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Subject: Looking for Money

Posted by MJB
On Monday, July 08, 2002 at 21:17:33

A lot of people say this about Brazilian woman. Now I don't beleive all are like this, but I hear most are. THere not looking for love, only money. Why!
RE: Looking for Money
Posted by Colin
On Tuesday, July 09, 2002 at 04:17:18

While living in the comfort of Europe or North America it is very easy to have illusions about love and romance.

A very good friend currently lives in Sao Paulo. She is from a poor family who literally count the pennies from week to week. Like many women in her position she left school at 14 due to financial pressures at home. She found any employment to help support herself and the family. She has no formal skills or qualifications and cannot afford to get any if she wanted and this situation will always place her at a major disadvantage.

At 19 she fell pregnant before marriage and because of the economic and social reality of that position had to marry the father. He turned out to be a violent, abusive man and due to her financial dependency she had nowhere to go. She had to put up with the most appalling levels of abuse. In the end the father kicked both her and the daughter into the street hungry and penniless.

Brazil is not like England or America where there is some form of welfare and health system. She had to move back home with her family. The social, legal and economic structure in Brazil is more favourable towards the man. General employment in Brazil is poorly paid at the best of times. Her brother currently works at a clothing shop and earns less than US$ 4 a day.

As an unskilled female worker not only does she earn less than the man but she is open to all types of economic and sexual exploitation. Considering that the poorest people in the world are on a dollar a day, she like many women in Brazil is very close to the bottom of the financial food chain.

This is why many women in her position marry young all because of financial dependency and a system that places them at an immediate disadvantage. There are no illusions in their lives. For them there is only financial survival from one week to the next. So yes….as a women at that level of Brazilian society… money is more important than love and one can see why.

RE: Looking for Money
Posted by Khay
On Thursday, July 18, 2002 at 14:35:59


You make some very good points without all of the stereotypes and negativity.

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