FEBRUARY 95 BRAZZIL  - News from Brazil cover

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Cover story: The Cardoso era starts (p. 8)

Weber is king (p. 11)

Inauguration address (p. 16)

All the president's men (p. 18)

Brasília's new style (p. 22)

Back to the Alvorada (p. 23)

Privatize now (p. 25)

Short story: One by Edla Van Steen (p. 29)

Visa lottery rules (p. 34)

Getting ready for casinos (p. 35)

The boy from Rio (p.37)

Travel: Ceará, much more than sun and sand (p. 39)

Let's sambalanço (p. 42)

Collor's farce and tragedy (p. 54)


Rapidinhas (p. 6)

Letters (p. 14)

Brazilian Notas (p. 44)

The Cultural Pulse (p. 46)

Por aí (p.47)

Classifieds (p. 49)

U.S.A. Calendar (p. 50)

That's Brazilian (p. 52)

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