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Subject: Brazil

Posted by Jay Tillery
On Friday, March 15, 2002 at 17:57:59

I am an american whom lived in Santa Catarina. I LOVE Brazil. I wish I was there right now. The cost of living is fractional and the people and land are beautiful. My wife is from Brazil and she has lived here in the states for two years. She wants to come and visit but INS put some restrictions on her for 10 years. We are having a kid and I am here to work and get money to move back. I am just wondering if there are any American companies willing to hire a web developer at a fraction of the cost. I can secure DSL there to work from any company here. Let me know if any of you have any thoughts or can point me in the right direction to a company whom needs web develoeprs.

RE: Brazil
Posted by Lucas
On Sunday, March 17, 2002 at 04:35:53

RE: Brazil
Posted by Kay
On Tuesday, April 02, 2002 at 15:03:09

Deas Lucas,

If you tell people that you will work for a fraction of the price, then you make your skills sound as if they are common and mediocre. I have not worked in Brazil, but I intend to. Let me tell you from someone who has devalued her own skills. DONT! If you want to work in Brazil treat yourself and your skills as if they are worth top dollar. I have heard from several sources that you could teach english there and make more that the average professional. So imagine what you could do with English and as a web developer.

You could consider starting your own company here in the US and it will probabaly be easier to go to Brazil as a business man and you could charge what you like.

Try going to the bookstore or on-line and looking for oversees employment. Sometimes there are listings of Chambers of Commerce and Americans Associations in Brazil.

Your wife should be able to locate some Brazilain web designers who I am sure could use your services.

Kay in Seattle

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