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        Isn't classism the bigger problem?
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Junior Member
Is seems to me that classism is the bigger problem, than racism in both Brazil and the U.S. as well as all of Latin America.
It is probably true that a lot of what is called racism is actually classism. And that a great deal of racism is spawned from classism.
For instance during the days of slavery in the United States the slaveholders purposely keep white servants and black slaves from each other. As Edward Morgan said at the time:

"The answer to the problem, obvious if spoken and only gradually recognized, was racism to separate dangerous free whites from dangerous black slaves by a screen of racial contempt."

The upper classes many time would keep the incoming immigrant groups into the U.S. separated. And would pay one group better wages or provide different types of jobs to one group and a different to another. This was to keep them competing with one another. Thus dividing and keeping them at odds with one another. We see many historical records where this was done consciously.
Racism has been used to divide groups who if united would be a severe threat to the rich power elite.
In the United States the top 1 percent control over 40 percent of the wealth, and in Brazil the 1 percent control around 53 percent of the wealth.
Though the majority of that 1 percent in the U.S. and in Brazil are white, not all are. The United States has a 25 percent poverty rate while Brazil's is much higher. A lot of those in poverty in both countries are white as well as black and other races.
Blacks in both countries are at an extreme disadvantage, because the ruling elite want things to remain as they are, and they hold a great amount of power to keep blacks down.
What has happened. To present the image that they have changed. They allow a small number of blacks and other minority to hold wealth and positions of power, while keeping the majority in the same conditions.
It makes me sick to see people such as black rappers or Jennifer Lopez flaunt their wealth while the majority of their people suffer injustice and lack of economic opportunities.
Another thing I have often wondered what would have happened if those seeking black empowerment would have taking on the cause of poor whites, as well as other poor ethnic groups. If they would have united all the peoples of the lower and middle class to fight for equal opportunity and justice for everyone.
Martin Luther King Jr. actually was doing this. This is why the FBI Director Jay Edgar Hoover referred to him as the most dangerous man in the U.S.. He was also the most affective in the black empowerment movement. He probably effected more change in the U.S., than any other man in U.S. history.
In my opinion classism is greatest cause of injustice in Brazil, in the U.S. and in the world. I would like to know what others think.

Peace and Justice for all

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Junior Member
I agree, classism is the problem not so much racism for Brazil, opposite is true for the US. A lot of immigrants have to deal with this when they move from Brazil to the US. For example, in Brazil they had a maid, and coming to America illegally, they are the maid. There are many people here now who have degrees from Brazil but because of their status, have to take up under-the-table jobs. The Brazilian elite that are here legally, through jobs at the consulate or whatnot, dont socialize with the lower people even though they may have the same education. Green card makes the difference...anyways, now Im getting off topic.


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I think this is one of those ideological differences that washes out in practice. Both systems are classist and racist. Brazilians are more uncomfortable talking about race and Americans about class.

Brazil is the country of the future and always will be!

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