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Vou escrever em português, consigo me expressar muito melhor. Alguém poderia fazer o favor de traduzir? (não com babelfish e similares, pelamordedeus... hehe)

Com toda a repressão que os EUA e outros países do mundo aplicam sobre o consumo de drogas, a situação está praticamente fora de controle. Os índices são bem melhores na Holanda, onde a maconha é liberada e a repressão parece não ser tão forte.

Ora, não seria talvez a mesma coisa que a lei seca? Não foi a lei seca que induziu que vários mafiosos fossem criados? Não acontece a mesma coisa agora, com os famosos Zé Pequenos da vida?

Penso que as drogas deveriam ser legalizadas sim, taxadas com duros impostos e fiscalizadas fortemente pelo governo para manter a "qualidade".

Não pensem que eu sou a favor do consumo de drogas, até bebidas eu odeio.

E aí, o que vocês acham?

Lucas, um usuário convicto (mas não fanático) de Macintosh

Total Posts: 39 | Joined Dec. 2002 | Posted on: 8:32 pm on Dec. 29, 2002 | IP

Well Lucas, the only way I can read your post is with such as babelfish (I just happen to use systrans) but do get the general sense of what you are posting.

Anyway, I fully agree that access to drugs should all be legalized. With perhaps a small amount of red tape so the very young can't pick it up on every street corner, but with a type of access that takes all of the profit out of any dealing of drugs. Rather liberal in other words.

Countries have created their own war on drugs with their short sighted laws. Created an atmosphere where dealing in drugs is a very profitable activity. If that profit were suddenly jerked out from under the industry, the 'war' would collapse the next day.

I do not however believe in government subsidized drugs such as I hear about in England who has problems of its own. Main thing being, get the government out of it entirely as much as possible. With no more control than those given cigarettes.

If a person is dumb enough to use drugs, no law of the government is going to stop them. That has been proven time and again. Drug education in the early schools would be a better answer, IMO, and then forget about this 'war' on drugs.

On a side note. One drug that is banned and outlawed in most countries is the coca leaf. Which per Harvard University botanical studies (see the work of Richard Schultes - past director of Harvard's botanical center - and others) the leaf is actually nutritional and beneficial and not addictive at all. But a radical war is waged on the cultivation of that because cocaine can be extracted from it.

Make cocaine legal, with all of the attendent hazards known, and the leaf accessable with the benefits known, and let the government stop trying to act as if THEY are the only ones with the intelligence to know the difference. As is, they aren't doing much but creating a huge profit center anyway.

But then people such as you and I might be amazed at where a lot of this 'drug' money goes. What with the profit on drugs, the profit in the war on drugs, and attendant spin off's, politicians often don't have the motivation to stop the war on drugs. They prefer putting on linen gloves so they don't get their hands dirty when they get a 'contribution' to closing their eyes.



Total Posts: 21 | Joined Dec. 2002 | Posted on: 8:37 am on Dec. 30, 2002 | IP

I agree in theory but remember what country consumes the most illicit drugs...the US. What company or adventureous entreprenour would seriously consider marketing drugs like cocaine, heroin or marijuana in the US? They'd get sued out of existence in the first week. I don't think anyone is willing to risk that much capital. Lawyers are well on their way to making cigarettes unprofitable and now they are even going after McDonalds. What on earth would they do to these drug producers? Reality rains on all theoretical parades.

I have the best hair on this website.

Total Posts: 27 | Joined Dec. 2002 | Posted on: 11:34 am on Dec. 30, 2002 | IP

The Shovel Full Method of Drug and Related Crime Elimination.

I have always felt that not only should all drugs be legal... they should be free.

And as one of you mentioned, but excluding the very young.

The catch is that when you show up for your free
drug(s), you have to accept a shovel full of them or it.

What may happen is. No more money or profit in its sale/use. Stealing for drug money stops.

In the case of the USA, money does not go to foreign countries.

Drugged out people will stay home more and off the streets.

No more illicit dealers.

People can finally get enough of what they could not before. Some will actually quit...forever sick of the toxicity.

In the USA Prostitues will have no need to prostitute...well maybe a IS  the world's first profession... right???

Some will Over Dose and Die. Good riddance for societybut sad for their parents and friends and family.

Children will see people with max use of drugs and say "yeeeech, I don't want to deteriorate like that"; effectively making an educational system against the use of drugs.

Those on overdose get health care...when they arrive at the hospital they get another shovel full for being a stupid ass in the first place.

Jails empty, courts slow down, corruption worldwide diminishes, less crime and violence.

Those who can handle a Saturday night sniff or puff and can control themselves deserve to use it responsibly...if anyone can actually do that.

In a generation the drug problem, on its own may implode as youth are not lured in to its use.

Maybe, just maybe this method may have some merit.

The Shovel Full Method of World Wide Drug Erasure.

A side note. I lived in Rio...Copa...for 2 years...not once did I ever see drug use, sales, and never was I ever offered it...or any form of drugs; not even marijuana. Was that an unusual experience?

It seemed the B-Landers were having to much fun to waste time on that crap...


Kapa'a Kauai BeachHouse

Total Posts: 2 | Joined Dec. 2002 | Posted on: 11:51 am on Dec. 30, 2002 | IP
Down to Earth

All drugs should be legal, that way we would not get youngsters having to buy them from bent dealers on street corners. Also, people would know the exact contents and quantities of each individual dose and not risk death, lethal allergic reactions or contamination via some dodgy batch of ecstasy or something. Drug legalisation would also provide jobs and extra money in taxes for the government and yes is not always great but still better than making profit for some dealer who can’t care less about the user’s sake.

It’s ridiculous to assume that if drugs would be legal everyone would suddenly turn into junkies. Not everyone is an alcoholic, a chain smoker or hooked on glue.

How long can you stand NOT replying to my post?

Total Posts: 8 | Joined Jan. 2003 | Posted on: 7:59 pm on Jan. 1, 2003 | IP
Rene Hass

Lucas, eu concordo contigo. Também não sou a favor de drogas, quaisquer que sejam. Porém, acho um tanto de hipocrisia que num país em que talvez quatro de cada dez propagandas de TV sejam sobre bebidas alcóolicas e de cigarro, determinadas drogas sejam proibidas.

Façamos um teste: em uma segunda-feira, vamos pegar algum jornal de grande circulação e ler a crônica policial para tabular quantos acidentes de trânsitos e homicídios aconteceram no final de semana por causa de motoristas e homicidas bêbados e quantos aconteceram por que seus autores estavam chapados com maconha, por exemplo. Não deveremos ficar supresos se a maiorias dos motoristas e homicidas estavam com a cara cheia de cerveja e cachaça e nenhum estava chapado com maconha.

Penso que drogas menos pesadas como a maconha devem ser liberadas com uma carga tributária altíssima.

Rene Hass

Total Posts: 8 | Joined Jan. 2003 | Posted on: 10:10 pm on Jan. 8, 2003 | IP

Junior Member
I dont know about all drugs being legal, but I do know that a lot of places which lack laws simular to the US, also lack the drug problems.


Total Posts: 64 | Joined Dec. 2002 | Posted on: 2:02 am on Jan. 13, 2003 | IP

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