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Subject: moving to brazil-3

Posted by kmcbny
On Monday, January 24, 2000 at 18:28:51

What is the cost range of a studio or one bedroom in large cities such as rio, sao paulo and salvador? I've been looking in O Globo but everything there seems to be for sale. What are other associated fees such as electricity, water, telephone, gas, etc?
RE: moving to brazil-3
Posted by tomas
On Monday, January 31, 2000 at 14:12:23

The cost of the apartment is determined by its age and condition, its size, its location, the length of the lease, and how you find it, i.e. how well you negotiate. It can be dirt cheap or as expensive as in the US. The cheapest ones will be in quiet neighborhoods remote from the beaches.

The best leases are for thirty months.

You will need a local co-signer to get the best price, or will have to pay a huge deposit.

You will pay the condominum fee (which includes the water bill) as well as the gas bill and the electric bill. Don't expect to have a phone, and installing one is expensive.

In Rio, if you get a good studio apartment for $500-600 a month for everything, you are lucky. For that price you will have to take it for at least a year. You will get less of an apartment for this in Sao Paulo, and much more in Salvador.

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