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Subject: Info Belém - circa 1921?
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Hello Peoples,

Searching for info about Belém in 1921. Much trouble finding adequate maps, references etc. Perhaps someone here can help. Would appreciate it. Does anyone know:

(1) The name of the main street of Belém in 1921? Business area. Banks, hotels, etc..

(2) The name of the leading hotel in 1921?

(3) Was there a wharf or dock in 1921 on the Para River? I find reference to people using lighters to send luggage out to ships in 1910, but nothing after, and no indication of a wharf or dock. For freight or whatever. Yet I know Belém was a major shipping port for the Amazon back then.

(4) Which direction was/is the Tucunduba hospital from downtown Belém in 1921? I can find that it was 'about' 2 to 3 kilo's out, but not whether east, south or west. (I do know the river is North. :-)

(5) Was the Banco do Brasil the leading bank of Belém in 1921? If not, which, if you know.

Would appreciate anyone answering any or all of the above who knows the area and has some knowledge of its history.

Thanking you in advance. Sorry I don't speak Portuguese, perhaps one day soon.

P 1

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