Brazil's Lula Names the Blue-Eyed Bullies: US, UK and Spain

UK Prime Minister Brown and President Lula	On Saturday at the Progressive Governance summit in Chile, Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva told representatives of the United States, Britain and Spain they had a major responsibility for causing the global economic crisis.

"My dear Gordon Brown, my dear Biden, my dear Zapatero, unfortunately you are more responsible (for the downturn)," he said, addressing them directly.

His statement was in line with previous quotes when he received Prime Minister Brown in Brasí­lia and claimed the financial crisis was caused by "white, blue-eyed people," and not by "blacks, poor or indigenous peoples."

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, US Vice President Joe Biden and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero were attending the Progressive Governance Summit in the Chilean seaside resort of Vií±a del Mar along with other world leaders.

Brown is engaged on a world tour to seek consensus on financial strategies ahead of next week's Group of 20 (G20) Summit in London. In a conciliatory tone, Biden later admitted that his country knows it has a shared responsibility for the crisis.

"We understand we share a responsibility. Some of you suggest we are primarily responsible, but regardless of your perspective, we understand we share a real responsibility," Biden said.

Center-left leaders gathered in Chile agreed that they would demand from next week's G20 summit the imposition of urgent cross-border regulations regarding the financial sector, climate change and social protection.

"We cannot run the risk of postponing profound structural solutions" said Lula.

Biden agreed. "Forbearance is not an option. Some of our colleagues around the world seem to think that forbearance may be the answer. Well, we will not stand down in our country until we reverse the negative trends in jobs and incomes that exist within our country - and in many of yours, all of yours, quite frankly," he said.

The US and the European Union do not agree on how to handle the global recession.

Washington advocates pumping much more stimulus money into the economy, and is urging a reluctant Europe to do the same. But Europe, with its extensive social safety net, says such high investments are neither desirable nor possible.

In Chile, Brown, Biden, Zapatero and Lula joined Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and presidents Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of Argentina and Tabare Vazquez of Uruguay, as well as the host, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet.

On Saturday, Lula demanded immediate measures to prevent a crisis in the markets for energy and food as a result of the severe global economic downturn.

At the same round-table discussion, Brown stressed that markets cannot be expected to regulate themselves and noted that cross-border regulations are required on all global issues.

Biden added: "The most important thing we can do during this whole process - and it's going to begin at the G20 - is to reset the rules of the road; to have common sense oversight that keeps us from getting back into the same spot we're in 10 years from now."

Mrs. Kirchner complained that the current financial system is in a state of chaos. "It is a world without rules," she said.

The group of progressive leaders further said that huge resources are required to help the world's poorest countries deal with the crisis, through institutions like the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank, for example.

Biden's Latin-American Tour

United States Vice President Joe Biden is on a four-day trip to Central and South America for meetings he said represent a "new day" for partnerships in the Americas.

Biden made the remark in an opinion piece that was published by many newspapers in Latin America Friday, coinciding with Biden's arrival in Chile for meetings with Latin American leaders.

The leaders gathered in Chile and Costa Rica to discuss common interests and challenges ahead of a Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and Tobago next month.

Biden said nations are interconnected and have a duty to work together. He called for partnerships to help solve the global economic crisis, fight illegal drug and weapons smuggling, battle climate change and promote democracy.

The Chilean conference, hosted by Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, includes leaders of progressive, or center-left, countries. Leaders from Britain, Norway, Spain, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay are also attending.

Organizers of the progressive governance meeting hope to craft ideas that can be presented at the G-20 summit in London next month. Biden then travels to Costa Rica for a meeting with Central American leaders.

Below is the full text of the vice president's opinion piece:

A New Day for Partnership in the Americas

Next month, President Obama will travel to Trinidad and Tobago to meet his colleagues from across the Western Hemisphere at the Summit of the Americas. In advance of that historic meeting, I am traveling to Central and South America to consult with Latin American leaders gathered in Chile and Costa Rica about the Summit and the challenges faced by the people of the Americas. These meetings are an important first step toward a new day in relations and building partnerships with and among the countries and people of the Hemisphere.

The President and I understand that only by working together can our countries overcome the challenges we face. Today, we are more than just independent nations who happen to be on the same side of the globe. In today's interconnected world, we are all neighbors who face many common concerns.

The current global economic crisis has touched virtually all of us - every country, every community, every family. Citizens everywhere are searching for answers, looking for hope - and turning to their leaders to provide them. It is our duty as global partners to heed their calls, to together forge a shared solution to a common problem.

Our Administration is taking several steps to make this happen. Our Congress has approved the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which is designed to promote job creation and to set a course for growth for the next generation. The President has proposed a budget designed to set a foundation for the economy of the future, with important investments in health care, education, and energy. And we are working with our partners in the G-20, who meet next week in London, on a coordinated plan to ensure recovery and restart growth, and to reform the international regulatory and supervisory system to ensure that no such crisis occurs again.

Rekindling the U.S. economy and ensuring that international financial institutions serve the interests of the people are particularly important for the Americas. Our economic interconnection means that a robust U.S. economy is good for the hemisphere and can become an engine for bottom up economic growth and equality throughout the region.

The economy isn't the only challenge requiring our cooperation. We also face dual challenges of security – both for our countries and for the individuals who inhabit them. Our countries are plagued by gang violence and the illegal trafficking of weapons and narcotics.

In the United States, we need to do more to reduce demand for illicit drugs and stem the flow of weapons and bulk cash south across our borders. We applaud Mexico's courageous stand against violent drug cartels, as well as Colombia's anti-drug efforts, but we know that they will have the side effect of pushing traffickers into Central America. We will build on the Merida Initiative – started last year under President Bush – to assist Mexico and the Central American nations in a joint effort to confront that threat head-on. The drug trade is a problem we all share and one whose ultimate solution we must devise together.

Consistent with the Inter-American Democratic Charter, we must also focus on building and encouraging strong democracies, where basic fairness, social equality, and a deep respect for human rights and the rule of law are the guiding principles of everything we do. Democracy is about more than elections; it's about strong, transparent governance and a thriving civil society. It is also about addressing as effectively as possible the challenges of poverty, inequality and social exclusion

We recognize that the United States is still striving to meet its constitutional goal of forming a "more perfect union" and that we have in the past, fallen short of our own ideals. But we pledge every day to honor the values that animate our democracy, and to lead by example. This is why, on his third day in office, the President ordered the closure of the detention center at Guantanamo Bay.

Finally, we all face the threat to our planet posed by the changing climate, and, so, we share the need to develop clean energy sources to combat - and reverse - this critical threat. The President and I are deeply committed to leading in the development of an urgent and coordinated response to climate change. Working as partners, we must harness the potential of green energy in a way that protects our planet for future generations, while also catalyzing economic growth for the generations of today.

As we face these threats and as we confront the most serious economic crisis in generations, the countries of the Hemisphere must look forward. And we must work together, as partners, to give our citizens hope that brighter days lie ahead.



0 #21 AL Mula bin LulaShelly1 2009-04-09 07:43
Al Mula bin Lua, the Teflon president is short on three things:

1) Intelligence
2) Height
3) Number of fingers

8) ;-) :D ;-)
0 #20 I thought it was against the law to make racial comments in Brazil ?????Freemon Sandlewould 2009-04-05 13:27
Well ? Isn't it? Will I go to jail if I use the word "preto" ? Milk the white man. That is all this is...... bone headed Brazilian journalists are leftist just like in the USA.
0 #19 JDforrest allen brown 2009-04-03 03:25
Eliot Spitzer
should keep talking he has nothing to loose now!!!!!!!!!!!

did you ever here of one of thoes high priceds hookers ever being
gone after by the IRS ????

or even being deported
0 #18 Shelly 1: The world Zionist stole all our moneyJACK DANIELS 2009-04-01 12:59
Google Hank Greenberg, aipac, AIG and Eliot Spitzer.
It seems that Israel, Hank Greenberg. AIPAC, and the Neocons were partners in a scheme to defraud the world and that they played the biggest role On Wall Street.
I don't know if it is true, but it seems that Israel and Wall Street schemed up these tricks and Eliot Spitzer got several thousand complaints about it when he zeroed in on him. It was Spitzer, against all the forces in the white house and Tel Aviv, who forced Greenberg out. However, the Mosad along with their Washington Prostitution Ring run by Abahmoff set him up. If Eliot Spitzer had gone further and exposed the group, the crash would have taken place earlier.

Thanks for your references.They explained a lot of the nitty gritty.
0 #17 Government for the peopleJACK DANIELS 2009-04-01 12:47
Senor da Silva

There are lots of shit governments out there and all around the world. The criteria for good government happens to be government dedicated to the welfare of its civilization and its people. Period!

Plato defined 5 kinds of governments in his Republic and the most evil of all was Democracy. I have had enough experience in government to know that even in a democracy, government can be helpful to civilization and to its people. However, All governments have that capacity to be good to its people. But, for the most part, Democracy is shit. In it's history, it has proven to be a scam or ponzi scheme of the rich to depredate other nations for its own agrandizement. Democracy tends to enslave its people and ultimately the world. It behaves like a vampire with a never ending appetite for blood and wealth and invisible power. It creates competition between mother and son and father and daughter and destroys all for the bottom line, the dollar.It is the force that will destroy this world.

It should be remembered that there is a difference between forms of government and economic systems and that all forms of government seem to have a capacity to be communistic although democracy ignores this rule in favor of depredation of its neighbors.All forms of government also can be detrimental to civilization and to its people. However, When nations go communistic, they can also become highly civilized and self-sufficient whereas democracies will never be. Democracies need always to own your land and your raw materials and your wealth whereas other forms of government with communist economic systems can work with what they have. A sensible model was the USSR which really wanted no markets open to the west. That is how it should be. The idea of opening up your market to Wall STreet is insanity.
0 #16 Jack DanielsJoão da Silva 2009-04-01 08:43
And as for government, I am diametrically opposed to the American government. As for other governments, they are not my concern. This government has to go...that is what I will work for. These Republicans and Democrats have to suffer the consequences of their crimes.
What sort of alternative form of Government are you proposing for the U.S., Mr.Daniels? Even though other governments are of no concern to you, are you proposing multi party system of government as we have in Brasil?

The articles published in the other site remain for a longer time and hence attracts more readers and commentators.

Both our distinguished American bloggers Forrest and ASP have made some interesting entries in the other site and it would be nice if you read them at the following link:
0 #15 Read about America's biggest scam against the worldShelly1 2009-04-01 08:01
Dirty Dozen

The Big Takeover

Say NO to the American Bailout~
0 #14 FAB:JACK DANIELS 2009-04-01 06:56
Ted Stevens, Alaskan Senator, convicted of corruption was released by the government because of Prosecutorial mishandling.

The Bush Administration fired a lot of Federal Attorney's because of their honest pursuit of the rule of Law.

It appears that in Ted Stevens case, Eric Holder made the decision for the same reasons I am complaining above.

My complaint above is that Organized Crime looted the world while the cities of America were hood-winked with local prosecutions like our state Senator, Fumo. Wall Street or casino capitalism caused a great catastrophe and hurt billions of people by luring states into a Ponzi Scheme even after the Federal Government was alerted a thousand times that it was going on.

Now that the crooks have disappeared, a new set of crooks in the Obama administration are trying to convince everyone that we should all work together to fix what went wrong. The way to fix what went wrong is to get to the bottom of the crimes committed on Wall Street, AMERICAN ISRAELI [SPY] GEHENNA [AIG], THE BANKS ETC. That is the way to fix it. This administration wants to ignore America's crimes and pretend that it is at the forefront of a major fix. On top of that, it refuses to address oversight, the banks, the hedge funds, Wall street, and the victims. No, we should all pretend that the world's welfare collapsed through no fault of anyone's?

That is why London is a firestorm of protest against capitalism and the US president and George Bush and the Republican Free Traders who destroyed the lives of millions. It all falls at the doorstep of an evil government who claims that the Government should not be involved in Banks or in Wall Street because government is the problem. Yet, these same frauds had no problem using the law to cover up their crimes while they ignored every law that got in their way and harmed and killed millions of people on this earth doing it. I am not going to ignore any of that nor will I forget what was done. I was hurt just as badly as most countries who were engaged in the stock market. The republicans ruined it all for billions of people while they prosecuted local figures throughout America to divert their attention from the real crimes.

Obama shouldn't be allowed to cover it all up...the torture, the ponzi schemes, the crimes against the world, the war, etc.

And as for government, I am diametrically opposed to the American government. As for other governments, they are not my concern. This government has to go...that is what I will work for. These Republicans and Democrats have to suffer the consequences of their crimes. Nothing short of that will make me happy. I am not here as an apologist for America.She has no shame. Just like my local leader was prosecuted, I want these criminals from Bush on down to these congressman prosecuted for thier crimes.

It makes me sick to see leaders of other nations like Lula even talking with these jerks either in Chile or in England. They don't care about people. You can see that in Gaza. They don't care about us. But most of all, they don't care about the Rule of Law. Not the PResident, not the Senators, not the Congressmen...not anyone in the American Government. We even have guys here fighting an undeclared war against the people of columbia in violation of the Rule of Law.

The only way to make it right [for me] is to voice my opposition. That is the first step. My voice needs to be sung throughout the world. That is my way of making this government honest.
0 #13 need to end the free ride forrest allen brown 2009-04-01 05:34
stop beating up each other and work on government , DONT RELECT ANY ONE .
put crooked cops and politicans in jail for ever ,or until they spill the beans on the who ,when ,where ,how
they got the money or drugs .

the rich countries can send tons of money to poor countries BUT unless there is some sort of oversight
and recepts on how and where the money is spent , the governments get richer and the poor are to blame
look at the oil for food program irqu had the UN leader son took the money and sent wepons not a thing was done to him or his dad.
look at the dukes in Haiti robed them for years .
why no oversight .

JD you talk but have you been in the mud here as of late !!! many things are not black and white as they should be
it is like saying it is easer to eat in front of a hungry fat kid than a skinny one

simple enforce the laws on every one the same way
no matter whom they are , but you will have to kill the good old boy sindrome
0 #12 João da Silva 2009-03-31 14:54
What do they really fact ?
Não sei. Vc sabe?

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