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Subject: Brazillians of Color

Posted by Wen
On Sunday, December 30, 2001 at 17:47:29

I am an African American male living in West Palm Beach Florida and until recently I did not know anything about the country of Brazil. I have been spending quite a bit of time on the internet lately trying to educate myself on the country. The more I read about Brazil the more I want to come. The openess and warmth I read about just wants me to come right now. One thing that I have been reading about is the racism in the country towards the Brazillians of color and how the Brazillians of color themselves who appear to be ashamed of the color. I am in no way any type of an authority on race and I may have gotten things wrong from what I have read and someone who reads this can gladly correct me but I hope this is not true. I have seen many pictures of the women of color in Brazil and if anyone wants to send me more go right ahead. I personally prefer dark skined women over lighter women. I like light skined women also, but I prefer darker women. From what I've read the sisters in Brazil don't like their dark skin. Why? I have seen some photos of dark brazillian women who are the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Where I live in Florida these women would be idolized for their beauty regardless of theire skin tone. I would love to establish a line of communication with any and all Brazillians of African ancestory to contact me and educate me more on your country. I would love to visit Brazil. I have gotten information on Rio, Sao Paulo, and Salvador and would appreciate anything about the brothers and sisters. All Americans are not alike as I'm sure all Brazillians are not alike. We do not all have our noses up in the air and look down on other people. I was born in America but I am an African just like Africans in African and Brazil. I look forward to meeting and being educated by my brothers and sisters from other countries. If you are interested in opening up a discussion with an African American male with a very open mind and no hang ups about people please feel free to contact me at I may not get back with you right away but I certainly will get back with you. If there are any Mulata, Negras, Dark skined, light skined, or any African sisters , dark, light, short tall, who would like to send pictures and messages please feel free to do so. I would like to open up an exchange with the hopes of one day visiting the country of Brazil in the near future and maybe you and visit me in Florida. Today is Sunday, the 30th of December at aprox. 0845 pm. To all of my sisters and brothers of Brazil, especially the sisters, take care and write soon.

RE: Brazillians of Color
Posted by braslvr
On Sunday, December 30, 2001 at 21:29:28

My impression after many trips to Brazil is that compared to the US, there is much less racism based on skin color, and much more "classism" based on income level. Since darker skinned Brazilians as a group make less money, it may appear that the prejudice is against their color, but I don't buy it.
RE: Brazillians of Color
Posted by Joaquim
On Monday, December 31, 2001 at 10:15:24

Brother (irmao), don't wait to go to Brasil...air tickets from Miami must be peanuts. We go frequently to Brasil and we are half way across the Pacific Ocean. You are 8 1/2 hours from Rio...go go go.

Rent a hotel room or better yet there are apts that can be $50/night and you can have your own meals or ask a nice lady to come stay with you and help with the cooking. You definitely, bar nothing want to stay in Copacabana and as close to the beach or Ave. Atlantica as possible for safety at night. Day is mellow all over Copa. The street cafe's like Mab's [a half a block from the Meridien Hotel (the street is Princesa Isabel)] is on Ave. is Meia Pataca close to the Hotel Rio Othon (remember most "R's" are pronounced as an "H" and "H's" are not pronounced at all.

These 2 hotels, both on the beach front/Ave. Atlantica are 2 of the 3 biggies (Copacabana Palace I think is the original oldy but swanky).

Of course there are romantic restaurants and nightclubs with extraordinary live music.

Try about 10 or 11pm the Sobre das Ondas until about 1 a.m. or 1:30 am...and then go next door to the HELP Disco. You will meet many friendly Brasilians and you can go with them to other clubs around the Lagoa Freitas which is in back of both Copa and Ipanema. Cool Brasilian music clubs in Ipanema are Vinicius and Garota de Ipanema across the street from eachother almost...and Chico's Bar has some really nice jazz...upscale. In Copa are little local dance halls with the real neighborhood people of Copa, enjoying their evening out. Take the yellow taxi's everywhere and do not miss night there is a wonderful huge dance hall next door to the Sugarloaf entrance and also Corcovado...both on clear days. Sugarloaf or Pao de Acucar has the incredible sunsets of Rio...

Paraty 3 hours south (Pousada Quiosque International in Paraty on the beach is owned by a Brasilian who speaks perfect English and who lived in San Francisco for 20 years) is an historical beautiful 500 (+ or -) year old town and the road to there is beautiful scenery. Bring a nice lady frined from Rio to help you interpret and get a round.

Buzio is noveou and laid back and a little yuppie-ized but a pretty place with posadas and clubs...more young than I though.

The Ariau Jungle Tower Lodge on the Rio Negro in Amazonas (the full on jungle) right next to the Amazon River is a life experience and not oo much $ for 3 days and 2 nights.

Salvador is big and since it is mostly black you will fit right in. The Afro-Bras music in Salvador, Bahia is world famous. Carnaval on the Salvador streets and Rio in Copa and the Sambodromo is beyond spectacular and is in February.

Just go for a week and your eyes will open to life as only the Brasilians know. Then you can make the next 14 trips and probably over time and a little language absorption you may find the woman of yuor dreams that you deserve...just don't jump in too fast.

Propero Ano Novo...on New Years Eve...tonight go to Tommy's live Cams and go to Brasil, Rio, Copacabana trafficer cams and maybe you will see the 3 million people on the beach and the fireworks...not sure...check it out.

Brother Joaquim.
Posted by Been there
On Monday, December 31, 2001 at 10:40:39

I can't agree with the some of the recommendations above - Copacabana is way over commercialized, the water in Guanabara bay is polluted and unsafe, HELP is a major hangout for prostitutes, as is a great portion of Copacabana (if that's what your looking for, you'll be happy!).

I much prefer Ipanema or Leblon when I am in Rio - the water is still polluted, but the atmosphere is less commercial - it's a more laid back, residential area.
RE: Brazillians of Color
Posted by Detroit
On Sunday, February 03, 2002 at 21:56:16

I am a young African American male who is thinking
of relocating to Rio at least for most of the year are there any US citizens that have done the same or somene that can offer some feedback.

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