Brazil Tourism Is Up Thanks to Brazilians

Ouro Preto, Brazil Brazil's tourism sector's revenue grew 20% in the first two months of the year boosted by domestic travelers, announced the Brazilian Tourism Ministry. However the estimate includes a number of sectors like hotels, air flights, car rentals and travel agencies, which makes it difficult to give an exact sum of money spent by tourists.

Hotel occupation increased 23% nationwide compared with the same period last year and hotels were practically full in the city of Rio de Janeiro during the recent Carnaval.

Rio, Brazil's chief tourist destination, welcomed a total of 2.55 million visitors in the first two months of 2009, 50,000 more than last year.

The Carnaval festivals brought 719,000 people from out of town to Brazil's second city, while the New Year's Eve celebrations attracted 612,000 travelers who came to greet the New Year on the beach.

The Rio do Janeiro Tourism office, which offered no exact figures, said that there was an increase in local tourism that made up for the drop in international tourists.

Tourism Minister Luiz Barreto was pleased with the figures and said that "not all sectors have been affected by the crisis."

Tourism brings in 2.6% of the country's gross domestic product, with annual revenues equivalent to almost 16 billion US dollars, according to ministry figures.

Some 85% of revenues were spent by Brazilians traveling through other regions of South America's largest country. International tourism made up the remaining 15%, with close to 5 million visitors per year.

Argentines, Americans, Portuguese, Italians, Chileans, Uruguayans and Spaniards are the leaders, in that order, on the list of travelers who visit Brazil the most.



0 #3 CHC – Chronicle Herpes Carrier... 2009-03-04 05:02
I think you are due for your next enema!

Sincerely yours,

0 #2 ooopps...typing mistakech.c. 2009-03-03 23:35
disregard......and if 85 % of your overall tourism equals to US$ 16 billion annually !
Should read ..... and if 100 % of your overall tourism equals to US$ 16 billion annually, and local tourism is 85 %, then...etc etc etc

:D ;-) :D ;-)
0 #1 Welll...wellllll----full of contradictions...the brazilians stats !ch.c. 2009-03-03 23:29
There is foreign tourism and local definition

- if your total tourism industry is mostly (85 % as stated) made from local tourists...then why put the Tourism Account in a foreign
currency, and not in local currency ? It is only in Banana Republics that they dont provide stats in their local currency.

- and if the overall tourism is up as stated by...MOSTLY LOCAL TOURISTS...this doesnt bring more FOREIGN definition.

- and if 85 % of your overall tourism equals to US$ 16 billion annually, then it means that foreign tourists revenue is at around $ 2,4 billion US dollars ! Funnily from other brazilian tourism sources....Brazil pretends to receive around US$ 6 billion from foreign tourists ! What a joke these HUGE discrepancies in amounts from the same Ministry !

- Last but not least, if your total annual tourism revenues are US$ 16 billion representing 2,6 % of GDP....again as stated by your well informed sources at the highest level of your Brazilian Tourism Ministry, Luiz Barreto, that would mean BRAZIL HAS TOTAL GDP OF
US$ 615 BILLION U.S. Dollars
A far cry...from your US$ 1,5 trillion or so "official" GDP (even before PPP...of course) !!!!!
OHHLALA (Obama) should have hired Luiz Barreto, as chief accountant for his 10 years budget plans.
No doubt Barreto would have balanced both the budget and put the U.S. country debts down to zero with his accounting expertises...not to $ 23 trillion debts !
But I suppose that Robbing Hook doubled Baretto salary...for his stats PROWESS !!!!!

Hmmmmmmmmm ! Laughs....laughs....laughs....laughs....laughs.... laughs !

Welllll....simple proofs once more that :
- brazilians are a bunch of idiots and totally incompetent...even at the highest level...starting by Robbing Hook and the people HE named at key levels !
- brazilians stats are totally manipulated EVERYWHERE, not by a small margin, but by a VERY LARGE MARGIN. Just refer to your December unemployment numbers stats !!!!!!! Meaning
- Brazilians are mixing everything against nothing and come up with stats and numbers...that are "official"...of course....reliable also of course.....and irrefutable obviously !

Ohhhhh and it is not because your tourism is up as per your manipulated stats...that your tourism revenue is up 20 % or so...IN US DOLLARS ! iT IS OBVIOUSLY UP IN LOCAL CURRENCY BECAUSE... BECAUSE THE US DOLLAR WENT UP IT MEANS BRAZILIANS TRAVEL LESS ABROAD AND MORE LOCALLY !
Another typical cheating and hiding of the simple reality !

The stats provided in the article are a National Cocktail made juice, coffee, meat juice, soyabean oil, ethanol, brazilian beer, brazilian wine, guarana juice and cattle urine, with a zest of pork manure for consistence. And Well shaked !

Its name ? Brazfuckstats Cock-tail !

Cheers !

:D ;-) :D ;-) :D ;-) :D ;-) :D ;-) :D ;-) :D ;-) :D ;-) :D ;-) :D ;-)

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