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Subject: Traveling to Rio & Bahia

Posted by ron
On Friday, December 07, 2001 at 16:13:11

Dear Friends, I was just given a ticket to Brasil by a friend.I will be there from Jan 10-21.Can you
help me with the following info:

1)Names of executivo buses from airport to Copacabana & Campo Grande(Salvador)
2)Where are the best samba schools in Rio
3)Gracie jiu-jitsu schools in Rio
4)Where are the Olodum & Ile Aiye schools & their
rehearsal days
5)Any festivals or concerts in Bahia during Jan 15-20
6)Names & locations of organizations involved in Brasil's Afro-Brazillian movement
7)Any web sites in english/portuguese about pre-carnival activities

I am a 32yr old investment advisor who enjoys samba,samba reggae,axe and pagode music & any replys in english/portuguese is appreciated.

RE: Traveling to Rio & Bahia
Posted by popoca
On Friday, December 14, 2001 at 05:10:26

2)the best samba schools of the RIO de Janeiro is "Viradouro" and Imperatriz Lepoldinense".
4)The Olodum is on "Pelourinho".Everyone know where,when you arrive there the people of the hotel say for you.
RE: Traveling to Rio & Bahia
Posted by Stan
On Tuesday, January 01, 2002 at 07:21:12

I wish I had time to answer your questions. However, I'm leaving for Rio today. My girlfriend is from Bahia and we will be visiting there. I can only tell you that you will not have to look far for the Afro Brasilian culture in Salvador! Go to Salvador, Bahia. Its everywhere! As for the Airport in Rio there's a bus for about 4 Reals that stops at all the major hotels in Copa. I would suggest a Radio cab, you should pay abou 35 Reals to Copa. Avoid the YELLOW cabs! Be aware once you exit customs the hustlers will be all over you. They can stop a green "gringo" a mile away. Be careful don't flash money, expensive cameras, watchs and rings. Other than that you be OK!


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