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Subject: Rodney Mello: Shame on YOU!

Posted by Me too
On Thursday, November 29, 2001 at 06:05:39

We might as well face up to the fact that there are short sighted, ugly-minded people in the
world like Miss Rocha, to whom the horrors of Sept. 11 are an occasion not to express
sympathy, but to grind more salt into our wounds by her ugly gloating and confused

There is nothing we can do about these people. All I can say is I hope they never live through
a similar experience.

The real ugliness here is's willingness to publish this nonsense. seems
to be published by a fellow named Rodney Mello, and I for one would like to hear an
explanation directly from him as to how he came to the conclusion that it was ok to publish
such deeply offensive trash. claims to be a "respected" publication, to be found in consulates, etc. Perhaps we
should start a campaign to have it removed from any official offices. Write to the consulates,
write to your congressman, write to whoever you can think of that might help remove this
garbage from our midst.

And finally, send emails to and let them know how you feel.
RE: Rodney Mello: Shame on YOU!
Posted by Randy Paul
On Thursday, November 29, 2001 at 09:22:55

Well I wrote the following e-mail to Mr. Mello:

"Dear Mr. Mello:

I am writing in response to a suggestion that someone made on your magazine's web page forum. How could you possibly justify the publication in your magazine of the odious, hateful anti-American diatribe written by Dione Rocha? Her writing was a web of generalizations, opinion masquerading as fact and conclusions completely unsupported by the facts. When I tried to engage her, diplomatically at first, she couldn't afford me the courtesy of a reply or defend her positions. Her response still shows that she is incapable of defending her positions. Please forgive the sarcasm, but as I said on the forum, if I wrote an article titled "Come sua Propria Bosta: E Bom Para Saude" in which I actually encouraged people to eat their own excrement, would you print it or be obliged to print it? I don't think so. Why then did you decide to publish the execrable garbage spewed forth by Ms. Rocha? I would really appreciate the courtesy of a reply.

Thank you.


Randy Paul"

To which I received the following response:

"This was published on November 99:


The priest is now studying the therapeutic properties of human feces.
Father Durval dos Santos is a defender of alternative medicine and the author of best-selling books Rejuvenescer Comendo e Bebendo (Rejuvenating by Eating and Drinking), As Plantas (The Plants), Meus Amores e Curas (My Loves and Cures), and Curas com Urina (Cures with Urine), and others. He also does and recommends something that most people would not consider very religious: drinking urine daily to cure and prevent a series of diseases.

According to dos Santos, among the afflictions that urine can cure are baldness, impotence, chronic hepatitis and even cancer. He cites close to five dozen other diseases curable with urine. What's good in the popular pee? It contains lots of good stuff, including vitamins, hormones, mineral salts and amino acids, says the priest. To keep healthy you need to drink half a liter a day. To avoid serious diseases the dose increases to one liter and to cure cancer the amount to be consumed becomes elephantine: up to five liters of the yellow liquid daily.

Father Durval and others who defend this practice are reviled by doctors who consider urine plain and useless trash eliminated by the body. The ingestion of the liquid according to them is dangerous and can cause gastritis and lack of appetite.

The priest continues to find new uses for urine, though. He preaches, for example, that the product is an excellent skin cream. He believes that the human body produces no garbage and that everything produced is for self-defense. Nose secretion, for example, would be good to heal wounds. The same goes for saliva. The priest is now studying the therapeutic properties of human feces.

In an interview with Goiânia (capital of Goiás state) daily Diário da Manhã, the controversial priest declared: "I drink urine everyday, naturally, why should I waste it?" "

To which I responded:

"Dear Mr. Mello:

Thanks for the evasive response. You actually published it in April 1999 and
you published it in your "Rapidinhas" section, which appears to be devoted to
eccentric, bizarre and unusual short bits of news. If you had published Ms.
Rocha's piece there, that would probably have been appropriate. The article
also stated that Father Durval dos Santos was reviled by doctors. What a pity
you didn't post an opposing opinion directly addressing Ms. Rocha's nonsense
at the same time she wrote it. Ms. Rocha's screed was given a prominent
position in your magazine, it was not vetted for facts and you let her rant
her flatulent opinion without asking for any supporting documentation for her

Suppose, then, I wrote an article that essentially said "Eat Your Children to
Increase Your LifeSpan", would you feel obliged to publish it?

How about this article: "Não Tem Dinheiro Para Comprar Papel Higiênico? Usa a
Revista Brazzil!"

I await your substantive response to my original e-mail,


Randy Paul"

I'll keep everyone posted on Mr. Mello's response or further evasions.

RE: Rodney Mello: Shame on YOU!
Posted by Randy Paul
On Thursday, November 29, 2001 at 11:17:39

Here's the latest from Brazzil:

"As a matter of fact her opinion appeared on Rapidinhas.

all the best"

"As a matter of policy (and sanity) Brazzil avoids all and any polemics with

all the best"

To which I responded:

"It also appeared in a separate heading on the front of your magazine to
amplify its prominence.

In any case, your refusal to engage me on the merits of my arguments speaks
volumes about your editorial policy or lack of same.

By the way, I hope you have Tom Jobim's estate's permission to use "Anos
Dourados" on your website. . .

All the best to you, anonymous person who lacks the strength of character to
sign your e-mails,

Randy Paul

I would urge people to boycott this rag and I would recommend a far better online guide to Brazil:

RE: Rodney Mello: Shame on YOU!
Posted by Me too
On Thursday, November 29, 2001 at 13:52:37

Maybe we should start a campaign against the advertisers who support this ugly rag. Start contacting the companies who pay for Display adds in the Brazzil Store section, ask them if they really want to be associated with such a dispicable publication.

When I have more time, I'll compile a list of comapanies and addresses and post it on this forum.

RE: Rodney Mello: Shame on YOU!
Posted by Randy Paul
On Friday, November 30, 2001 at 06:29:23

I would urge anyone who has links to Brazzil on their websites to change those links to other sites such as Brazilmax at

Based on their failure to engage me in discussing this odious article, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that they would print a bobagem de Dione Rocha. Como moscas para bosta . . .
RE: Rodney Mello: Shame on YOU!
Posted by Nathan
On Friday, November 30, 2001 at 16:34:40

Thank you for exposing Rodney Mello (or whoever responded to your well-written, well-reasoned e-mails) to be the @$$hole that he is. I guess I would have expected that from the editor of such a filthy rag.

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