JULY 95 BRAZZIL  - News from Brazil cover

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Cover story: Oil monopoly - the beginning of the end (p. 8)

Rio & Sao Paulo: the mayors' story (p. 6)

Borrowing from English (p.18)

Not those high interests! (p.19)

Saving the Amazon and its people (p.21)

Our music on the information highway (p.22)

Arnóbio, the Minas star (p.24

Book Review: Telles Ribeiro's latest (p. 25)

Short story: One by Machado de Assis (bilingual) (p. 29)

Paulo Coelho , the best-seller wizard (p. 35)

Travel: Bahia tale - Chapter 1 (p. 40)

Music: A new biting reggae (p. 41)

Writer profile: The Saramago magic (p.54)


Rapidinhas (p. 6)

Letters (p. 14)

Brazilian Notas (p. 45)

The Cultural Pulse (p. 46)

Por Aí (p. 47)

Classifieds (p. 49)

U.S.A. Calendar (p. 50)

That's Brazilian (p. 52)

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