JUNE 95 BRAZZIL  - News from Brazil cover

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Cover story : What do Brazilian women want? (p.8)

Gays on the mainstream (p.12)

Statesman Cardoso visits the US (p.16)

Ouro Preto: the Getty Connection (p. 19)

Why can't they speak Portuguese? (p. 21)

Cláudio's & Mariela's US adventure (p. 23)

Short stories: 4 by 4 women writers (p. 29)

Counseling: Fátima's way (p. 33)

Music: Never a Gal like this (p. 36)

Travel: Alagoas: you don't know what you're missing (p. 39)

Music: Bosco: back in the USA (p. 42)

South of the border literature (p.54)


Rapidinhas (p. 6)

Letters (p. 14)

Brazilian Notas (p. 46)

The Cultural Pulse (p. 47)

Por aí (p. 47)

Classifieds (p. 49)

U.S.A. Calendar (p. 50)

That's Brazilian (p. 52)

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