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Leaders of Police Rebellion in Brazil Use Women and Kids as Human Shields PDF Print E-mail
2012 - February 2012
Written by Max Bono   
Tuesday, 07 February 2012 02:49

Federal forces surround Bahia's Legislative Assembly Human shields: the same tactic used by Saddam Hussein during the US invasion of Iraq is being used now to protect the policemen on strike in Salvador, the capital of Brazil's northeastern state of Bahia.

The Legislative Assembly of the state was invaded by 350 people very well coordinated by Marco Prisco, the head of the police officers Union, Aspra.

Mr. Prisco uses tactics of guerrilla. He is very smart. When the Legislative Assembly was invaded by the policemen they brought along with them their families. Women and kids. They are all together in the area under siege by the policemen on strike.

The elite force of the Federal Police sent by Brazilian capital Brasília to vacate the Legislative Assembly was supposed to intervene last night but it did not. Why? Because of the human shields.

Even before the arrival of the federal forces Mr. Prisco had told the press that 99% of the policemen in the area were armed and in case they were attacked there would be a bloodbath. The insurgents are very serious and seem to have nothing to lose.

The governor of Bahia, Jaques Wagner, on the other hand, has already asked the federal government to use the federal prisons for the custody of the insurgents. Both sides are very determined and nobody wants to retreat.

Confrontation is very likely. Mr. Prisco even organized checkpoints around the Legislative Assembly to avoid the final assault. It is a real coup, which failed. And, like in all the coups, whoever wins takes no or few prisoners.

But the coup was very well orchestrated. Not only in the capital, Salvador. A proof of that? The soccer team of Bahia was going to play in Itabuna, a city in the south of the state, hundreds of kilometers from Salvador. But local policemen on strike tried to stop the team to play. They only did not succeed because the local population of Itabuna wanted the game.

In the meantime the voices clamoring to put an end to the riot are getting louder and louder. Claudia Leite, a popular singer from Bahia, asked the authorities to find a solution for the dispute.

The Carnaval, which starts a little more than a week away, on February 16, a Thursday, is at risk and that would mean huge economic losses for Salvador, since these festivities are a considerable boom for the local economy.

Schools are shut. Tribunals of the state of Bahia are also shut. Like in a military coup all the public functions have stopped while the confrontation gets nastier and nastier. The bloodbath might really happen.
In the meantime, the number of killings is already close to 100. In Homs, Syria, there were 300 deaths a few days ago and the international press screamed bloody murder. The 100 deaths from Bahia are not making noise internationally. Why? Because Brazil is Carnaval, happiness and forget the social tensions.

Not anymore. The coup attempt in Bahia shows the world that the social bomb hidden under the skin of a peaceful and nice population can always explode. And when it does the 6th economy in the world shows also that it is the 84th in the UN's Human Development Index.

The elite force of Brazil, the best of the best in the country, is designing a plan for the final attack. Maybe they will succeed. Maybe not.

I just hope that in this mean confrontation the innocent kids used as human shields will be spared and will survive the craziness of both sides.

Max Bono is an investigative journalist traveling in Brazil. You can contact him at

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Comments (8)Add Comment
More useless "journalism" by Max Bono
written by istheman, February 07, 2012
This is not "journalism." Max Bono has no credibility as an "investigative journalist." In fact, Brazzil should be embarrassed to publish his "insights."
There are plenty of sites with real news and credible analysis about the police strike in Bahia. This is not one of them.

Oh...the spouses and children are leaving the legislature as I write this. What's Max's argument now?
What a silly article...
written by Ricardo C. Amaral, February 07, 2012

Ricardo: A story about some police in strike asking to get a salary increase plus bonus - turned into a silly story comparing with Saddam Hussein, the Arab spring and the complete chaos in the Middle East.

written by nicholas (us_male), February 07, 2012
"In Homs, Syria, there were 300 deaths a few days ago and the international press screamed bloody murder."

Mr Max Bono, what does Syria has to do what's going in Brazil?
Answer nothing. If you like to discuss Syria, ask yourself again, I type again, because like many other "journalists" from up north, they refuse to name who are behind the Syria debacle. Answer are the so called rebels sponsored by nations from up north. Who are those rebels? In Libya, we all found out, though still denied or not mentioned by the same "journalists" that those rebels are..Al Ciaeda, upps I mean Al Qaeda.

Stop comparing what's happening in Brazil with what's happened during Sadam and what's happening now in Syria, because it doesn't only make sense, they are totally different subjects, facts mixed with lies or fiction. created by clowns from up north (USA)
Max Bono another clown from up north (USA)

What do both have in common? They LOVE sensational news
They will do everything they can to create the image of Brazil, even if it's good news, look bad/worse in the eyes of a foreigner who never visited the nation. That is the Agenda in the name of "trying to understand Brazil".
written by João da Silva, February 07, 2012

Mr Max Bono, what does Syria has to do what's going in Brazil?
Answer nothing. If you like to discuss Syria, ask yourself again, I type again, because like many other "journalists" from up north, they refuse to name who are behind the Syria debacle.

A good question, Nick! This reminds me of an article I read a few months ago in msnbc, where the "daring" investigative journalist Richard Engel "crossed" into Syria from Turkey clandestinely (read:without a valid visa) to report what's going on in that country to his American readers. Many of the "Real American" commentators were less kind to him than you are to Max.smilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/grin.gif
written by nicholas (us_male), February 07, 2012
Joao, I'm not a US citizen or so called American, though I live in the US. I'm sure you already know that. I'm always kind to clowns. Anyway, what can you believe what you hear/Read/see on MSNBC, FOX, CNN, BBC. I leave that up to the aspertame drinkers (Diet coke/coke light).

Any reaction from the Brazilian government on this?

Lebanon’s security officials say a suspicious cargo containing huge amounts of US dollars, guns, special passports and credit cards have been seized upon arrival in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, from the US and Brazil.

written by nicholas (us_male), February 07, 2012
"huge amounts of US dollars, guns"

Fed printing press and Fast and Furious on steroids.
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written by ray ban discount, May 19, 2012
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written by Eric Decker Jersey, September 13, 2012
There are plenty of sites with real news and credible analysis about the police strike in Bahia. This is not one of them.

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