The culture is based on black culture, and even Brasilans who look white have African blood, most people recoginze this. We need black American's to imigrate here, we need educated African American's, of people of African heritage from anywhere for that matter, it will help Brasil into the mainstream. So all black American's especially strong black females who want to make a difference, in a country founded on your culture, by all means, leave the US oppresion we have a place for you...I am a white "looking" Brasilan.
written by Guest, January 01, 2005
That's what I mean , you don't know how many. But anyone who's lived in both countries (and had to stand in line to get a visa at the American embassy in Brazil) knows that you can't even compate the numbers of Brazilians who'd love to come and live over here.
I'm sure your numbers about anti depressants and viagra are correct though and I'm sure it has to do with Americans being overworked. Yes , because it takes a lot of work to maintain a nation where you can rely on police , the economy , etc , you know ? And I got some news for you too. Brazil is for white people at least as much as America is (I'd say more though). Black people are all over Bahia , that is true , but they don't have nearly as many chances to have a decent life as they'd have in the US. If you couldn't make it in America , good luck making it in Brazil. But yeah , you'll be cool over there for a while . You'll be the cool guy with money in the middle of thousands of poor blacks, untill you run out of American dollars. I just don't think that "your butt sitting over there" will help make anything better , for Brazil , for the fight against racism or for America.
Guest is right
written by Guest, January 01, 2005
Guest above is right. I can´t count how many Gringos I´ve met in Brasil who came because of spun up stories from Brasilians, or just plain ignorance, believing that they´ve moved to some sort of Shang ra la, and then all of a sudden WHAMO - they´ve been brained by a big bat of Brasilian reality. s**t wages, high crime, corruption, even FAMILY in brasil will f**k you over for a few bucks.

These idiots above posting nonesense are in for a rude awakening when they arrive in Brasil. And yes that WHITE Blue EYed Devil calls the shots here too. Dumb Mofos..
written by Guest, January 01, 2005
Brazil like the rest of the world is dominated by the US. American has bullied the world with her military and economic policies. Why do immigrants risk their lives to come to America? Because America has made it impossible to make a fair living in their country of origin.

Huge American multi-nationals buy large tracts of land all over the world displacing people and forcing them to immigrate to America or Europe. This has been going on ever since the white man has dominated the world for the past 600 years. Similar complaints of nonwhite immigration are heard from European whites. Europe and America has taken trillions of dollars of wealth from third world countries via slavery, colonialism and unfair trade agreements so where do they expect the people to go?

Why do you think the Iraqis are fighting so hard to get America out of their country? They do not want to be another statistic. They know that if they don't fight they will be slaves in their country forced to stand by while America pumps billions of dollars of oil out of their country.

President Lula himself stated that no country can get a fair trade agreement with the US. The US wants to keep every nonwhite country poor so that they can continue to exploit their poverty. President Aristide of Haiti was ousted by the CIA simply because he was building too many schools in Haiti and preparing to crack down on sweatshop operations. He was tired of the Haitian people being pimped by the US govt.

And as for black people in America being financially better off than their Brazilian counterparts. Not really. They are not significantly better off. Most African Americans still dominate the bottom of the economic ladder, that is if they are even able to get on it in the first place.

Prisons in America are just another money making institution that has nothing to do with rehabilitation or even incarcerating true criminals. Look at all of the crimes committed by the US govt everyday.

If Brazil, along with every other so-called third world country cannot afford to pay most of their citizens fair wages it's because of the unfair trade agreements created by the US that are designed to keep America the winner and every other country (except Western Europe and now China and Japan) the losers. Most presidents of other countries can barely afford to feed their own families much less their entire countries thanks to cruel callous economic policies designed by the US

Stay home
written by Guest, January 01, 2005
I'm an American who moved to Rio three years ago. I have a succesful business representing American and European companies, here and other Latin American countries. My kids attend the best schools here in Brasil, have one at Boston University. Boat and house in Angra, house in Cabo Frio, I can travel anywhere I want, whenever I want, and we enjoy a great life here in Brasil, and have a zillion friends and things to do. So stay your asses up there pumping gas, or cutting the whiteman's grass, that's fine with us here. While your kids a wearing dreads, listening to crap on the radio and smokin crap and creating "popular culture", mine will be here getting richer and richer. Perhaps you will all get lucky, and Jackson or Sharpton will get elected, even those two morans can do a better job than the piece of s**t in the White House now.
There Is No White In Brazil
written by Guest, January 01, 2005
This African American woman is coming over to Bahia,Brazil and with thousands more. Open up your eyes and you will see that there will be an influx of African American women ages 25-55 coming to Bahia on planes that will now fly direct from Miami to Bahia. Mr.Clarence Smith,the founder of Essence Magazine together with a Mr.Nascimento an Afro-Brazilian is trying to establish business and cultural opportunities between African Americans and Afro-Brazilians. We're about to do this!!! Let the naysayers who try to down Brazil keep doing it but there's a movement of African Americans who are about to start flooding Bahia like you wouldn't believe - educators,entertainers,computer operators,I'm talking big money African Americans. People can say what they will about Brazil and it's problems but there's still a LARGE sector of African Americans who choose to call Bahia home. I really don't listen to what White Americans say because years of dealing with them has taught me that they're never going to admit to any wrongdoing on their part. When the ball is batted into their court and they have to answer for the wrongdoings against third world countries they go ballistic and start going into denial. Keep playing games but the joke will be on you. My boyfriend is a so-called white Brazilian. His father is Italian-Portuguese and his is AFrican. He is very connected to his African roots and is helping me with my Portuguese. Like most Brazilian men he is beautiful,sexy and warm-hearted. I don't know what Brazil's people do to stay so beautiful but they need to keep doing it and tune the sick United States out.
Response to Stay Home
written by Guest, January 01, 2005
Preach the message. These posters sitting here talking s**t and trying to down Brazil are a lie and a fly. Brazil is still better than the United States I don't care what anybody says. The naysayers can keep doing like you said "pumping gas and cutting the white man's grass" but thank God there are people like yourself who have consciousness and who can see the light. Let these dumb blind sheep keep on living in America and getting poorer and poorer. Maybe a pair of gasoline underwear and jumping out of a high-rise building will open their eyes to the truth about America and it's capitalistic bull.
written by Guest, January 01, 2005
To the two posts above , just make sure you keep making American dollars to live in Brazil and you'll be OK. And make sure you don't go around in Rio showing off your money like you do here on this website because you'll be robbed at gun point in a second and your kids will be kidnapped.
written by Guest, January 01, 2005
Go to Brazil ! You will become rich , I guarantee you ! If you live in the US and you're going to Brazil , things can only get better ! It's aproven fact too. In fact , anywhere is better than living in the US , for real !!
More clear
written by Guest, January 02, 2005
Ahh. now I get it, the problem is that our American friend is not educated enough to understand economic principals, and is only able to think of himself not society. Yes, it is good that a couple of posters are comfortable living in Brasil by making American dollars, and we hope many more areand come in the future, because when these dollars are spent in Brasil it helps creat emore jobs and opportunites. We need more dollars spent here, so I hope you both can make zillons, and keep spending them here. This poster, who knows so little does not have the mental capacity, or vision to help himself, he is a slave to his CORUPT govenrment. Nor does he have the ballas to create something for himself. It's cool if you hate Brasil, we really don't give a s**t. Those who understand jeito know, we will always find a way to live our lives, without being with holden to the master, as you will be until the day you die, unfortunatly, so will your children.
That\'s right !
written by Guest, January 02, 2005
I think us Brazilians should consider selling part of the Amazon to American corporations. Better yet , we should trade land for i-pods and dvd players. After all , we're not going to benefit from land in the Amazon in our generation , are we ? But if we get a DVD player today , we can be watching American movies tonight. Bingo !! Here's some smart principal !
Sorry Bro. I don\'t get it
written by Guest, January 02, 2005
What benefit? We have f**ked the Amazon up beyond recovery, not America. The are actually trying to help us manage it better. And we did it so a few families can get rich by exporting soya and beef to not only the US but Europe, China, India and Russia, by clear cutting the forest and while our people starve. Yes we have done stupid deals especially mining deals with foreign companies. But iy is the Brasilan farmers and mining companies who still employees slaves and vigilanty murderers, not the foreign companies. I will burn my Japanese DVD, and toss my American movies, if you quit blaming America for our all of our woes, we are responsible for our actions and our countries actions, and frankly, we have f**ked it up pretty damn good.
written by Guest, January 02, 2005
We're not responsible for our actions. It's the Americans fault. Read the posts above and you'll see that they started this whole argument by talking about the woman that got run over , etc , it's not my fault she got run over , you know ? Other posts have also shown that we only emigrate to America because the Americans have made it impossible for us to live here by imposing their trade laws on us, didn't you read that ? We're not even racists , they are. Everyone is equal in Brazil , read the posts above and you'll see that there's not even a really white race in Brazil.We truly love each other no matter what race or social status. Living in Brazil is better than living in America , even the Americans agree with that. Most of Brazils population lives just like that American guy , with beach houses & boats , that's very normal to any hard working Brazilian. Shame on whoever is trying to give us a bad image. We're about friends and family , helping people and having great sex all the time, worrying is not our past time , that's why we don't even need antidepressants.
Now , before you toss that dvd player and movies , why don't you give them to me ? I don't want your money , I just want to be cool !
Above poster
written by Guest, January 02, 2005
I apoligize, you are 100% right. I lve Brasil, and would never consider leaving. Thanks for your persepective, the gringos will never understand. That's OK...we do.
written by Guest, January 02, 2005
Happy New Year Everybody. It is easy to talk and talk. I am a Brazilian with Canadian Citizenship and I am willing to work for $8 dollars hour in a Pharmaceutical Company in New Jersey. . I can work in the USA under TN 1 visa, which can be obtained in a matter of days, does not require proof that a qualified U.S. individual is not available to fill the job (labour certification) and may be renewed indefinitely.
My Education and Qualification are as follow:

• Pharmaceutical R&D Technology Post Diploma 2003 - 2004
Toronto Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology – Canada
• Industrial Pharmaceutical Technology Post Diploma 2001 - 2002
Faculty of Technology, Seneca College, Toronto
• Chemical Technology Diploma 1998 - 2001
Faculty of Technology, Seneca College, Toronto
• PhD in Science, Biochemistry Program 1988 - 1993
Centre Polytechnique, Parana University, Brazil
• B.S. in Pharmacy 1983 - 1986
University of Santa Catarina, Brazil.


• Part Time Researcher, Division of Infection, Immunity, Injury & Repair, The Hospital for Sick Children, Depart. of Lab Medicine and Biochemistry. Summer 2004
• Analytical Chemist, Impopharma Inc., Concord, Ontario. 2003
• Teaching Assistant, Science and Physics Department,
Danfort Collegiate and Technical Institute. Toronto, Ontario 2001
• Research Assistant, Chemistry Department, York University, Toronto, Ontario 1997
• Researcher, Medical Bio-Chemistry Department, University of Rio de Janeiro. 1996
• Researcher, Chemistry Department, University of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. 1996
• Head Biochemistry Dept.; Laboratory Ingrid Bergman, Curitiba, Parana, Brazil 1995
• Researcher, University of Wisconsin-Madison, W.I, U.S.A 1994-1995
• Researcher, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, U.S.A 1993-1994
• Researcher, Federal University of Parana, Curitiba, Brazil 1993
• Lab Technician, Uruguaiana Public Hospital, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil 1986-1987
• Lab Technician, Univ. Hospital, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil. 1983-1986
• Lab Technician, Laboratory Medical Santa Luzia, Santa Catarina, Brazil 1983-1984
• Corporal Medical Assistant, Military Service, 3rd Army, Uruguaiana – Brazil 1981

My e-mail.

Thanks for any help.

written by Guest, January 02, 2005
It's ok that the gringos don't understand , they don't live here (or maybe they do like that one that lives in his buble created by the American/European structure, while 80% of the Brazilian population doesn't even have enough to eat, in the favelas right next to him). But most of the gringos will watch a movie like City of God and think that it's pure fiction. Now we Brazilians watch that movie and act like it's pure fiction , while we know it's not. And that's worse. The first step towards change in Brazil will begin when Brazilians finally aknowledge that there's a BIG problem in our country. If we're not able to even do that, then things will really never change , like poster # two said : We're doomed to be a third world nation forever. By looking at the new generations of Brazilians you seriously have to ask yourself where this is going. The 10% of the population that is really filthy rich never works , they're just concerned about getting nice house,boats,imported cars,dvd players .etc. And the other 90% barely get a chance at education so there's not much they can do. The situation in Brazil is a scandal right now and the numbers need to be out in the public , so eveyone can see. I read somewhere that crime in Brazil kills as many people as the war in Iraq, and I believe it. And things will never change if you keep preaching a message about the lavish lifestyle of the 10% minority. Give me a break ! Now go back to your bulletproof car and your house guarded by watch dogs and armed security and enjoy your caviar locked inside your living room. Aren't you cool ? Just don't take it personal if you get shot outside , OK ? There's other people out there besides you and their situation is a disaster. And it's not just a few , it is 90% of the population.
Purveyor of young fleshy girls
written by Guest, January 02, 2005
Now if you can train them to swallow cum instead of spitting it, you might just be on to something there.
Imitation Americans
written by Guest, January 02, 2005
The major problem I see with Brazil is that some white Brazilians in southern Brazil want to secede from Brazil and have their own country away from the blacks and browns of the Northeast. They want their own little blonde blue-eyed paradise away from nonwhite Brazilians. They are still trying to be some fake white American clones. They want to sever all ties with Brazilians who do not look like Xuxa clones.

They will destroy the beauty of Brazil. The Brazilian people are unique in the world. People come from America and Europe to gaze upon the beautiful black, tawny and tan Brazilian people. They don't want to come to Brazil and see some fake white people.

I am a black American and we flock to Salvador to be among African culture that is lacking in the states and to be among our beautiful brothers and sisters in Bahia. If Brazil lets the white Brazilians have their way Brazil will be just another second rate fake America with all of the huge racial and economic problems. Black Americans stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Brazil because we know the tactics that are being used to destroy the nonwhite Brazilians cause they are the same ones being used against us.

Stay beautiful Brazil and don't let yourselves become a second rate fake White America.

written by Guest, January 02, 2005
What happened purveyor ? Did I somehow upset you with a little bit of reality ? Or maybe your woman isn't giving you head at all ?
written by Guest, January 02, 2005
Imitation Americans : I'm sorry if we don't have the exact saituation for you but apparently it's much worse where you come from. I don't think the beauty of Brazil will be destroyed by what you mentioned but if you have any suggestions to put more food on our table (which is a little more important right now) , we will appreciate them. May I suggest Africa if you're interested in African culture. Most Americans I saw that liked Brazil only came here in search of love(sex).
written by Guest, January 02, 2005
Exactly ! Imitation Americans goes to Brazil to get laid. He heard there is easy sex in Brazil and goes to the south in the hopes of getting laid by a girl that looks like Giselle Bundchen (she's from the south originally) , but he gets none over there. I feel so sorry for you. Is reality about Brazil setting in yet ?
The best part is where he mentions that he wants to be amongst his beautiful "brothers and sisters" in Brazil. Why don't you hang out with your beautiful brothers and sisters in America ? We're just friendly and have good manners , despite the incredible low level of education we have to face. Now , because our skin tone looks the same you thik that this alone will make you my brother ?
written by Guest, January 02, 2005
For all of you negative nay-sayers that sound like you are apparently from Brazil didn't you read my post where I said that there will be a large influx of African Amercians who will be coming to Salvador to enrich Afro-Brazilians financially while the Brazilians enrich us culturally? Didn't you read the article in Brazzil magazine that states that there will be a huge partnership between the founder of Essence Magazine Mr.Clarence Smith and Afro-Brazilian entrepreneur, Mr.Nascimento to start business and cultural tours for African Americans so that they can start investing in Salvador's Afro-Brazilian population?? Us,African Amerians are trying to help our poorer Afro-Brazilian brothers and sisters put "food on your table" but it will take time and the raising of vision and consciousness amongst African Americans that Salvador is a place that will be culturally and financially viable for Blacks in both Americans.No,these changes will not happen overnight and I'm not here to argue the United States verses Brazil. I have done my homework in researching Salvador and am at peace with my decision to make Salvador my home. I've made my decision and can live with it. I find Salvador,Bahia to be an incredible and beautiful place and I am happy that I have given myself the opportunity to travel there in Salvador in 2002. The African culture is very much alive and dynamic in Salvador,Bahia versus the United States and the presence of the ancestors is very powerful in Bahia as well. My friend's dad, a retired African American educator is now living in Bahia and is very much involved in Stephen Biko University and there are other African Americans who want to make Bahia their home and invest there as well. Maybe having the same skin doesn't make you and I brothers but I have met a lot of Afro-Brazilians in Salvador who did consider me their "sister" and welcomed,loved and embraced me. Ache!!
Apples & Oranges
written by Guest, January 02, 2005
It's pure nonesense to compare one country with the other. It's OK to admit that we would enjoy having the things Americans take for granite, like one poster says, food on the table, a GOOD education for our children, and a government who provides a social climate were there is enough to eat and good health care for even the disadvantged. Here, you are born on your own, one poster blames the US for taking advantage of third world poverty for their own advantage, this can not be denied. But another poster points out the true "evil", our rich elite who will stay in their locked down worlds of riches and come out only to catch the helicopter or Cessna to Angra. These riches are handed down from generation to generation, and are ill gotten by offshore accounts, money laundring, and the raping of our country. Did you know the middle class in our country is a family that makes R$ 5000 and month? Do the math, the dollar conversion. And then these are the people who give up another 50% in well hidden taxes! How about our banks, these are the societies that prey on us, with fees for service and high interest rates. Unless you are one of the Unibanco VIP Class, you are treated like dog s**t, not by America. Our current so called "leftist" government has been intoxicated by the power and become a memeber of the elite, and wishes to do so for another 4 years, as Mr. Lula, has forgotten us to campain for an election that is 2 years away! So what can be done...nothing, keeping us in a perception of "happiness" by giving us cheap beer, drugs, samba and soap opreas, prevents the masses from revolting. One poster says we are "optimistic" I argue we are without hope. And to the Black American wishing to immigrate to Bahia and create an African's never going to happen. Those who live here know this, you can dream all you want, but unless you have the power, the connections, the avenue, which Black's will never have in Brasil, yes, even uppity, revolutionary American blacks, your "plan" is going nowhere. So go ahead and start building your own idenity here, the same thing will happen to you that happened to Sem Terra in the interior, you will be met by well armed men in hoods, who will sho0t you...and your children. This is the reality in Brasil...does it sound familiar...ask your grandmother or grandfather, they probably remember. It's called racism, and Brasil is one of the most racist country's in the modern world. And if you are so interested in seeing whitemen in gasoline underwear, then wait until you try and create your own nation here, you will find your people buried in shallow graves, or thrown in with with the buring tires. If you feel that I am exagarting, I would advise you to have a return ticket, and haul ass to the airport when the van full of masked men arrives to introduce themselves.
Choose to Make Salvador da Bahia,Brazil
written by Guest, January 02, 2005
I am not going to sit here and argue the point about which country is better Brazil or the United States because I've done my homework and in my opinion, I still choose to make Salvador da Bahia,Brazil my hone. I'm not saying that Bahia is the answer for EVERY Black person but it is for me. I have made peace with my decision to make Salvador,Bahia my home and if I have to face masked men in a van or be buried in a shallow grave than so be it.I prefer the above than to continue living in the United States and being a slave to a white,corrupt government. Yemanja be praised that I gave myself the opportunity to travel to Bahia and it has made me a "bigger" person. I will always have good memories of my trip to Bahia because Brazil is a beautiful and incredible country and the atmosphere is always alive in Brazil. Love is in the air - anyone can feel it.
Neither is America
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
Many Brazilian people tend to believe that America is an economic shangri-la. Well let me snatch those blinders off. As a black American I know that Bahia is no racial paradise or problem free Nirvana. I am well aware of that but let's look at the flip side of the coin.

There are many black Americans struggling to put food on their tables also and walking the streets of America's largest cities with blankets over their heads because they cannot afford a place to live. You see America will hire anybody, even an illegal alien, before they hire a black person. Every ethnic and racial group has a prosperous economic center but black Americans. There are a few black businesses, but just a few.

Many Brazilians act like money grows on trees in America and that the streets are paved with gold. Well they are if you are a white Brazilian or do not appear to have any black ancestry. Illegal immigrants pour into America every day and are welcomed with open arms because the white employer would rather hire anything, even a dead rat, than a black American. I have white Brazilian friends who are MUCH better off than I am and some of them are here illegally yet because they are white they can enjoy the economic benefits few black Americans can.

Like previous posters have mentioned, Salvador has a beauty and charm America does not have. Most of us are well aware of the poverty and racism black brazilians experience but if they believe that America is an economic haven they are sadly mistaken. If you are not one of the few blacks who can make money off of sports prowess or entertainment you will be up sh'ts creek. You will have to compete in a racist job market where a white retarded person will take precedence over you in the hiring policy. If you are a black male prepare yourself to be arrested by a crooked cop where you will spend most of your youth locked up in a prison being raped by prison guards and other inmates. Yes you will be a part of the largest prison population in the entire world. Everybody knows about America's racist prison system hell bent on destroying the lives of black men. Even black athletes and entertainers aren't immune from being locked up or having to pay out big bucks every time a white female claims they raped them.

Yes we black Americans know that Brazil is not a racial democracy or a haven from racism for us but neither is America. At least in Brazil you have far more black folks who can absorb the kick in the collective black ass of racist white supremacy.

Yes some of us are blinded by the brilliant smiles, the sunshine and the beaches of Brazil but far too many Brazilians are blinded by the myths of fools gold in America and diamond studded streets where everyone lives in a 50 room mansion and drives 40 cars - well you do if you are WHITE.
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
How many times do I have to tell you ? Love doesn't pay the bills , our government is as corrupt as yours and without the American dollar Brazil's not a place for you. You continue to as small minded and naive as you were before, Yemanja is totally overworked with you. You can say wathever you want about your low wages in America but it's obvious you have way too much time and money in your hands to focus your attention on some utopia in Bahia.
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
I assume that you are a "white" Brazilian because obviously YOU are the one who has no ideal what it's like to be an African American living in America. I am disgusted with you and your small mind. Ifyou feel that America is such a nice place than bring your ass over here to the United States since you seem to love it so much. I hope for your sake that you are a "white" Brazilian and have been to America so that you can back up your claims about America being such a nice place to live and love paying the bills. Can't you read dammit? Don't you hear these posters on here talking about the Black men that are incarcerated in prison? Obviously love doesn't pay the damn bills or most Black men wouldn't be reduced to having to pay their bills by becoming involved in illegal criminal activity. You're right I do have too much time and money on my hands so why don't you give me your name and address and I will personally pay your way to America since you seem to love it so much. Tell me where to wire the money and I will see to it personally that you receive a one way ticket to the land of dreams,opportunities and job that helps put "food on the table".
Love doesn\'t pay the bills in America e
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
As previous posters have stated I hope some of you Brazilians who are complaining about Brazil and it's low wages and evils have ACTUALLY been to America. You keep comparing the wage levels in Brazil against America. So what if Americans generally make higher wages than Brazilians those wages are still low compared to what is needed to make it in America.

As a previous poster stated if you are a "white"Brazilian you will definitely experience the wealth of America even if you come here illegally. American employers would rather hire you over a black American who has been here for centuries. If you are a black Brazilian well I hope you bring a blanket with you because you will have to join the growing numbers of black Americans walking the streets of America's cities homeless because the govt and white employers would rather hire anybody but a black person.

If you look Haitian prepared to be rounded up and sent to Haiti by racist customs agents who do not want anymore blacks in America and are doing their best to get rid of the ones they already have here by starving them out or blowing their heads off with a policeman's bullet.
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
I don't need to know what it's like to be a black American in America because I know what it's like to be a black in Brazil (America can't be worse , pure and simple). You are the one who doesn't know what it's like to be a black in Brazil and that's what we're talking about. Oh yes , there's not a single black man incarcerated in BraziI . By the way , you've no idea what a Brazilian jail is like, just watch that Brazilian movie Carandiru to get an idea. I assure you I can back up my claims . And I worry about you. I'm gonna do a little ritual over here with a black chicken and pray for you. If you want , send me a mailing address and I'll send you the chicken and the candles.
But seriously , I actually admire your faith in Brazil and I sincerely wish you good luck with your project. You're not a bad intentioned American ,I just think you're a little infatuated with Brazil's romanticism and it's understandable because most Americans have a total lack of passion. Just go to Brazil , with an open mind , little expectations and a return ticket. Good luck !
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
One more thing , I have black Brazilian friends who came from a very low income home, and now live in America doing well for themselves. That's a fact (even though they had to do hard labor jobs in the beginning). So far (in over 10 years living in the US) , they've only considered Brazil as a place to go and visit their families.
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
I'm not here to argue which is better being Black in America or being Black in Brazil. We African Americans don't want Black Brazilians to think that it is easier to be Black in America or that we don't work for low wages ourselves. America is a capitalistic society so you have to have your ish together over here especially if you're an African American because the cost of living especially where I live in California is sky-high. How do you think African Americans feel living in the wealthiest country in the world and having access to none of that wealth? Black Brazilians will soon find out once coming to America that they will be no better off financially than they are in Brazil. My stepfather has a PHd in chemistry and a great command of the English language yet he still found it difficult to find employment that would hire him and enable him to fully utilize all of his training and skills. The stress of being the only Black man in a totally white environment took such a toll on his body that he developed cancer and had to have radiation to remove it from his body. He is still suffering from the aftereffects of radiation treatments and spends his retirement in the hospitals. Are Black Brazilians aware of the high stress level,hypertension,high blood pressure,breast and prostrate cancer,drug addiction,suicide and depression that plagues the Black community here in America. When I travelled to Bahia I travelled with eleven other African Americans including my sister. We were thrilled with the black-on-black love that the Black Brazilians tended to have for each other which we don't often experience here in America. One of my travel companions stated that African Americans lost something in the Middle Passage that Afro-Brazilians didn't and oh yeah,Bahia definitely has "something" that America doesn't have for Black Americans or Black Americans wouldn't be flocking to move over there. Open up your eyes because not only I but thousands of other African Americans will be moving to Bahia in droves. As for the chicken,no need to send it. THe stress level,depression and negativity that I endure everyday as an African American woman on a low-wage job finally brought me to licking blood out of a chicken's head. Yep I never thought I'd see the day when I would have to consult a babalawo who sacrificed a pigeon,hen and a rooster right in front of my eyes and made me drink the blood out of the severed heads. Thanks also to my Bahian brothers and sisters who taught me how to make sacrifices to Exu and what an Orixa was because we African Americans have no knowledge of the African customs,deities and traditions that the Afro-Brazilians have.
I am appalled!
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
It will never seize to amaze me how ignorant Americans are about Brazil and how ignorant Brazilians are of the US. I am reading all these postings and wondering to myself how all the African Americans plan to move to Brazil. Brazil has immigration laws too folks and they just dont welcome foreigners into their country. And for you Black folks that are apparently so oppressed in America, if you have a criminal record you will not be allowed into Brazil to live permanently. And for all the black guys that think they can live their "player" ways in Bahia, let me tell you that Brazilian women dont play games and if you think you can treat Brazilian women as you do white women in America, then prepare to have your balls chopped off. If you have never seen a Brazilian woman that is jealous and angry, then you are in for a learning lesson. let me warn you it is not a fun sight.

And what is all this Afro - Culture crap in Bahia people are refrerring to? I have been to Bahia many times and have never seen what I would call a dominant black culture. Let me inform those who have obviously never been there or if they have was for 1 week during Carnival, that there is racism in Brazil also. And I hope you did not spend all your hard earned money you made in America on rims cause it is not cheap to live in Brazil or any other country for that matter. People need to think before they just blatantly say " I am moving to Brazil". It's kinda funny. Life is hard no matter what country you live or what the color of your skin is. Americans also seem to think their skills are unmatched to those of Brazilians. Brazilians are highly intelligent people and Brazilian employers will hire a Brazilian long before they wil an American regardless of skin color. I truly hope people research what they are getting into before making a life decision about leaving their home country. Believe me I am not too happy with America right now either and I agree 100% that black people have it much harder than whites as a whole. But before you move to Brazil you better learn to speak portuguese first, you better have respect for ALL people in this world if you have any hope whatsoever of surviving. It doesnt matter where you live in this world you better respect ALL people...white or black.

And a little extra tid bit of information for those black people wanting to move to Brazil. Do you know what the "Law of the gun" is? if not you better research about it. People dont play games there. If you think the American justice system is bad for you then wait till you get to Brazil! You disrespect the Brazilian people or their laws and you are toast! I get this funny feeling American blacks are assuming their status will improve by moving to Brazil. Sadly mistaken. I am a white blue eyed devil and they dont treat me any different than anybody else. Americans in general need to remember or learn that we are not the center of the universe. Is was not until I travelled outside the US that I learned that. I admit I was brainwashed into believing I was the best and better than everybody else and it was not until I lived in Brazil that I learned that we are all equal and we are all searching for the same things in life pretty much. Love, Comfort, and Happiness. Maybe you will find it in Brazil. I know I did, but it took a long time and alot of learning and hard mistakes before I was able to sustain my life in Brazil independently.

Best of luck to those Americans moving to Brazil. I wish you all the luck in the world. You are going to need it! Brazilian people are incredible, so smart and a zest for life that is rarely seen in USA. But please dont ever forget what your duty is in life. Respect ALL people black and white.

Once a n****r, always a n****r!
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
If you feel as though you are a n****r in America, then you will probably be a n****r in Brazil too!!! Just a thought!
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
Well first of all as an African American woman age 44 I am not naive about Brazil's economic problems and of course I will not have to seek employment when I come to Brazil. I am not a stupid or naive person and I am NOT living in a romantic paradise of any kind. When I retire in ten years I will be living off of my retirement. I am not stupid enough to think that I can come to Brazil as an American who speaks two words of Portuguese and get a job in Brazil and I wasn't planning to. Some of these posters on this message board are making me sick with their constant denigrating and accusations of me being this stupid American with these far-fetched romantic notions of life in Brazil. If Brazil is such a negative place to live than why is the founder of Essence magazine trying to promote cultural and business opportunites between African Americans and Afro-Brazilians and financing airfare and travel opportunities for African Americans to visit Brazil. See,I am not just some stupid-assed African American woman with a pea-sized brain filled with romantic notions of Brazil - I'm talking about a million dollar enterprise of African Americans who are and will be moving to Bahia in the near future. If Bahia is such a terrible place to live and has no African presence or culture to speak of then ask yourselves why statistics show that African Americans spend a lot of time and money over in Bahia. Is every African American who chooses to live in Bahia some stupid pea-sized brain fool with "romantic notions of living in Bahia or some baller or playa looking to shoot a video over there? I am not no young fool. I am 44 years old and have been obsessed with Bahia an it's religious tradition for over 25 years now so give me some credit as to knowing what the deal is? I've been around the block two or three times so I'm some expert on knowing about Bahia and have done my homework. I'm talking about educated professional African Americans interested in Bahia and it's predominantly African culture - are they stupid too? Maybe Afro-Brazilians are used to the dynamic,African presence in Bahia but for African Americans the powerful presence of the ancestors and the African culture is on HIT. Let me repeat on hit. There is definitely SOMETHING over in Bahia and can't nobody tell me nothing. I'm no fool so I know what I'm talking about. Afro-Brazilians better open up their eyes and see what's going on around them. I'm not talking about just myself coming to Bahia but MASSES of African Americans. Read the article on African Americans travelling to Brazil in the April 2004 issue of Brazzil Magazine but I KNOW of what I speak.
Not a Naive Fool Either!
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
I am in agreement with the poster who wants to move to Brazil. Most people especially black Americans are WELL aware of the problems in Brazilian society but nobody can deny that the Brazil does not have something there that does not attract black Americans. Yes it is the tropical sunshine, the beauty of the people and the delicious food but it is something that goes MUCH deeper.

Salvador Bahia was chosen over Jamaica as the new destination for black Americans tourists - at least in Northern California. Most of us planning to relocate to Salvador or other parts of Brazil are generally close to retirement age or are planning on develop business ventures in Brazil. We are not young hip hoppers (at least most of us arent) looking to shoot rap vidoes or chase beautiful girls. We are coming in respect and appreciation for the culture and are only encouraging serious minded entrepreneurs to conduct business in Brazil.

It is irrelevant as to who has it worse - Afro-Brazilians or Afro-Americans. Hell we both suffer in our respective countries, as do people of African descent everywhere. I am not stating that there are no economic advantages to living in America but you have to be realistic about them.

Like some posters said - many Americans are not naive about the social, economic, racial realties of living in Brazil. Despite what some nay sayers state there is SOMETHING about Brazilian, especially Bahian society that has a strong strong attraction for African Americans. The Brazilian govt is aware of it too that is why they want to start encouraging African American tourists to come to Brazil.

Some Afro-Brazilians may think we are all "blind" fools who cannot see their plight or some dimwits drunk on capirinhas who can't see the "real Brazil" but we DO indeed see what is going on. It may not happen overnight because black Americans rarely have huge sums of capital to invest but some African AMerican entrepreneurs are seeing the potential in joint ventures with their Brazilian counterparts.
Well said!
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
I dont think you have a pea sized brain, however if you drink the blood out of a chickens neck then I will certainly question your sanity. You've failed to explain how the "Millions" of blacks plan to get their citizenship! The article is about African Americans travelling to Brazil. Stress the word "travelling". They are not moving!! 90% are a bunch of "players" wanting some cheap ass because they watched a Snoop Doggy Dog video. I know all about the "magic" of Brazil, believe me. I hope you plan to leave your American lifestyle at home because it will not mesh well with the locals. Are you a single black woman moving to Brazil? Are you a religious fanatic? Dont forget that you need to marry Brazilian in order to stay longer than 180 days!
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
This is getting funny , but it would be even funnier if you could post again at this board, a few months after you arrive in Brazil. There's definetely SOMETHING over in Bahia ? Sounds like a romantic notion to me. What is is exactly ?
Why don't we keep it simple. Why do African Americans like to visit Bahia ?
1. It's beaufiful and tropical
2. It's dirt cheap, even if you get paid low American wages
3. People are friendly to foreigners (wether they're black , white , or any nationality).
If there's SOMETHING else about it , or any reason to actually move over there (other than you seem to hate the USA) , I'd like to know what it is.
Are Blacks invading Brazil? Haha!
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
You speak as though you are going to tell all your black friends about Brazil and your all gonna move there and save the country! Brazil does not need you. Get off your high horse for a moment and listen to what your telling yourself!! Are you nuts??? You keep talking about joint ventures with Afro Brazilians....what Afro Brazilians have money to invest with you???? One single family owns and operates Bahia!! Millions of blacks are going in "droves" to invade Bahia??? Why? Whats the point?? Sure Brazil is a great place to retire for "certain" people. But your talking in circles! One moment you say you are retiring, the next moment you are writing about investment and saving Brazil. Did you just finish a georaphy class and learn that there are Blacks in Bahia??? Your hilarious! How do you plan to invest in Brazil? What kind of medical treatment do you expect to get in your old age? Let me warn you that consuming parts of raw chicken in any country is not a good idea!!! If your conducting yourself that way then you are off to a bad start and you are not even there yet!!! Do you plan to ship your cadillac there too??? Haha. Im sorry, but the postings from the black people I have been reading are so damn funny I am planning a trip to Bahia just to see their foolishness in action!

Word of advice Brother and Sister!!! Move to Bahia, enjoy a cheaper lifestyle, beautiful beaches, and great food, but leave your voisterous opiniated black ass mentality in USA before you leave. I strongly suggest you be quiet and learn before having an opinion about anything if you plan to move there!!!

Oh and I almost forgot. What about your children here in USA that you are leaving? I am positive you have some! Are you going to find a AFro husband or wife for them too? Or are you still thinking that you can just move to Brazil because you are American? Wake up!!
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
I am going to stop posting on this message board because obviously a lot of posters here lack the mental capacity,vision and reading comprehension to understand my posts. What difference does it make what reason a person chooses to come to Brazil whether the reasons or romantic or not. If it's bringing tourist dollars and boosting the economy especially for Black Brazilians than they ought to welcome the opportunity. If Black Brazilians would rather continue washing underwear for rich white Brazilians rather than take advantage of the tourist dollars that Black Americans are bringing into Brazil than that's their business. So what if Snoop Dogg is coming to Brazil and putting Brazilian girls in his video to shake their butts it beats being a domestic and working for fifty cents a week. Like I said I am finished posting on this message board because the people here seriously lack the reading comprehension skills,vision and mental capacity to have an intelligent discussion with. It seems some people here can't comprehend things on a certain level so let's just agree to disagree.
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
So do you consider yourself the Martin Luther King of Brazil??? Do you think you are going to help Blacks in Brazil in some way? Do you actually think you can move to a foreign country and try to convince blacks there that have no education and no concept whatsoever of success that there is any possibility of their lives being any different? Comprehension skills...your asking me about comprehension....I am asking you about how you plan to make money in Brazil? Tourist dollars?

Stay in America! It would be unfortuante for you to go to Bahia with your big mouth and try to disrupt peoples lives there and probably get yourself killed or others in the process. Dude if you cant make any money in USA then you are definately not going to make any in Bahia.

Your an embrassment to blacks all over the world if you truly believe what you are saying!
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
First of all I KNOW some black Americans who have been in Brazil for years and love it very much thank you. Why the hostility and anger? What difference does it make what damn romantic notions Americans have if they are willing to bring tourist dollars into Brazil and treat the people with respect. You all seem to feel that we are coming here to exploit and abuse you or grace you with our superior intellect.

If you black Brazilians want to sit around with your negative hostile attitudes towards us then so be it. We were only trying to help in the best way we could. Nobody is talking about coming to Brazil to exploit and abuse the people like you seem to think.

Like I said if people want to come to Brazil with their "romantic" notions and delusions what difference does it make if they are nice people willing to spend money. You talk about your low wages but when Americans start talking about ways to help you (without exploitation) you call us stupid, delusional, loud and ignorant.

Friends of mine are talking about opening a resort and hiring black Brazilians at much higher wages than they are making and donating time at Stephen Biko U. I myself have already donated brand new clothing, school supplies, etc to Salvador without exploiting or abusing the people.

Well if your hostile asses don't want anymore assistance just let us know. You can sit there with your attitudes and your complaints about how you don't have enough food to put on your tables and the govt pays your asses slave wages and s**t but remember when you are sitting around hungry that we tried to help but you felt like we were stupid, delusional dumb ignorant, loud people only looking for a Brazilian booty call.

As for a Snoop Dogg video, hell if I was young enough, I'd try out for one. Many black American girls do. It beats flipping burgers for a few dollars.
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
First of all I KNOW some black Americans who have been in Brazil for years and love it very much thank you. Why the hostility and anger? What difference does it make what damn romantic notions Americans have if they are willing to bring tourist dollars into Brazil and treat the people with respect. You all seem to feel that we are coming here to exploit and abuse you or grace you with our superior intellect.

If you black Brazilians want to sit around with your negative hostile attitudes towards us then so be it. We were only trying to help in the best way we could. Nobody is talking about coming to Brazil to exploit and abuse the people like you seem to think.

Like I said if people want to come to Brazil with their "romantic" notions and delusions what difference does it make if they are nice people willing to spend money. You talk about your low wages but when Americans start talking about ways to help you (without exploitation) you call us stupid, delusional, loud and ignorant.

Friends of mine are talking about opening a resort and hiring black Brazilians at much higher wages than they are making and donating time at Stephen Biko U. I myself have already donated brand new clothing, school supplies, etc to Salvador without exploiting or abusing the people.

Well if your hostile asses don't want anymore assistance just let us know. You can sit there with your attitudes and your complaints about how you don't have enough food to put on your tables and the govt pays your asses slave wages and s**t but remember when you are sitting around hungry that we tried to help but you felt like we were stupid, delusional dumb ignorant, loud people only looking for a Brazilian booty call.

As for a Snoop Dogg video, hell if I was young enough, I'd try out for one. Many black American girls do. It beats flipping burgers for a few dollars.
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
First of all I KNOW some black Americans who have been in Brazil for years and love it very much thank you. Why the hostility and anger? What difference does it make what damn romantic notions Americans have if they are willing to bring tourist dollars into Brazil and treat the people with respect. You all seem to feel that we are coming here to exploit and abuse you or grace you with our superior intellect.

If you black Brazilians want to sit around with your negative hostile attitudes towards us then so be it. We were only trying to help in the best way we could. Nobody is talking about coming to Brazil to exploit and abuse the people like you seem to think.

Like I said if people want to come to Brazil with their "romantic" notions and delusions what difference does it make if they are nice people willing to spend money. You talk about your low wa
Aw my!
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
I am not a black Brazilian dude! I am a white American that has lived in Brazil!! Comprehension?

Bahia tourism thrives during Carnival and pretty much only then. You keep referring to the word "Romantic" in your posts. Are you interested in some chick there?

How do you plan to open resort and pay blacks more than they usually make when you will have to sell a beer for 50 cents? A basket of shrimpp for 4 dollars? Is this gonna be a non profit resort?

You apparently have Comprehension,Vision, and mental capacity, but you may want to take a class on mathematics and economics also.

Those whores in Snoop Doggy Dog videos are not paid unless you consider a big black c**k in your mouth payment!

written by Guest, January 03, 2005
You sound like one stupid ignorant ass . I'm not trying to be Martin Luther King a*****e. Black Americans are just trying to come to Bahia and help all of your stupid,dumb Black asses and if you don't appreciate our opening up businesses with our American dollars and hiring your Black asses just let us know. You and other Black Brazilians like yourself are stupid dumb ignorant pieces of s**t. I see that the white elite have kept your stupid asses dumb and you don't have good business sense. Keep talking your bulls**t about how you can't feed your damn families and how you make slave wages cause now you brought it on yourself. If all Black Brazilians have the attitudes and hostility that you have than us Black Americans will continue spending our American dollars with white Brazilians and all your Black asses can starve in Brazil. To hell with all of you ignorant Black stupid-assed Black Brazilians. You all act really retarded so keep on waiting on your goverment and the white Brazilian elite to help your stupid black asses.
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
It's allright to try and help people , thank you . But don't forget to help yourself first and go see a psychiatrist .
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
I am not a black Brazilian!! I am American!! I suggest you take your pill for the evening and go to bed. Everything will be okay. You are just a little bit with the Monkey tonight, or perhaps you have the snake around your neck as they say in Brazil.

Keep your money and buy some new 17" Rims for your cadillac. You will feel much better. Maybe get some medical insurance too so you can see a doctor. Helping others begins with making yourself right first. And based off what you have posted on this message board I would suggest you put your crack pipe down immediately and check yourself into the nearest medical facility immediately. American medicine does extraordinary things these days.

written by Guest, January 03, 2005
I'm going to give you a hint : I doubt there are any black Brazilians who are posting on this board . Why ? Because barely anyone can speak proper english in Brazil . let alone write it or use American slang. The ones who can , are usually white people who studied or lived in America. Of course there are also Brazilian black people that live in the US , but according to you they'd be living in the streets , so I take it they wouldn't have a computer. And if they had , I'm sure they wouldn't be that mean to you.
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
Well I am not a DUDE, I am a female past the hip hop stage. Those video girls (or whores as you put it) are not FORCED at gunpoint to shake their booties in a video. That is their choice. Furthermore you do not know the terms of their contracts unless you were there. And as for big black c**ks (that seems to be the fears and envies of every white man) I wouldn't know aboutTHAT. I wasn't there to witness the giving of head if that's what really took place.

What makes you an expert on Brazil and it's business conditions (besides being white which naturally makes you so damn smart)? I don't have to justify my business dealings with you. Don't you think a person who would go halfway around the world to conduct business sort of knows what they are doing and have already researched it first.

As a previous poster so aptly put it there is nothing gained by being on this forum with people who are obviously idiots.

Like I said I am not some dude chasing Brazilian p-ssy and as for your racist comments about big black c**ks well when I was in Salvador all I saw was white men trying to get some big black Brazilian p-ssy.
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
I question whether there are black brazilians posting on this board myself. As for the racist white man living in Brazil with all of his anti-black stereotypes about 17 inch rims and big black c**ks you are probably some pervert running around raping little boys. You are the major race of men running all over the earth sexually exploiting little boys. Like I said when I was in Salvador all I saw was white men young and old chasing black Brazilian women. So you have a lot of nerve talking about the exploitation of Brazilian women by black men.

You know the old saying "it takes one to know one"
Your Professionalism!
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
You articulate yourself very well. I am sure your business dealings in Bahia will be prosperous. Best of luck to you. Is not very often a black woman in America is successful cause they are usually home sitting on the porch watching the kids or on the computer posting messages with the computer they bought with their welfare check . But you, you are truly an inspiration to all people black and white because you so strongly believe what you say. Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are usually the ones that do. Um abraco pra vc! Voce e a melhor!!! Parabens! :-)
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
Well said man!! Blacks are the most racist people in the world!!
To the \"dude\"
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
And by the way dude. We DONT say "with the snake around your neck". It's "com a CORDA (not cobra) no pescoco" you moron, which means with the rope around your neck. If you didn't get something as simple as this while living in Brazil , I can only imagine what other nonsense you go around speaking about Brazil. Please don't come back to my country ,we don't need you over here. Stay in the US where you belong. The black lady is welcome.
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
You Brazilans don't get it. Let the black Americans come and give it their bet shot, what you fail to consider is that they all have something you don't...and American Passport. No matter what happens, they can return home. Where can you go?
Strange America
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
I've seen strange things in America, even though I'm just a beginner here.
One thing: Did you know that one can put a restraining order in anyone for ANY reason? Suppose you had 'something' with someone, then go to the police, put the restraining order and it's alright, you are free from that person. No dialogue, no just stop talking with him or her, no, but the law, with the lawyer on the side.
Nobody cares about a jog to me in NJ
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
I read some articles here. People talk about racism in Brazil. They talk about woman in Brazil. Then, I recall that I left Brazil scapping from the first wife. People in Europe or North America do not have an ideia the laws about family in Brazil and how a brazillian divorce woman is a very dangerous person that I decided to leave Brazil to find some peace. Remember that if you do not want to give allimony to an ex wife to support her and her boy friend, you end in a jaile in Brazil. Look the Carandiru movie to understand what I am talking about. In addition, people do not have an idea about the racism in Brazil. When I speak that I have black heritage here in Canada, they think that I am joking because I look white. If I see me in a mirror I am white but my grand mother was black and I can not deny my heritage even with Portuguese, guarani native, spanish and Italian heritage.
Last year, I knew a black guy here in Toronto that his dream is to visit Brazil, beautiful woman, friendly people. I tried to change his mind about such illusions in Brazil. I told him that in Rio de Janeiro the woman talks with you if you have money to give to her because I lived in Copacabana before and nobody cares about me.

I wrote an article about racism in College. I will post here again. Sorry to interfer in your discussion with my short story.

It is very interesting article about racism in educational system in Brazil. If you are not white, forget about your future. I did pharmacy program in the UFSC. For a mixed person and poor, it was necessary to struggle against all odds. I worked in a medical lab during the night, in restaurants as a dish washer and night clubs doing the same kind of job.

After more than 3 years, people said that I was smart and a hard worker, but I was not German and I was not Lutheran, so I would not go ahead. A professor said to me that it is better to be pure black or pure native because a mixed people are low racial level. Any way, I finished the program and I moved ahead.
I registered in Biochemistry graduate program of UFPR and discover racism. I saw Professors preferred to give upgrading marks for somebody to get an “A” only for high- middle class people.

I finished my basic credits, and I needed to make more than 12 credits to get an “A” to upgrade my “Cs”. Nobody wanted to be my advisor, so an English Professor decided to give me a chance. I got “As” in many courses because my advisor was a foreigner and is recognized in science. Many people used to call me “Indian” because I have mixed race. However, I struggled and worked hard. Less than one year working in the lab, I had excellent results and I did 5 publications for International magazine. At that time, CASPE performed evaluation of Graduate Program (Master program go directly to Doctoral program). I passed to enter a PhD program directly and many students and professors complained about the Department decision. Thanks to the power of my advisor.

I finished Doctoral program and I got an “A” in my thesis. I went to USA doing post doctor program. I did not do well in the USA because my English was very poor and I had a family problem from a divorce. I came back to Curitiba and I applied for a substitute professor position in organic chemistry. They did not accept me but they hired a blonde girl who finished her undergraduate program in Chemistry in that year (she was good look). I could not believe that racism is a big issue in the Brazilian educational system. Therefore, I decided to move to another country.

I went to Canada and I started a new life. After 8 years, I got a Diploma in Chemical Technology, a specialization in Pharmaceutical Industry, and another Diploma in Pharmaceutical Research & Development Technology. Sometimes, I feel desire to go back home. I sent already my resume to many universities and pharmaceutical company, however, nobody cares.

Many people advise me to not come back to Brazil. I always remember some funny situations, for example, Jacob’s daughter who got only “As” in the entire graduate program, never wrote a project, and had 3 pregnancies during the program and got the Grant from CNPq during 3 years without doing lab works and finally she dropped the program.

Professors in university even only highlight their backgrounds. For instance, a professor spent time in class talking about her Japanese heritage and how French people treated her well instead of giving a good class or the stupid statistic classes and so many courses taught for people not qualified and all those people pretending to be smart and for what?
This is Brazil.

Antonio Teixeira
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
With due respect to your efforts in chemistry, you absolutely need to work a little harder on your English Antonio. Presentation is important, and I'm not talking about race here. You've been in Canada for 8 years ? You should attend English classes for about a year. Make that your resolution for 2005 and you'll do better, I guarantee you.
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
Whoever said Brazilians can go nowhere with a Brazilian passport ought to take a look at the number of Brazilians who live in the US right now ... We don't get it ?
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
I agree that I must improve my English. However. I observed that companies in Toronto in general hire people from Asia that bare speak English because they can work for low salary and also work as a dog.
Racist White Propaganda
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
I hope all of you Brazilians are reading all of these racist statements posted by a racist white man and why Black Americans are letting Brazilians know the type of people white people are. They are sick,sadistic,racist supremacist bastards so why this cracka has his ugly,sick,Viagara-needing,no- c**k-having ass in Brazil is beyond me. If he is so racist why would he want to be in a country like Brazil peopled by a bunch of n****rs? All you bastards profess to hate Black people so much yet you can't wait to f**k a Black woman which is why you are probably in Brazil. You can exploit Afro-brazilian women's poverty and subject them to your sick,sadistic perversions unlike African American women who have more money and are better educated. Why are you even on this website? This is a website designed for people who know and love Brazil and you are screwing it up with your racist statements about African Americans and Brazilians. You are just a sick,bitter,twisted,s**t-stirring racist cracker. Like a Brazilian poster said stay your perverted ass in America and out of Brazil. Go get yourself some Viagara and a penile implant so you can have a big Black c**k that you obviously envy. Go see a psychiatrist and get rid of your "penis envy". What happened to make you so bitter and envious of Black and Brazilian people? Your ugly,fatwhite wife must have lefy you to put her mouth around a big black c**k. Go back to your cave in Europe and stay out of Brazil. You racist white bastard have f**ked up America with your capitalistic bulls**t and love of money. Now you want to take your racist supremacist bulls**t and sexual perversions to Brazil. President Lula should throw all of your sick,sadistic,twisted,perverted asses out of Brazil because you're only there to molest young boys and dogs who have to suck your worn out teeny-weeny c**k for fifty cents. Brazilian people be aware of the white man - he's a sick,twisted,blue-eyed devil. Keep him out of your country!!!!
What a Crap!!
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
I'm a white Brazilian, my wife is black. she has a college education . Now the young people of her family like her young sister, cousins, etc..Most of them hold 2 or more college degrees and some speak 1 foreign lanquage. Now most of them work in very good jobs. Sure most of black Brazilians are poor and etc.. My point is only education can change all. But all experiencie in life is good for something in life, and the catwalk may serve for something. Now for all you Americans, excuse me! I mean the Brazilians trying to pass for americans..If you live in the US, I'm sure u do.check History and Discover Channel, the same way as the catwalk something there may serve you in the future! Now the guest took the "caneco", have you wrote your piece in college about yourself?? I mean not even Nostradamus wrote a Thesis about something that include how his future would be..the thing is so contradictory I can even know where to start!! you ain't excuse in writing such thing wich has nothing to do with the article above!! Look for help man, I'm sure you "is" all that, but sure u got some issues, first be a man, your wife was there for you, why the law protects ( I mean try to protect) 'cause of guys like you, and other thousands of guys who beat them wife daily in Brazil. This is sure a good exemple of ours best high educated minds in Brazil, even after finishing college and all the things the world can offer, some people don't learn nothing! I think we as humans should go to college by the age of 45, we need more basic education in the world, 'cause if someone teach this one, who is this guy teaching for our future?? God save us all.
But how many
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
But how many of those that have Brasilan passports in the US will use them to come home? They can't because they are there illegaly, and just because they made it once, they might not make it again, because it is more dangerous and not as easy. What good is a Brasilan passport, if you are a slave to the US??
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
My apologies to all of you Brazilians for believing that a Brazilian would make the racist statements against Black people that this poster made. I should have known a Brazilian wouldn't have the sick,twisted mentality that white Americans have. THis poster like most white Americans probably doesn't want to see a successful partnership between African Americans and Afro-Brazilians because a lot of white men got to Brazil to exploit Black women's poverty in Brazil like they used to do to Black women here in America. Before Dr.Martin Luther King fought for Black people to have better educational and job opportunities Black women used to have to do domestic work in houses of white racists like this poster. Black women who were poor and had to do domestic work was subjected to all kinds of sexual abuse and perversions at the hands of their white employers. In some parts of the deep South where Black women are still real poor a lot of them still have to endure sexual abuse at the hands of racist white men. I am sorry for my use of profanity but when I see white people going to countries like Brazil solely for the purpose of abusing and exploiting it's people like they have done to African Americans it just pisses me off. A lot of African Americans want to invest in Bahia because it is the most African of all Brazil's states and Black people want to keep a part of Brazil free from the white man's racist propaganda and exploitation and for people who love and appreciate African culture. Like I repeat. Do not let the white man come to your country. Third world countries should now be aware that the white man is a blue-eyed devil and will do you great harm. Look at how he has killed off the American Indians,the Aborigines of Australia and decimated parts of Africa with his white supremacist system of exploitation and slavery. I'm warning you Brazil don't fall for the white man's tricks. He's a devil and he will do you harm. Don't welcome him into your country either. Keep him out!!! He will come to Brazil and rape your women,children and dogs and he will exploit you and make you work for him for slave wages once he starts buying up all of the property.
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
The white man IS in Brazil. And your views about "the white devil" are more racist than most average white man will ever feel towards black people. Building a separate black community is an American thing. People in Brazil interact a lot more, they are way more mixed than America. I'm glad to say we don't need your advise in this area, as a matter of fact, I think you need ours.
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
OK OK all of us white Brasilans are racist dogs, and I am sure he same is true in the US. But what you FAIL to realize is the lack of common sense in your argument. Brasil's power still lies in the hands of white men, always has always will. Your notion that by investing a few Black $$$ in Bahia will create a new African nation within Brasil is comical. Come and enjoy our country, experience your African roots, even stay if you would like, but please don't expect us to buy your concept that the "editor" from Essence Magazine will make a difference, he will be kidnapped and hung from a tree. This is not a racists comment, just a fact of the current situation in Brasil. the way, your final insult regarding white male sexuality is not based on fact, just racist sterotypes, so who is the racist here?
Welcome mat
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
I'd like, as a Brazilian of extremely mixed heritage (like at least 90% of us), to welcome the U.S. black lady and all her friends and business connections to Bahia. There is always "axe" in that sacred land, and we'll be much better off with Afro-Americans than most of their "white" counterparts.
get real
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
I'm white from south Brazil. I don't give a rat ass where my white skin and green eyes comes from. I never care when I was young in Brazil, and never will care when I'm out of Brazil and a gringo comes to me saying he/she is Italian, etc..whatever, I don't buy it! I'am Brazilian..Now saying things about another country is f**king racist talking..remenber Bahia is 99% Black blood, but never had a Black governor or mayor!..Rio Grande do Sul was the first state to elege a Black politician to Governador! Americans, europeans, etc.. They don't come to Brazil to rape a Black virgem girl..They want a Gisele kind of girl..'cause is what they see out of Brazil..I'm sure most of Brazilians writing here Black or white, live in the US thinking they know all..when they come to Brazil..they are too the sexual turist!! I'm sure they don't mind to go to Rio, to find those little teenager models to show them how good they are and smart! you are all so full of s**t! Most Brazilians are ( Black or White, and mix etc..) hard working cristians...but there are some guys, who never worked in their lifes, was living at mama's daddy's back, move to US..find work as a carpenter, buy a new truck, learn english and BARABIM! knows all! here again, History and Discover channel for you guys there, 1 hour a day will make you better, insteady of drinking, and trying to think how to get a new Expedition to show off!!
Welcome Mat
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
Thank you for your kind comments and for welcoming me to Bahia. Obrigada!!! I wasn't referring to Brazilian white men in my posts but to the American white poster who is making these racist statements. I'm sure no other white people in the world are as racist as American white people. Most of them will come to Brazil a country of basically Black and brown people yet sit around and make all of their racist statements. Brazilian white people I am sorry for I was not meaning to include you in my posts. I also warn you not to let the American white man into your country because he is a racist predator. Look how he has treated African Americans in the United States for centuries.
To get real
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
If you ever get to Miami you can ride not in my Expedition, but my Escalade, or maybe my wifes' Caravan, we can take you out for a great steak dinner at Morton's, and then you can watch Globa on my 43 inch plasma flat screen. We didn't have s**t when we left from Sao Paulo, and now we are living a dream. If you don't like it, you can kiss my ass, because I never got a hand from a Brasilan "brother", just my American friends. Enjoy your 10 year old Passat, 30 cent beers, and beans and rice. My kids can walk to school without the fear of being shot by a stray bullet. We have it made big time, and I am not apoligizing to anyone.
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
It's getting very embarrasing to be Brazilian with all these ignorant posts. I'm not going to apologise for them though. As you may know, education (and the lack of it) is one of Brazil's main problems . But, for better or worse, Brazilians are pretty confident that they know it all. That helps to explain why the country is in such a chaotic condition. Like any latin, we like to talk. And sometimes I have the feeling that's all we do in Brazil. And as you can see, our ideas are as confusing as our country. When we feel nobody is litening to us, we just talk louder and use bad language, it helps(?) to reinforce the idea that we're tough guys. That's why being a carpenter in the US can be a great experience for a Brazilian. People leave you alone to do your job, you get paid enoug to buy a truck, and when you're done, you can go home and watch the Discovery Channel because you can afford cable. If only things could be that simple in Brazil !
to the real brasilian brother
written by Guest, January 03, 2005
Do you guys use drugs??so you got offended 'cause you fit in my last piece? do you? who are you people? my escalade, my caravan, 43 inch plasma tv! Miami..nobody give me a hand to get here in the US, don't do the same with the new people coming to the US. sorry you never met me in person brother, doubt you ever will. But you are a diferent case of Brazilian living in the US, I could tell you all, but won't lose my time with that, though, the dinner is fine, see you next Daytona bike week! A little tought to you brother, save to your kids college! By the way, I love rice and beens, brazilian beer are good and the passat was the first car I bought with my money! today I have a honda hibrid.
feliz ano novo, brother!
Not offended
written by Guest, January 04, 2005
Why would I be offended, like I said, I'm not apoligizing. I don't go to Daytona bike week, but I have many Brasilan brothers that do. I am out on my boat fishing. But the invitation for dinner stands. I already have one son at Boston University, he recieved a scholarship, think that would happen in Brasil? My other two sons go to school for free, and they get a good education, can you say that about Brasil? I can do without rice and beans, but I do miss Brasilan beer. Honda hybrid is cool.I miss Brasil, but life is made of sacrifices.
It\'s quite evident by these posting, th
written by Guest, January 04, 2005
But getiting back to the story at hand, I thought it was very well written and insightful.
written by Guest, January 04, 2005
Dadinho e o caralho , meu nome agora e Ze Pequeno.
written by Guest, January 05, 2005
You people are lame!! Brazilians and Americans! Argueing about which country is better. I doubt anybody besides yourselves gives a damn. Woopee! So you drive an Escalade. Your penis enlargement would have been cheaper you egotistical prick! As for the Brazilians white and black who seem to think they have the right to accept or unaccept people into their country, can kiss my ass! I will go to Brazil any damn time I please. I dare you to say to me what you write on this message board. I will knock your ass out!! If Brazilians were not the biggest sensitive and romantic pussies in the world there would not be as much crime in the country as there is currently. Bunch of teenagers screwing your country up! When teenagers pull that crap here in USA we beat their asses!! Solve your crime problem and I guarantee you foreign investment will pour into your country, but when people have to be afraid of a 12 year old blowing there brains out over a pair of knock off sunglasses, people will constantly criticize your country!!

And for black people in general. Is not the fault of white people living today that blacks were slaves 200 years ago! Is not our fault! And when you keep blaming innocent whites expect the whites to defend themselves!! Blacks are more racist than white people!! Get over it!!!

I am going to Brazil in 3 weeks. And any of you Brazilians that have the nuts to give me your email and verbally degrade Americans or whites while I am present and I will smash your face in and your justice system will do NOTHING about it!! ;-) Have a nice day!

written by Guest, January 05, 2005
That was a great post ! It shows how tough Americans are ! It's this kind of thinking that sends you guys to Iraq. Why are you coming to Brazil ? You are needed in Iraq, "defending the freedom" , not in Brazil. Thanks for being so honest and clear in your views and intentions, you couldn't be more typical. The world is yours !
written by Guest, January 05, 2005
Isn't it possible that a white north american male (that's me) could not understand the black north american grevience, but still want to move to Brasil, marry into the non-white culture use his modest Bachelor's degree to start a small school in the country? Aren't all your many negative comments based on ignorance of the other's viewpoint and lack of compassion for another's plight?
written by Guest, January 05, 2005
Whatevers. Mama boy felt the need to show his muscles cuz he felt threatened by that image of a brazilian kid pointing a gun to his face. Remember he's going to take his white ass to brazil rocking all that s**t, sunglasses, nikes etc. Them brazilian niggaz is going to recognise mutherf**ker from a mile away and be all over his s**t.
New Zealand view point
written by Guest, January 05, 2005
Wow...a lot of unhappy americans here....just wanted to say....Please would all Americans stay out of Brasil including the Racist Black ones,you have already ruined the rest of the world please stay home and enjoy your perfect country,people who love Brasil love it for being Brasil and not America!...yes Brasil is not perfect and will never be...thank god its not perfect imagine if it was...there would be loud monthed yanks all over the place complaining that its not like the good old USA!!!
Look here
written by Guest, January 05, 2005
There's no americans writing here, only Brazilians, like the dumbass Brazilian who thinks can jiujitsu anybody ass! I'm sure here in the US he is all love about Brazil...flag, t-shirt, and TV Globo, sure he not miss one casseta e planeta..Do he thinks he knows all about culture?
knock, knock..give food i'm hungry..2 weeks later..knock, knock, i'm very hungry sir, give please food...200 years later, f**k, I pick his luck, get in and f**k your brains a thug life..Tupac shakur! hey white jiujitsu Brazilians who thinks he can beat anybody, I'm sure when you are driving your s**t car you are all listing 1- Sertaneja, 2-Rap and i'm sure you told all your friends about the movie cuity of prick!
written by Guest, January 05, 2005
If there's anything I consider bizarre is an American who grew up eating steak that comes from their hormone injected cows. It makes these peole big and agressive, especially when they grow up in their loveless culture that focuses on being tough and making it. And then, during their midlife crisis when they're fat, lonely, still middle class and on prozac and viagra they meet a nice Brazilian or spend a week in Brazil and what starts coming out of their mouth ? Words like compassion, beautiful,african roots and brazilian brothers and sisters. Like somebody else said, some of these guys are in for a rude awakening.
Opening Doors To Bahia
written by Guest, January 05, 2005
I am a 44 year old African American woman and it was the white American who started negativity that is currently on this message board. He was the one who started making racist statements such as "all Brazilians think about is sex" and "big Black c**ks". I logged onto this message board because I love Brazil (especially Bahia) and wanted to learn more about Brazil,it's culture and it's people and have a dialogue with other posters who have the love for Brazil that I do. I must admit that the Brazilian posters and white posters from any country other than America have been supporting my decision to make Bahia my home and have welcomed me. The white American started talking crap about coming to Brazil and having masked men in vans attack me and all of this negative racist propaganda about Brazil. I and a group of African Americans want to build a bridge between ourselves and the Afro-Brazilians so what is so bad about that. We feel that as people of African descent we have a lot we can learn from each other so there is a conscious decision on both of our parts to learn as much as we can and contribute to each other's well-being. If I as an African American woman want to move to Bahia and contribute to the financial well-being of my Afro-Brazilian brothers and sisters what business is that of the racist white American poster? I visited Bahia in 2002 and found it an incredible and beautiful place where the Bahians laughed and loved and talked with one another and the ache of this sacred land is INCREDIBLE. My fiance is a moreno from Sao Paulo who I love very much because like most Brazilian men he is sexy,beautiful and warmhearted. We plan to marry in Las Vegas and will be coming to Sao Paulo for New Year's so that I can meet his family. I help my fiance here in America improve his English and learn about American culture and he in return is teaching me Portuguese and about his wonderful country,Brazil.!!!!
Back to the real issue
written by Guest, January 05, 2005
Instead of all this name calling, let's just say that Brazil is lacking in citizenship skills. It could probably be helped with a strong civics program in the schools. The earlier poster was correct, too many Brazilians refuse aid to the distressed. Brazil's not just opposite Alaska in temperature. Get stranded in Alaska then in Brazil and observe the difference!
Response to Back to the Real Issue
written by Guest, January 05, 2005
Citizenship skills such as ? I am looking at Brazil from an outsider's point of view so I really can't tell from the outside looking in what Brazil's internal problems are. I know that there is a great disparity in the distribution of wealth amongst Brazilians especially amongst Afro-Brazilians who appear to be the poorest sector of Brazil's population. I don't know why the average Afro-Brazilian still lives waaay below the poverty line in Brazil. Blacks in America used to be poor too but we FOUGHT to have the social and financial status we have today. Before Martin Luther King stood up for Black Americans across the nation white Americans refused to come off of anything. I as a Black American is willing to share the little that I have with my Afro-Brazilian brothers and sisters. A lot of Afro-Brazilians look to the Black American as a role model and when they see us come to Brazil and stay in five star hotels and eat in the finest of restaurants that gives them hope that they too will be able to do those things. In spite of Brazil's problems I still find Brazil an incredible and beautiful country. I will ALWAYS love Brazil and it's people regardless of their problems.
written by Guest, January 05, 2005
It´s AMMMMMAAAZZZZINNNGGG all the people here who LOVE brasil, LOVE the people, LOVE everything there is about Brasil but have NEVER BEEN. Or WORSE, they passed through on some two week spring break, dry humped a bahiano or Carioca, drank a caiparinha and decided, GOLLY GEE, I know how to solve all these problems I should move there.

I hope you all do make the move, and i´d LOVE to talk with you all in, say, oh, about 2 years. If you survive the head aches, officialdom and pettiness. For ya´ll in Rio: if you survive AT ALL.

It doesn´t matter what colour your are. Brasil is NOT the first world, and never will be without some sort of mental revolution on the part of o Povo Brasileiro (Branco, Preto, Morena, Mulatta whatever) - which, quite frankly, I dont ever see happening. Sad but true.
written by Guest, January 05, 2005
Headaches, officialdom and pettiness? Sounds like big city U.S.A...
written by Guest, January 05, 2005
written by Guest, January 05, 2005
Here's another great American comment. It shows how Americans very rarely experience any different cultures , governments and situations in their lives. They really do think that there couldn't be anything worse than dealing with the burocracy of their system . Go to Brazil and you'll find out what true burocracy is. I now a story of an American that went all the way to Brazil without getting a visa. He didn't think he needed one. So he got denied access to the country and had to turn around and fly back home .
I also have a story about a Brazilian friend of mine , who while dancing in America during a party accidentally slapped an American in the face. He meant to tell the American "I'm sorry" but with his bad english (and memory) said "thank you !" and walked away.
Agree with above post!
written by Guest, January 05, 2005
I dont think most Americans posting on this site have ever been to Brazil, and if they have it was for maybe a week during Carnival or whatever. I personally have been to Brazil 5 times. Each time for 10 days. Everytime I go I learn something new each time. My first trip was an absolute nightmare, getting lost while trying to drive to Maresias and wondering if I would ever find my way, not to mention driving in the vicinity of favela areas and wondering where the hell I was at. I grew up in Los Angeles and LA is a pretty dangerous city but is camp snoopy compared to Brazil. One thing about Brazil if you've never been there I should tell you is that you can not tell the good guys from the bad guys! You cant trust anyone! One mistake and your life could be finished. NOBODY speaks English! If you get lost, how do you ask for directions? Is very important to speak Portuguese.

My last four trips got better. I was not as much afraid to drive in cars (I have never driven there and dont want to) because that is the place you generally get killed in Brazil. If not in a car then in a nightclub. Nightclubs in Brazil can be dangerous for a gringo that is good looking. All the girls liked me so much cause of my blonde hair and blue eyes that the Brazilian guys got jealous .... and thats a problem!

Another I eventually learned about Brazil is that you cant dress very nice and wear jewelry. You must stay very "low key". If you think you are going to move to Brazil and drive a nice car...forget it!! Not worth the trouble. Most Brazilians are nice and respectable and very fun to be around. However it is the 10% that are not nice that ruin it for everyone. US is same way I agree, but in Brazil is different than USA. The bad people can baely speak their own language. They are like jungle people with no education or any concept whatsoever of succeeding in life. They essentially can NOT be helped! Is why many Brazilians think they should all be killed or care less about it when 20-30 of them are gunned down by the federal police.

Another thing people probably dont understand is that Brazil is almost identical to USA in many ways. They copy everything from USA. If you have never been I think you will be surprised to know that they probably know more about USA than you do when you get there. They grew up watching the same cartoons and many of their TV shows today mimic those on US Television. If you go to the movies in Brazil they are in English with Portuguese subtitles!! Because they havent been dubbed yet.

Coca Cola there is not actually coca cola cause the bottling plants are in Brazil and no way Coke Corp. will give exact recipe to Brazilians...they will steal it! Marlboro cigarettes are not actually Marlboro cigarettes either. I drink 6 cokes a day and smoke 2 packs of reds a day here in USA, believe me!! I know the difference.

Brazil also has World Trade Center buildings in Sao Paulo. They are not called that in Brazil, but they look exactly the same. (except about 50 floors shorter) .

There are biker gangs in Brazil. There are skinhead gangs. Brazil also has the largest Japanese population outside Japan. Japanese people speaking portuguese ( I was surprised by that..never knew it). There is a Chinese Mafia in Sao Paulo. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese! You can buy an exact replica of a rolex watch for 30 dollars from the chinese markets that is identical to a real one.

So I guess my point is that many people have posted messages about moving there and how they might change things or discover their roots. (Arent Afro -Roots from Africa??) Brazil is not a bunch of Mexican like people or black people. 90% are mixed. The whole country is owned by about 13 families from what I understand ( I am probably not exactly right so dont call me a moron...just informing the gringoes) Oh and another thing..if you are black in are a gringo!! haha funniest thing I ever heard was a Mexican that went to Brazil and everybody referred to him as a gringo. If your not Brazilian...your a gringo!!

Brazil is an amazing country and I am happy that I have Brazilian friends that have showed me the way. I have so much more to learn and plan to go back very soon. Will take 3-4 years before I can speak Portuguese fluently.

written by Guest, January 05, 2005
Just a few clarifications for the "good looking to die for" Americano expert in Brazilian ways. Black are only gringos in Brazil if they don't speak Portuguese (like you). The borderline is the language not country of origin. No Portuguese = Gringo. Got it? as far as a nightmare goes, Highway 5, 405, 10, or wherever you get lost in L.A., beats Maresias hands down. If you compare coke and Marlboros, for sure the U.S. wins...Not dubbing movies can be a good thing, at least you won't become a moronic imbecile who can only use English phonetics. As for your Portuguese fluency, it may take a little longer if you keep your narrow minded, simplistic, and ignorant approach. By the way, I'm Brazilian (jungle people you know...)
written by Guest, January 05, 2005
cause you cant comprehend English. I was lost in Brazil you f**king moron. You are not even Brazilian if you talk the way you do! And your are incorrect!! If you are not Brazilian you are considered gringo jackass. You pick words I used and think I called you a jungle person..I am trying to convey to the americans posting on this site about Brazil....not you jackass!!! If you know about 5,405, and 10 then you are definately not Brazilian! If your stupid ass was Brazilian then you would never go back if the US was stupid enough to give you a visa along with the 12 million others that are here washing my dishes or blowing US superstars!

I did not say our cigs or cokes were better...I was saying Brazil copies everything you f**king moron. Stop acting Brazilian just cause you had a bad time there and didnt get laid cause you were under the impression you would when you go there, so now you act Brazilian and bash americans and the effect is people defend themselves and starts a big fight. I wish you said that to my face you little s**t I would make it look like fejoida when I was finished!
Big bad ass Americano
written by Guest, January 06, 2005
To my friend that is going to "kick all our asses", big talk on a message board you f**king pussy. Be careful, if you make the wrong turn in Rio, you will meet some people not on this message board who will make you s**t your shorts. Why, not cancel your trip and keep your fat white gut hanging, tennis shoe wearing, limp dick ass out of our country. Cause I know why your coming, like the most of you , so if I see you coming out of some s**t hole hotel with some doped up 10 year old boy...I'm gonna put one right between your eyes, than I am going to go have a beer and laugh about it.
written by Guest, January 06, 2005
For Brazilians reading these posts, they should be aware there are many Americans pretending to be Brazilians because for some reason some Americans hate Brazil, they hate the USA, and most importantly they hate themselves. They are more than likely Americans that travelled to Brazil and did not have the great time they expected when they got there because they are loud mouthed and think they are the center of the universe because they are American. But in fact they are actually a bunch of little punks that need there little asses beat cause their daddy's left them when they were little. Or the little punks continuosly were laughed at or beat up when they were in school. Or maybe they had a crush on the prom queen and were rejected so now the only way they can lash out is to do it to any person they possibly can. These are the same little punks that grow up to be police officers in USA and think they are the law and oppress anybody white or black that they feel needs to be oppressed. Its very easy to identify these people and they need to have their asses whipped good. These are the same Americans that go to Brazil to get laid cause they cant get any pussy in USA, and then when they get to Brazil they learn they cant get any pussy there either, they come home and spend their time trying to correct or direct REGULAR people. I think you guys posing as Brazilians are disgusting and perverted and should be killed!
You see what I mean?
written by Guest, January 06, 2005
Theres another one! Another little American punk that thinks that 500,000 Americans visit Brazil every year to be with 10 year old boys. Same little punk that apparently has a drinking problem and probably got too drunk at that club one night in Rio and made the wrong turn himself and s**t his own pants. He's probably a little upset now cause Brazil is cracking down on his little perverted ass. Listen to his message people....he is talking to himself!!!
written by Guest, January 06, 2005
Man... Calm down... I'm Brazilian. Brought to California in a athletic scholarship in the 80's (soccer, of course). Graduated. Moved briefly to Australia and now live in Polinesia (Hawaii). Here, the locals resent the "haoles" too, as they were ilegally overtaken by Gringolandia. If you want I can go on in Portuguese (at least I know how to spell "feijoada"). Calma companheiro. As Californianas tambem me amaram muito e fizeram muita coisa gostosa comigo. Sem broncas... Sou brasileiro, gaucho, gremista (na segunda divisao) e me garanto na capoeira e malandragem. Sorry everyone, I just had to prove my nacionality to the "bad boy" who believes that only Americans can write in English and have aggravations in CA highways. Tchau!

written by Guest, January 06, 2005
So you have not lived in Brazil for 25 years and yet you are pretending to live in Brazil. How do you expect to kill guys with 10 year old boys if you are in Hawaii. You dont make much sense! Just because you can go to google and have your message translated to portuguese does not make you Brazilian. You think your smart you little punk but your not. Did you tell those guys in Rio to calm down when they had you pissing in your pants? Many Brazilians can write in English but kid you are not Brazilian whether or not you know how to spell F-e-i-j-o-a-d-a!!! Too bad you dont know how to spell P-o-l-y-n-e-s-i-a you little prick. Stop pretending to be something your not kid and stop harassing adults who use this message board.

Sou Americano
written by Guest, January 06, 2005
Descupe, meu Portuguese e muito mal. Eu esta morando em Rio agora, para trabalo. Eu adoro Brasil, e EUA tamben. Esta web site e muito louco. Muito a gente tem problemas con Brasil e EUA. Porque? O Brasil e EUA foi amigos para mutio anos.
written by Guest, January 06, 2005
He is the same guy pretending to be 44 year old black lady wanting to move to Bahia. If you read other messages he has posted, he also imitates a man wanting to buy his girlfriend a house in Rocinha and everybody treat him like a dumbass that he is for considering something like that. He posts hundreds of messages on this site pretending to be many different people trying to stir s**t up and fuel the fire. He hates Brazil cause he is not allowed back cause he is a pervert that likes little boys. Go hang yourself a*****e!!
written by Guest, January 06, 2005
Polynesia=Polinesia em portugues. Sem problemas amigo. Aqui no Havai faz calor em janeiro. Eu viajo de paraiso tropical para outro paraiso tropical. Nao tenho raiva no coracao e so vou para os EUA em ultima estancia. Figure how to say all that with google...Anyhow, I travel from Hawaii to Brazil and other parts of the tropical world. It's January and the thermometer reads 83F. I have no anger and will be surfing pretty soon. This is my last post. Aloha, Axe e que nosso rei Oxala lhe ilumine o caminho. Atoto baluae atoto baba!
P.S. I'm not the one threatening to kill...Quale maluco?
written by Guest, January 06, 2005
Yeah okay now your a vigilante surfer from Hawaii that travels all over to tropical islands and had a scholarship to CA school because you know how to play soccer. And your a surfer now!! WOw all things Brazilian girls love. Were you once a cowboy also? Have fun surfing dickhead, I hope you get eaten by a shark!
It\'s true!
written by Guest, January 06, 2005
I am out of here, I see it now. You are all Americanos, some faking to be Brasilans, talking crap to each other. Wow, you all really need to get lives! What kind of f**ked up world do you all live in?
written by Guest, January 06, 2005
Another American pretending to be Brazilian!
Message From 44 Year Old Black Lady
written by Guest, January 06, 2005
The racist American who is spewing all of this negativity is not posing as the 44 year old Black lady. I am the actual Black lady and I got sidetracked by this poster because he pretended to be Brazilian so I ended up cursing out Brazilians on this message board. There ARE a lot of Americans on here posing as Brazilians but after reading the posts I can tell the real Brazilians from the fake one. First off the Brazilians postings ususally don't have the "anger" of the American postings nor are they the one that make statements about "big Black c**ks" and "all Brazilians think about is sex". I can tell also by the flow of the language which posters are Brazilian because i know the way that my Brazilian fiance whose only been speaking English for three years connects the words togethers. I as the 44 year old Black lady logged onto this website because I thought that this was a website for people who loved Brazil and wanted to know more about it's country and it's people. I didn't expect to be met with the barrage of negativity that I've experienced on this message board. All I was stating that as an African American I want to make Bahia my home and I have friends both Black and white Americans who have done so and LOVE Bahia. There is a watershed pact between African-American and Brazilian interests because Salvador,Bahia,with it's unmined potential for African-American business investment,is the African-Brazilian cultural epicenter. Brazil has so much to offer African-Americans. Much more than anyplace on the continent of Africa. The environment in Brazil is stable and there is no civil war. This business venture is being started by Essence Magazine founder,Clarence Smith,Ira Moseley and Afro-Brazilian,Cesar Nascimento. These three individuals are scheduling flights from selected cities in the United States to Salvador. The flights will bring African-Americans to Brazil for essentially two reasons: To establish and maintain cultural-tourism and to establish and maintain business relationships while encouraging the importation of Brazilian products..and possible vise versa. The Diasporic dream of connecting African-American communities with the African-Brazilian cultural epicenter of Bahia is a passion of both African-Americans and Afro-Brazilians. After posting this the white American started going into negative mode trying to discourage me as an African American from wanting to connect with my Brazilian brothers and sisters in Bahia and he even posed as an Afro-Brazilian to do so. Like I said I should have known it was bulls**t because while visiting Bahia I felt nothing but love,acceptance and warmth from the Afro-Brazilian community. They loved African Americans and we loved the Afro-Brazilians even more. I fell in love with Bahia and I am VERY excited as an African American woman to see this project and bridgeway being undertaken by North and South American black entrepreneurs,visionaries and creative geniuses. Let's us Brazilians,positive-minded Americans and those from other countries make this message board a positive one in which we can all share our love of Brazil. The superior-minded,racist white man who thinks that he is "to die for" let us forget about him.
written by Guest, January 06, 2005
THIS IS TOO FUNNY !!!!!! I have to thank everyone for this free piece of entertainement, filed with assumptions, paranoia and perhaps even side effects (?) from viagra or prozac. It's funny too how you're trying to classify and stereoytpe who is who. Is he American ? Is he Brazilian ? Who cares ? I thought it was about the subject we're talking about, not the nationality. All in all I can tell you what it is that us Brazilians don't quite understand : This type of categorising you guys have in the US. Like "African Americans", you mean blacks. What's so African about you ? You were born in America and raised with american values.The fact that you want to set yourself apart and not call your self simply American is a hint to us Brazilians that something isn't right. Do you not like to be called black ? That would sound like a racist comment so people avoid it ? Take a the look at the Asians that are born in America for instance. They don't call themselves Asian Americans, right ? What you see in Brazil, that you call African Brazilians, doesn't exist as you imagine over there. In Brazil we're just Brazilian, no one ever classifies themselves as African-Brazilians. Because Brazilians aren't even only white or black. Our origins are native Brazilian (Indio), Portuguese (the colonizers) and Africans (the black slaves). These 3 races have MIXED, ever since 1500 and now what you have as a Brazilian is a MIX of all these 3. So there are elements of these 3 races in us and PART of these come from Africa. We just don't get this connection of yours with your "African-Brazilian brothers". Don't try to classify Brazilians (and people in general) as just "white devil" or black. Brazilian culture is way more complex than that. The segregated black only/white only mentality is an American thing , with racism coming from both sides. Brazil is not free of racism but it's a little beyond complete segregation like the US because we started as a mixed race in the first place. That's why we seriously don't get your ideas about this transcendent connection with your African Brazilian brothers, that stuff is going on in your head only. And we're not open to any movement of further segregation and clans of any sort involving elite groups of any race. If you haven't understood the mix Brazil is, you haven't understood anything about Brazil. It's a f*&%#@ng mess down there, you understand ? If people are messing with you on this board and you're confused, wait until you start living there. There are ALL kinds of Brazilians with a wide amount of different influences and cultures . There are Brazilians who speak very good english, smart Brazilians, dumb Brazilians,hard working Brazlin=ans, Lazy Brazilians, Brazilians that lived in the US for a LONG time, etc etc. Your first lesson going to this country is getting out of this bubble you grew up in, where everything is either black or white. Experience the middle tones (and the uncertainy that comes with it), and start freeeing your mind from this simplistic background you have. Be ready to LEARN a lot (learn portuguese like someone else said) and leave your African American mentality at home. This isn't Africa OR America so don't try to classify. Live there first and talk about it later. Believe me you're in for some surprises and I'm not going to judge if they're good or bad but I consider them as the beginning of the proces that hopefully will make you a person that has broader horizons. Once you understand Brazil's uncertainty (in ALL levels, racial, political, economical, etc), you'll be qualified to talk about Brazil. Everything else sounds like BS to the Brazilians , maybe that's why they're messing with you .
By All... for Americans
written by Guest, January 06, 2005 is supposed to be articles ABOUT brasil for those who don't read Portegese. Read the fine print about how to submit an article. My vote: (a gringo) remove the 'comments' feature. I'll do my part: stop reading comments.
From the Author
written by Guest, January 06, 2005
I am the author of this article. While I am happy that my article set off a dialogue between so many people, I am sad that it has incited these outbursts of jingoism and prejudice, on both sides. The truth is that Brazil and the United States have a lot of similarities, both culturally and socially, which I find fascinating. For this reason, I think that Americans and Brazilians usually form a good rapport, whether in the United States or Brazil.

Of course, the countries also have great differences. There could not be a better forum to discuss these similarities and differences than this one. And while I see no problem in arguing, these disagreements can’t degenerate to the point in which they are disrespectful to the website, which is the fruit of a lot of hard labor. Writers may be less inclined to contribute in the future if they think that their motive for writing will be missed and their work will become a point of unrewarding conflict.

I am glad that many Americans take an interest in Brazil and would like to help address certain problems down there. I myself have spent a lot of time in Brazil and have been involved in many social projects down there. Many Brazilians in the past have commended me for my efforts, especially in Rocinha. But I will be the first to acknowledge that it is I who have benefited the most from these interactions—from what I have learned, from the friendships that I have made, from the beautiful experiences I have had.

I urge people to ignore vulgar postings in the future. I will not post another comment for this article. If anybody is seriously interested in becoming involved in any social projects in Brazil, feel free to contact me.

And of course, I should state, in order not to be misinterpreted, that just as Americans don’t want a few bad apples to ruin the image of their country, and Brazilians the same, the majority of Brazzil readers are well-intentioned, thoughtful people who should not be held accountable for the actions of a vocal and vulgar minority.

written by Guest, January 06, 2005
Good, I hope people understood, especially when you mentioned INTERACTION. That means between everyone. If you're gping to Brazil be ready to interact, with ALL races. That's what Brazil is all about. Go take a bus during rush hour in Brazil, you'll feel the interaction on your skin. Just don't feel surprised if you begin to miss driving the Escalade back home.
Gabe is an idiot!
written by Guest, January 06, 2005
Gabe you dont know anything about Brazil. I just finished surfing and let me say the waves in Brazil suck compared to here. I live in US, Australia and Brazil. I know much more than you! My brazilian brothers know me. Is because of white man that Brazil is lost. The white man must die because he is responsible for all problems our country have. It is 74 degrees outside, I think I will spank my monkey now. Wow that felt good! Anyway...blacks are good and white is bad. I feel much better. Bon sonhos! Boa Noite tambem!!
written by Guest, January 06, 2005
Macaquinho!!! Eu estou muito tesao agora!!! Aonde Bunda!! Bakaka!! Filha da p**a!! Cuzinho!
written by Guest, January 06, 2005
Now I am totally disgusted!!! I am done! Thats it!!! I can't take it anymore!!!! I am moving to Costa Rica instead! Ciao Obrigado Brazil!!! awwwww tadinho!!!
Oh shut that hell up u all!!
written by Guest, January 06, 2005
Brazilians are a real liars..Now we have a Black surfer, who lives in 3 countrys..must be a surfer champion which I don't know?? "cause if u all that rich with sponsors to pay u to surf the world, u would have time to be here! what a bunch of no good people-liars has nothing to do in life than be a a*****e! A guy lives in 3 country can not understand s**t, first he says that he just finish surfing and went right to the computer to answer Gabe! right. After with nothing to do with the country social or the article above, he compares the waves are better elsewhere than Brazil! what? and he kniows that because he don't fly the country he lives in 3! and after he complain that the problems are from the white man, wich he pratices a sport wich is pratice by most whites, lives in 2 country founded by whites?? for a so world surfer, and so much hate for whites how can u live in those countries?? Those brazilians who are writing in this site, most live outside of Brazil, they come ilegal, and stay, learn english, see the world, are arrogantes pricks most of them, and pure liars, those are not the real Brazilians. I tell you, if there's any real americans here, brazil is not this people.
written by Guest, January 06, 2005
Who taught you how to write? Did you graduate 3rd grade, you must make your parents real proud. Did you know that you capitilize the first letter of a sentence? "Cause" s/b "because", and "u" s/b "you". Do you have someone reading the posting for you? Oh, countries s/b capitized too (that two "oo's). You are a huge moron, go get your GED s**t for brains, then come back and write again...I can't wait to see your response, I need the laugh!
written by Guest, January 06, 2005
Wot, no waves today??
Your sponsors are real good to pay a guy who don't work. So, the only comeback "U" got
was that??
fixing my english? afraid of the white man? that can happen with a guy who just socialize spanking monkeys! Man go to the mirror and look at yourself, U R a loser, liar, narrow-minded. Ah, I know you are not surfing 'cause is snowing today right?? Hey loser, "Mahalo"
written by Guest, January 06, 2005
Youz gots's a lotta nervous ta be written stuff on dis here webpage, maybes if youda graduated da tird gradee yous minds wonna be so fuked up. But ls sure is glads that youze gots highspeeds intranets in da trailer park now, cause yas nevers gots ta leaves da double wides now. Now go pump gas for your 8 bucks an hour dick head
written by Guest, January 06, 2005
for a surfer don't know what's a Mahalo, shows who u are, see I was right, u ain't s**t! and by the way wanna-be-tupac-shakur, get a life! I laugh at u! your answer is sad, like the poor rap u trying to say. Don't come back to Brazil man, and when u die, please ask your family to burn your s**t body, and trow the ashes in the dumpster! I want to show u all the Brazilians who living in the US ( not all) but some of them like my in-his-dreams-surfer here. They are just a bunch of losers, they lie, saying they are all marvelous life. They all say Brazil is s**t 'cause of the Brazilians living there, and that..few years now, they will show some of few Brazilians living outside of Brazil, do nothing better than the few who steal in Brazil. Most of those Brazilians living outside, if i was a American should require a doctor analises to see if theyr heads are still working from so much bulls**t the say and live for!! again, mahalo!!
Agree With Writer Of Article
written by Guest, January 06, 2005
I agree with the writer of this article that it is best not to post anymore articles on this website. Nothing positive is being accomplished other than negativity and name-calling. I'm outta here and into a message board where the posters can have an intelligent discussion without all of the bulls**t and negativity.
written by Guest, January 06, 2005
Mahalo means "thank you" a*****e, not good-bye. Surfs up, enjoy your beans and rice and R$2.00 pinga. Good thing your mother the empregada got a rasie in her minimum to clean the white mans house, maybe she can buy you a brain.
written by Guest, January 06, 2005
Shut up LOL. This is a board for peole who write in English , haven't you noticed ? Go spray paint more of that crap you see all over Brazil. That's your medium, so go give your contribution over there. And don't give opinions about what you don't know. It's obvious you never had it good in America, you don't need to ad anything to that .
written by Guest, January 06, 2005
Is the second time someone writes "enjoy your rice and beans". That shows that is only one or two persons here, annoying everybody with diferents posts and opinion. funny. And they just suck u all in easy. Why?!
You know Brazilians are became well know in the internet world from became the most internet users in the world, we beat even americans with more than 100 milhons users, against ours 20 Mil. The only problem is most brazilians don't know how to behave in the net. Is somehow wonderfull, we as a country use the most powerfulll way to reach outside of our borders and show our culture, and sure we do use the net in anyway possible..websites, chat rooms, photolog, oktur..etc.. just check out u will see!
But why some Brazilians has this crazy to crash against others cultures in the more obscene way possible? in especial against americans? u need to mention in english anything bad about Brazil, and someone say those Americans f**kers....Not only Americans speak english in this world!!I gonna tell to the others who read this comments my most apologies, but I wanted to make a point! this will be my last comment. Happy new year to all internet land people out there.
written by Guest, January 06, 2005
Your gone? Hang loose bro.

Da Kine
written by Guest, January 07, 2005
I find this funny. Most of these comments are not facts at all. Just comments to bash others. POOR me, it is not my fauly so it must be the white man, or not that black man, no it is the americans, wait it a brazilian, BUT it is not mine. I am amazed how everyone blames problems on something eles besides themself.
written by Guest, January 09, 2005
Cool down buddies
written by Guest, January 11, 2005
Yenda ippadi ungalukkulle adichikkireenga... Othumaiya irungada....
written by Guest, January 11, 2005
since there isn't equality AMONG races, how could there be any BETWEEN races?! I am white but my kids are white/black/mexican, and depending on who they are around they can be at the bottom or the top of the group, just on complexion alone! it's bulls**t, I try to tell them that having a good education- in ANY COUNTRY- is what will help you in life. We notice more stares in "white" America then we do in "Mexican" or "black" or "hawaiian" neighborhoods, which just shows how (some) white people can quickly turn fear of the unknown into hatred.
But whatever, Brasil is still a better place to live in my opinion. A comment to the black guy who thinks that america is showcasing blacks in mainstream media--- being pimps, players, and hustlers who rap instead of having a real job ( or sitting on welfare complaining) HARDLY represents any race in a positive fashion!!!
I feel bad for any family, regardless of ethnicity, who has to struggle to acquire what a lot take for granted. Unfortunately this is happening far too often in many countries, developed and third world. This Ze Luiz is at least making a positive contribution. I personally don't see modeling as a "way out", but it is a step in the right direction, teaching youth to value themselves and encourage them to strive for more. ! Felicidades y Buena Suerte!
to all the white haters
written by Guest, January 14, 2005
race relations are a two way street. All the whining and complaining about "white racists" get you nowhere when you are even more racists than the people you detest. You control your own destiny and no "whitey" unless you let him. Keep using the race card all you want for your shortcomings, but your excuses are your own. To the guy making $8/hour and complaining about it when "he used to work for the gov for 20 plus" years. News to you: the us gov and its bureaucrats are the most overpayed, inefficient, workers in the world. You don't learn skills there, it's free money. If you don't have business skills to go out and earn money. Get off your ass, think for yourself, and try to make some things happen. be happy you got 20 plus years of free money instead of complaining about it. The rest of us had to pay the taxes for pathetic gov workers who probably cause more probs than they could ever even think aboout fixing. The black racists i see more and more of have exceeded how bad the white racists are.
written by Guest, January 16, 2005
what does "ciao lindo" mean?
written by Guest, January 17, 2005
Good Bye Beautiful!
written by Guest, January 17, 2005
ahh! guess that means she must like me!
written by Guest, January 17, 2005
just wanna say that I am from germany and have been to brasil for more than two months in 2002. I am white. I didnt even sleep with one brazilian women/girl/biy/dog or whatsoever. I loved this countries nature, the people, the way people live their lifes. that even if they had a crappy day they go to bed with a smile on their face. just trying to do their thing, to live their life.
the way people are generalized on this board amazes me and makes me sad.
why cant we all get along instead of calling ourselves names and spread racism that must not exist in the 21st century?
I can undertand the anger of some of the posters. I know that probably the majority of white tourists come to brasil for sexual reasons. I hate it. I hate that brasil has to be the thailand of southamerica.
one of the luckiest days in brasil was when I was sitting on copacabana beach and a black guy of 18 years came and sat next to me and asked if I could watch his belongings while he was swmming. I did. he came back, sat down and we talked about our different cultures and countries for about 20 mins. he said he wanted to visit europe one day. I wish he would have the chance. I wish people on this board would be as open minded as this guy.
sorry, its a weird post but its late n im tired....

be good, people....

linda campbell
written by Guest, January 20, 2005
im doing a report on brazil and i need som current events
written by Guest, January 21, 2005
Well well.........first of all.............comparing a third world country to a first world country.....what sort of justice is that doing........i think a much better comparison would hae been comparing brazil with china......both are third world countries with the poverty factor, large economic powers within their continents, has lots of poor ppl and ppl on the whole..........wouldn't that be a better comparison ppl.........we all know that in developing third world countries there are major obstacles to be faced........but the only thing we can hope for is that these obstacles can be overcome. the US is the super world power.......many of us go to us for the wages....yes but that includes working all those long shifts...two jobs and all that.......then we have a little money but not anything compared to US tycoon standards.. kudos to the US though...but what ever the US has achieved has not happened overnight...they had their wars too...civil wars and all.....but every major ethnic group has contributed to making the US the US it is today. Every country has their own wars to face..Brazil and other developing countries have poverty, racialism, unemployment, to a larger extent etc.. than the US which which is done in their respective countries....not in any other country. In the world different aspects of life are prioritized differently by different ppl, if some see America as the ideal place to make money, then they go there, on the other hand some Americans go to Brazil if they see it as a money making location, i have been seeing a number of foreigners coming to china to make money........never has heard china as being a good "sex" place though:>), perhaps should go to brazil..............i love the world...i just wish that all can be a better sometings abt some places hate some things abt the same places also ....what can i do...its us who make a difference....the world is not perfect........sometimes with all the terrorism going on........i think why do all this if i can be killed in a sec by mad ppl.......why not go enjoy my self as the good ole south americans......but thats where the american ideals kick in......u balance it and life would not go wrong
Afro-Brazilian? Ha...
written by Guest, January 23, 2005
Now it's Afro-Brazilian...?
What else will they imitate?

Blue collar? White collar?

Brazil suffers from deep identity crisis.
Charity starts at home
written by Guest, February 11, 2005
People should stay where the hell they were born and fix things in their own countries before the go to other countries and try to fix them (and then bitch and whine that they are not appreciated).

You think that America is bad, the income distribution is even wider in Brazil and the "elite" have even more power here. If you think there is inequality in the USA, you ain't seen nothing yet!!

If you're African American, stay in America and help other African Americans.
Start a resort in USA and hire only african americans and pay them double the market wage. Or don't your american laws allow you to hire only blacks? Do you want to create some racist African society in Bahia? You twit -- we don't want you.

And besides, we'd rather have white N America and Euro tourists becasue they tip better. You'd have to pay more than double the wage to make up for the lack of tips if there were only African Americans visitingBahia.
more love less judgement and envy
written by Guest, February 16, 2005
as a white american (north) married to a beautiful brazilian woman...i have to say that i love brazil and the brazilian people...sure there are problems in every proud to be an american...i love my country...but i also can love brazil and its ideal would be to live back and forth both in the us and brazil to enjoy the best of both...lets try to be positive and bring love and hope to each other not destroy or hate or envy...we all have much to be thankful for...
written by tumblindice, February 20, 2005
That was shocking. Just wanted to say good luck to Ze Luis, I think that the more confidence people have in themselves, the more they will try to achieve.
wha\'s the big deal
written by Guest, February 24, 2005
I dont understand what the big deal is.. If you visit a place and like the people, and surroundings whats wrong with visiting again or moving there for that matter...yes we are all different, but the planet belongs to all of us..You guys really need to relax........Peace
written by Guest, March 09, 2005
As a Black Brasilian in the U.S., I've had a great number of opportunities to excel in life here in the U.S. I am currently a US Air Force medical student, who has fought in Iraq, and helped save many lives there through my work as a nurse. I have a passion to help others, and those in this world who truly have a passion to do what they like will always find a way to make their dreams happen, at one level or another, like Ze luis did. Color diferences or economical diferences will remain constant as long as people continue to think one is better than the other, so both the US and Brasil have alot of work to do in their respective social structure. More and more what use to be perseived as racial supremecy in sertain aspects of life has now become falsehoods pop culture belief, and economic trends have also opened to give people a chance to increase the middleclass volumes in both countries. I think color is no longer an issue we should have to deal with, in this modern age, but yes education and increasing opportunities for those less fortunate. We can sit here and argue back and forth how unfortunate blacks are in both countries or we can admire how a young man reached for his dream and is grasping it with all his might the little that he can. Maybe some day a big company might recognize Ze's efforts and invest in his little school. Another Gisele could come from efforts like Ze's. My wife and I currently also have a partnership business with CITIGROUP, the parent company of Citibank, and look forward to open offices back in my home country to give entrepeneurs like Ze the financial help needed to run a school like his. All should remember it's very easy to talk about your country's problem, but what are you doing about it. I love the US, so I'll lay my life for it by serving it's military. I love my birth country, so I'll go back and help my people both financially and in health.
written by Guest, March 09, 2005
And before anyone says I was one of few fortunate Brasilians, who knows nothing about being poor, I was born in a favela, because my mom couldn't afford the taxi ride to the closest hospital. Luckaly my uncle who was a nurse was visiting was there. RECLAMAR NAO ADIANTA NADA, A COISA E IR ATRAS E FAZER O SEU SONHO SE REALIZAR. FICAR SENTADO NAO ADIANTA NAO. TUDO E DIFICIL, MAS NO FIM CHEGANDO LA TUDO VALE A PENA.
written by Guest, March 09, 2005
ooooppsss. Quiz dizer la ensima; TUDO NAO E FACIL, MAS NO FIM CHEGANDO LA TUDO VALE A PENA
What the hell?
written by Guest, March 09, 2005
I don't know how I stumbled upon this posting, but it's pretty depressing to read these comments, everyone. I've lived in Brazil 5 times, Bahia, Pernambuco, Rio. I've played music with blocos and ensembles throughout Brazil. I'm a white American who does social work both in Brazil and the US. A lot of people here are throwing hate at each other and try to claim some sense of superiority over one another. What is so enlightened about simple generalizations and racism? What progress or good any of THIS, or any of YOU, has to offer to the world is a mystery to me. Brazil and the US are both complex situations, flawed social systems in which individuals are led to unfortunate decisions by the efffects of their environments. Yet, both places are full of beautiful people, artistic souls, and lots of love. I feel sorry for the people who write these stereotypical and racist comments. I can't believe that you expect to bring anything positive to a situation or place when you have such a narrow, negative view of life. If you are going to a place where it's so much "better" than where you were, and you're bringing all of your hate and racism, GOOD LUCK!!!!! Let me know where you're going and I'll be sure to avoid it. You need to realize that the greatest problems in the world are caused by the same hate and separation that you PROUDLY display. Baffling.
I love Brazil, Brazilian culture. I, fortunately, had much better experiences in those 6 years than anything I've read here. I love the United States and the spirit and energy of it's people. I love the land in both places. It's always a shame to realize that such ignorance exists in both places.
Be the change you wish to see in the world. Live by example. Appreciate and give thanks for the daily miracles of life. God bless.
written by Guest, March 13, 2005
Please raise the level of this forum
written by Guest, March 16, 2005
I am an African American, who's been to Brazil more than several times. And made many wonderful friends, and not all sex neither. What I find is that Brasilians wish to come to the US, for a better financially opportunity. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to better your situation. Me being a US citizen, I couldn’t understand how happy Brasilians could be without all the physical things that hypnotize us in the US. (new cars, jewelry, newest clothes.etc.) I thought to myself “ What makes some Brasilians even get up in the morning knowing you don’t have this or that etc.” In saying that I believe U.S. citizens, like myself, love your country because there is a sense of happiness, unity, and pride that comes from the very inside of Brasilians. It has nothing to do with what is physical but more spiritual. We all want to be wealthy, thinking that’s going to make us better persons, but I think we all know that being financially rich doesn’t mean you are rich with life. Since birth, in the U.S, we are told the only way to be a success in life is to acquire great wealth, even if it means hurting other people or families,etc. Hence our fascination with celebrities, athletics, movie stars etc.. So there is a sense of “grab what you can,” and “its mine,” type of attitude. This attitude is being shown everyday with the war. We have truly missed out on what it is to be human and kind to one another, because we all feel the same things. Love, friendship, fear, etc. no matter what the race. So while I can understand you may want more material things in life, so you may chose to come to the U.S and work, I just ask that you don’t loose that zest for life that Brasilians have, and become just another battery in the machine here in the U.S. Most of us in the U.S pass a hundred people or more a day and don’t say one word of “Good morning etc.” to others
You may make more here, but you will pay more for everything as well. And also, The people who are writing these emails do not govern any of these countries, we are all under the power of others. But that does not mean we have to think like the ones who do govern. We the people must demand that the ones who govern change how they look at us “ The People.” If we continue to put each other down, we make the job easy for the ones that do govern.
Canadian dude.
written by Guest, March 30, 2005
Wow!! from reading some of the earlier posts, one starts to get the idea that balcks in Amercia's prison system are all completely innocent. Well, if modern rap music is any indictation to the innocents of the black community, then I'll be a monkey's unkle. I mean, the dragging death of that one black guy in the southern states is good reminder of the racism that still exsists in the U.S., but you should also remember that there are hundreds of white men, women and childern killed by blacks every year; its kind of hipocritical to always bring up this one inncedent.Drunken hillbillies ganging up on defenceless blacks was common in the past, but that is only because American society has, gerally, alway been made up europes low breed throw aways. I equate americas past to being no more than the work of savage swine colored yellow haired dogs, so don't get too bent out of shape about the past, because White amricans are- gerally speaking- "garbage by nature".

I happen to be Canadian, and things have always been alot better here for people of colour, in fact this country is where the american under ground railroad lead to. I mean, their have been problems in the past, in ragard to Chinese and (east) Indian imigration, but very little violence has ever erupted. My point is ( I am well aware that I have strayed far off topic) Black American have it well, when compared with Brazilians of all colors. "Black Americans have great access to education". However, when taking black American culture into consideration, it is not hard to see why getting a great educating is not very high on most incity youths list of things to do; I mean, they wouldn't want to be made to feel like "bitch niggaz" by their peers, now would they?

I am half Black myself, and I am turing twenty one in a month, I don't have the greatest education yet ( I am more than welcomed to get one) but I don't go around blaming people. In fact their are more white poeple in Canada living under the poverty line( by Canadian standards) with less education then myself at age fourty, then any other race in the country (per capita) ( natives are also very poor).

I did agian... " My point is" Black Americans should be happy with their situation at present, because thanks to the theivery and low morals of past whites, they now have an opptunity to become more wealthy then present whites, "all you have to be, is better". In Brazil, this is not the case at all. Everybody in brazil is poor, the only diffrence is that the poor people their are exceptionally poor;"so you should be happy with what you have, and make what you have count".

Brazilians are wishful thinkers, and they truly beleave themselves to be a south american exception, but they are no diffrent from the rest of them:" just a bunch of coachroaches", respectively.
There Is No White In Brazil?
written by Guest, April 17, 2005
A message to the black American women going to live in Bahia,Brazil:

If you go live there, please learn Portuguese, learn to dance the samba, and please do not poison our wonderful bahianos with your misplaced hatred for people of other colors.Brazil is not about Africa,Europe,Asia or Middle East, and Native American. We Brazilians don't like to be called African Brazilian or Italian Brazilian.We are Brazilians.Also, don't teach Baianos to sing rap music. I hope educated African Americans don't flood Bahia thinking that they can use Bahia as a spring board for their reparation-mind "set" agenda. Bahia belongs to all Brazilians! If Bahia represents Africa to you, that's fine! But Bahia is not Africa, do you get?
I am a mix of my Portuguese,English,and Spanish ancestors. I do not introduce myself as such to other Brazilians. I just say I am Brazilian.We should refuse classification based on race.It should be Brazil's response to racism all over the world. When Brazilians get together, we don't talk about our ancestors. We laugh, dance, relax! Then, we might marry someone who looks white, then my children might marry someone "God knows what color", then my grandchildren marry a japanese decent, and we end up looking so good! Go to Brazil thinking about diversity ! It has worked for us for the last 500 years!
written by Guest, April 25, 2005
That had to be the most drawn out and boring artical I have ever read. I coundn't even finish, it was so exccessive in detail. "2:00pm, johnny scraches his ass before looking over to see a cat cross the street"."2:01pm, Johnny coughs, and then stops".......ect.
written by Guest, April 30, 2005
Hello, you sad, sad people, talking about a lovely country like Brazil.
Brazil is a very problematic country with a lack of opportunities for Those who don't have money to pay for a good education, but as I saw a poster, the opportunity you have to make it for yourself. If you fight and follow you dreams of realisations and do not give up you will get there. I am Brazilian not living in Brazil for many years, but never lost the love for this wonderful country.
The social and political problems go beyond most peoples imagination, but perhaps one day it's will get better. But I must say the happiness of these wonderful Brazilians won't go away and they will fight all the way.

Cheers to all
written by Guest, May 26, 2005
written by Guest, May 27, 2005
How lost you are....what a way to waste
written by Guest, June 21, 2005
Really don't know what to say
We are all responsible for our lives
The opinions of racists, race baiters, and the like
Simply miss the point of life
My pain and sorrow and grief and suffering
is caused by whitey, blacky, the mullato
I've missed my life for lacking
An appreciation of what's inside
To all with half an eye to see
Walk, run, roll, hop, skip, certainly jump away from these
Poor, sad, tired
Old, Cold, thoughtlessly mired
Haters of their lives externalized fire breathing
Life leaving
Heart bleeding
Hate needing
Love fleeing
America\'s Attitude to Black People
written by Guest, October 09, 2005
It was clearly seen in the New Orleans tragety with Katrina. The US government showed that it cared not for all those thousands of AfroAmericans that could not evacuate the city and were standed in the city without food or water.
blacks are marginalised in brazil
written by Guest, October 31, 2005
I've made a short trip to Brazil two yeras ago, i was appalled by the situation of Bkack people oveer there.During my stay there I've never seen a black person driving a car or eating at a restaurant as a matter of fact the black population of these two cities were completely invisible except at the outskirts as you enter the cities when you pass by delapidated houses, slums etc. My friends and I were really amazed at always being the only black faces at restaurants, malls (yes even malls!!!).
From what we've seen the population is very mixed, the average person you see in the streets is a combination of the different ethnicities that have come to this part of the world, however it seems that the wealth of the country is concentrated among the people of european descent, these are the ones you mostly see eating out at restaurants, frequenting night clubs, vacations hubs like Florianapolis.
We've had a good experience there, we were treated with respect and we never felt in any ways ill regarded because we were black. In any case we came back to the US with the idea that the Black Brazilians are completely marginalized and we got an added appreciation of how far the US has gone in terms of race relations and the overall improvement of its Black population.
written by Guest, November 19, 2005
I'm a Brazilian living in the US (for now) and in my opinion, I think people here are much more race-conscious. Man, I'd never even thought of racism when I lived in Brazil, it was a concept I didn't even give much thought to, now that I'm here.. It's all you hear!!! Americans like to classify everything, they don't see themselves as one united nation (Even though it's written the constitution). As an example, you'll find people constantly referring to their ancestry "I'm part Italian, and Spanish, etc". (Note: Most of the time they've never been to those countries, don't speak those languages and know nothing about its culture.) You'll see Black Americans trying to regain African roots.. Come on guys, YOU ARE AN AMERICAN.. Do you know what goes on in Africa, do you know any of their dialects? Can you honestly identify yourself with citizens of any African country? (Besides having the same skin color). If you are born and raised in a society, you belong to it. That's it. You were born in America, that's what you are, embrace it, live it. Stop trying to segregate. There are so many Black Americans who succeed in the US when they expand their mental paradigm and just udnerstand that no matter what you are, you will ALWAYS be hated by SOMEONE.. If you're a jew, there will be a neo-nazi, if you're black, they're will be an illiterate moron, if you're asian, they're will be some other moron not liking you.. Get real, the world will never be a utopic la la land. That's what those folks in Washington D.C. need to understand.. They don't have to live in poverty anymore. They do because they still hold on to barriers that have already been overcome. Even though I'm light skinned I've always seen ALL BRAZILIANS as my "compadres", when I'm in Brazil I don't call a dark skinned person "African Brazilian" or "Black", I call that person BRAZILIAN, my brother, my sister, my compatriot. You Americans try to complicate everything, go figure. Here's one for you: Since you care about color so much, let's get the skin tone right and segregate some more: Beige, light beige, classic ivory, taupe, sienna brown, yellow marroon. =)
written by Guest, November 22, 2005
I agree with the writer above in some respects. Your average american does need to classify everything. I believe it has to do with the need in puritan anglo culture to see things as absolute. And in America this need seems to have become even stronger than it is in other anglo countries. Sometimes this manifests itself in bad way such as a nuerotic obsesion with race and times in good things such as a strict rule of law that in general works better than in Brazil. In other words there are good and bad things about it. As for people in the US referring to themselves as "part this or part that" that stems mostly from people of more recent immigrant decent and is the same in Brazil amongst people in places such as sao paulo. If you get out of the big ethnic centers and go to places such as rural towns in the south or west. No one is going to say "I am part this or part that" Other than knowing that they have an english or scotts irish name perhaps just as a brazilian might know he has a portuguese name. These people have been reffering to themselves as americans before the country was even formed. For proof you only need to go back and look at correspondence between the founding fathers and people in europe at the time of the revolutionary war, they were always reffering to themselves as american. In response to not reffering to people by color in brazil, I'm not sure what part you are from, but having lived both in Bahia and Rio for many years I can say people definentaly use the color of skin to classify people. People us the terms black, white and brown all the time to classify themselves. ( In fact the only time I have ever heard someone refer to themselves as "lighter skin" in Brazil such as you do is when they have lived in the US for a long time and want to assert thier nationality over thier apperant race. ) The difference is that in the US in general this stupidly signifies so much more. In the US this signifies who you are supposed to hang out with, how you are supposed to talk ect. And thanks to stupid social pressures if you don't act that way you are a "sell out". Yes this makes the US frustrating in this sense but brazil is frustrating and illogical in other ways. Unfortunately things that are part of the culture whether logical or good for society or not have usually developed over centuries and will probably take just as long to dissapear. The problem is when people move to Brazil with the expectations that brazilians will see everything as they do. Yes there is racism in brazil, but no it is not the same as in the US. I get the feeling that many of the people writing on this site feel that blacks in brazil should hate the white man as much as they do, as if it is just natural when you are black. The problem with that is that the history is different.
written by Guest, December 21, 2005
the man or woman who wrote the stop article
written by Guest, January 10, 2006
Wow I've never been to Brazil but no thanks! It sounds like a hell hole for black people, especially if they aren't admitted that the "we're all Brazilian" song is getting them nowhere. If you're all Brazilian why are there live-in maids having to sleep with their own so-called brothers? Why do blacks get stared at in restaurants? Why was a black college girl beaten for going to school, and it only because news because her father was the mayor? Why was Ronaldo's family harassed and barred from entering into their own house? It's because they're black. As in Afro-Brasileiro. Ask Olodum or Ile Aiye. The reason it's important to say Afro-Brazilian and not black is because there are many Brazilians who will not use the word black out of shame and many who are Afro-Brazilian but mulatto in complexion, who are still treated like dirty "macacos".

And yes you are "African-Brazilian". Just ask the Italians families in Vasalia if they think baianas are "mesmas brasileiras". You know, the Italian families that are well known for killing black boys who try to date their daughters. It's not to separate you from your country or label you. No one likes to be labeled. (We blacks here don't like to always think about being black, that's part of the reason some of us even go to Brazil, to just not have to think about being black, if only for a little while. But that is just a dream, because the color line in Brazil is very obvious despite the mixes.) It's to help you get out of the gutter if you are in there. We're not trying to be act like we know everything but we have a very different frame of reference and this situation is hard to get used to.

I have studied the Brazilian history, politics, language, and culture for 3 years, converted to Yoruba before becoming an atheist, and still cry to myself thinking that I could never bring myself to see that type of serious racism on top of the unimaginable suffering. If I want to see suffering I'll live in Angola where at least it won't have something to do with complexion.

As for black American people being called "African-Americans", it's because not all of us are American citizens. Some of us come from Africa and the Caribbean and relocate to America. I come from Africa and was raised in the US, so I'm not black as in black American.

It's such a pity. I really wanted to go. The people seem communal, warm, and sweet, not like these hostile racist black people here in the US. They seem open-minded and show off their beauty, not like these fat uptight Puritan wives that try to make young girls like us here feel guilty. They seem to like different people of different colors. They have the right religions, the right sport, the right music, the right weather, the right food, the right clothes, and the right attitudes. But with all the wrong fate. When I go I want to adopt a few poor black Brazilian children. I am appalled at the racist black woman who never said anything about even helping the poor, hiring a live-in maid for her imaginary house that she will build, or adopting the beggars she seems not to be worried about seeing. Maybe one day I'll gather the strength to see this inhuman, horrifying sadness for myself but right now I think I'll just have to see the Brazil I fell in love with it in my dreams.
Civilised fellow
written by Guest, March 10, 2006
Poor Brazil, its shameful that a place conquered by the white man couldn't be a purely white country. Poor Gisele. At least I'm sure there is a purely white population, no matter how small.
Definitely, Porto Alegre has to become independant.
One more thing, the consequences of 11 million slaves in the American continent have been absolutely disgusting .
to Civilised fellow
written by Guest, March 31, 2006
yep, lets box up the prets and send 'em back to Shvuglandia!
written by Guest, April 03, 2006
I'm Brazilian living in the USA (I'm also an American citizen), when I went back to Brazil for the first time after 4 years here I noticed how racist Brazilian are. If you don't think so, go to the South (Porto Alegre, Santa Catarina...), people over there are racist and greed, maybe it is another Brazil that I didn't know before (I'm from Sao Paulo), I'm what they call "morena", and I was treated very badly over there. I love the USA and I was never mistreated here.
written by Guest, April 03, 2006
I'm Brazilian living in the USA (I'm also an American citizen), when I went back to Brazil for the first time after 4 years here I noticed how racist Brazilian are. If you don't think so, go to the South (Porto Alegre, Santa Catarina...), people over there are racist and greed, maybe it is another Brazil that I didn't know before (I'm from Sao Paulo), I'm what they call "morena", and I was treated very badly over there. I love the USA and I was never mistreated here.
written by Guest, May 03, 2006
So what's the upshot of all of these wacky posts? I'll summarize:

1. It sucks to be black anywhere, but in the States you have a better chance of not being both poor and black.

2. Brazil has a lot of typical 3rd world problems: extreme poverty, scary crime rates.

3. America has a lot of typical 1st world problems: stressed out lifestyles, too much focus on achievement.

4. Brazil has a lot of 3rd world benefits: a more relaxed culture and more time to enjoy family and friendships.

5. America has a lot of 1st world benefits: more money, better standards of living and education.

If we could combine the two countries, it would be perfect!
written by Guest, June 19, 2006
Well....... I have found this posting very interesting. Being a middle aged black male, who is looking to travel to Brazil in the next few weeks; you have really have set a expectation. I am glad that I am not into stereoetypes. I look forward into seeing what this country has to offer. And I will post my view on my return. I do appreciatea all of the views posted. It shows the diversity and uniqueness we all have and whch should be enjoyed and not criticized.....
stop the prejudice
written by alicia, July 21, 2006
I'm not even sure what to say here , im kindov surprised by all the hate for brazil and america. if youre like me ( thats part black , part spanish, part brazillian , part french) its really hard to know what to think. Ive never been to brazil but i want to,To me it looks like the most beautiful, ALIVE place ive ever seen. its really true that alot of americans have lost their sense of whAt really living is, and i dont think that sex and parties means youre a simpleton ( like said above). ive gotten prejudice on both sides ( white and black) , cuz im not white enough or black enough , but never from the latin side. Its really messed up , and i think that even though the samerican government is close to killing the world right now, hate isnt gonna make it any better. And by the way, there are plenty of "brown eyed demons" to go with your " blue eyed demons" . thats racist thinking- just accept the races for what they the way , does being only part- brazillian make me a gringa?

written by Gromitpin, October 08, 2006
Cry me an Amazonian river......The US government have been bending over backwards since the mid 50's for Black America. We even have laws that give jobs to Black Americans over White Americans if both applicants are equal, not to mention eduactional grants, wellfare and other entitlement programs that only "Black" Americans are elligable for. It is too bad Black Americans are too busy yelling " I WANT I WANT.....GIVE ME GIIVE ME GIVE ME, trying to be "RAP" , "Basketball" or wanna be "Gangstars", rather than focusing on their education and building their own successes.

As a Canadian immagrant with NO family ties to slavery, I wasn't taught to be prejudice, racist or to have any ill will towards my fellow man/woman.........I learned this from the Black American community by the way they conduct and behave in society.

Your only limitations in life are yourself...........

Mighty Whitey and Proud of It..........
stop the prejudice written by alicia,.......your not a gringa your more like sweet icecream with all the right toppings!!!!
written by boy oh boy, June 17, 2007
I've never seen so much generalize s##t in my life.
my opinion
written by mineiro, November 17, 2007
After spending almos two hours reading the posters, I thought I'd leave a comment. I've had contact with the american culture and lifestyle for the past four years. There is a lot I understand now, both about my own country and the USA. I do like to compare and contrast them. It's hard though. I only wish people could experience other cultures and languages so they'd be more respectful and understanding. There are and there will be a lot of good and bad things about my country and the USA. AS for racism, I think it is a fact in Brazil, in a different way though, kinda camouflaged, as we Brazilians are still working on our on identity...maybe that's why we call ourselves "Brazilians" no matter what ancestry we have, Portugal, Poland, Germany, etc. It is also a fact that the blacks in Brazil are socially opressed, the great majority live in the slums...That explains why black girls want to straighten or even dye their hair. It's not a matter of being racist. It's just that they don't want to be marginalized. We do have the poor sterotype about blacks in Brazil. It's a fact. My brother-in-law is a black successful layer and has been mistaken for waiters, doormen many times...As I said there is racism, but not segregation, since we are a truly melting pot, all mixed up.
written by Carla, February 03, 2008
Note * If you send something to Brazil from another country, be careful because it will never arrive. If it arrives, the package may be empty.

Traduzindo o que esta ai em cima os trabaladores do correios são ladrões e as coisas que são enviadas de outros paises nunca chega! ou quando chega as caizas estão vazias. Outra coisa é se você manda alguma coisa de valor e já pagou taxa no pais que comprou quando chega no brasil a receita federa quer roubar dinheiro dos pobresinhos que vão buscar no correio o pacote ou encomenda.
good news
written by zahid, February 10, 2008
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Shut up already
written by sydemham, May 17, 2009
Enough of this sh*t. Make love not war. And love your neighbours as you love yourself. This is one Canadian who has been to Brasil 4x and will go back many more times before the big guy calls me home. My Brasilian honey is here in Canada as a legal landed immigrant. She is wonderful as is her family and country.
Seeing the bright side of things will improve your life. Remember, your thoughts become your life. Have negative crappy thoughts and your life will become exactly this! Live in the light, with love, a giving nature and a child-like enthusiasm will bring you much joy.
Help animals, those less fortunate and forget this BULLSH*T please.
Canada and Brasil ROCK!! And yes, some Americans are arrogant unworldly losers, but not all. Many are also wonderful incredible people like us here in Canada and Brasil! hahaha....
written by Desgraçado, October 05, 2009
I think what he is doing is wonderful. People are only enslaved by their own minds. Many will spend a lifetime being "victims" of oppression hoping for some sort of "reparation". Good for them. I like the author above that says.
written by Guest, May 26, 2005

I will go a step further. We have ALL been discriminated against in one way or another. We are ALL born into our prisons and NO ONE can get us out but ourselves. We are only imprisoned by our minds, and if we lay the 'blame" on someone, then they have the power. Instead, let us NOT continue to lament, woe is me, I just a poor black ignorant helpless person, give me some money cause my pappy was a slave.
My pappy would roll over in his grave if I said that. He worked his ass off and "forced" us to have an education. He warned us that anything we were "given" would only enlsave us and anything we "earned" would set us free.....Many of my peers decided to quit school to buy a hot-rod and look cool. then their girlfriend got pregnant (wonder how that happened?) Now they blame the country cause they live in a trailer, the walls are closing in, and she's pregnant again livin off food stamps and the economy is tight....he say's he's splittin' wonder people are prejudice. Now I have to help support his crew? Make you're own escape,not excuses. I did.
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