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Subject: CRYING BOY. Did you ever see a tears in Brazil?

Posted by Michiel Keller
On Wednesday, May 17, 2000 at 15:18:59

CRYING BOY. Did you ever see a painting of the crying boy in Brazil?

Dear inhabitant of Brazil

I am Michiel keller, a 26 year old boy from Holland with a strange
I'd like to know everything about the replica's of the paintings of the
crying boy!
In holland a friend and I have a fanclub for 'crying boy' paintings!

They were very popular in the 70's in Holland. You can see examples of
them on the following sites: (our fanclub )

In a month I'll go to Brazil for holidays and I'd like to do some
research for my fanclub as well.
My question to you, I hope you can answer is, did you ever see a
reproduction of a crying boy in Brazil? Do you know if newspapers or
bookwriters wrote anything on this painting? Do you or does your
grandmother/aunt /friend/dad know anything about this painting?
Do you know a story around this picture? Do you like it or not?

I hope you know anything on this painting.
If I can help you in any way with some information, you can
always ask me of course as well!

For me (and my fanclub) any story around this painting(reproduction) is

Anyway also if you can't be of any help, I wish you a happy day
to you with lots of power, energy & love!
yours & happy greetings :)
Michiel keller

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