Chavez Asks Brazilian Lula to Tell Obama to Stop US Lies and Cynicism

Presidents Lula and Chavez Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president, said he has authorized Brazil's leader to raise the subject of Venezuela in talks with President Barack Obama this month. Despite the change of government, Washington/Caracas relations remain strained.

However Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has maintained friendly relations with US leaders (both Bush and Obama) and with populist Chavez.

Lula is scheduled to meet President Obama on March 17 in Washington and Chavez said that the Brazilian leader "has been calling me, worried by the US statements that have continued coming out, attacks against Venezuela". Chavez made the comments on state television Wednesday night.

Chavez has condemned recent US State Department reports alleging human rights problems in Venezuela and a lack of cooperation in counter-drug efforts. He has also advanced that Washington will have to show more respect if relations are to improve.

According to Chavez to the question from the Brazilian president "if I agree for him to talk about the subject of Venezuela", the Venezuelan leader replied: "talk about it".

Chavez clashed with former US President George W. Bush and expelled the US ambassador last September. President Bush officials often expressed concern about the health of democracy under Chavez, but last month he comfortably won a vote to eliminate term limits.

The Venezuelan president said he has written to his Brazilian counterpart saying the US should stop "attacking countries like Venezuela using lies and cynicism".



0 #53 chuck noris 69forrest allen brown 2009-03-12 04:09
55 for me 12 feb
you have a good one going to see my sons new house up off 290 and jones road
just north west of houston

took fatima to NASA in clear lake showed her the space center along with building 29 where i worked for a while
back in the time when they pushed falic symbols into the air with men in them
0 #52 ForrestJoão da Silva 2009-03-11 09:31
hay joao whos birth day was it yesterday
Obviously yours and if so many happy returns. Must have completed 63 (?)
0 #51 ASPforrest allen brown 2009-03-11 08:37
dont count on it
as a person from the US you get less than they give others .
and as far a papers go fatima got here SSN befors she got her green card
we are in Texas now preping the pail horse for our next run looks to be about 14.000 miles
glad i am not the greedy type or would have to get a job to pay for life .

with the green card from the US fatima can get into most every country with out getting
a visa as she would just having a brasilian pasport
that is the only good thing about having the right papers well that and if i die before her she will get my social securty
if it is not given to some ileagle before then
have you looked into that one very strange rules on that one

joao on the pic glad you got it but you got to admit they booth look like they could
eat corn through a chicken wire fence.

how about a $25 a head for all illeagles you turn in that get sent back home
that would boost the unemployment 1.000.000 head hunters sending 8 million back
or just pass a law where they cant send back but $ 200 a month
0 #50 i have no idea how to deal with the immigration problem in the statesasp 2009-03-11 05:34
something needs to be done, but, i am absolutly stumped about it

i try to keep my shit legal in both countries of me and my families origins, but, it is a bearucratic jumping through hoops.

if they are going to cut breaks for people, i want some breaks for my family
0 #49 under truman came the idea forrest allen brown 2009-03-11 03:43
but took the gennral to pull it off .
I would not stop there i would take a strong look at ther way the
US hands out money to countries and the way it is spent or taken by the government
of said countries that would save more than 3 trillion a year .

empty the jails of all the non US citisens , and send them back to ther home countries
along with there kids and wives or gril friends
all thoes that have minor crimes , the killers ,rapest ,drug loards ,keep tilll they rot
as there home countries will just let them free
and place laws on them if they come back they spend life in jail in a tent city in airzona

greed is the reason you people are in this mess .
its like no one can be happy with making just 10% they want to gamble and if they loose
dont want to have to pay , they want a redo but using some one else money

I dont blame Obama he only steped into the dung heap with a very small shovel
but he is the one that is going to have to did you out of it as congress is to busy
trying to spend the money on pet projects and not the cure for the problum .

hay joao whos birth day was it yesterday
0 #48 ForrestJoão da Silva 2009-03-10 13:57
Joao , the law prohibits RIC and I to be in the same country at once

ric & asp google opraition wetback it is something Truman did in the 40 and it worked out well !!!!!!!!!!!!
Now, you are passing disinformation. ;-)

The "Operation Wetback" was done by Dwight Eisenhower. Never ever question João ´s grasp of history. ;-)
0 #47 asp - In agreement with 99% :-)Augustus 2009-03-10 13:48
The taliban should never be included - that's the 1% - THEY ARE DANGEROUS DERANGED MURDERS!
0 #46 forrest ,id love to line the bankers up and shoot them....asp 2009-03-10 06:18
and, you just cant blame obama for the way things are working now.

it was never in their polocies to "nationalise" banks. they are absolutly forced to do this and regulate because of polocies that went down before them and huge unregulated greed that is the fundimentals of the conservative republicans.clinton carried it on, but, by god he balanced the budget and there was a phenominal computor revolution

im suprised at any american who has spent time in south america and knows how marxist socialism works and has seen people like chavez do his all supreme mandates and eliminate jornalists and oposition polititions, equate obama to socialism ( not acusing any one on here specificly but if the shoe fits , wear it). its just ridiculas , and laghable. its becoming the mantra of republicans and rush limbaugh as well as they actualy want to see obama and america fail (!!??!!).....mind boggling

obama is not a socialist, he is not nationalising banks and bailing these people out because he wants to, he is doing it because he has to

they ought to legalise marijuan ( they wont) that would solve a lot of problems

people who are critisizing what is going down now and dont put full blame on the administration before and the greed of people in general, are tryint to put the whool over peoples eyes

and yeah, obama, go ahead and talk to the taliban, to chavez and iran and cuba , what ever bush did before, it didnt work
0 #45 asp with out a past we have furtureforrest allen brown 2009-03-10 03:24
the gratest thing that america has is that we can laugh at ourselves .

and yes thoes that took advantaeg of the markets making good money should not be bailed out
but loose as the normal people do every day
let GM fail ,fire all thoes union workers open next week under an open shop act
cars would be half the price and the US would not be out billions of dallors buying cars they dont own

Joao , the law prohibits RIC and I to be in the same country at once

ric & asp google opraition wetback it is something Truman did in the 40 and it worked out well !!!!!!!!!!!!

also did you read that after lula comes to see Obama , he and his wife are going to europ for 2 weeks
i guess they think it will take that long to get the smell of him out of the house of lesser pigment (new name for the white house)
0 #44 thomas jeffersonasp 2009-03-09 17:35
i loved having deep dish sex with my slave woman , our child and her children werent allowed access to our family reunions, but, what the heck it was some good pussy,and , we smoked some dynamite shit i grew myself...thomas jefferson

goddamnit, i kind of like that guy

( sorry forrest, just joking, i just couldnt resist that)

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