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Subject: Jun-11-2001 WTO Forum:Japan incite World Trade War

Posted by GMDT
On Monday, January 14, 2002 at 15:57:27

The following article is reprinted from the WTO forum:

Jun-11-2001: "Afraid the World War? Venomed Japanese?"

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From: WMKI Jun/11/2001 11:02 am
To: ALL (1 of 1)

You must still afraid the World War now, right? Are you also hating the venomed Japanese?

We need the peace everywhere!

So don't let the most venomed Japanese's conspiracy that want to commit aggression against another country through the economy again!

The details please refer to the WTO forum on May the tenth here:<<The venomous Japanese Bosses>>, another reference please read the Chinese Police Club's Police forum in Chinese version:<<The most vicious Japanese Mitsui Company's Bosses>>, the URL is:

Peace is as important as the Economy! Hope everyone unite as one to keep the peace in the world!
RE: Jun-11-2001 WTO Forum:Japan incite World Trade
Posted by Randy Paul
On Monday, January 21, 2002 at 17:13:35

Get a life!!!!!!!!
Why China Government help the Japanese Terrorists?
Posted by GMDT
On Monday, January 28, 2002 at 02:27:35

(Another reprinted article)
"The Japanese terrorists company in HongKong"

The most terrible Japanese Bosses of the GuangZhou(a city in China) Japanese Mitsui Multinational Company (in China Hotel) said want to incite the World War on the company's party after drinking too much wine several years ago.

The poison gas, the poison bacilli and the arsenic ----were spreaded in the Mitsui Company and the China hotel's storey when the company and the hotel decorated simultaneously. The Japanese terrorists also pincer attacked and threatened many innocent Chinese good clerks working in the company at that time! The venomed Japanese Bosses not allowed the innocent Chinese good clerks to rest.

After investigation knowed that the Japanese terrorists was the UCHIDA YOKO (HONGKONG) Company Ltd..
And the accomplice was the China Hotel. Obviously, the chief instigator of the terrorism were the Japanese Bosses of the Japan Mitsui Company.

The venomed Japanese Mitsui Bosses never compensate for their criminal crimes! The most terrible Japanese never compensate for their War criminal crimes! Hope the most terrible Japanese will be suffered the proper criminal verdict by the court soon!

(reprinted article)
"Why China always hope the other country to recognise that there's only one China in the world, but the China Government help the Japanese terrorists to invade China publicly?"

There are the Chinese clerks in the Japan Mitsui Company including the GuangZhou Municipal Official's wife Ms.Han and the Chinese Communist Party Member Mr.Chen**Hui, and the ex-seviceman Mr.Li as the driver whom always drove the Chinese military car which rented in the company to deny to pay the taxes when got through the China Custom and help the venomed Japanese Bosses to use the Chinese military car's convenient to commit the terrorism!

Although they are the witness but some of them also the participators of the Tian An Men incident many years ago, in order to pull down the China Government, they all support and enshield the Japanese terrorists!

Till now, although reported this terroristic incident to the Chinese Polices for many times, but China Government never catch the Japanese Terrorists, and still threaten many innocent Chinese good citizens deep in night by the horrify engineering. China really has no law! China Government despise many Good Common Chinese people, but respect the Japanese Terrorists very much and look the Japanese terrorists as the heros! In order to deceive the world, China always cut the news!

If without the China Government's helping, could the Japanese Terrorists planning that wanted to incite the World War be succeed?

Beware! The most terrible Japan had been looking All The World Multinational Business Companys as The Transmutative Base Area Of The War! The Japanese Multinational Business Companys are the sponsors of the terrorism. Pray for all the innocent good business people of the world in American and thanks for defeating terrorism!

RE: Jun-11-2001 WTO Forum:Japan incite World Trade War
Posted by Randy Paul
On Monday, January 28, 2002 at 06:08:08

PLEASE get a life!!!
Beware Japan!
Posted by GMDT
On Wednesday, January 30, 2002 at 17:54:56

Beware! Letting the venomed Japanese Bosses to earn more profit, equal to lead them to bribe more terrorists to commit terrorism in your country of the world!

RE: Jun-11-2001 WTO Forum:Japan incite World Trade War
Posted by Randy Paul
On Thursday, January 31, 2002 at 06:14:15

For God's sake, get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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