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Brazil's Left Parties Are Old and Bureaucratized, Warns MST's Leader PDF Print E-mail
2013 - July 2013
Written by Nilton Viana   
Monday, 08 July 2013 15:53

Protesters in the streets of Brazil"It is time for the government to ally with the people or pay the bill in the future." This is one of the evaluations of João Pedro Stédile, from the national coordination of the MST (Landless Movement) on demonstrations across the country. According to him, there is an urban crisis installed in Brazilian cities, provoked by this stage of finance capitalism.

"People are living a hell in the big cities, losing three, four hours a day in traffic when they could be with family, studying or having cultural activities," he says.

For the MST leader, the reduction of transit fares mattered a lot to all the people and this was the appeal of the Free Pass Movement, which knew how to summon for the mobilization in the name of the interests of the people.

In this interview, Stédile talks about the character of these mobilizations, and makes a call: we must be aware of the nature of these demonstrations and we must all go to the streets to contest for the hearts and minds and to politicize this youth which has no experience of the class struggle. "The young are fed up with the methods of commercial bourgeois politics," he notes.

And he warns: the most serious target was that the institutional left parties, all of which have been formed by these methods. They are aged and bureaucratized. Popular forces and leftist parties need to put all their energies to go to the street, as is happening, in every city, in every demonstration, an ongoing ideological debate on the struggle of class interests. "We need to explain to the people who are their main enemies."

What is your analysis of the recent protests which have been shaking Brazil in the last few weeks? What is the economic basis for them to happen?

There are many assessments for the reasons that led to these demonstrations. I agree with the views of Professor Erminia Maricato, who is our greatest expert on urban issues and has acted in the Ministry of the Cities during Olivio Dutra's [Ed. a founder of the Workers Party, mayor of Porto Alegre, governor of Rio Grande de Sul and Minister of Cities] administration.

She defends the thesis that there is an urban crisis in Brazilian cities caused by the current stage of financial capitalism. There has been enormous speculation on the property market which raised rents and the price of land by 150% in the last three years. Capital has financed car sales, without government control, in order to send money abroad, causing chaos in our traffic.

In the last ten years, there was no investment in public transport. The housing program "My Home, My Life" pushed the poor into the outskirts of the city, without any infra-structure. All that has generated a structural crises in which people live in hell, in big cities, wasting three, four hours a day in traffic, when they could be with their family, studying or involved in cultural activities.

Add to that the awful quality of public services in special health care, and even education, from elementary school, secondary school where students leave without being able to write a composition. And college education has been turned into shops selling diplomas in installments, which is where 70% of all college students are.

What happened in political terms?

The fifteen years of neoliberalism added to the last ten years of a class composition government rendered politics solely hostage of capital interests. Political parties have become old in their practices and became mere acronyms agglutinating, in its large majority, opportunists aspiring to rise up in public positions or fight over public resources or serve their own personal interests.

The youth born after the "Diretas Já" [direct presidential elections now], did not have the opportunity to participate in politics. Today, in order to dispute any position, for example, for councilor [city council], you need to have more than one million reais [approximately 2 reais to the dollar]; a deputy costs around ten million.

Capitalists pay and later politicians follow orders. Young people are fed up with this bourgeois way of doing politics, strictly commercial. But what is even more serious was the fact that political parties from the institutional left, all of them, adapted to those methods. And, therefore, provoked a sharp aversion to the way political parties act.

The youth is not apolitical, quite the opposite, so much so that they took politics to the streets, even without being aware of its meaning. But they are saying that they can't take it anymore watching these political practices on TV, which kidnapped people's vote, based on lies and manipulation.

And why did these demonstrations only break out now?

Probably it was a sum of several factors of mass psychology nature, rather than a planned political decision. Added to that the climate mentioned above, plus accusations of over billing for the construction of the stadiums, which the people felt was an insult. Let's look at some facts.

Globo TV received from the state government and the city of Rio, 20 million reais of public money, to organize a two hour "little show" for the draw of the games of the Confederation Cup. The stadium in Brasília cost R$ 1.4 billion and there are no public buses in the city!

It is an explicit dictatorship imposed by FIFA which all governments submitted to. The reopening of Maracanã [Rio de Janeiro's main stadium] was a slap on the face of the Brazilian people. The pictures were clear, in the greatest temple of the world's football there was not a single black or mixed race person! And the rise of bus fares was the last drop. It was only a spark to ignite a generalized feeling of revolt, indignation. Just as well the youth woke up.

Why have the working class not taken to the streets yet?

It is true the working class did not go to the streets yet. Those who are on the streets are the children from the middle classes, the low middle classes, and also some young people which Andre Singer would call sub-proletariat, who study and work at the service sector, who experienced an improvement in their consumption status, but want to be heard.

The reduction of the bus fare was very important for people as a whole and that is where the Free Fare Movement got it right, they were able to call for mobilizations according to the interests of the people. And the people supported the demonstrations and that was expressed by the popularity index of the youth, especially when they were repressed.

The working class takes longer to move, but when they move, they affect capital directly. Something that has not happened yet. I think that the organizations that are mediating with the working classes have not yet understood the moment and are still a bit shy. But the class, as a class is prepared to struggle, I think.

Look, the number of strikes for better salaries has already recovered to the patterns of the 80's. I think it is just a matter of time, and if the mediations strike the right banners to motivate the class to move. In the last few days, one can see that in some smaller cities and in the outskirts of large cities demonstrations are already starting to have very clear demands. That is very important.

And what about you from the MST and peasants, who have not moved yet?

It is true. In the capitals where we have settlements and family farmers nearby, we are already participating. I am also witness that we were very well received with our red flag and our demand for Agrarian Reform and healthy and cheap foods for everyone. I think in the next few weeks there will be a greater accession, including demonstrations from peasants on roads and counties in the countryside. Our militancy is eager to join the fight and mobilize. I hope they also move soon.

What is your opinion about the source of the violence that is happening in some demonstrations?

First of all let's relativize things. The bourgeoisie through its TV channels is using the tactics of scarring people, showing only images of troublemakers and riots. They are a minority and are insignificant compared to the thousands of people who have mobilized. The right is only interested in planting in the imaginary of the population that it is only a mess, and at the end if there is chaos, blame the government and demand the presence of the army. I hope the government will not make the mistake of calling the national guard and the army to repress the demonstrations. That is exactly what the right dreams about!

The way the military police intervenes is provoking those scenes of violence. There are organized right wing groups with instructions to provoke and loot. In São Paulo there are fascist groups acting. In Rio de Janeiro there are organized militias protecting the conservative politicians. And of course, there is also the lumpen that turn up in every popular mobilization, be it in stadiums, carnival, even in church celebrations, trying to take some personal benefits.

Is there a class struggle on the streets then or is it only the youth manifesting their indignation?

Of course there is class struggle on the streets. Even though it is still concentrated in ideological debate. What is even more serious, the actual mobilized youth, due to its class origins, is not aware that is participating in ideological struggle. Look they are doing politics in its best possible way, on the streets.

And then, they write in their posters: we are against political parties and politics? That is why the messages in the posters have been so diffuse. It is happening in every city, each demonstration, a permanent ideological debate of class interests. Young people are being fought for by the ideas of the right and the left. By capitalists and by the working class.

What are the objectives of the right and its proposals?

The dominant class, capitalists and their ideological spokespersons who show up on TV every day, have a major objective: to wear out as much as possible the government of Dilma, to weaken the organization of the working class, to weaken the proposals for structural changes in Brazilian society and to win the elections of 2014, in order to recompose a total hegemony in the command of the Brazilian state, which is now in dispute.

In order to reach those objectives they are still feeling their way, alternating tactics. Sometimes they provoke violence, to take the focus from the objectives of the youth. Other times they use the posters of the youth to carry their messages. For example, the demonstration on Saturday , however small, in São Paulo, was totally manipulated by right wing sectors who guided it only for the struggle against PEC 37[Ed. PEC 37 is a constitutional amendment to limit the ability to investigate corrupt officials, rejected by Congress on June 26, 2013], with the same posters ... same calls.

Certainly the majority of young people don't even know what that is all about. And it is a secondary theme for the working class, but the right is trying to raise the flags of morality, as was done with UDN [Ed. União Democrática Nacional – National Democratic Union – political party formed to oppose Getúlio Vargas and generally supported the 1964 military coup] in the past.

I have seen in social networks controlled by the right that their flags, besides PEC 37 are: for Renan to leave the Senate; CPI [Parliamentary Commission of Investigation] or transparency of the expenditures of the Cup; to declare corruption as a heinous crime and the end of the special forum for politicians. Now, fascist groups rehearse "OUT DILMA" and petition for impeachment.

Luckily those banners have nothing to do with the living conditions of the masses, even if they can be manipulated by the media. Objectively speaking, they are a shot in the foot. After all, it is the Brazilian bourgeoisie, its entrepreneurs and politicians who are the greatest practitioners of corruption and the ones who corrupt. Who appropriated the enormous cost of the World Cup? Globo TV and construction companies!

What are the challenges for the working class, popular organizations and political parties?

There are many challenges. First of all we must keep in mind the nature of those demonstrations, and we must all go to the streets, to fight for hearts and minds in order to politicize this youth who has no experience with class struggle.

Second, the working class must move. Go to the streets, protest in the factories, fields and construction sites, as Gerald Vandré [Brazilian singer who opposed the military dictatorship and was exiled] would say. Raise their demands to solve concrete class problems, in economic and political terms.

We need to take the initiative and guide the debate in society and demand the approval of the project to reduce the working hours per week to 40 hours; demand priority of public investments in health, education and agrarian reform. To do so the government must cut interest rates and transfer resources from the primary surplus, those R$ 200 billion that every year go to 20,000 rich, rentiers, creditors of an internal debt that never existed, and switch those resources for productive and social investments.

We need to approve an urgent system to be in place in the next elections, a robust political reform, which at least institutes the exclusive public financing of campaigns. The right to revoke mandates and self-called popular referendums.

We need a tax reform and the return of ICMs [tax over the circulation of commodities] for primary exports, penalizing the wealth of the rich, in order to ease taxes on the poor, who are the ones who pay more. We need the government to stop oil auctions and all privatizing concessions of minerals and other public areas. There is no point in applying the sum of oil royalties in education, if these royalties represent only 8% of the oil revenues, and the other 92% will go to transnational corporations that will have the oil in the auctions!

We need a structural urban reform, and a return to prioritizing zero tariff and quality public transport. It has been proven that it is not expensive, nor difficult to have free transport for the masses of the capitals. And control real estate speculation.

Finally, we need to use this opportunity and approve the project of the national conference of communication, broadly representative, for the democratization of the media. In order to end the monopoly of Globo, and for the people and their popular organizations to have broad access to communicate, creating their own media, with public resources. I have heard from several young people who are networking the marches, which perhaps is the only common call that unifies all of them: Down with the Globo monopoly!

But for these calls to have resonance in society and pressure the government and politicians, it will only happen if the working class moves.

You, from social movements, submitted a letter asking for a meeting with President Dilma [Rousseff] and she accepted and replied on TV, what are you talking to her?

Hopefully this audience will actually happen. Then, certainly social movements will indicate their young representatives who took to the streets, and who will bring to her the platform that I have described, I hope she will be sensible enough to listen to the young people.

What should the government do now?

I hope the government will have the sensibility and intelligence to take advantage of this support, this call that comes from the streets, which is only a synthesis of a diffuse conscience in society, that it is time to change. And change in favor of the people. To do that the government needs to face the dominant class, in all aspects.

To face the bourgeoisie rentier, transferring interest payments to investments in areas that will solve the problems of the people. To promote political and tax reforms immediately. To put forward the approval of the democratization project for the media. To create mechanisms for substantial investments in public transport, towards a zero fare. To accelerate the agrarian reform and a plan for the production of healthy foods for the internal market.

To assure the immediate application of 10% of the GDP in public resources for education in all levels, from kindergarten in large cities, to quality primary education and culminating in the universalization of the access of the youth to public university.

Without that, there will be disappointment and the government will hand over to the right the initiative of the calls, which will take over our demonstrations, aiming at wearing out the government until the 2014 elections. It is time for the government to ally to the people, or else it will pay the bill in the future.

What perspectives those demonstrations can bring to the country in the next few months?

Everything is an open question at the moment. Because the youth and the masses are in contention. That is why the popular forces must summon all their energies to take to the streets. Demonstrate, carry their flags of struggle for the reforms that really matter to people.

Because the right will do the same and bring their flags, conservative, backward, criminalizing and stigmatizing the ideas of social change. We are right in the middle of an ideological battle, nobody knows what the result will be. In each city, each demonstration, we will have to dispute for hearts and minds. And those who are left out, will be out of history.

This interview appeared originally in Brasil de Fato. Translated by Ana Amorim with assistance by Jeff Frank.

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Comments (169)Add Comment
Thank you!
written by Candly, July 16, 2013
Thank you for sharing. Your post worth of reading. Waiting for new posts. buyincoinssmilies/tongue.gif
written by Triple-Dot, July 16, 2013

Thank you for sharing. Your post worth of reading. Waiting for new posts. buyincoins

Ah agree with ya.This fella's article is worth reading, though ah haven't read it yet.
agreeing to disagree
written by Simpleton, July 17, 2013
Not that I've ever been known to be a metooer but ah gotta agree with Joao ... I mean Triple-Dot ... I too have not YET read the article.
written by João da Silva, July 17, 2013

agreeing to disagree

It wasn't me, Simp.But...but...but...pleased to welcome you back to our Peasant's union. I see "they" haven't censored your comment and it shows you were unnecessarily getting paranoiac. smilies/cool.gif

How's the summer in the Northern Hemisphere? Is Eike B getting out of your state?smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gif
written by João da Silva, July 17, 2013


You buying Braslian coins? Old or new? Please let me know ASAP.

written by asp, July 17, 2013
oh wow joao pedro stedile , you tell us all how we should react, you sure know better than anyone...

you sure know you got to pay your demonstraters...after all, that is what you did to some of yours in brasilia right after 9/11, you had them out there protesting in front of the american embassy...they interviewed one of your protesters and they asked him if he knew why he was there and he said "no, i was told if i did this i would get some food..."

yeah, that is how you get people out to a bulls**t pay got it, you got the number, just bulls**t us...bulls**t us all with your rhetoric and then pay people to protest with a, that is so hollywood...they could use a guy like you to run their publicity department
hot hot hot
written by Simpleton, July 18, 2013
a/c's a runnin', halter tops are over flowin', beers while ur a mowin' ...

Not back joao, just found out how to worm my way around, under, over or through the brick wall of "the system" that those that taint got no satisfaction / aren't smart enough to keep a good man with a good will from eventually getting where he was trying go ... It's always been like that.

Ya know how to steer a pig? Stand right in front of it in the direction you want it to go!
written by João da Silva, July 18, 2013

oh wow joao pedro stedile , you tell us all how we should react, you sure know better than anyone...

Prof.João Pedro is an intellectual, ASP. Remember that thanks to such "intellectuals" and "artists", we won our liberty,freedom, justice and freedom of of speech. So stop scolding this segment of the society.

Also I suggest you be prepared for the "Geada Negra" that is going to hit us in the next few days. You may be interested in knowing that the last time this phenomenon occurred was in 1975 (July 18th, to be precise). It wiped out our coffee and orange crops. I wonder how it is going to affect the food prices. smilies/cry.gif
written by asp, July 18, 2013
"Prof.João Pedro is an intellectual, ASP. Remember that thanks to such "intellectuals" and "artists", we won our liberty,freedom, justice and freedom of of speech. So stop scolding this segment of the society. "

yeah,joao !! comedy, i love comedy, humor, fiction, toungue in cheek...keep it up , because i need a laugh...i wonder if afro brazilians feel like they got liberated? they seem left out of that society and have created a sub economy of their own

i had to watch leblon on tv , get burned to the ground and broken...i almost sympathised with the protesters on this one...they directed trafic to get out of the way instead of tying it they tore up the barrio, residents blinked their lights to show support, they stoned globo and went to the governers house to protest...that is what i said i wanted to see...but , then i realised the residents would wake up , and for those who want to do bank business...forget it...for those who had businesses destroyed, well just tough for them...

yeah, im not thrilled about the cold coming..i have business in salvador and recife in august, i wish i could leave actualy going to see that crazy drummer at brognoli accoustic at cic...want to go?

Hello Hello my good little friends!
written by Severino, July 20, 2013

I will try to parse the "Truth", once I have read the post, ...and become "educated".
written by Lloyd Cata, July 28, 2013
Joao, have you not tired yet of trying to educate the snake(?)smilies/grin.gif
Joao Pedro Stedile(MST)
written by Lloyd Cata, July 28, 2013

How delighted I am to once again 'find' there is Truth in Brazil(!) ...after these many years of this forums moderator trying to convince me that MST was all but forgotten.

Did we not speak of these very things prior to the "WAKE UP!" call of our last doscussion of ""Horizontal & Vertical Expansion" at the expense of the majority. Do the readers of this forum now 'understand' that the Truth resonates around the World, making it the most powerful weapon on Earth(?) I say this not to promote myself or others, but that clearly The Message goes out, and what returns is Brazil once again trying to throw of the chains of the Plantaition and its overseers. Who would 'imagine' that these 'people' would protest the capitalism of their national sport(?)

So, I have called, around the world, that these 'games' be exposed as a capitalist scheme to ' entertain' the masses and the world for the glorification of Capitalist Imperialism, which has its sights squarely on raping Brazil and its people of their resources and heritage(...and I speak not of Ricardo Amaral's ancestry)...(!)

Boycott Brazil2016 will take more education of the kind delivered by Prof. Stedile, but make no mistake, because the powers in Brasilia do understand, ...if there are not "real reforms" there will be "real consequences"(!!!)

I wish everyone well, and for myself I have recently become reconnected with my Holy Roman Catholic Patron Dorothy Day(perhaps the archives of this forum will further enlighten you), ...for I have loved her always, as she did me. It is my daily prayer that I may live to carry her message of Love and Compassion, and that her sanctification by Rome shall be swift, and the World will see 'true reform' there as well.
Lloyd Cata
written by João da Silva, July 28, 2013

How delighted I am to once again 'find' there is Truth in Brazil(!)

And how delighted am I to once again be in touch with my GURU.smilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/grin.gifsmilies/angry.gif

written by asp, July 29, 2013
if you think stedile is the truth, you got your head up your ass again, cata

you do know on some of these protersts, the syndicates paid people to protest...just like mst has done, as i pointed out

now , aint that a bitch, these mother fickers are ranting their marxist bull crap but have to actualy pay people to get some kind of presence in their protest

and i say f**k the protesters that just f**k up hard working peoples daily lives like what happens where i live...they just mf**k with public transport...all of them..the student / teachers, syndicate and organised crime...they f**k with the most vulnerable people of all, those who need public transport

at least some of the rio protesters went to the governers house, i like that, go to the house and offices of the elite, dont f**k with the most vulnerable people

im sorry to see molotov c**ktails thrown directly at police, and they proved on tv , today it was protesters, and not hidden police...if there is a violent retaliation by police, no one should wonder why

stedile of mst is an ass hole...f**k him
written by asp, July 29, 2013
you know, i see thjis sob stdile, on documentaries, running his diarria of the mouth crud about marxism and capatilism...

the only reason this walking bowel movement gets to run his mouth and mst gets away with rattling its machetes trying to threaten us with violence if we dont give in, is because, a brutal dictatorship cracked down on people who beleived in violent che gueverra revolutions, many of them went to cuba, china and the soviet union to study how to make bombs, rob banks and kidnap and assasinate people...the dictatorship cracked down too hard on middle class and elite students , polititions and media was wrong the way it was done (nothing wrong with making sure there wasnt going to be a che revolution), and, because of the brutality on the middle class (because you sure can know the brutality and torture go on in the poor communities more now than it ever did in the dictatorship), red flaggers cant be persacuted in any way

they can run amok in society, do what they want and say what they want and no one will crack down on them

fuk stedile. mst gets huge amounts of money from the government , anyway...and he pays his protesters...what a farce...what a bunch of bulls**t from the past...from people who cant even admit the ideology they breathe for eliminated 70 million in china, 30 million in the soviet union, 6 million in cambodia, and makes everybody suffer equaly with racist classist health care in cuba , and a horrible marxist education...

fuk stedile, that is one "kiss my ass" mother fuker
Lloyd Cata
written by João da Silva, July 29, 2013

This thread is becoming more interesting, now that our distinguished,honorable and erudite fellow blogger ASP has joined us.smilies/cheesy.gif

Dr.L.C., you New Yorkers are no match to your fellow countrymen from the inhospitable Midwest.smilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/grin.gif
written by João da Silva, July 30, 2013

Don't be too hard on Prof. J.Stedile. I happen to know a distant cousin of his who is a great guy. An expert on how to grow things on arid deserts and volcanic rock. We had a meeting with him a few months ago and came out quite impressed with his knowledge (and free advice)!!!!!

I think the family came from Switzerland (the land of our departed friend ch.c), though I ain't too sure.

I still think you have to buy a piece of farm land in Ratones and cultivate asparagus .smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif
written by asp, July 31, 2013
ah gee whiz, joao, now that explains know family

im sure stedile is a nice person at a dinner party, but, when he starts rambling about capatalism and what is wrong with it, diarria comes dribbling out of his mouth

that is one of things that is most disgusting about the extreme red flaggers, their dogmad stiff robotic rhetoric is the most disgusting sounding crap to listen to....they rattle it off with absolutly no respect for the truth of what has many millions have died under the ideologies they champion...its pathetic....

im left leaning myself , and these people ruin it
The "left-leaning" SNAKE, Who Was Perfectly Happy With The INFLATIONARY TRANSIT INCREASE
written by Lloyd Cata, July 31, 2013
...which would pay for the Glorious Stadiums, which do not seat poor people or middle-class(without a months salary(!)

Surely the Grand Lady in Brazilia must recognize that she has the 'wrong recipe' for the people who thought her a patron of the masses. Maybe the Brazilian 'sugary speech' is finding the same results as BHO's(?) The directions for Brazilian economy does not fit the instructions from Washington, London, and Berlin, huh? The "consequences-of-success" will become apparent when the 'entertainment' is over, b-b-but the people are not amused with magic tricks that steals the coins from their pockets(!)

So, Mr. Asp, much do those cabanas cost, what price before 2014, and what price in 2016? Apparently you have the means to absorb the Horizontal & Vertical Expansion, right(?) As an ex-pat, you take for granted many things, ...such as the price of the ticket to the Grand Games(!) Knowing all the time that while most Brazilians will pay for your fat arse to sit in those seats, they will not be allowed anywhere near those games of Roman Antiquity(!)

Joao, it is good to see this forum has not lost its objectivity as to subject matter, but once again I am disappointed in the 'female' participation, but as was the case with most of the women in my life, they did learn from birth to avoid the presence of 'snakes'.
written by asp, July 31, 2013
hey, dickhead, cata, why dont you try to get my real point of view right instead of interjecting your bulls**t interpretation

ass hole, im not in favor of higher bus fares, youf**khead, i dont have a car and take public transportation

i amagainst how the people who put together these demonstrations , who think like you do,dont give a flying f**k to the hard working people in everyday life who have to take public transport , have their lives and way to get to work, taken hostage by some teachers who want to make their mark, naive pampered students, syndicates, who bully their ways onto everyone , not really thinking about what the real consequences are, and even organised crime gets into the f**king act

if you lived here , you might get that aspect, since you dont, you can only make silly ass pot shots from a far

you also dont get, it would be a thousand times wiser to protest directly against the corruption instead of dragging the copa and olympics into it, which will be good things for brazil...the problems were independant of the copa,and have been festering for a while...this seperates the bulls**t protesters, from the ones who make sence about what they are doing

i couldnt afford a ticket to the copa, so kiss my ass cata, but ,like millions of poor brazilians, i will be enjoying the festivities on tv, and will be taking great pride inthe selections accomplishments, like in the copa das confederacaoes...what the f**k do you ass suckers for pseudo marxism filled with its disgusting dogma, do for fun?
Lloyd Cata
written by João da Silva, July 31, 2013

Joao, it is good to see this forum has not lost its objectivity as to subject matter, but once again I am disappointed in the 'female' participation, but as was the case with most of the women in my life, they did learn from birth to avoid the presence of 'snakes'.

Glad you appreciate that this forum hasn't lost its "objectivity" and it must have really hurt your ego for acknowledging it.smilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif

But...but...but..., I observe you Americans are not "United" at all (I mean ASP & you!!), though ASP has reasons to pick up a quarrel with ya.smilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/grin.gif

It is easy for you to sit on your high pedestal, 7000 miles (or Kms?) away from Brasil and give us all instructions what & how to do things right (or whom to blame).smilies/shocked.gif

As for your craving for "female" participation: Hopefully our friend & distinguished fellow blogger "A.Norinha" reads our comments and decides to join us.

P.S: How are your bilingual grand kids?
who is for who
written by Simpleton, August 01, 2013
"and will be taking great pride inthe selections accomplishments, like in the copa das confederacaoes." asp, I had no clue you were as prideful both in the Brasileiro sense and Fluminese sense like me. With your tendency to fight with everyone and everything I would have guessed your predilection (or those of your household and extended family like mine) was Flaming-guesta.

The 6 percent increase in bus fares (which is like the second such similarly sized increase in the past eight years) doesn't even come close to touching the inflation increases on so many other things including basic dietary staples over the same period. It's now suggested that that was for paying for the Copa and the Olympics infrastructure improvements and increases ahead of the fact? When has Brazil done anything afore-hand much less plan out the money needed in the future? Does anyone get it yet?

Left leaning? asp, it really doesn't matter what your swagger, left, right or centrist, the point is to just plain be right and do what is right. LC, since you have clearly experienced a dearth of women in your life, it's very understandable that you have no clue the Brasileiras actually have a unique penchant for cobras and as Amazon folklore as told through western stories would convey, they have no fear what-so-ever about taking care of a little asp, especially their own.
What's In A Name(?)
written by Lloyd Cata, August 01, 2013
You all know very well how this goes, well you know I have no sense of nationality(that was over before some of you were even born!). Yet, since you are so very charmed by snakes and other low creatures, it is no surprise that Corruption and Copa are the recipe which is the daily diet. Not that I am not surrounded by the same, since it has almost cost me my life twice in the last month!

Truly, I envy your snake(...a sin for sure smilies/smiley.gif He has the best of both; US citizen living the Brasileira life. The car thing is just crap, because a personal car in Rio would be like advertising he's a sucker for the government, gangs, police, and everyone else. Mr. Asp knows very well his car would not last long, and the 'paperwork' would expose him to many unpleasant questions(?)

Joao, it has been many many years that I have enjoyed this forum. Probably longer than even 'you' can tell. Certainly long before my grands were even thought of. Even before I ever visited your wonderful homeland. Have you not read MLK's speech concerning Venezuela(?) Do you not know how long Assata Shakur(#1 US Terrorist) has been in Cuba? Truly, your sense of distance and 'presence' amuses me(!)

My penchant for beautiful(smart) women has not always resulted in that which I wished. Somehow the affairs of the heart have left me wounded as no one can see. The scars do not show, but the pain is still like yesterday. My travels have not allowed me the comfort of home and hearth, so....

Enjoy my friends your Grand Games, but do not forget that the "Consequences of Success" are also unexpected(!) Brasil also is like a beautiful woman, but not so smart, and I am afraid that history will repeat itself, because "Plantation" women do not refuse the seed of their master(!) PERHAPS A THOUGHT FOR THE WOMAN PRESENTLY PRESIDING(???)

written by João da Silva, August 01, 2013

ah gee whiz, joao, now that explains know family

Both the left and right call me "On Top of The Wall" and still enjoy expounding their "theories" to me as how to "better" the country, ASP.smilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif
written by asp, August 01, 2013
oh man , here the f**k we go, the punk ass moralising and pseudo pshyco analising, mother fukers like cata revel in

hey, you punk bitch, i attack your ideas, your stupid opinions, i dont f**king attack you or what you do

you dont dont know dick f**king squat about me , and your stereyotyped, far left pseudo marxist analysis smacks of the logic i have come to detest coming from people who think like you

its because i see through the bulls**t of your logic,you mother fukers need to go back and tweak your agendas and try to get truth involved instead of threatening, lying, and personaly attacking someone who can smell the diarria of the mouth that is the rhetoric coming from you all

if i hook up with women here, its because i treat them right

you dont know s**t about brazil

have a great day, cata...i hope your personal life is better than your logic hahahahahahahahahahahaha
written by asp, August 01, 2013
would you all please take note of the condenscending tone cata has to brazilians

oh yeah, he knows better than brazilians what is good for them

the new far left really has its head up its ass to think they can just rank on people in a country a long way away and tell everyone what they ought to do and what is best for them

i say a big fat fuk you....(you notice i speak south bronx, cata? i know you know what i mean)
written by asp, August 01, 2013
cata, im going to detonate now, but not on you personaly, but ,one of your opinions, the one about "the master ...seed...women on the plantation'

there is so much wrong with that....first,there are a lot of rich women here, equating brazilian women to naive plantation women is demeaning, and a put in brazil, i dont think brazilian women are like plantation slaves

but, im attracted to black afro brazilian women, and let me tell you, i dont care if you are a white racist or black activist ,or yellow, red, green or purple, no mother fuker is going to tell me , or analyse what color woman i will date or be with

im dead serious, any mother fuker that thinks like that better get the fuk out of my face fast, i see this bulls**t agenda creeping up on blogs and it can kiss my all really are scraping the bottom of the barrell with that logic, flush it down the toilet , it aint s**t

i want to make that really clear to any one who might be reading this who thinks that way....get it the fuk out of my face...and that logic can kiss my ass

cata, just because joao, one brazilian has an opinion, you start demeaning brazilians on a whole...there are plenty of brazilians who think just like you....get for real...people who think like you need a hell of a reviving...if someone doesnt agree with you about chavez and castro, all you can do is demean them...chavez and castro are the same as bush and chenney and rumsfeild...until you all get that, you all are just flapping in the wind

i hear you on the fence about a lot of things these days
written by João da Silva, August 01, 2013

Where the heck is Limpopo, our super diplomat from the "Dark" continent?smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif
written by João da Silva, August 01, 2013

Where the heck is Limpopo, our super diplomat from the "Dark" continent?smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif
written by João da Silva, August 02, 2013

cata, im going to detonate now, but not on you personaly, but ,one of your opinions, the one about "the master ...seed...women on the plantation

Doc.L.C. is a deadly & ruthless character,ASP. I suggest you watch your back while you visit South Bronx the next time.smilies/shocked.gif I hear South side Chicago is a peace loving Bairro, compared to the territory controlled by L.C.smilies/cool.gif

But..but..but..if at all L.C. decides to visit our bairro, I assure you that he will be received with full honor by my capangas.smilies/cool.gifsmilies/tongue.gif
written by asp, August 03, 2013

i mean , can you beleive it , up in the states , now, they have some activists and blog people circulating the notion that any white person with a minority is some racist blast from the plantation era, they get nauseaus to see a white person with their ethnic pursuasion...whether mexican, black, asian, indian etc

i mean what the fuk is that? if they bring that sh!t down here to brazil, there are millions of women of color who will stone them the fuk out of town...just ask adrian, he is frustrated as h ell to see so many young fine black brazilian women hooking up with older white frustrated at that , too...i wish it was me...

but, what a fuked up agenda...try to make interracial couples uncomfortable...that is some serious bullsh!t and should be cut the fuk out of the agenda...its some weak @ss sh!t...and, can you beleive some activists are booking on that sh!t now, running their mouths with that sh!t, implicating their own ethnic background for hooking up with a white person and implicating the white person for being with their ethnic background...they are as fuked up as the klan ...i got to have my defences up the same way against both of them...mother fuk both of them
written by João da Silva, August 03, 2013

Your latest comment on "Interracial cohabitation" makes lots of sense and please do accept my kudos. For this reason, I punched the green plus sign and you get one vote from me.smilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/grin.gif

Don't sit in your comfy cabana ignoring humble peasants like me. But keep talking. Never mind L.C. I don't mind him,but...but...but.. he doesn't matter.smilies/cool.gif
live mind field
written by Simpleton, August 04, 2013
LC, I do apologize for picking at your ancient wounds: "Somehow the affairs of the heart have left me wounded as no one can see. The scars do not show, but the pain is still like yesterday." We all know how badly that affected ch.c. My empathy comes not without first hand experience of same.

asp, I see no reason to berate you for your preferences and I agree in part with what you are saying: if she's young and or beautiful and or of cor; there, for the most part, I would encounter nothing but socially polite jealousy when people see us go by, stop for a bite to eat, grab a cold one at the local bar, wander through the lojas or malls searching for something that is needed, hang on the beach, jump on an intercity or interstate bus to go visit distant friends or family or take a holiday; and here ... In either locale, no one truly knows her economic status until she unexpectedly whips out HER credit card and pays our bill.

Joao, can you copy and paste (at least excerpts) of my comment re: Mr. Lpp & Ricky & your libelous name calling that I finally managed to get push into under a thread on the other site under Ricky's last article on this site where it properly belonged? - I still apparently have no clue how the censoring functions here work.
written by asp, August 04, 2013
for sure , simps, to think brazilian women are equal to plantation slaves and not very smart is revealing the true feelings of lolyd cata about brazilian people

you know, cata, there is a lot to admire about you,you are of indiginous background, participated in viet nam , not to judge whether it was right or wrong but just to say, i respect your experiance, raised in the south bronx etc

its your head and your opinions now that show, you took a wrong turn...many so called activists today are taking a wrong turn...especialy those that think che, hugo and fidel are just hunky dory and farc are the good guys..then when you put in this mother fuking bullsh!t about if im having sex with brazilian women, its something like a master and slave relationship on the plantation, and the women arnt very smart, which is a trend i see on some activist blogs these days...well, its fuked up...its top grade bullsh!t, coming from the same place as the klan....

all the mother fukers coming from this angle can kiss my @ss. you are fuking losing with that attitude...mother fuking marxist leaning ass holes love to threaten, guilt trip and isolate and eliminate people...this philosophy eliminates all the people of color in relationships with white people..just cuts them out from your agenda...huge amounts of people...good people...because dick heads cant accept them because they go out with white people...why the fuk do they have to be scrutinised?

i dont give a fuk,mother fuk that agenda and it can kiss my ass and ill get in the face of any mother fuker that brings that s**t around me...

and bottom line, those mother fukers can go out on their dry rotten limb and fignt their fight on a diseased branch,ill stick with the huge amount of great people that are in interracial relationships or arnt uptight about them, and we will fight our fight ...and you mother fukers get the fuk away from us...go rot out on your pseudo marxist diseased branch...go salute che , hugo and fidel and how you hate capatalism and america and then how you hate to see white people dating your particular ethnic background, how it reminds you of the master on the plantation...

and fuk you all
written by João da Silva, August 04, 2013

and fuk you all

written by Lloyd Cata, August 05, 2013
:-( ...exactly(!) Which is why I would not recommend this forum for women or children(?)

That I am a certified "enemy-of-the-state" should be no surprise, ...and neither is the 'fact' that they would have me join Comrade Che asap.

Cheers, LC
written by asp, August 05, 2013
quit bulls**tting , cata...what fuking "enemy of the state"? that s**t is in your mind

its your bulls**t agenda that is fuked up...

just like you, to be called on some bulls**t and you fall on your comrad che and "look at me, the revolutionary , an enemy of the state" sword...

people like you are a fuking peice of work...

change your philosophies and opinions...fuking tweak your agenda

dont be a fuking lost fart in a funky butt
written by João da Silva, August 05, 2013

Doc.L.C. is hereby declared as the "Enemy of the State" (what a pompous titlesmilies/wink.gif), but...but...but. a "Great friend of our Bairro". The Prez of our Bairro should hand over the Golden Key & make him an honorary citizen of our little patch of land.smilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/grin.gif

I think L.C. is quite upset, because of your insistence that he should join "Che" ASAP. smilies/shocked.gifsmilies/cool.gifsmilies/cry.gif
written by João da Silva, August 05, 2013

Joao, can you copy and paste (at least excerpts) of my comment re: Mr. Lpp & Ricky & your libelous name calling that I finally managed to get push into under a thread on the other site under Ricky's last article on this site where it properly belonged? - I still apparently have no clue how the censoring functions here work.

Sorry, Simp. However much I appreciate your "intellect", "sense of humor", "community spirit", etc; etc;, I refuse to copy (or paste) anything you wrote. Because, copying the work of others is against my principles and hope you understand.

As for the censorship: Don't worry. The Chief Censor is a cunhado of mine & he even tolerates ASP.smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/grin.gifsmilies/cool.gif

written by asp, August 05, 2013
your cunhado is fantastic, joao, hell fuking yes...freedom...real freedom to express ... this is one fantastic thing about this forum...i respect it a lot...hey, hearing someone tout comrad che, fidel and hugo , who you shouldnt date, is hear it is nauseous, and gross, there isnt any discusion , that is why freedom of expressing how we really think is a blessing on here...kudos brazzil dot com and to your cunhado, joao

i mean what the hell, sure, cata can come to the barrio, anybody can come, he can even come to the cabana, but , what the fuk, this mother fuker is going to go off talking about capatalism, comrad che, the evil america,who shouldnt have sex with who, and how dumb the plantation women around the cabana are , waiting to be exploited by the masters seed , you know, those fine ass devastating beauties near my cabana...who i dont think are dumb at all...they can wrap me around their little fingers any time they want...

but, cata will be talking about that sh!t...what the fuk is that?

yeah, welcome to my barrio , cata...but you are full of sh!t (yeah, welcome to my cabana , right.... joao,sometimes you sure can ruin the good times i give you at the cabana by bringing your weird freinds over hahahaha)
Free Dom
written by Simpleton, August 06, 2013
dare you add: "unique", "original", "one-of-kind", to your "not to be copied, pasted or otherwise duplicated" list of finer qualities?smilies/grin.gif

asp, I repeat Joao's forewarning, be very very careful regarding LC, no matter how fantastic you've found JDS's cunhado to be, the liberties he extends to you, LC is not one to tell you you can't have sex with him nor would JDS visit your cabana uninvited to ruin your good times expressing your freedom

Back to points made in the article: Reduce the weekly work hours to 40? Recalculate the actuals by deducting all the f'g holiday time, etc., etc. and you'll find it's already on average less than that. Why not call for reducing it to 30 or less and arrange p'ss poor health care access and services? Oh, that would be raising it up and liken'g it to where the EUA is projected to be going with O'mamaCare now wouldn't it.
written by João da Silva, August 06, 2013

joao,sometimes you sure can ruin the good times i give you at the cabana by bringing your weird freinds over hahahaha)

Was it you who really wrote this crap,ASP?smilies/shocked.gif

To Simpleton who wrote:

Back to points made in the article:

Glad you started reading the article.Slow and steady always wins the race, Simp.smilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif
written by asp, August 07, 2013 teasing you, joao....just dont forget all that free high end booze , shrimps, filet mignon, churrasco, champain and free pussy floating around at the cabana that you have enjoyed so much...(ok, you didnt go after the free paid good money...blahahah teasing again))
written by João da Silva, August 07, 2013

ok, you didnt go after the free paid good money.

Do you remember if used my credit card or paid in cash for the "service rendered"?smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/grin.gif
written by asp, August 07, 2013
remember ? who could remember anything after some of the nights we had...blahahahahaha
written by Simpler2, August 08, 2013
You should have done me right last year when I axed you aspk,,,,, we could of had a heck of a blahahahahaha time at my expense.smilies/grin.gif
written by Asp, August 08, 2013
You strafed too many women and children on your last bombing run , now there are too many men left over...but , I'm short on cash, for the right price...the cabana could open its hallowed entrance..

Hey, nice intelligent comment on the other thread , cata..
written by João da Silva, August 08, 2013

remember ? who could remember anything after some of the nights we had...blahahahahaha

When are you going to hold the next putaria in your luxurious, but....but...but..leaky cabana, asp? Maybe L.C. would like to join us all. The "Bear" is on me.

P.S. to Simpleton: Have you finished your homework yeat?
written by Double-Dot, August 08, 2013

Hey, nice intelligent comment on the other thread , cata..

Who is this Cata & what intelligent comment did he make?

God Bless America
written by asp, August 09, 2013
well, cata is invited to come as soon as possible so he can enjoy the freezing cold and rain, and ill be away , on business in recife and salvador...joao, feel free to hang out with him in the cold and rain, ill give you the key....

the cabana has a slight odor from the last putaria, get used to it...
written by João da Silva, August 09, 2013

well, cata is invited to come as soon as possible so he can enjoy the freezing cold and rain, and ill be away , on business in recife and salvador...joao, feel free to hang out with him in the cold and rain, ill give you the key....

Never mind Doc.L.C. He seems to be too afraid of his wife to get out of NYC and have a good time in your spacious cabana. Since your plans to visit Recife and Salvador have been finalized, I offer to take "very good care" of your home during your absence.

Of course, I will be bringing my own "cleaning crew" to get rid of the "odor" at my own expense, provided you authorize the team to "sleep" in your spare bedrooms.smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif
written by asp, August 10, 2013
ha....joao , give me a few days to bolt the tv and dvd down..

well, i saw your freind stedile on channal 4, wow, did he feel at home over was like he was among freinds

i mean really, anyone who uses "burguasie" or what ever the spelling, these days, is fuked...that is straight out of the manual, where they say the burguasie are bad and no one should start their own business

well fuk that, starting my own company is the best thing i ever did

i mean, i can see through these people, they are so good at mixing in half truth so you have to say "ok,i agree with that" and then leaving out the other half of the thruth and then throwing in agenda and iies

i see him on a big docu on channal 4 about the steps that went down that led up to the golpe of 64...that docu is so one does clarify some of the steps, but its looked at from one side...these mother fukers really want to make it seem like the usa was running the whole thing and is the big blame..they even say there were 40,000 Peace Core volunteers ready to fight against the revolution in brazil...i mean the fuking peace corp...if that is their idea of American control and subversion, then these mother fukers are really fuked...its like they didnt go train in cuba, china and the soviet union , to make bombs, kidnap and assasinate...soviet spys were all in brazil but the cia is screamed against...

the lies and hypocracy are so thick it stinks like s**t

no, stedile is full of s**t...i dont trust him as far as i could throw a bus..

none of these mother fukers can really speak to racism in brazil..or they address it minimly...its all class and burguasei and capatalism
written by asp, August 10, 2013
you dont have to be a fuking commie to understand that it is wrong for a small amount of people to hold most of the wealth and the rest so little

you dont have to be a commie to want workers to get a fare wage and benifits

you dont have to be commie to understand what is wrong with the corporacracy and the military industrial complex

these mother fukers want to tear it all down preferably with an armed violent revolution, and put in agendas that have proved to kill millions and millions of people and that dont work

and their fuking dogmad stiff ass diarria of the mouth rhetoric is the most sickening of all...i prefer them to start their revolution than have to listen to their absolute fuking makes me nauseous..induces can anybody stand to be around have to be a god damed robot to listen to that s**t all day long...comrad
over and over chove e cove
written by Simpleton, August 10, 2013
I got to thinking about what the Brasil consulate sends to people that aren't brasileiro that have sent them a query for information. What they send back is nothing more than a couple of different sized placeholder images with the national flag apparently waving in the wind. No real information, no kind of response like you would expect. Then I think about how many times I've stood at attention and saw Ordem e Progresso hoisted, flying high, proudly taking or being in the position it deserves and, in my own humble way, showed it total respect, as much or more so as any Brasilian in the area. Now I'm drawn to think about what Joao just said (although it was deeply coded). He's as braz as they come, aged in as it were. But with age, visual aberrations kick in even while the mind stays sharp. When Joao tries to read those words on the flag rippling and wavering in the wind, what he reads is Odor and Promessa. Something all, both foreign and domestic, have sadly come to expect.
written by Lloyd Cata, August 10, 2013
Assange never killed anyone(?) Manning never killed anyone(?) Snowden never killed anyone(?)

Assange...(Indefinite Detention) Manning...(90 years) Snowden...(Waiting for the bullet)

Did I not tell 'you' that "The Truth" /is/ the most powerful weapon in the world(?) Try it(...!), b-b-but be prepared for the "Consequences of Success"(-!-)
written by Lloyd Cata, August 10, 2013
'YOU' do know that this forum is "under surveillance", and my every word is being 'parsed' for treasonous/criminal activity(!)

Perhaps our "esteemed-moderator-of-the-peasant-class" smilies/wink.gifsmilies/cool.gif will share with us how many times his servers have been viciously attacked by people who are certainly not of the Leftist, Socialist, or Communist persuasion(-?-) Now that would be an interesting post, ...but being a "moderate fellow in all things", I would never press him to divulge such "proprietary information" smilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/shocked.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif
written by asp, August 11, 2013
oh yeah, cata, the chinese are watching too, according to ricy, soo, you have hope for asylum there

amazing these great powers are taking interest in a discusion by about 5 people , i mean you really must be important , cata...a legend in your own mind

man, the stench of boston is too thick in my nostrils to have any sympathy for snowdon...yeah, i want my government on watch for terrorist bombings, and i want my government to terrorise those son of bitches, even though they blew it big time since the russions tried to warn us

it figures you like ass-ange...what a meglomaniacal egotistical peice of sh!t he is...with his punk bitch agenda...he needs to be b!tch slapped around , i mean really, every country has its secrets ...only the people who love to smell americam hemmoroids , while everyone has them, get all giddy with ass-ange sh!t smelling anal agenda...que merda

joao, i saw a docu on the assasination of biolessen,,,its one of the few docus that actualy also show some opinions from the other side and why they craced down on the feared cubanisation of brazil

its reaaly too bad that there isnt more dialogue with the people from the other side and their point of view...its really missing from the brazilian narrative, now...a real pity, because the people spinning the narrative now are only giving one side of the story
....a matter of "fact", admittedly(!)
written by Lloyd Cata, August 11, 2013
There is 'no doubt' that this forum, and many many others are 'watched' by US intelligence(sic) agencies. Do you now doubt "The Truth" that many members of the European Parliament, UN Missions, Foreign Embassies, etc..(?) are systematically being surveilled(!!!) "All in a days work!", and a pretty good job, if you can get it(...?)

Not that I have a particular love of Russia, China, or Communists in general, b-b-but I'm quite sure that Mr. Snowden is breathing much easier under Putin's Authoritarian Regime rather than Obama's Prison Industrial Complex(-?-)

Yes, Nation-States have a 'security-interest' in protecting their secrets(!) Hey, "me too" for that matter(!) Now that my every record(phone, bank, store,, becomes a "business record" subject to 'anyone-with-a-badge' does not give me comfort(?) Since the -supposedly- prevailing opinion is that, "if you are an upstanding citizen, then you have nothing to worry about"(-?-) To that which I answer, "I have never done *tax returns* either, so you know how I feel about privacy". #MyRecords are not #BusinessRecords or #GovernmentRecords(!!!) However, if the government is so intent on mine, perhaps turnabout is fairplay, so Mr. Assange puts 'them' in the same position smilies/cheesy.gif smilies/wink.gif smilies/cheesy.gif

....and Putin's Problem is that the Russian Oligarchy got 'ripped-off' on the Euro-Cyprus *deal*, and the US/NATO Alliance continue to hide their off-shore money in "protected havens"(see 'W' Bush visit to Caymans, ...reassurance!). B-b-but worse is the US 'qualitative-advantage' in the design of Nano-Nukes(...!) Combined with #3D-Printing, ...well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist, huh(?) Neither side even wants to 'publicly' talk about such things, so the people on both side are confused about the animosity(-?-) I JUST TOLD YOU....(-!-)
written by asp, August 11, 2013
..yeah, and we have to go through the tsa dog and pony show , and police can listen in on cell phone conversations if they what? this is a new fuking age... actualy there are other things that are much worse than that..

i can never understand people like you, cata, getting on the snowdon bandwagon, the nervous white angst bandwagon, when in 2010 , something like 800,000 people, probably majority black and brown, got arrested and put in jail for possesing a beningn and medicaly helpful plant , one that is much less harmful than alcohol and tobaco...why arnt people like you on the streets screaming about that? that is the absolute more important and repressive issue to deal with, i give a fuk if my government is listening for conversations that have to do with bombing a matter of fact, i want them to do that, i support obama with that, but, the real injustice that plaugues our racist society , has to do with the real prison industrial complex, is the war on drugs like marijunana...that is real life s**t...that is the issue that is affecting way more american lives than suspected terrorist bombings...that is the solution to the economic rut we are into....

this hypocracy about snowdon, look above , cata, to the green headlines , while it is still up...the little bitch that leaders here pitched about moralas's plane being stopped ? well , they did the same f**king thing to celso amorim of brazil while passing through bolivia, they stopped his plane and were looking for a bolivian that was going to get asylum in brazil...yet , they pitch a bitch about this...the hypocracy abounds...

well, you chose to not pay your taxes...and, i wont judge you on that, seriously, i got no judgement on you for that...but , you know you got to do what you got to do if you feel them breathing down your neck...which means you got to have a plan b...sorry, russia, china, what ever wouldnt look better to me than the should come down with daughters in probably havnt raised enough of a flag to have the irs come after you
Lloyd Cata
written by João da Silva, August 11, 2013

'YOU' do know that this forum is "under surveillance", and my every word is being 'parsed' for treasonous/criminal activity(!)

L.C., my dear fellow. When people start getting older, some become bolder & others paranoiac. I wonder which category you belong to?

As for your comments regarding Assange, Manning & Snowden:

This morning I read the news that a "Religious Family" was trying to "flee" the U.S. "over what they consider government interference in religion". They were trying to reach the tiny nation of Kiribati where they could live happily without the interference of the govt. Unfortunately they had to be rescued by the Venezuelans,Japanese and the Chileans. smilies/cry.gif

Lloyd, the story of this family reminds me of that of Rev.Jones in Guyana some 3 decades ago.But in this instance Kiribati is lucky that the God created storms and guided the family elsewhere and spared that poor nation (which seems to be sinking) from entering into a diplomatic crises with a superpower.

The point I am trying to make is the citizens of every country have grouse against their respective governments. Some take sensible and pacific measures to "protest". Others resort to drastic measures like the three you mentioned. The latter attract "public sympathy" for a while (thanks to the press) and the same public forgets them in a few months or years.smilies/sad.gif

These are my pearls of wisdom of the day. It is sunny and nice out there in the yonder. Time to check how my tiny rose garden is coming out. smilies/cheesy.gif
For "Low-grade" Morons...
written by Lloyd Cata, August 11, 2013
// well, you chose to not pay your taxes...and, i wont judge you on that // - asp

When I was young and illiterate, a very serious professor of history taught me how to "read between the lines", ...of what people say, do, intend. It is a 'skill' which has more than once saved my life(!)

I never said, "I didn't pay my taxes...(?) I said I never 'reported' to the IRS(!) They are not of 'any' consequence to me, because "constitutionally" I am not bound to 'answer' to such agencies of the American Regime(-!-) They, in fact, did challenge me on this, about 10 years ago. smilies/shocked.gif ...and now, "for the record", I am one of the few Americans with a 'written apology' from the bastards(!!!)

*** Perhaps, under the scrutiny of an avid researcher, one 'might' find the 'evidence' that I was Julian Assange before the world knew of such a person(?)

*** Perhaps, under the scrutiny of an avid researcher, one 'might' find the 'evidence' that I was Bradley Manning before the world knew of such a person(?)

*** Perhaps, under the scrutiny of an avid researcher, one 'might' find the 'evidence' that I was Edward Snowden before the world knew of such a person(?)

So, ...*my opinion* of such persons, and *your opinion* of such persons may differ, but until you have done your *research*, ...well, it's just an opinion, which may or may not be worthy of comment(?) That you *fail* to render an intelligent comment is of no 'consequence', since I give you the benefit of the doubt(illiteracy), not the scorn of anger(ignorance) - "how could you possibly know?", since the 'proof' would earn you that "well-deserved bullet".

Being as "The Truth" is a very dangerous pursuit, I only envy you your ignorance, which as I have told you before; "Ignorance is Popular"
smilies/cheesy.gif * smilies/sad.gif * smilies/grin.gif

Since my lunch is complete, I too shall enjoy a walk under the 'same sunshine' as our "esteemed moderator of the Brazilian peasantry" smilies/wink.gif smilies/cool.gif
The IRS Testimony
written by Lloyd Cata, August 11, 2013
There have been times when the Federales have challenged me, and I have 'never' even flinched at their absurd antics(...including a Cannabis charade!)

As a 'gift' to friends, I will allow 'anyone' to ask the IRS(publicly) "The Truth" of *one question*; True or False(?)

"When Lloyd Cata had money he gave more than he could have, and when he didn't have money he gave more than he should have"(-!-) True or False(-?-)

For those who have given Blood&Treasure, there is no recompense(!), but I will not be silent under the "dictates of tyrants", for I have paid Caesar his due...(-!-) My freedom is 'earned'(?), ...and now I endeavor to prevent others, including the government, from 'stealing' my Truth, as well as my earnings(!!!)
"I" Take No Credit For Starting This Conflict
written by Lloyd Cata, August 11, 2013

...but if we 'ignore' the conflict, we are just resigned to be a "Victim of Circumstances", which is the 'result' of the "Popularity of Ignorance". Truly, I would not like to see 'illiteracy' be the excuse(!)
written by asp, August 11, 2013
"perhaps under scrutiny of an avid researcher..."

look , cata, dont play games, if you got some info about something that indicates you are the original "snowjob-ass-man" , dont hold back, just link it have been talking so cryticly about this, just bring it out in the open...just spill out your us up...this is the internet cyber dont do research, you get linked up...other wise, you dont know what i know, compared to what you come up misinformed a lot on brazil, so you dont know about had no idea about the rio and sao paulo organised crime gangs hooked up with farc, who were supported by chavez...

ok, i got the semantics wrong about your irs adventures, and, i still say, good your what ever you want to be...when you finaly get that chavez, fidel and che are the same as bush, chenney , rumsfeld and wolfawitz...we could have a good conversation
written by asp, August 11, 2013
"crytic" should be "cryptic" have been really cryptic about something about you, or what you are doing....cmon cata , you are among fleinds...are you somekind of "whistle" blower?...

all i know,i hope the "800,000" a year, find their way through the justice with them...we all know people who could be sent to jail for it...that is what is in a lot of americans reality...if government flags raise over some chatter about some fertalizer, a time and a place, i dont really care...but, the crack down on mostly brown and black people for using a harmless plant, from a 1937 jive tax act passed by anslinger, for the hearst much worse than anything about the snowjobassman deal
Lloyd Cata
written by João da Silva, August 11, 2013

.and now I endeavor to prevent others, including the government, from 'stealing' my Truth, as well as my earnings(!!!)

L.C., my objective is slightly different from yours. The others ,including the government can steal my Truth as much as they want,but....but...but...these days I endeavor to prevent them from stealing my earnings and peace of mind.smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif
written by Lloyd Cata, August 11, 2013
// the original "snowjob-ass-man" // -asp

As a US 'war veteran', I once had a lawyer, his name was Lincoln. Today, I have another lawyer, his name is Obama. He's no Lincoln(!), but if you wish to characterize him as the "snowjob-ass-man", ...I will not argue the point(...!) smilies/cheesy.gif * smilies/cheesy.gif * smilies/cheesy.gif Funny thing is both claim to be from Illinois(-!-)

Still waiting for the $R on that cabana...(-?-) We have discussed Horizontal and Vertical Expansion, and the price of each, but the only 'passion' I have seen in this forum from RJ-Brazil is a foul-mouthed ex-pat who thinks 'his' issues are Brazil's issues. There is //an "agenda"// to his constant FARC drumbeat, and it has nothing to do with Brazil(...?). For a whole 'nation', whose claim to "passion" is second-to-none, the disappointment runs deep ...
Lloyd Cata
written by João da Silva, August 11, 2013

We have discussed Horizontal and Vertical Expansion, and the price of each, but the only 'passion' I have seen in this forum from RJ-Brazil is a foul-mouthed ex-pat who thinks 'his' issues are Brazil's issues

I didn't know ASP is an American ex-pat who lives in RJ,L.C.Thanks for this important info. I'll ask my other cunhado to get his arse.smilies/shocked.gifsmilies/cool.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/grin.gif
written by Simpleton, August 12, 2013
Yep, that's right, Joao and his cunhados are part of the mob and will arrange to wipe anyone's arse out (not the type of brasileiro toilet cleaner workers we see around these parts although he did indicate that leaving the p out of asp's crypt was a mistake / was an odor his cleanup crew could take remedial measures against). Don't let him kid you about that "humble peasant" thing and how he was raised IN a La Paz orphanage vs being raised NEAR there and was actually a biological product of the murderous lot of ex ... that were doing their "experiments" there.

Another "homework" assignment for ya asp, try to get the latest estimates of the street value of the mother nature's most notorious and useful weed being trafficked from Mexico to the EUA and the percentage that represents out of the total illicit drug trade. With all the people hurt and killed in association with all of that, I personally have had to become a conscientious objector to it's "harmless" consumption status. Those brown and black and yellow and white and red and green and purple and any other color people who partake, are clearly supporting atrocities. You can't just change the laws to make it completely legal, you have to make it completely tax free too otherwise you just have the same (albeit less) of a problem.
written by asp, August 12, 2013
"who thinks his issues are brazil's issues" oh hahah, hohoho,hahahah

aint this a mother fuking bitch, the guy who doesnt live in brazil,who doesnt know what is happening on the ground here, thinks im superimposing my issues as brazils issues...sorry, dopey, that is what you are doing

i mean really, anyone who spewed that the usa is going to invade brazil for oil and the amazon, in the last 12 years, but didnt acknowledge the absolute flooding of brazil in that period of crack and cocaine, and the serious decimation of the fabric of brazilian society because of that , has their head right up their ass...and i linked it right up and chavez's issues, my ass...

brazil is the number one user of crack cocaine now...did you hear that blanchette, since you came back on and mocked me for stating these real problems before, how wrong you were...which is why i dont like your ass, you go mocking people for being right...that is pure bullsh!t on your part...all i see is reports of various crack dens that have escalated all over brazil...and the devastating health problems it incurs

and hell yes, the end of our bus stop has become a crack den, the organised crime gangs, taking bus burning pages from farc, that they did business with, have held our city hostage when they want to, so that s**t affects brazil much more than some threat of a usa invasion...i mean really, it is pathetic when people cant acknowledge the real truth

foul mouthed? what is really foul is bullsh!t political agendas from meely mouth pseudo marxist dogmad rhetoric that can kiss my ass

simp, its bulls**t to blame the user for stupid laws put on the books thanks to anslinger and the hearst lobby...if society cant correct its own idiot laws it put in place that really created this condition, then , it deserves to reap the chaos from down here, people wont face the crack cocaine truth and its origins, and society is paying a price for it...crack is bad for you, pot is not
written by asp, August 12, 2013
"foul mouthed"? i mean what the fuk, cata, dont you speak "south bronx" said you were fuking raised there, but you get bunched up at some south bronx adjectives and verbs...what the god damed hel is the da fuking problem?
written by asp, August 12, 2013
...sorry. i mispelled "verbs" should be "voibs" in south bronx..
written by João da Silva, August 12, 2013

Yep, that's right, Joao and his cunhados are part of the mob and will arrange to wipe anyone's arse out

The "mob" is more trained to "whip" anyone's arse out than wipe it,Simp. You are right, I was raised in the orphanage in La Paz where we were trained to kneecap anyone that would treat us as "inferior race". Maybe little Irish blood in us. Never bothered to study my genealogical tree. My ancestors could have landed from another planet, right into the midst of Amazonia.smilies/sad.gif
Lloyd Cata
written by João da Silva, August 12, 2013

I did some research on your fella American ASP, Lloyd. He is what he claims he is. He is the owner of several leaky cabanas in RJ. Trying to find out his telephone number, because the Engineering firm I represent is specialized in fixing the leaky roofs of any dwellings and we might give him a good deal. Provided he gives us the keys of his properties, while he is on his putaria in PE & BA (and beyond).

I am soo excited. Another beautiful sunny day here. Hope it is in NYC too. Take care.
written by Asp, August 13, 2013
God bless putarias....oh yeah, Joao, the next couple of days are going to be balmy...too bad ill be gone Friday and miss all the, this computer I'm using uses caps and corrects my spelling
written by João da Silva, August 13, 2013

wow, this computer I'm using uses caps and corrects my spelling

Why, were you using IBM 360 before?smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif
written by asp, August 13, 2013
well my desk computor is a jalopy, i just dont have a fun computor experiance...but, im still here, leave friday, and, i was using someones i pad...

yeah, so joao, very interesting seeing how the manifestations are panning out now...

its absolutly mostly young white kids, probably students...but, you have seen doctor strikes, police strikes, and there was one demonstration i thought was lost in the shuffle...the pedreiro who was taken to the police station and then was dead....yet, ones like that, seem to just get lost in the shuffle, its like evevybody is protesting for this and that and no real focus or real preasure on the most important issues.

no real involvement with the actualy real brazilian people...the ones who have to go out to work everyday and pay larger bus fares and get a low wage...sure the syndicates have to get involved , but, they seem to be plodding down a worn down aproach, that is more dramatic show than any real creative maneuvering and solid focus...look at the bus strikes...ridulous, cruelest to the people that use the bus , and very disruptive to dealing with preasures in life like getting to a doctor or paying bills in a certain place .

its very interesting that so many images going on are like snapshots from the late 60's...the kind of films of people protesting, unions striking...unrest in the streets...back then the authorities hunted , killed , and tortered people who were robbing banks ,assasinating people and kidnapping, today they hunt and kill drug traficers and marijuana dealers, who also kill and rob , and torture them also

the administration is left...its the pt...the biggest screamiers of all, can you imagine if they werent the power ? haha i mean really , can you imagine if they didnt have the administration how much noise they would be making? all the demonstrations are like people trying to pseudo emulate that dynamic...its definitly part of the picture, it really isnt the conservative right getting out and protesting...there is no conservative right except the , where are they going to go? who do they think is in power, that they voted in?

everybody saw the copa and the olympics on the table and the understanding of the investment etc...why was there no opisition at that time of substance?

is this all just pseudo show , "look at me, i made the news tonight", but, really, what are the real problems of brazil and how do you really face them ?
written by Lloyd Cata, August 13, 2013
I never doubted for a moment who "the snake" was/is(?) However, those leaky cabanas do intrigue me... smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gif Though I prefer MG, for the 'altitude', there must be thousands of ex-pats in RJ and I find it -interesting- that "this one" finds himself in the middle of a barrio surrounded by FARC, gangs, and ignorant bus hijackers(!) Not that I could 'afford' any better, but the price of "leaky cabanas" in RJ certainly cannot be within my peasant income(!)

I was not aware until recently the role Brazil played in the "Snowden Affair"(*!*) So you see, that the freedoms 'some' take for granted does not apply to those who endeavor to pursue "The Truth"/*/ I am so very happy today that there are 'leaders' in Brazil, like President Dilma and many others who 'recognise' that it is "the people" who are Brazil, and it should be the people who decide Brazil's future. Certainly that is why I continue to join in this forum; not to educate or dictate to you what is correct, but to urge you to "do", and to do with "passion" what is best for the people of Brazil(*!*)
written by Lloyd Cata, August 13, 2013
....and I extend to you also, the blessings of a Workers Paradise, that I will send the Communists to fix your leaky roof(s) smilies/wink.gif smilies/shocked.gif smilies/cool.gif
Lloyd Cata
written by João da Silva, August 13, 2013

I never doubted for a moment who "the snake" was/is(?) However, those leaky cabanas do intrigue me..

Always keep the "Turkey" in suspense, Doc.smilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif. There may be thousands of American Ex-pats in RJ or hundreds in MG. Brasil is huge and there are a few dozens in the other part of the country contributing to the development of this country (in spite of their half arsed Portuguese (both spoken & written)).

I was not aware until recently the role Brazil played in the "Snowden Affair"(*!*)

Prez Dilma is certainly not going to embarrass your Sec of State, L.C. smilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/grin.gif

You might start paying more attention to Asp's comments after you read the following link:,0.htm

The War On Drugs Is Everywhere....
written by Lloyd Cata, August 13, 2013
What did I tell you, ...many times, about the man who burns down his house to kill the mouse(?) Do you give no thought to "who/what" generates these /wars/(*?*)
Have you no 'sense' that /both sides/ are profiting from human misery(-?-)
Do you deny that drug 'consumption' is directly relational to poverty, illiteracy, and ignorance(!!!)

No, I understand [asp/FARC/Imperialism] only to well to be suckered down the rabbit-hole of "manufactured enemies" of the people(.) There is never an end to that /game/. However, since some will distract you with the mouse while they are stealing the furniture/-?-/, do not be surprised when they hand you the torch to "finish the job", which also nicely covers their arses, ...and then they call you the fool who knows nothing(???) Yes, I prefer the 'civilization' of my Indigenous Bretheren to the "Absolute Ignorance" of life on the 'hamster wheel'....

Sec. Kerry comes with the same 'instructions' for Brazil that the English gave to the World under the British Empire, and indeed the same 'demands' that the Romans offered; a Peaceful Plantation with the Security of Empire. Make no mistake that these are now instructions, ...the demands will come after you have "successfully" burnt down your house(*!*)
written by asp, August 13, 2013
cata , people like you always try to make it look like im sounding a false alarm, that i am paranoid farc is coming out of the woodwork...

that is actualy you alls cover up and disconect

i carefully brought in all the information linking farc to fernando beiramar in rio, the pcc in sao paulo , who have big influence on our organised crime gangs here,ive linked up the connections to salvador with farc and their routes through venezuela into the amazon, ive linked this all clearly up, i never said farc was in the brazilian favelas running the whole thing , but they are 30 percent of the billion dollar industry passing through brazil, they are thug kidnapping scum bag drug dealers..they are strictly in this for the money, and they got support from just have to suck on that, its proven beyond a doubt, they all are just in it for the power and money, like everyone else including the get for real

its actualy disturbing when people who talk you kind of bullsh!t , cant ackownledge the damage the flood of cocaine and crack and arms have done to brazil in the last 12 or 13 years, and, chvez has a hand in it, farc is seriously dirty and guilty of their part, and i never said they were the only ones, but they are 30 percent

my main point to hammer you and this blog , from the line of people who come in here and know nothing of the real on the ground reality and superimpose your pseudo marzist anti american government crap, is to show that this paranoid narrative of the usa getting ready to invade brazil is nothing but pure unadaltered crap..and if you really wanted to understand some of the things that are plauging the lives of people in this wonderful country , you would start getting this dynamic im talking about and how much damage crack and arms coming in brazil is doing to the fabric of society

i dont call brazilians fools who know nothing, that was you who said brazilian women arnt very fuk head
written by João da Silva, August 13, 2013

well my desk computor is a jalopy, i just dont have a fun computor experiance...but, im still here, leave friday, and, i was using someones i pad...

Jolly good of your Cunhado to have lent his iPad to ya, ASP. Are you taking it with you to PE/BA?

I posted the link so that Doc.Cata could read it also (with the help of his grandson). You might be surprised to know that I knew about it a long time ago.smilies/cry.gif

There is a saying that "Forewarned" is "Forearmed". If the "Headmen" ignore this proverb, the scheisse sooner or later hits the fan.smilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/grin.gif
written by Simpleton, August 14, 2013
Irish blood in ya? Progeny from an alien splashdown in Amazonia? Although you've not investigated your heredity joao you might want to mention your suspicions to your doctor. Perhaps it explains those pesky green splotches.smilies/grin.gif

IBM 360??? I thought Forrest said he was going to designate in his will that asp was to inherit his caps lock stricken spelling impaired dyslexic machine with the megapowered automatic grammatical corrector and F*** Y** suppressor. It would have been an upgrade over him having no fun straddling his jalopy.:-P
written by asp, August 14, 2013
you got jokes, simp...but you are willing to blame marijuana users for the violence in careful, or , your real views might start emerging from your enigmatic jokes

ok joao, i read it...who are you refferring to as the "headman"? the cia?is it their responsibility what comes into brazil ? if that is what you meant

if you meant the headmen down here, well, the farc is ideologicly aligned with the pt so im not surprised at all that there has been no focus at all on it

the "whole war on drugs" is a pharce anyway, but, nothing is stopping brazil from going the route of about a huge fonte of tax revenue for the government for programs...maybe more money than they can make from least it wouldnt be just petrobras executives expanding

marijuana is nothing like coke, crack is just devastating society, but the government could still have programs and a person could get their coke but would have to go some kind of treatment to get a perscription...better that than having a crack addict on the street looking to commit crimes to feed their habit
written by asp, August 14, 2013
the milicias in colombia , are the ones who sent the coke north, guys like abadias , who had a house in my barrio, but he wasnt a big dealer down here...hell , escobar used to hang out down here...but, farc definitly raped brazil, not just coke/crack, they dealt arms to the drug gangs to kill each other and they kidnapped youth of brazilian borders, i saw two diferant reports about that....anyone who doesnt want to face that reality is just in denial
written by asp, August 14, 2013
gees. just watching a report on the news of another case of a young person from the favela taken to the police station and then he is dead

what the fuk? and the people are protesting about that is the stuff that is worth protesting with great focus and en masse...but, its going to get lost in the shuffle
50,000(?) FARC and a Mouse; Destroying Brazilian Democracy
written by Lloyd Cata, August 14, 2013
Yet, nothing to be ashamed of; 25,000(?-core) Al Qaeda shredded the US Bill Of Rights, and making arse-wipe of the US Constitution(*!*)

That 'you' still pretend Estadao is the fount of Truth is truly insulting to Brazilian Intelligence(?) After their continuous printing of Israeli Communiques, it is just the "Popularity of Ignorance" that keeps such propaganda organs afloat(...everything is wonderful, until "it's not!). After all, I certainly remember several posts in this forum pointing out the 'dog&pony' show of the Brazilian Press(-?-)

There is no expectation of Pres. Rousseff insulting her guest, Sec. Kerry. In fact, Mr. Kerry, after his service in Vietnam, was a vociferous voice against the unjust Imperialism of US Foreign Wars(*?*) That he has succumbed to the "Political Ambitions" of the Washington/Oligarchy Agenda should surprise no one(...?) That I would rather his presidency over the present occupant is no secret(.) That Mr. Obama chose him for the job was only due to the skullduggery of the Clinton/Rice Benghazi Debacle(?) Which you may note didn't prevent Obama from making her his "Top Spy"(*?*) So, after a first term of shining his Nobel Peace(sic) Prize, her elevation to head the #PrismProject is understandable...

The worst news for the Imperialist Agenda in South America just happens to be the 'negotiations' between the Colombian government and FARC(?) Everything possible is being done to sabotage this effort, because it is not in the US economic(@USChamberOfCommerce) or strategic(Eurozone/Israeli) interests. Must I remind you of the "Strategic Agenda" of the Colombian Base Agreement(-?-) Perhaps you have forgotten the way to Port Stanley(LOL...?)
Note To Limpopo...
written by Lloyd Cata, August 14, 2013
Remember what I said regarding Egypt(?) The generals have no regard for the removal of US funds($1.5T), because the #SaudiPotentates have already promised the generals($3-5T) to keep the #IslamicBrotherhood from 'any' legitimacy(*!*) Washington then plays the 'hurt feelings' while backdoor maintaining Saudi/Wahabi dominance of Middle-East policy...

Which is exactly why US 'not interested' in Saudi princes funding #IslamicJihad/#AlQaeda(..did I really say that, again) smilies/shocked.gif smilies/shocked.gif smilies/cheesy.gif
written by João da Silva, August 14, 2013

ok joao, i read it...who are you refferring to as the "headman"? the cia?is it their responsibility what comes into brazil ? if that is what you meant

No ASP, I didn't mean CIA,Mossad,Gestapo, KGB., etc;smilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif

I meant our "Headmen". The year was 1988 and it was civilian rule already. The Americans did not take the warning of EMFA sriously. But the question is: did our civilian rulers take it seriously? If not, why not?
Lloyd Cata
written by João da Silva, August 14, 2013

That 'you' still pretend Estadao is the fount of Truth is truly insulting to Brazilian Intelligence(?)

I never said Estadão was the fount of Truth, L.C. nor I believe everything it publishes is 100% correct.

As a matter of fact, I would really appreciate if you guide me to some other Brasilian newspapers that publish 100% Truth.

After PASQUIM folded, we the truth seekers don't seem to have much choice.smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif
Lloyd Cata
written by João da Silva, August 14, 2013

Since Mr.Limpopo seems to be on a archaeological expedition in the Sahara and can not read your following comment(no WI-fi in the desert!):

The generals have no regard for the removal of US funds($1.5T), because the #SaudiPotentates have already promised the generals($3-5T) to keep the #IslamicBrotherhood from 'any' legitimacy(*!*)

Your figures seem to be incorrect. You guys are giving 1.5 B (and not T) to the Egyptians. Do you think the Saudis have promised 3-5 T to them? If such is the case and if I were Gen.El Sisi, I'd accept the generosity of the Saudi Monarchy (unless of course, the British Monarchy matches or betters the offer).

Another question: Why are the Saudis interested in keeping the MB illegitimate?
written by Simpleton, August 14, 2013
No asp, you are (which is something unusual for you), dead wrong. I don't "got jokes", I "am a joke" and there's not a g-damn thing any of us here can do about being made one and the same.

As to consumers, although a bit cryptically, I already said that at this late stage even making things 100 por cento legal, 100 por cento sem impostos wouldn't fix it. You would still have NYC with a 25 percent black population committing over 60 percent of the homicides as mello as they were or could be made to be. With the declaration of stop and search practices as being unconstitutional, for sure there will be a reversal seen in the declining homicide rates along with a reduction of those unfortunate young black men that have been so horrendously biased against and incarcerated for being out in the street in high crime rate and poverty stricken areas with nothing but a bit a weed on them doing nobody no harm with no intent to do otherwise (when they simply could have just left their personal stash at home with their kids, ma and pa).
written by asp, August 14, 2013
ok, simps, glad to be dead wrong about you

i think most of the murders in the black community, besides the domestic type, are drug turf gang wars, that would drop with the legalisation of pot...there would still be battles for cocaine and heroin spots..the turf battles go back generations...
written by asp, August 14, 2013
ok, joao, thanks for clarifying...

its stupifiying to me, because it is kind of blatent truth

just our local reports yesterday had a report of a giant crack den under a public was filthy, 12 years ago never had that know how it was...things escolated so big in brazil with coke and crack flow into the country , that even communities like ours that werent huge crack dens before, chenged in a big way...and the shootings and murders.

these things and the violence are major factors in our daily lives
written by asp, August 14, 2013
you know, simps, our country did all it could to cram black americans into know the realters coluded with local government officials to create white flight and usher in the black migration from the south into huge urban ghettos , which the sheriffs in south paid the fare of some of the poor families to come north on the bus

the obstacles and discrimination for black americans is noted and documented and many poor black americans found economic upward mobility in the illegal drug trade while their white counter parts had more oportunities to move upward in the legal world...this is fact

im a beleiver that our country and brazil still have to face our slave legacy from the not do so , only agravates and perpetuates so many of the real problems we face in our societies daily...with the ceos and top 2 percent widening the gap between rich and poor, you know who is on the bottom of the rung

in my just capatalistic world, i want social programs and regulations on hyper predatory capitalism...and a way to look at how denial of the past is affecting us right down in to today...its going to take a lot more than electing a black president
The Grey Lady, The "Double Game", and All Manner of Potentates
written by Lloyd Cata, August 14, 2013
//correction- $B, it should be// ...given to Egypt, by US/Saudi Potentates(!) Which is whyi I defer to the esteemed moderator.

The coming arrival of The New York Times to your neighborhood will surely present Estadao with the challenge of competition, if not Truth(?) So, maybe also the skill-level of readers to "read between the lines". Considering the influence of government, gangs, and the oligarchy, of which The Grey Lady has the advantage of 'experience'. However, Estadao has been 'on the ground', giving it not only the advantage of local //law, customs, and contacts//. In fact, the Times becomes a benefit to Brazil in that they can/will print stories that Estadao would not touch(*!*) The bet is how long before the Times appears in a Brazilian Court(-?-) Certainly the Times reporters should have armored cars as standard procedure, given the life-expectancy of 'investigative reporters' in Brazil(...?) Hopefully, they will learn 'all' the local dances demanded of the Brazilian Press, but the 'calculation' is that they will give Brazil an "International News" presence. It could be a win-win for Brazil, but surely a robust Brazilian press is not in the near term. Should be exciting, even though I don't expect much more in the way of Truth(i.e., Brazzil has nothing to worry about) smilies/wink.gif smilies/cheesy.gif smilies/cool.gif

So it is, that the Arab Spring becomes an Islamic Winter(*!*) Even the desert freezes at night, and Darkness is descending across the Middle-East. Washington, Tel Aviv, and Riyadh must 'triangulate' the extremists, while at the same time using the extremists as the pretext for manipulation. "The Double Game" - which is why there is still much 'suspicion' regarding #911Truth(*?*) The same Saudi-funded Mujahideen who fought the Soviets are regrouped to fight Assad, yet infiltrated by Al Qaeda. That was Mrs. Clinton's 'miscalculation' that she could do business with the Saudi-funded IslamicJihad, and Al Qaeda showed up(!!!) That is 'exactly' why the US gave the greenlight for the Egyptian coup; Al Qaeda showed up(***NSA***) Morsi and all MB were doomed at that point(...!) "ALL AGREED/3Amigos" that the stakes in Egypt were too great; better chaos and anarchy than Egypt become a haven for Al Qaeda. $B/$T doesn't matter, and neither do the lives of however many Egyptians must die, because in the Grand Game, they are no better than Palestinians anyway(???) Brazil would be wise to see clearly the "Lessons of Egypt", as would all Humanity(!!!) Imperialism has neither heart nor soul, b-b-but they do not like to lose money, because there must be a profit down the road, and 'rebuilding' Egypt will make some people very rich(...!))
written by Simpleton, August 14, 2013
Asp, you are quite well aware that there is a humongous majority of folks that have long past gotten over all that compared to those that created it. Is there a way to break the "culture" that has become indigenously perpetuating itself? You won't find the "escapees" in the half to several million dollar estates in my area offering to go back into the deteriorated central zones to try to un-deny or help their brethren to see the light of what the land of opportunity has afforded them to obtain.

Animal que se mais rápido de todos que existiu no planeta: Um frango Eritreia.
written by João da Silva, August 15, 2013

Um frango Eritreia.

Never heard of it. What is it, Simp? Reply ASAP,please.
Lloyd Cata
written by João da Silva, August 15, 2013

Certainly the Times reporters should have armored cars as standard procedure, given the life-expectancy of 'investigative reporters' in Brazil(...?) Hopefully, they will learn 'all' the local dances demanded of the Brazilian Press, but the 'calculation' is that they will give Brazil an "International News" presence.

Is Larry Rohter coming back to Brasil to be the "Headman" of the NY Times?smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif

Great comments on the "Arab Winter". The religious zealots (regardless of what religion they belong to) bother Brasilians, as we still pride ourselves a secular country. IMHO, the situation in Egypt is going to turn nastier, though the ordinary folks over there do not deserve it. The few Egyptians I have known seemed to be secular and tolerant to other religions & cultures.

The bad news is their Nobel Peace Laureate El-Badrei(?) has resigned as a minister. He could easily move back to the "West", like thousands of other wealthy Egyptians, if MB takes over that country. The Egyptian military seems to be in the same situation now as that of Iran in 1979.smilies/sad.gif

You are quite right on one point, though."There is a big profit down the road for some special folks in rebuilding Egypt and its destroyed Pyramids. Remember the Big Buddha statue destroyed by the Taliban in Afghanistan?smilies/shocked.gif
The Amazon Of The Future
written by Lloyd Cata, August 15, 2013
Simpleton 'understands', ...and presents the "Dilemma of Progress", i.e. "Going back is not an option"(!) #Truth...

Yet, 'every question', in and of itself, is a challenge(?), ...and the answer 'must', as a matter of 'fact', portray/address/depict some 'evidence' of Truth(!!!) All else is theory/conjecture/confusion, and lies(...?) Truly, much of what "I Think/I Know" can only be measured by my own #Ignorance(!...) The #Truth is hard, the #Journey is difficult, and the #Challenge has never been greater; in the history of Humanity, ...(!)

So, ..."what is #Progress(?), and how does it relate to Amazonia(...?)" Can I say this or that is #Truth? Yes, and No; (!) + (?) I 'know' Humanity must breathe for Life(!) I 'know' Freedom has no meaning in Death(!) I 'know' Humanity's Freedom, Life 'overcoming' Death, is directly related to the Earth and our relationship with our Environment; no matter 'where' we live((-!-) These things I know(!!!) There can be no 'contradiction' since the 1st Man walked the Earth(*?*) What I do not 'know' is how Humanity survives the Progress which threatens the very air I breathe(?) What I do not know is how far Progress will go before Life awakens Humanity to the Danger(?) Some say they 'know', some say they 'think', and some say 'why even ask the question'(...?) Can there be 'any' doubt that "The Amazon of the Future" will provide #TheTruth for all Humanity(???)

Brazil, and its neighbors say they will decide for Amazonia, and truly their Progress proceeds accordingly(...!) The Ice melts, the Trees become human waste products, and the Climate changes("Nothing in the Universe disappears! - Aristotle)

Once again, this I 'know', ..."Even the poor and illiterate know Injustice when they see it!". A man can live a life of many injustices, but when you threaten his Life..., even the mouse will strike back in 'any' manner suitable to the threat(*?*) "God does not like surprises, and that is why He sends Prophets". I take no credit for this; it is the Truth as I 'know' it(!...) Brazil 'decides' for itself, until that decision reveals what is Truth(?) Once again, "You can have Second Thoughts, and sometimes a Second Chance, but there are no Second Choices!" - Aristotle
written by João da Silva, August 15, 2013

Have a safe trip and keep in touch thru your Cunhado's I-pad.smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif
Lloyd Cata
written by .., August 15, 2013

Brazil, and its neighbors say they will decide for Amazonia, and truly their Progress proceeds accordingly(...!) The Ice melts, the Trees become human waste products, and the Climate changes("Nothing in the Universe disappears! - Aristotle)

Mah question: Did Aristotle know the existence of the Americas?

God Bless America
written by asp, August 16, 2013
thanks joao, im heading out today...and, there is nothing like traveling in this marvelous country to really learn about the reality on the ground

arcoverde is in the interiour, and, i rarely get away from the beaches, so this is going to be fantastic....the folkloric afro brazilian culture in brazil is phenominal...bateria de samba, maracatu, coco, bloco afro , etc are like fine art, they are as entertaining as any show you could go to...its not like some folkloric music that you apreciete for its history but doesnt really move you...afro brazilian drum dance will penetrate your being...

stay warm in the chill ....ahhhhhhhh
written by Lloyd Cata, August 16, 2013
// Did Aristotle know the existence of the Americas? // - asp

Actually, he does account for "everything", yet even he pronounced that the 'minds' of poets, and artists, were unknown to him. So, yes, he understood imperialism/greed/avarice(mentor to Alexander the Great...what a discussion that is!!!), as well as faith/love/kindness(500yrs before Christ, and left 1/2 his wealth to Goddess Diana).

In the forum thread on "Rape" I did mention him with regard to analysis of US Military "Greek proclivities". However, this was in error on my part, because truly Aristotle would send such a dunce as myself to see "Plato"; who could, and would, regularly explore the minds of artists and poets. With respect to this, Socrates is well-suited for study. Did I not say I would like to bring the Greeks back to Broadway(?)

Is it that you -think- I don't 'understand' America, or just that I am displeased with the "American Agenda". Is it "understandable" that I would have been opposed to the Roman Agenda or the British Agenda? Truly, there are those who think I just 'opposed' and unpleasant, and that is fine(!...) Yet, I would not rest having it said that my own Ignorance was the product of false worship or illiteracy(...!) Agreement is not necessary for Truth(!!!)

In the Bronx, and the barrios of the US; the "crack-epidemic" wanes(-?-) The very nature of the addiction is being recognized, and "the people"; families, communities, Rappers, Hip-Hop artists, are beginning to recognize the destructive nature of the addiction "for everyone"(!!!) It was a terrible fire that burned very hot. Left dead and wounded all over the United States(...!) I have seen this phenomenon with heroin also(?...); real zombies who would kill their mother for fix, huh? This I have seen with my own eyes, and I do not shy away from the Truth(*!*) Everyone pays the price of ignorance, and the ones 'promoting' the ignorance are not who 'you' think they are, because History will educate you as to the 'nature' of drugs used as "weapons" of subjugation. THIS IS NOT NEW(*!*), ...and there are means, other than those used by Chairman Mao and others, in order to defeat this "enemy" of the state, community, and people. Of these means; education, decreasing poverty, and health services are forefront(?...) Of course, there are those who will hand out torches, and instruct you to burn down your own house(...?) As the smoke rises throughout the Middle-East, I only urge Brazil to recognize the Ignorance of such a course, because it also has History with those who set fires, only to "profit" from the results(!!!)
written by Lloyd Cata, August 16, 2013
Lloyd Cata (CV) - "A Lifetime Of Listening"

US Navy - Listening For The Sound Of Enemies
RCA Institutes - Listening By Design
ITT - Listening To The World
Wall Street - Listening For The Sound Of Money

...I Hear You(!!!) smilies/wink.gif smilies/smiley.gif smilies/cool.gif
written by Asp, August 16, 2013
I'm in the airport in São Paulo waiting for the plane, to Recife, nice post Lloyd , I didn't ask the question about Aristotle , triple dot did, who ever that is...but , great

Why does Mao get the special title? 70 million died on his watch. Stalin raised the reading level of Russians by a huge margin and eliminated 25 million or so

What is your take on that?
Chairman Mao, and the Tyrant Stalin
written by Lloyd Cata, August 16, 2013
[All will say, "I did it for you!"], ...until we discover the Truth(.)

In the History of Humanity, there are those of high and low station, who have advanced the Cause of Humanity, Freedom, and Progress. Though some remain, and shall forever remain, anonymous is unfortunate, but not without 'enduring substance'. Sometimes, the smallest act of kindness does not 'manifest itself' until a time that History shall open the eyes of the people(?) Who knew, when the seed was planted(-?-) As a person of Faith, I must profess to all Mankind, that "God Knew"(!!!)

When I say, "Even the poor and illiterate know Injustice when they see it", it is in 'recognition' of a Divine Truth(*!*) We, as a Collective Humanity[...for further discussion!] understand certain precepts from birth that will be Everlasting; Justice, Love, Mercy being recognized by all without lesson. Of course, the opposing precepts also being part of the 'package' of Being Human. Surely, the attainment of the Good is not without the struggle against the Evil(*!*) Which is Humanities 'only' measure of its 'existence'?

So, my friend, we may agree or not, as to the Good or Evil nature of Humanity and those who are past, ...and present(?) Yet, I invite always the perspective of History, if not 'opinion'. For "the people" Truth is evident; "This person is The Father of the Nation". In this, Ricardo Amaral and myself are in agreement concerning who is the "Father of Brazil", as a nation(!) That we disagree on his 'actions', and the Good and Evil thereof, is for "the people" of Brazil to decide(*?*) Indeed, I am but a Remnant of what might have been for my people(.)

...and in that, you have my 'opinion' of Chairman Mao, and the Tyrant Stalin(...!)
Lloyd Cata
written by João da Silva, August 16, 2013

Chairman Mao, and the Tyrant Stalin

I liked the title.I propose you write a book with this title and you may end up as a Fitting match to Ken Follet.smilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/grin.gif

without direction
written by Simpleton, August 17, 2013
Can someone get me a direct reference for where LC came up with this quote "I am but a Remnant of what might have been for my people"? He is seriously freaking my ass out with his "Plato"tudes above. Yes I studied, no I haven't retained the cheap paperback versions of the required reading material I bought for the classwork way back when but it's a hell of a lot more emotional for me reading what he wrote above than listening to "when smoke gets in your eyes" and doing #.
written by João da Silva, August 17, 2013

Can someone get me a direct reference for where LC came up with this quote "I am but a Remnant of what might have been for my people"?

I think it is his own quote, Simp. I have been warning everyone who cares to listen to me that he is an extremely clever fella, even though of peasant stock.

Nobody listens to me anymore.smilies/sad.gif
Lloyd Cata
written by João da Silva, August 19, 2013

Sub: Grey Lady/Guardian/Snowden

Here is an interesting link for ya to read,analyze,digest &comment.smilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif,0.htm
A Little Bird Told Me ....
written by Lloyd Cata, August 20, 2013
Don't expect you to follow 'my' #breadcrumbs, but you could at least check your own @brazzil[?]
Lloyd Cata
written by João da Silva, August 20, 2013

A Little Bird Told Me

I didn't know you were an avid birdwatcher (or bird listener). Some people are too modest to acknowledge their hidden "gifts".smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif
written by asp, August 22, 2013

still on a business trip, heading for salvador on sunday

this festival i saw in arcoverde. was absolutly powerful and mind blowing, with various coco groups and others and incredible drumming and dancing and melodies......

it a huge shame this isnt shown on the media much more often, its culture like this that is one of the reasons im in brazil
written by João da Silva, August 22, 2013

Thanks for the link, ASP. Incredible as it may sound, I personally came to know a couple of participants a few years ago.Hope you got to socialize with them too. Your point about the MSM not promoting such festivals more often is well taken. But....but....but..., what else do you expect from them.smilies/sad.gif

Changing the topic: L.C. is must be shocked and dumbstruck when he came to know PVT.Brad (Manning) decided to become Chelsea M. smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif

You have a safe trip back to your luxurious, but....but...but.. leaky cabanas in RJ.smilies/wink.gifsmilies/cool.gif
written by asp, August 23, 2013
wow, that is cool that you know some people playing there, joao...i was so blown away by what i saw...coco is like some incredible living snapshot of the culture of how slaves made music and dance in brazil that goes back several hundred years...for an american, it is a phenominal look at the culture that was banned from the slaves brought from africa, in north america...its like a missing link, extremly american has to ask themselves, what was really going on behind closed doors with the culture of the people brought over as did they really expres themsevles...much is lost...but, look at some old films of the geechie culture in an island off of south almost looks like some coco...

anyone who thinks that isnt relevant to americans (are you listening blanchette?) has no idea of the depth and value of afro diasporic culture

joao, being in recife is a huge insight into the manifestacaos that are going on now...since ive been caught in a couple of them in differant cities trying to do my business, im trying to figure them out, and the recife papers, the jornal do comercial and diario , have exceptional reporting since they are differant

what they have said is, there are some people who came up from sao paulo, to co ordinate with student/treacher, syndicate and leftist movements already there,

it seems, these things have large peaceful demonstrations first, with the movement to eliminate bus fares, and syndicate people as a lot of the base with students, and then , you have these "black bloc" people, not anything to do with afro black, but the people who dress in black and are going to want to clash with the police and break stuff

they can be joined by just anybody who likes to break stuff also

im trying to understand it all and dont want to be quick to judge, for sure depending on who you talk to , you will get a differant perspective

lots of regular people in recife complained about it and another report showed lots of people marching and he was praising it

i did see on reports that the violent people, the black bloc, was a few people and indulged in some wanton violence for nothing and it looked bad...most of these people seem to be white students

very educational to see this and get caught by it out on the street in several differant cities in brazil still trying to figure it out

and the papers here are saying, one of things for the inflation , that really is a big factor driving this, is, foreign investment is fleeing brazil, which is too bad...that coupled with other factors is making for a lot of economic confusion that is translating into public confusion...i dont mean to sound like i just found the cause of all this, you know all this also, im just getting it sunk in by informing myself in a couple of places...
The Struggle To Banish Ignorance
written by Lloyd Cata, August 23, 2013
Joao, "Breadcrumbs" - because you know I like fairytales smilies/wink.gif

Asp, I am enjoying ' your' account of your trip more than the links!!! YouTube[™] gives me many visuals of what is going on, but when 'you' see what is happening, and see that #TheTruth is being twisted by 'paid agitators'/MSM/anarchists to destroy the 'peoples movement' for Justice, then your journey has been wildly successful as your business endeavor! So it is, once again, I must thank you for the 'lowdown' on what is really going on smilies/cool.gif Keep traveling (safely) smilies/smiley.gif
Chelsea Manning
written by Lloyd Cata, August 23, 2013
Not at all surprised by Pvt. Mannings desire/declaration. His sexual orientation has been part of the 'narrative' before he was sent to Kuwait[!]

The conversation shifts to your comrade, Mr. Miranda, who was so robustly detained, molested, and interrogated by the British Empire(sic- CommonWealth) smilies/shocked.gifsmilies/sad.gifsmilies/shocked.gif

Very diplomatic of your Foreign Secretary to warn the limeys against future incidents. smilies/angry.gif
However, the "esteemed moderator of the peasant class" assured me that Dilma would not embarrass the US Secretary-of-State, Mr. Kerry, and no sooner than he has arrived home to find the Brasilieros found "rodent parts" in #HisFavoriteCondiment(*!*) I have assured all my comrades that Brazil is not big on such things(...remembering the US lady who tried the barbeque sauce business smilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif

Cheers all, ...and behave; there is a Jesuit in your future smilies/smiley.gif
written by João da Silva, August 23, 2013
Dr.L.C. wrote:

Asp, I am enjoying ' your' account of your trip more than the links!!! YouTube[™] gives me many visuals of what is going on, but when 'you' see what is happening, and see that #TheTruth is being twisted by 'paid agitators'/MSM/anarchists to destroy the 'peoples movement' for Justice, then your journey has been wildly successful as your business endeavor! So it is, once again, I must thank you for the 'lowdown' on what is really going on

I wholeheartedly agree with him, ASP. You are doing a splendid job of "reporting" from the ground. I would never come to know what is going on in that part of the country through the MSM. Thanks.

As for you comment on our deteriorating economic situation and its social consequences,I don't want to say "I told you so".smilies/sad.gif However, I must caution that we should not expect the "Cup" & the Olympics to salvage our economy.smilies/angry.gif

Will write more later. Have a safe trip back.
Lloyd Cata
written by João da Silva, August 23, 2013

The conversation shifts to your comrade, Mr. Miranda, who was so robustly detained, molested, and interrogated by the British Empire(sic- CommonWealth)

Ha,ha..........ha. I was wondering if you were going to touch on this subject (just to conduct an attitude check on ya) and you passed the test with flying colors. We peasants are pretty tough on leftist bourgeois such as your honorable good self. smilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/grin.gif

But...but...but.., it is quite strange:

An Yankee journalist working for a Limey newspaper and using a poor Brasilian as his "laranja"?. Perhaps Tony Patriot asked the same question and therefore warned the Limeys against such "future incidents".smilies/cheesy.gif

Cheers to you too.Take care.
o bloco
written by Simpleton, August 24, 2013
I'm glad to hear from asp "on the ground" vs reading his obit and reportage of his ultimate expulsion to be put under it. The black bloc thing is not so new, just in it's form and "signature" aparência. The "Tea Party" folks suffered from the basic phenomena although having a good "cause" initially. Maybe it was other anarchists (MFNHW's) that did them in but the effect was the same as will be seen in our beloved land of plenty. The American Indians coming back on occasion to Ioway just to fish, although they made the new local yokals a bit nervous, were not part of this kind of bloco although you could say they were not so different from the original MST folks.
written by asp, August 24, 2013
its actualy from germany, simps,

and,i think however it is manifesting here in brazil now has to be judged on what is happening here

loyld , since you mentioned the paid agitators, as you did , joao, and i saw reports earliar of syndicates paying people to participate , here is a local recife report i saw just yesterday

a person the police busted for asaulting someone, were trying to interogate the sustpect about some other asaults that happened a day or two earliar...the suspect testified that he couldnt have done them because he was participating in the manifestacaos...and that he was paid 150 to vandalise property, which i saw blatent reports about

what wasnt clarified is who paid him

i am going to try to research that , joao, what was your understanding of who is paying the people to commit violence in sao paulo or rio? for sure the syndicate leaders paying people is obvious where the payment is coming from, but, who is paying for the vandalism? the police in rio sent infiltrators to see what was happening but they werent inciting violence

but, for sure, this kind of violence is ruining the honest protest that does deserve to be going on...

as this thing evolves, im more and more wanting to suspend judgement and try to actualy figure out what is going on...most everyone outside of what is going on claims to know what is going on, but, im ready to try to find out the truth at this point

it seems there is this cross between the caras pintatos movemtent and this volitable moment just before the dictatorshop staged the coup in 64 and the next act in 68...of course with large differances...yet, there seems to be parrallels to both those movemtents of the some way, what is unfolding may give me insights to what happened in the 60's, what were the right things , what were the wrong things, what were the mistakes on both sides...when was the point that happened that crossed over the line for both sides

in some ways,i have to agree with gilberto gil , in the sence that , there is going to be a copa and there will be protests, they just both will co exist, i just hope that people dont start getting killed

one side note, i saw a report on mtv of a reporter hanging with the protesters in natal during the conferdacaos, and, from various differant factions they said they are protesting lack of security from violence of assaults...this is something that isnt flushed out , and its something i could get out and protest for...make the streets safer because the violence is a very real and urgent thing
written by asp, August 24, 2013
about the black bloc in brazil:

an article about the guy who was paid to do vandalism and throw rocks at the police

very ominous
written by asp, August 24, 2013

more detailed...hes sais the people who paid him had the black bloc masks on, but, there is still no proof who did it exactly
written by João da Silva, August 24, 2013

it seems there is this cross between the caras pintatos movemtent and this volitable moment just before the dictatorshop staged the coup in 64 and the next act in 68...of course with large differances...yet, there seems to be parrallels to both those movemtents of the some way, what is unfolding may give me insights to what happened in the 60's, what were the right things , what were the wrong things, what were the mistakes on both sides...when was the point that happened that crossed over the line for both sides

I think we are looking at the whole thing on a "Micro-Level" and not at a Macro one, asp. The illusion of "growth" and "prosperity to all" is finally over for the Classe C & D. The classe B who became poorer is pissed off as well. As for your question: "Who pays for the goons?". My answer is the "law abiding and silent working class protesters"! You know why? Because they are forced to join their respective unions & pay their monthly (or annual) fees which in turn finance the "professional" agitators.smilies/sad.gif

As for your earlier statement that the "foreign investors are fleeing Brasil": Posting below a link that should be enlightening to all of us.,0.htm

So Jim O'Neill of Goldman & Sachs was the one who coined the word BRIC in 2001 and now he declares that PRC is the only one that deserves to be in that Bloc.smilies/shocked.gifsmilies/angry.gif

Ricardo had and still has his reasons. Talking about Ricardo, he hasn't commented a single word about these "protests". Quite strange.

Lloyd Cata
written by João da Silva, August 24, 2013

Hi Lloyd,

We intend creating a new bloc of emerging (or submerging) countries, called PRIC. You are entrusted with the task of selecting the countries that really deserve to form this great economic alliance.smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif

written by Asp, August 25, 2013
You are in rare form Joao , thanks for the link...
written by João da Silva, August 25, 2013

You are in rare form Joao , thanks for the link...

That's because you goaded me into speaking my mind off,ASP.smilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/grin.gif

Here is another link for you to read:


I wonder why the "salaries" of the 4000 Cuban doctors who are expected to come to Brasil till the end of this year are to be "managed" by the govt of Cuba.smilies/sad.gif The last I heard is the stipend for the "foreign" doctors is R$ 10,000 per month, except for the poor Cuban medicos who would get only R$4,000 and the rest is paid to the govt of the "Workers Paradise".smilies/sad.gif

I hope the 4000 jump the ship and seek asylum in Brasil (after CFM is fully satisfied with their credentials).smilies/angry.gif
"Class Warfare" Defines The Categories Of Illiteracy
written by Lloyd Cata, August 25, 2013
Not even close to Brazil2016, and already we are 'entertained' by the imperialist economic propaganda that tries to destroy the Brazilian economy(?...) Our "esteemed Class-C moderator" surely provides what appears to be "intelligent fodder" for commentary(...!) Perhaps in the desire that I will add to the #MediaMerrimentOfMorons.../?/

Ohhhh, my friend, it is the Asp who has astutely recognized your 'rare form'(*!*) Calling out the "Class-B" as the #PerpetratorsOfAgitators(???) My, my, my ...#UnionThugs funding violence that will be used by the MSM to discredit Leftist Social Movements(!!!) Hhmmm...(?) Surely, I must be wary of what -motivates- such a 'theory'(*) So, I will certainly allow Mr. Silva to expand on this thought, as I await the 'evidence' of the "workers" attempting to sabotage their own interests of creating a Socialist Paradise free from the tyranny of militarism....

Knowing that I will not do his 'research', since he has /first-hand/ my previous comments(which he is certainly free to publish?), I therefore decline to constantly repeat my admonitions and 'predictions'(((?))) as to what would happen vis-vis Brazil, Wall Street, and the #ImperialistPropagandaMachine(.) ***Failure to read your own texts is Ignorance, not Illiteracy*** Just as failure to learn the #JapaneseLesson on Economics will make #IndenturedServants of all Brasilieros, regardless of 'class'(?...) "Find a clue, get a clue, ...and when you have done your 'homework', get back to me regarding Class Warfare, World Economy, and Imperialist Propaganda(...)"

written by Lloyd Cata, August 25, 2013
....(hint), to begin with you may find my comments regarding FTAA, and support of Mercosul as 'reference points(?), and if that does not suit, I will surely rely on your research regarding Southern Command(...!)smilies/shocked.gifsmilies/shocked.gifsmilies/shocked.gif
For The Record...(!)
written by Lloyd Cata, August 25, 2013

...and now I have my own homework to do; certifying the credentials of those 4,000 doctors that are coming to alleviate the gap in health care(?) They were offered to the US first, but ObamaCare got in the way (( smilies/tongue.gif) )) You may note 2 things regarding such agreements; 1)The Imperialists 'never' sent what "you needed", 2)Finally Brazil recognizes that the needs of the people are more important than the need for Imperial Agendas.

Good thing Secretary Kerry has come and gone, which also is a credit to the present leadership in Brasilia with respect to "protocols"(...!) smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gif
Lloyd Cata
written by João da Silva, August 25, 2013

For The Record...(!)

L.C., you are one hell of a debater & my compliments. Not many would have thunk about posting the link dated 2010 to remind lower class peasants like me what we wrote. smilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif. Many of our friends who participated in that thread have disappeared (probably they have better things to do and hence "moved on"),thus leaving old (and cold) warriors like you, asp and me to save our beloved Patria from being raped by the "Empire".smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif

You wrote:

Not even close to Brazil2016, and already we are 'entertained' by the imperialist economic propaganda that tries to destroy the Brazilian economy(?...) Our "esteemed Class-C moderator" surely provides what appears to be "intelligent fodder" for commentary(...!) Perhaps in the desire that I will add to the #MediaMerrimentOfMorons.../?/

Yeah, not too close to 2016, but....but...but...almost close to 2014.Remember DnB who participated in that thread you posted?

I did not know that the Cuban doctors were "offered" to the good ole U.S. of A. Thanks for the info. I'll come back later to comment on the "deteriorating" health care system in Brasil and how the "protests" opened the eyes of the PT government that took "immediate" measures to mitigate the sufferings of the peasants in the interior of MT,RO,RR &the rest. Of course with the help of uncle Raul. smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif

written by asp, August 26, 2013

here is proof that sindicatoes paid money to get people to protest

i saw a report in 9/11. of mst paying protesters to sit out in front of the american consulate

every evidnece i am reading indicates that the black bloc members did pay some thugs in recife to go out and destroy property

i read the guy that interupeted the carnival judging in sao paulo paid demonstrators to protest in sao paulo

im afraid revolution and leftest ideologies are just business as usual like everywhere else

i just read a very detailed interview with a black blocer in recife..they are pampered upper middle class to elite students who do think violence is valid to use, they follow anarchism, which is extremly suppect and follow leftest ideologies that are against capatalism totaly, in other word nothing else will do except tear the system down

i like capatalism and hate hyper predatory cororacracy capatalism, i want capatalism with a concience and social programs...these people who want to just tear it all down and implement systems that are proved to be failures, i cant get with them at all...and if they think breaking a banks cash machines is some kind of solution while they are just hurting the honest worker who just wants to get some money out of a cash machine to get through the day, they are seriously out of touch with reality

joao, ill check your article out soon
written by asp, August 26, 2013

proof syndicos are paying people to protest. mst paid people to protest in 9/11, all evidence is leading to the fact the black bloc paid people to cause vandalism in recife, lets face it, far left ideological politics is business as usual

a post didnt come up i sent i have to start over

joao, i dont have a position yet on doctors from cuba in brazil...there are a couple of sides to it, if doctors are needed in rural areas, then meaybe it is nescasary

but, the thing about doctors in socialised medicine and sus programs like we have in brazil is, it gets down to when you go to be examined by a doctor, someone who is going to look at your body and tell you what you should do, having the power of choice is a very profound right that should never get lost...being able to choose who examines you instead of being bearocraticly ordered who is going to examine you is something that is frightening as well as what kind of socialist system is going to create the kind of conditions we see some hospitals in, people all in the hallways and stuff...that could be us in a few years

as far as some elements in brazilian congress following ideologies, it was demonstrated quite vividly when one after another congressman came to testify to let batisti stay in brazil, a communist convicted murderer from italy...marxist ideological alignments are alive and well in brazil

i read a deep article on black blocers in recife, they are middle class to elite pampered students who think violence is justified, they are following anarchy philosophy and hate all capatalism...
written by João da Silva, August 26, 2013

joao, i dont have a position yet on doctors from cuba in brazil...there are a couple of sides to it, if doctors are needed in rural areas, then meaybe it is nescasary

I don't mind having foreign doctors (or any other technically qualified professionals) to fill in the shortage whether be in rural or urban areas of Brasil, ASP. You know as well I do that your country did ( and still)benefit from "importing" such qualified labor. However, I must point out that your govt nor ours (so far) has intervened in the "hiring" process by private (or public) entities. There has been no "ideological" issues involved and all of a sudden, the rulers here decided to hire Cuban slave labor. smilies/angry.gif Unacceptable to the members of peasant class such as myself.smilies/cry.gif

BTW, I am bit concerned about the situation in Syria. Hope you guys don't get involved.

Maybe, L.C. would like to be sent there as a "Special Adviser".smilies/cool.gifsmilies/tongue.gifsmilies/cry.gif
What's this I hear . . .
written by Gilda Radner, August 27, 2013
. . . about brazilian Military Trannies being free during the copa and olympics?
. . . about Black Blokes committing crimes and perpetrating violence all over the world and getting paid for it?
. . . about our Classy Moderator providing Intelligent Foders and being happy to have Cu Pawns come live in his Assylum to treat it's diseases?
...Such A Capitalist
written by Lloyd Cata, August 27, 2013
...and his name was "Ford", right? Yeah, the Ford Foundation. That's the one...(!) Once again, too lazy to do your own homework, huh? There was an 'article' in this forum at one time regarding the "garbage pickers"; maybe 4 years ago. Perhaps the esteemed moderator of the Class-C would be able to locate my comments concerning such 'dignified occupations', probably under an "assumed name", but you would know my work...(?)

Oh well, off to Angola, to see what has become of the Cuban adventurism and socialism there. Its been more than a generation, so I think we will compare, but I do not expect it to be the "Grand Copa-driven Paradise of Corruption in Brazil"; ...after all they have Mugabe for a neighbor smilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/tongue.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif
written by Lloyd Cata, August 27, 2013
Don't want to leave without reminding you of 'our' countrymens CAPITALIST CONTRIBUTION to the Freedom/Democracy/Prosperity of IRAQ;

You do 'recognize' immediately the handiwork of the most excellent "engineers-of-destruction", don't you(...?) Speak up, man! Have you swallowed the 'mouse', or has that FARC fella put something else down your throat smilies/shocked.gifsmilies/sad.gifsmilies/shocked.gif (?...)
written by João da Silva, August 30, 2013

1. You already back into your cozy,but...but..but.. leaky cabana?smilies/wink.gif

2. WTF is L.C. going to accomplish in Angola? Do they have WI-Fi there so that he could connect with rest of the world. smilies/cool.gif

As for his comment:

Perhaps the esteemed moderator of the Class-C would be able to locate my comments concerning such 'dignified occupations', probably under an "assumed name", but you would know my work...(?)

I tried to locate the article,but...but...but.. am quite clueless.smilies/wink.gif
Maybe you could ask our mutual buddy Mr.J, to do the research?smilies/cool.gif

Imperialist Agendas & "Red Line" Agendas
written by Lloyd Cata, August 31, 2013
Joao, how many posts has Brazzil published devoted to the people who clear the streets of garbage, or those who 'harvest' that garbage, as only the unsanitary conditions distinguish them from the [peasant] farm workers(?) Surely, they are below the visibilty of the lofty Class-A society, but for peasants such as ourselves we must see them clearly, because "one slip" and that's where our most lofty 'citizens' will throw us, no(?) Yes, out with the trash(!...)

Recognition of the Truth is the first step to "Banish Ignorance", for the attainment of the Good cannot be accomplished without overcoming the Evil(...!) Perhaps this is the thought that occupies the mind of "The Esteemed Harvard-educated Constitutional Scholar" in the White House(?) B-b-but we must not forget 'who' brought the "Red Line Agenda" to Washington, or that the red line extends to Teheran(!!!) Sadly, all else is Imperialism(...!)

Those Cuban doctors do not flinch from the destitution of the poor, as does those who are -recently- removed from such situation. After doctors, maybe teachers will follow(poor Asp!) How could this be that giving such people health and education should be a problem ...(?) Surely his "Capitalist Comrades" will provide these things; they are rich ...(!)

Know that I am wary of "Red Lines", because they are usually a cover for Imperialist Agendas, and the 'new' French Imperialism in Africa has not gone unnoticed...(*)
Lloyd Cata
written by João da Silva, August 31, 2013

Thanks for letting us all know you are doing fine in Luanda. Great comments, Lloyd.Especially about the the thin "Red Line" & the well planned extension of this line to Tehran. It makes sense. A pity that our distinguished fellow bloggers Ederson and his sidekick Mr.Limpopo are no longer participating in this blog, as they know much more about that part of the world than I do.

As I have stated before, I have no objection to letting foreigners come into Brasil provided they are adequately qualified. What bothers me is about the Cubans is a) Choice based on ideological reasons.b) The fact that their salaries are being "managed" by the Cuban govt.I consider it equal to "bond laboring".

Glad to know Damascus is spared (at least for the time being) from the wrath of the "Western Powers".smilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/grin.gif

Hello World, How about a good game of Chess?
written by Simpleton, August 31, 2013
Jumping Jack Flash has nothing on the Gas, Gas, Gas.

Let's see now, telegraph your intended actions, use the talking heads in the media to muddle and twirl. What's that you say? Assad is not stupid and he'll try to move his major airpower hard assets into Iran to protect them thinking no one would ever strike there? In the mean time the citizens get a bit of a break, temporary reprieve from several elements of the extermination campaign. Is there or is there not going to be at least a smidgen of this due to the hunkering down the blustering invokes? By all means yeassss, move them, concentrate them in an area less prone to civilian collateral damage by "surgical" strikes where they can be taken off the plate and if a few "errant" strikes cause a significant setback in Iran's nuclear program, ohh geez, how the heck did that happen? Poor guy that new Iranian leader.
written by João da Silva, September 01, 2013

Hello World, How about a good game of Chess?

Who invented the Chess, Eyeranians or Injuns? Mah memory seems to be fading.smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif

Never mind. Ah pressed the "Green Cross" for your comment.smilies/cool.gif
written by João da Silva, September 01, 2013

Questions & quotes of the week:

B-b-but we must not forget 'who' brought the "Red Line Agenda" to Washington, or that the red line extends to Teheran(!!!)

Who really brought it? PBO?

Know that I am wary of "Red Lines", because they are usually a cover for Imperialist Agendas, and the 'new' French Imperialism in Africa has not gone unnoticed...(*)

French are Imperialists? Hard to believe.smilies/wink.gif Hope their adventurism in Africa ends up like theirs in Indo-China of the 50's. Anybody cares to remember who ended up getting the "abacaxi"?smilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif

Assad is not stupid

Nor were S.Hussein,Gadaffi & H.Mubarak.smilies/sad.gif

Now it is Winter time in the Arab World.smilies/cool.gif
written by asp, September 01, 2013
joao, ive tried 5 comments that have been blocked..first, thanks for your link and information on the cuban doctors...much of their payment goes right to their government , and, they try to say it isnt political but the pt red flags met them at the airport with great fanfare, the opisiite of yaoni sanchez, who was met with red flag protest...

still in savlador...sorry you had to freeze your buns off while im at poolside looking at fine big caught in the pagao, right in the middle...the reports said that people couldnt get money from the cash machines and that it really hurt the average person...mmmmm what hapens when the "black block" breaks the cash machines in the banks? who gets hurt , really? im getting skeptacle of the "black block" and how they are being romantisized in some of the media as "the stars of the show"

but, some of the protest is certainly valid...but gets lost in the shuffle of passo livre
Indentured Servitude, Slave Labor, and Ideological Error
written by Lloyd Cata, September 01, 2013
Joao, I really appreciated your post, on the 'attitude' of the Brazilian medical community. Very informative, and I intend to follow that thread...(?)

Since it is so difficult to find my former comments in Brazzil archives, I repeat; "The sick or injured person does not care about the "ideology" of the doctor who makes him well(!!!) The parents do not care about the "ideology" of the teacher who teaches their children to read and count(???) If you wish to 'heal' according to ideology you will find yourself in the same place as the US; great "ideological medicine"($$$), and little left for the people(ObamaCare)[.]

So that we don't mistake ignorance for illiteracy; maybe Brazil should consider hiring US medical personnel, because obviously their 'debts' to get that MD-degree has now subjected them to a period of "indentured servitude" to various 'lenders' before they become employable(much less profitable to the people). Yet, you would get "inexperienced doctors" for which Brazil would be paying their enormous debts(?) Perhaps they will bring their "capitalist ideology" also, in which case you wind up exactly where you are; "rich capitalist doctors" who care less for those of lesser means(.) An "ideological error" of that magnitude would certainly threaten not only your health but your democracy(...?)

B-b-but there is much to be considered, because most of that 'fine booty' that Asp is sooo fond of, probably didn't have medical care either(...!) Which says much for "ancient/homeopathic" remedies(...) After all, much of that 'illness' came from Ricardo Amaral's ancestry, huh? Sadly, it is still coming from that direction, the form of ignorance(*)

No matter who gets 'paid', there is a price for everything. The question is what you get for the money(?) For Brazil, as you will find in my earlier statements, health and education is cheaper to import than to produce, but if you follow the bankrupt ideology of imperialists then you will certainly wind up where you were; "bankrupt, sick, and illiterate"...(?) Which is exactly when the "generalissimos" will convince you they can do better(!...)

"An education is only as good as the Truth of the matter" - There was once a time that the US Peace Corps was a noble institution that 'cared' for the people around the world(?) We know what happened once the "imperialist ideology" of the CIA infected that institution; (*!*) Don't you find Mr. Cretz to be an "interesting individual"? But certainly, Amb. John Negroponte is more to the liking of despots and dictators. "Regime Change" is in his DNA smilies/shocked.gifsmilies/angry.gifsmilies/shocked.gif
written by asp, September 02, 2013

you need to wake up, cata...the sick and injured should care about the quality of medical care that comes from an ideology that trumpets to the heavens how incredible its health care is but in reality is horrible for poor and black people in cuba

wake the fuk didnt beleive the syndicates could pay people, i brought in the truth...they did...the "black bloc" paid people to cause vandilism...mst paid people to protest at the american consulate in 9/11

people who go around touting socialised medicine , better make sure the poor people receiving it arnt suffering...poor people deserve quality medical treatment also

and what good is an education if it is marxist? that is just a bulls**t education

you better quit worrying about the fine booty im seeing that you arnt and educate yourself about the truth of far leftest red flaggers these days...they are open for business and have their own beaurocracy that just suks...they sure fooled your @ss
written by asp, September 02, 2013
"A relative of a Cuban slave doctor, who was sent by the Castro regime to work in Angola, have sent me copy of a recent e-mail he received where the doctor explains how the Castro brothers exploit those who are forced to abandon their families and go work in foreign countries.
The name of the doctor has been omitted for obvious reasons. Here is a translation of what he said:
"Let me explain how the contract works. The Angolan government pays Cuba US$10,000 monthly for each doctor, but from that total, the Cuban government pays Angola's Ministry of Health US$6,000 per month to guarantee our housing and transportation. We have to pay for our own food. Of the US$4,000 left we only receive US$600, but 30% of the $600 is paid to an account in Cuba. I spend about US$150 buying food that I have to cook myself and if you check the phone bill, it cost around US$40 to call Cuba. As you can see, it is not easy."
Note - According to the relatives, the 30% that is paid in Cuba is in CUC Convertible Cuban Pesos that are worthless outside of Cuba.
Based on this breakdown, Cuba is receiving US$4,000 net after expenses for each doctor. The Cuban government pays US$420 ($600 less 30%) to the doctor and 180 CUC, go to an account in Cuba.
And the difference, approximately US$3,400, goes to the pocket of Castro & Castro Slave Traders Unlimited.
Some exiled doctors that I've talked to believe that the figure that the Cuban government pays for the "housing and transportation" seems high and is probably what the government told the doctor.
If that's the case, the difference that goes to the Castro brothers pockets could be even higher.
Multiply that by the thousands of Cuban doctors who are currently working in foreign countries and you can understand why Forbes lists Fidel Castro as one of the world's richest dictators.
Next time you hear one of those foreign ignorant talking about the "generosity" of Cuba's leaders in "sharing" thousands of Cuban doctors to help the poor and the needy around the world, show them this letter."

this is what joao is talking about , Cata...wake up !!
So Sad....
written by Lloyd Cata, September 02, 2013
The 'syndicates' and the 'black bloc' are going to destroy Brazil(!) What the hell happened to the FARC and the 'mouse'(?)

Sorry snake, but methinks Brazil is more interested in what Obama will do to 'explain' why he is snooping on Dilma's phone calls...(?) I'm sure he has every reason now that the Cuban doctors are arriving, huh?

However, anything to fragment Brazilieros will be welcome news in Washington. How else are we to sell all those surplus guns from Iraq/Afghanistan? Don't you want to be "the power" in South America?

Your 'proof' is like the proof of Assad's Sarin attack, provided by spies and Zionists. Who benefits from Assad attacking his own people when he could have used 'his' WMD on the rebel commanders(...?) See, it is the 'proof' of Vietnam, the 'proof' of Iraqi WMD, the 'proof' given to ignorant people who depend on MSM to tell them what to think. Who are these syndicates that hire the 'black bloc' to destabilize Brazil? Is Raul Castro or Putin paying them? Where is this proof that is sensationalized in the media, that pretends now to oppose the generals that brought them fortunes?

"Destabilization" is the game, "by any means necessary", and sadly for the low-life snakes in the world 'the people' all over the world can see who is the real enemy. Playing the "race card" is too late, snake(!) You will not 'divide' Brazil by race...(!) The demonstrations are in every region of the nation. Making this a "black bloc" racist agenda has now exposed the belly of the snake, and I would be very surprised if your racist theories are any more welcome than your capitalist theories which have provided a rich history of tyranny and death to the rest of the world. Be careful out there, ...and keep your passport handy, because somehow I suspect your real purpose in Brazil, and in this forum is not in the interest of your 'hosts'...(!)
The Economics of Slave Labor
written by Lloyd Cata, September 02, 2013
That's quite a detailed breakdown of the economic conditions of Cuban doctors working around the world. I can understand why they don't go back to Cuba smilies/cheesy.gif

Yet, I am more interested in why Angola delivers better medicine to its people than how long those doctors are willikng to work for 'slave wages'. Does Fidel kill their family if they 'defect' to the West? Some do, you know? Perhaps YouTube will provide you with the 'slave conditions' of US interns, but you've probably seen enough episodes of Grey's Anatomy to figure it out, ...the 72-hour shifts, the low pay, the debts that put them on public transportation.

Forget just doctors, you realize that millions of Americans are trying to get a "living wage" because the gangsters on Wall Street have ripped off the entire US population, less the greediest 2%? Don't you want to explain to your friends that the economic pain must be "exported" to make the US people appear to be rich? But the biggest swindle is yet to come. Remember that $4T that the US Chairman(no not that one) Bernanke printed? Well, let's just say a lot of $20 bills will be coming your way, huh? What do you know about that, huh? Those leaky cabanas are just cover for a snake with your economic skills. Too bad there are no Cuban doctors who can afford them, and worse that you cannot rent them to the US doctors that Mr. Obama is sure to send to recompense Dilma for the insult to her, and all Brazilieros privacy. Watch the "special stethescopes" because you never know what they are really listening to...(?)
written by João da Silva, September 02, 2013

this is what joao is talking about , Cata...wake up !!

Ah tell ya. I spent almost an entire hour writing a comment (on the Cuban slave doctors) in mah broken English.It was uploaded fr sure. After a couple of hours, it disappeared.smilies/shocked.gif. Aint sure if our distinguished fella blogger Doc.L.C. got to read it (or has he been appointed as the new "Censor-in-Chief" for this blog). You say your 5 comments were removed & Simp has been complaining about it also.smilies/angry.gif

So dear fellas, we will meet again in the blog of Kiribati Times. Too many exciting things happening in that tiny nation.smilies/cool.gif
venomous asp kicking
written by Simpleton, September 03, 2013
Other than the usual cyberf_ck / viral attacks and puissant database corruption in brazzil, suggestion is not to leave it to your automated background machinations to clear out your cache, cookies, temp files, etc., etc., etc.. Do all that intentionally, reboot, then open the sister site directly, hit the home page button to get to the recent articles, post something, close the browser, come back to this site, give someone a "+" for their comment (don't ever ever give anyone a "-", it's seriously frowned upon in addition to being impolite), close everything out, come back in a about a day or two and now you can probably post again if your internet service isn't as crappy as mine. Always copy and paste your comment to a text file before hitting the Add Comment button if you'd like to have a chance of retrying to say the same thing when s**t's not not working. (Double negative intended.)
written by asp, September 03, 2013
same thing happened to me, joao, and just happened now...



written by João da Silva, September 03, 2013

venomous asp kicking

Thank you so much for your instructions, Simp. Too much hassle. I am going to blog in "Kiribati Times". I bet their circulation and advertisement revenue will increase tenfold after I start posting my comments. smilies/cool.gif
written by João da Silva, September 03, 2013

There is another thing that bothers me about the Cuban doctors, ASP. Ah don't know if you remember Cel. Hugh Chavez (I know you didn't like him much, but never mind). But...but...but.. he went to Havana to get treated by them & ended up in a Mausoleum at a tender age. smilies/sad.gif

As far as I am concerned, I like to be attended by the Brasilian doctors at SUS (preferably by "Lady" Doctors and Nurses). smilies/cool.gif.

open horizons
written by Simpleton, September 03, 2013
By all means joao, expand your horizons. You've haven't been getting your stipend for stimulating the exceedance of 100 comments on an article here for quite some time. What's Kiribati Times offering you to bring in the traffic?

asp, SLAM DUNK!!! (but you probably didn't need to yell, LC cunt hear ya anyway), Let's go fishing sometime, maybe make it an annual tradition we can call "GALS AND GILLS" (no mouth breathers allowed).
oblivious to attack
written by Simpleton, September 04, 2013
Clearly the database has had to be rolled back many times recently / many good posts have become "erased". Some that I have made that actually "stuck" are likely to have been taken completely out of context because the prior ones "disappeared" after having been present. I wish Joao and Ricky would stop doing that but it's just "Too much hassle."

Question for Eddy: Is the Gazprom pipeline from Uzbekistan and Iran that runs through northern Iraq and Syria feeding the euro dependency port in the mediterranean still functioning? LC is not entirely off the wall, it is an imperialist agenda but not Eua's. Dear Assad, just park your assets on top of or within 3 meters of it, declare a "new Syria" zone and no one will reach out and touch you until the end of your days. The whole world, especially your Iranian brothern would prefer that over the "errant" strikes if you refuse and move forward / try to do a run and hide since "apparently" there's no dead Kurds to stop you.

Just my (WMD based====>) humble opinion.
written by João da Silva, September 04, 2013

I wish Joao and Ricky would stop doing that but it's just "Too much hassle."

Holy Sheisse, Simp. I posted a comment to you,L.C & ASP re this Syrian Business and it disappeared. Now you are blaming Ricky & me? smilies/sad.gif Maybe Rickey's comments also disappear.smilies/angry.gif You think we both are also in the Sheisse-list?smilies/tongue.gif

But...but...but.. you made a point on Syria in your latest comment. For this I press Green Plus.smilies/tongue.gif
written by João da Silva, September 04, 2013

LC is not entirely off the wall, it is an imperialist agenda but not Eua's.

Quite a thought provoking statement, Simp. If it is not the agenda of E.U.A., who are these rascals who control the "Empire"? If you come out clean and share your thoughts with us, I might be able to persuade ASP, to let you spend a couple of nights in his leaky cabana free of charges during the next winter (our).smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif
I will
written by Simpleton, September 05, 2013
watch as many sunrises and sunsets, the changing of the colors of the leaves in the temperate forest as I may be blessed to see this fall. Another winter will not see me there but thanks for the offer to help twist asp's nutshack.

In answer to your question, I will defer to our middle east expert Eddy and financier specialist ch.c. a.norlina will give us the inside view low down (and dirty) poop on everyone's "calculus".

But, but, ... but, it's not my will that counts. Never has, never will. Did you see the O (my God) Globo clip on the Black Bloke Bust (BBB???) the other day?
written by João da Silva, September 05, 2013

watch as many sunrises and sunsets, the changing of the colors of the leaves in the temperate forest as I may be blessed to see this fall.

A great quote, Simp. Poetry seems to be one of your umpteen hidden talents.smilies/smiley.gif

In answer to your question, I will defer to our middle east expert Eddy and financier specialist ch.c. a.norlina will give us the inside view low down (and dirty) poop on everyone's "calculus".

Passed the buck to others. A born diplomat.smilies/tongue.gif

But, but, ... but, it's not my will that counts. Never has, never will. Did you see the O (my God) Globo clip on the Black Bloke Bust (BBB???) the other day?

No I did not.The TV news are very shallow and mostly one sided. In these days of Internet, we have "alternative media" to get the news, including from the people on the "ground" like ASP, L.C., friends and relatives.smilies/cheesy.gif

I am really looking forward to our Spring as this winter has been a bit cold & wet to my liking and besides to get rid of my Cold.

Eyesight clearly in decline
written by Simpleton, September 06, 2013
Or is it lack of "Aye"sight like the POTUS is now admitting to. Intersting to see how those who have long been labeled as the hawks are being the doves and the doves have revealed their hawkishness.

Sorry OM but the first time I read your broken English I though you were saying you liked the wet & cold along side you to get rid of your gold.

Let us not mess with what is not ours to mess with. Reconstitute a no fly zone over northern Iraq and another over Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Cut off Gazprom and let the chips fall where they may. All sides will come together in unanimity.
written by João da Silva, September 06, 2013

Eyesight clearly in decline

Ah aint going to let my friends' eyesight in decline.smilies/angry.gif What are friends for, Simp? So you better start using eye drops (colirio).Sistane 3 times a day and Timolol (.5%) twice a day. Ah aint too sure if they are prescription meds in the good ole U.S. of A.

Let us not mess with what is not ours to mess with. Reconstitute a no fly zone over northern Iraq and another over Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Cut off Gazprom and let the chips fall where they may. All sides will come together in unanimity.

Great comment, Simp. It makes sense (almost). Has to be ratified by Eddie, though. Sincerely hope the things settle down. I believe more in diplomacy.

written by Simpleton, September 07, 2013
Ya ya Dr Silva, if you had asked more questions before throwing prescriptions at it you might have learned that it was "Inner" eyesight that was in decline.

The "calculus" I laid out was intentionally set to say nobody is anybody's friend. It affords the US to "intervene" without any direct attack and collateral damage therefrom by cutting off the inbound munitions and major equipment. It will piss the heck out of the EyeRainians, Russians (who had 4.3 billion in sales to Assad last year) and the Ur-a-peeings that won't / can't get it to gether and get involved in any serious way because of the fear of the pipeline closure affects. All these imperialists won't have a choice but to come together and strive to make a real working solution. It will take time but until the pain is applied . . .
Mr. Simpleton and The Argentine Solution
written by Lloyd Cata, September 09, 2013
(very soothing formulation for those eye-sores from watching MSM nonsense)

Very insightful, Mr. Simpleton, recognizing the blinding mind-numbing propaganda that has no basis in what can be done and what will be done. I also salute the fact that you understand that neither has any relationship with what 'should-be-done'. Looking forward to your 'opinion' as worthy comment by those who understand the difference of opinion results from understanding the differences of "possibilities"(?) Nothing is impossible, ...we simply live in a world run by "impossible people", who can not imagine the possibilities for "others" other than themselves.

[It will take time but until the pain is applied...] - Simpleton

Quite right, ...and looking through history that 'pain' involves Blood&Treasure(!) Argentina has recently rejoined the monetary structure of the "Empire" after decades of pariah status(Chevron), but the terms are not what they were(?) The deal is one of possibilities and not of dictates, where the "Consequences of Success" are not hostage to the "Profits of Chaos"(!) Argentina has payed the price, and the pain, to be free of [_________], which doesn't mean they are not open for business, with 'new' possibilities.
And . . . .
written by Simpleton, September 11, 2013
Is this the proverbial "pregnant" pause? Nobody is really saying anything and nothing is happening in any observable way (two months worth??). Obama should have issued an executive order requiring all congressmen and senators to sit through the classified briefings with the result of who attended and who did not being made public. What they would and could be shown, none of us nor the ruskies nor any other party(icipants) will ever see but that's where and how I trust those elected to get their real story from and vote for my best interests accordingly. Just because it's "authorized" by those in the know (even if contrary to the uninformed populace's opinion) doesn't mean it has to be "executed". Will the "gimmes" now being signaled from Assad and company really suffice? Will the UN (UNactionable) report and follow-on tribunals really do anything (like they've never been known to be effectual at anywho)?
written by João da Silva, September 11, 2013

Great comments, Simp.

What they would and could be shown, none of us nor the ruskies nor any other party(icipants) will ever see but that's where and how I trust those elected to get their real story from and vote for my best interests accordingly

Elected officials voting for the best interests of those who elected them? It should be the case not only in your country but here too. It is interesting that one of the very few states in Brasil where the voters demand more action from their elected and selected officials is ours. Probably because of the higher literacy rate.smilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/grin.gif

Regardless, the ordinary Yanks did a great job by sending their "NO" message to their elected officials and the POTUS, without the "intellectuals" like Jane Fonda, Michael Moore, etc; leading the charge.smilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif
written by Simpleton, September 12, 2013
Yep, exactly right Joao, the illiterate naysayers chimed in and were counted while the rest just sat around expecting the current donkeys and ponies to do their damn job after their holidays and eventually say Yay. Left open is the LC list of "possibilities" that some will do "what should be done". Maybe after the next election hey?

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