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Subject: XuxaNewSite

Posted by Magda
On Friday, December 01, 2000 at 05:33:58

Message: redirects to a new Site
which, while exploring it, 3 times stopped
my connection, and I had to wait and restart.
What happened to the Old Site?
On the other hand,
(also new)

is pretty good!
RE: XuxaNewSite
Posted by joeheitz
On Monday, December 04, 2000 at 16:11:31

Hi Magda!
just received email from Xunicky:
>Hi jh:
Pls Post where-ever U find it necessary:
I didnt have Comptime to explore the new
(A bit confusing and much time-consuming)
... But my XuFans are sending
requests and want explanation. What's OK:
...let them do the clicking. But my SnailMail
ClubMembers deserve in my monthly Report
something more understandable.
WHERE are: Ye Olde XuFans???
And I was asked to update OUR
Unfortunately - I lost the Login
Passwords. So I'll - time permitting -
just open a NEW XuFaClub HomePage.
In the meantime I rcvd several NEW
I'll just add them to my PS.: To ALL
or see our other email addresses at:
Also, would appreciate your report on, new XuSites etc.
Até: Xunicky

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