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Subject: FBA (Fila Brasileiro Association)

Posted by budri
On Sunday, May 20, 2001 at 11:53:47

FBA (Fila Brasileiro Association) will organize one international fall circuit of Filas specialty conformation shows in 3th and 4th November, 2001. There will be being organized (04) four specialty Filas conformation shows, (01) Junior Showmanship, (01) Sweepstakes, (01) Temperament Test, and (01) Black Filas Grand Parade. The showgrounds will be located in Fort Worth, TX.

This dog breed is very well known in Brazil as an excellent working and guard dog of properties. FBA (Fila Brasileiro Association) divulgues the breed in all the world and publish a newsletter three times per year called FILADIGEST. There are FBA DELEGATES in various states of the United States, and also various FBA International Delegates in various countries.

If you are looking for a good protection and guard dog of properties, so you should know better this wonderful national dog breed from Brazil. Filas are excellent to protect your home against strangers, burglars, etc...

For more information, contact one of the FBA DELEGATES to know more about this wonderful dog breed.

If you want to know more about this dog breed, then you can buy a book specialized about the breed called: The Fila Brasileiro Guide by Clelia Kruel. For more information about this book, contact the author directly:

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