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Subject: Xuxa's WebSite

Posted by jh
On Tuesday, August 29, 2000 at 19:26:11

(To the <<OFFicial >>- the never updated and really timewasting Website):
Message from the (unOfficial) XuFaClub733
- from Nicoletta/aka Xunicky - FWD as is:
>Things get rolling?
Finally I was in "touch" with our "Madmazell"
& got "permission" (request!) to Post:
>From: "Nicoletta Gyorgyi" <> Save Address - Block Sender
To: Save Address
CC: Save Address
Subject: Fwd: Xuxa Advt.
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 21:57:44 EDT
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Something SHOULD be DONE!
Thanks for Bundy - MOST appreciated Xuxa Fan of August/2000
Pls feel free to Post anywhere and EVERYWHERE
also the following message To All:

From: "Nicoletta Gyorgyi" <>
Subject: Xuxa Advt.
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 23:11:21 EDT

.......Se você não puder responder - ENGLISH: a língua Internet do MUNDO - em APROVADO inglês. Mas isto É a terceira vez que nós ESTAMOS CONTATANDO. Se outra vez nenhuma resposta - publicise. Nossa pergunta original era:
1 / PORQUE o é NUNCA updated?
2 / é sua " " " mensagem portuguese " " é justa para pais de Portu - OU - ele incluido locais INGLESES de Xuxa TAMBÉM? não respondendo, VOCÊ será o!!!!!! dos losers E PESAROSO para XUXA.... você É uns webmaster/secretary MUITO unreliable. ESTA MENSAGEM... i f... não respondido imediatamente, SERÃO CONHECIDOS... P O S T E D... a TODO O Xuxa (restante) ventila em Anglo, em Portu, em Spano e em algumas MAIS línguas A L L sobre o INTERNET. f um s t ou carregam o consquencies.

////////if you are not COMPLETLY stupid or monolingual:
ANSWER this message!!!!!!!
--------->If you can NOT answer in English - the WORLD Internet Language - OK.
But this IS the THIRD time we are CONTACTING.
If again no answer - will publicise.
Our original question was:

1/ WHY the is NEVER updated?
2/ Is your Portuguese """Message"" is just for
Portu Sites - OR - DOES it include ENGLISH Xuxa Sites ALSO?
......By NOT answering, YOU will be the losers!!!!!!
And SORRY for XUXA .... you ARE a VERY unreliable webmaster/secretary.
THIS MESSAGE ... i f ... not answered immediately, will be
KNOWN ... P O S T E D ... to ALL (remaining) Xuxa Fans
in Anglo, Portu, Spano and a few MORE languages
A L L over the INTERNET.
.......REPLY f a s t or bear the consequencies.
***************** ALL:
We have several of the
ONLY English Language Xuxa CD
$15.00 (Mailing included)
Order while supplies last:
Then send payment (Cash only):
c/o Nicoletta S. Gyorgyi
Niagara Falls - Ontario
Xuxafans novo estala sobre:
/ para a tradução/
Other languages: we have translators/interpreters - address your snailmail letter to:
"XuFaClub 733 International"
Nicoletta S. Gyorgyi
POBOX 733 - Main
Niagara Falls/Ontario
L2E 6V5
KEEP (=do not erase) MY reply - just add your reply. Otherwise I do not know Who is who and I might be VERY late in reply - or never.
First time contacts: Please write about yourself, your attachment to Xuxa, and see for more Info the XuxaClub WebSites. (see below)


Se você responder, SATISFAÇA a mensagem original da licença SOBRE - não apague. Antes que você resposta, LER por favor todo o ifo e estalar sobre TODAS AS LINKs de: e/ou: / nós apreciamos também seu endereço do snailmail...

Click also on:
and follow LINKs
It would be appreciated if you write English - my Spanish and Portuguese are very limited ... just basic ... please write SHORT sentences ... not very complicated ... I also appreciate your snailmail address ... we ARE a SNAILMAIL Club ... Read you soon , about YOURSELF, XUXA and Paquitas and YCD Boys etc.! If you snailmail any magazine clips etc., I'll be thankful and return original within 2 weeks (just to make photocopies for our Xuxa Museum.}
Visit also - and sign in and CONTRIBUTE NEWS about Xuxa and other Xuxa HomePages at:
as I have seldom enough time to update the above XuFaClub Home Pages.
email your list; see our LIST and Notes at:
We prefer 2HRS-SP (Standard Speed) for better picture and
sound quality.
- We also:
BUY Xuxa Videos. Indicate list, speed, title, date and description.
Xuxa CD-s we do not sell. Copies on tape for exchange only
for Xuxa Photo or Magazin articles.
Read you soon:
Nicoletta /Xunicky/

----------->XuFaClub733" Video Collection:

- ADD to the LIST at

Love, Strange Love.
Amor, Estranho Amor
Xuxa Park Aug/98
Melhores Momentos (Several tapes)

Chispavision Xuxa Especial 1990-1998
Xuxa in Barcelona/Spain #1 & #2
Xuxa in MonteVideo/Uruguay
Sasha's first time in Xuxa Park

We BUY any ORIGINAL Xuxa Video (any language any system) - email your list/price to

email your list,
indicate your wish
snailmail your tape
(See address below)
any system (NSTC, PAL/M/, PAL/N/, SECAN
preferably SP (Standard Speed).

Indicate if your FULL or only Nickname is to be printed in
our next XuxaBook.
Snailmail address:
c/o Nicoletta S. Gyõrgyi
Niagara Falls - Ontario
L2E 6V5

RE: Xuxa's WebSite
Posted by lydia
On Thursday, August 31, 2000 at 11:14:08

Yes. Correrct. Let us here know News
RE: Xuxa's WebSite
Posted by lydia
On Thursday, August 31, 2000 at 11:14:15

Yes. Correrct. Let us here know News
RE: Xuxa's WebSite
Posted by Contat me!
On Sunday, September 03, 2000 at 19:22:47

I know several things.
Why dont YOU contat me
and be in tochh?
email me
RE: Xuxa's WebSite
Posted by Contat me!
On Sunday, September 03, 2000 at 19:22:58

I know several things.
Why dont YOU contat me
and be in tochh?
email me

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