Brazilian Union Workers Take Up to 50% Pay Cut to Keep Their Jobs

Volkswagen Metalworkers from Brazil belonging to unions from the country's powerhouse, São Paulo state, have agreed to salary and working hours cuts in an attempt to save 16.300 jobs, according to Brazilian industry sources.

The agreements involve the São Paulo metal workers union and Mogi das Cruzes, one of the strongest groups in the Brazilian auto industry, which has seen exports and domestic sales slashed dramatically.

The 24 agreements signed contemplate a 20% reduction in working hours and salary cuts ranging between 10 and 17%. Two of the agreements refer to auto parts companies Inebras and Basso Componentes which will freeze job contracts for five months.

However all agreements include a job stability clause ranging from 45 to 180 days.

"Companies must give evidence of their real difficulties and the fall in production," said Miguel Torres, president of the metalworkers union.

This union represents auto assembly plant workers, auto parts and related equipment manufacturers as well as spare suppliers.

The Brazilian auto industry together with the electrical and electronic sectors have been the hardest hit by the global slowdown and concentrate the largest number of job cuts and unemployment insurances, according to the Brazil's National Workers Union..

Further south in Caxias do Sul in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, 30% of the region's 47.000 metal industry workers have also reached similar working hours and salary reductions agreements.

This covers 14.700 workers and 18 corporations which represent 75% of the auto and heavy equipment industry in the state.

However conditions agreed are tougher: job stability in exchange for up to 50% salary cuts and one working day less a week, revealed the Caxias do Sul Metal Industries union.



0 #27 The cure for Ch CDouble-Dot 2009-02-23 03:47
love the imposter...keep it going
Ch.c has no cure. He is a terminal case :sad:
0 #26 love the imposter...keep it goingThe cure for Ch C 2009-02-21 19:52
0 #25 Double-Dot 2009-02-21 15:14
ANOTHER STAT! Man, you are getting senile Swiss Jackass
If I were you, I wouldn't call him a Jackass. He has too many friends in Ottawa as well as Brazilia and is quite vengeful and ruthless. He is also a personal friend of the Brazilian President Chavez.
0 #24 too muchThe cure for Ch C 2009-02-21 07:10
Just looking back at the Swiss Jackass's response to my comment:

Finally to ...the Cure of ch.c. " So warped to think you can prove a countries worth based on STATS alone...quality of life is much more than that and what is important is very subjective."

the main point being that quality of life cannot be measured by STATS... then he responds with:

Then look at the rankings of the Quality of Life. My country had 4 cities...within the World 10 Best !

ANOTHER STAT! Man, you are getting senile Swiss Jackass ;-)

This is too fun
0 #23 Quality of life indexThe cure for Ch C 2009-02-21 07:05
The UN Quality of Life Index is not very relevant. Its based on only the following factors:

The HDI combines three basic dimensions:

* Life expectancy at birth, as an index of population health and longevity
* Knowledge and education, as measured by the adult literacy rate (with two-thirds weighting) and the combined primary, secondary, and tertiary gross enrollment ratio (with one-third weighting).
* Standard of living, as measured by the natural logarithm of gross domestic product (GDP) per capita at purchasing power parity (PPP) in United States dollars.

Some nice indicators, but doesn't represent the many factors that go into the quality of one's life.
0 #22 Switzerland, home of the skinheadsThe cure for Ch C 2009-02-21 07:01
Read this:;_ylt=AgSYtim83bATmGdpZYVT7sFvaA8F

No street children, just Nazi skinheads and a racist right-wing probably voted for them...Nice country you got there Jackass
0 #21 Poor old ch cThe cure for Ch C 2009-02-20 20:28
You really just don't get it....the Quality of Life Index is just another STAT based on money, crime, etc, etc.

How can you have a formula for quality of life? I know it works well for your brain that can only comprehend numbers and figures, but that's not what life is all about (unless you are Swiss)

And as for the rating system, my country, Canada, was ranked in the top 5...way ahead of the land of chocolate and corrupt private banks. Even though Brazil does not even RATE on that Quality of Life Index, I still think quality of life is better there than in my own country.

Facts and figures don't account for climate, beaches, people (I'll take a Brazilian over a Swiss any day and most of the world would agree) and all the little things that make us happy. This is completely subjective and varies from person to person.

You are nothing but some stats and figures that you've pulled off the web and use to your advantage...there is a very narrow comprehension in your arguments. GDP, % paved roads, blah, blah, blah.

You have embarrassed yourself yet again...keep it up, its very entertaining ;-)
0 #20 Ch.cDouble-dot 2009-02-19 00:30
Esteemed Ch.c.,

I've been protecting you here for a long time against these Limeys... I like you, I even dreamed about you the other night, well it was a nightmare sure but still a dream...

Go bless America
0 #19 To the goatsch.c. 2009-02-18 15:18
Once more I was NOT the author of

written by ch.c., February 18, 2009

feel free........goats can only act as goats, cheaters as cheaters, liars as liars, scammers as scammers !

And to "I can guarantee with my young age that my gun is big and works well"
Same Brazilian PROMISES AND GUARANTEE made time and again...such as Robbing Hook....Brazil is Immune.....Guarantee that Brazil can grow over 5 % for years to come.
Wellll that is Brazilians guarantees....until proven otherwise !
But proven not worth ONE centavo !
And Your ass is even a bigger hole than your large hole in your brains. May be you too should use XXXL Tampax tampons for your ass & brains.

And to the Double and Triple (I)diots....goats are smarter than you...for sure !

Finally to ...the Cure of ch.c. " So warped to think you can prove a countries worth based on STATS alone...quality of life is much more than that and what is important is very subjective."
Then look at the rankings of the Quality of Life. My country had 4 cities...within the World 10 Best !
You said it......and I tell you...YOU ARE RIGHT...ON QUALITY OF LIFE !!!!!
Enjoy your goofings !!!!!!!!
Where do Brazilians cities rank ???????

Ohhh dear idiot, has Brazil not tried to scam the World with their maths and stats that sugarcane ethanol was profitable
at US$ 35.- oil equivalent ?????????????
Then why was Cosan LOSING money when oil was at over US$ 100.- ??????
Dont worry....simple Brazilian maths & stats....until proven otherwise.
Quite stinky and smelly the Brazilians maths and stats....also until proven otherwise...wether you like or not !

And to all :
Continue to be as idiots and goats as you already are.
Your Masters.... Robbing Hook and his many gangs.... dont expect anything else from you.
Just continue to pay 30 % interests on cars, 50 % on consumers goods and well over 150 % on your overdrafts.
Ohhhh and 40 to 1400 % on personal per your own Central Bank stats.
But dont look at these stats....they are irrelevants for idiots and goats.

0 #18 Ch.c.triple dot 2009-02-18 14:25
Esteemed Ch.c.,

In the article about the american child in brazil, our friend Double-dot decided to disrespect you again.. He's gone insane!

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