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Subject: Search Top - Models

Posted by Daniella
On Tuesday, January 30, 2001 at 16:22:47

We search Top-Models for the European Escort Angels. We escort rich international Businesspeople & Proms. You look very nice, you like erotic & luxury life, you speak english, french or german? Send your application (inclusiv 2 Pics: portrait and whole body) to This Job has nothing to do whit prostitution - thats not my business, not my intension! OK. How much money?? Here the EscortAngelPricelist. 1hour 300$, 1day 1.500 $ an more, 1 week (travelescort) 5.000 $ an more, 2weeks 10.000 $ and more, and so on. 70 percent (%) is for you!

Best regards Daniella diMarco Vice-President

-- Daniella diMarco

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