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Subject: First hand experience using Brazilian Medical Plan
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I purchased the insurance, with international emergency coverage, in June,2002, and the premiums are only what I can dream of finding in the States. I did do some comparison shopping, and being self employed, comparable coverage would cost me $500-$600/ month here with less benefits instead of the $75-$85. Returning to Brazil in August, I decided to have a cyst removed from my knee that had been quite bothersome. Dr Adriano was extremely professional and thorough. Having trained in the States, he also spoke excellent English. I was given a comprehensive battery of tests before the surgery was scheduled, probably more than I would have been given here. The hospital and the quality of care rival anything I have seen at home. Everything went exactly as the doctor described, the surgery was painless and on time, and the people involved were great. Here, out of pocket, this same procedure would have cost me (just guessing, and I am usually low) $5000-$10,000. They performed an MRI, EKG, and numerous other blood and urine tests prior to surgery. Add in the anestisiologist, surgery room, hospital room, examinations and tests, surgeon fees, observation fees,biopsy, etc. Total out of pocket expenses? $0. I consider this to be the best investment I have ever made in my life. Please feel free to use me as a reference for this great idea. In America, health care costs have skyrocketed out of reach for many people, and this is definitely a viable alternative. Add in a weeks vacation in Rio, and it is priceless.

Randy B.
Elliijay, Ga.

Note: Randy can be contacted at

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