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Subject: Rudolph Giuliani and Brazil

Posted by Tony Verley
On Saturday, October 12, 2002 at 16:15:08


I read in a newspaper that a Brazilian was quoted as saying that what Brazil needed is a guy like Rudolph Giuliani. Giuliani, is a good Republican, like George W. Bush, the President of Italy, the President of Colombia, and some others. I agree with the Brazilian that a guy like Giuliani could work wonders in Brazil; but so far as a militant communist trained in Cuba who is backed by Castro and the commmunists whom Colombia has been fighting taking over Brazil, that is the opposite of Rudolph Giuliani, and it is the opposite of what Brazil needs. Castro and Giuliani are COMPLETE opposites. If one looks at New York before Giuliani, and New York during and after Giuliani (and the attacks on New York were terible, but Mr Giuliani did a great job during the crisis), one can see that what Giuliani did, and good Republican politics, works. Giuliani still has a few things to learn, but he is pretty damn good, and I think Giuliani will be the next President of the USA after George W. Bush does his two terms.

And things like a good country helping their poor, and helping to empower their people, that isn't "communism." Good Christian values, and being good to each other, that isn't "communism." Labor laws, trade laws, etc, and freedom within good rules and laws, is not "communism." When communists promise to help the poor, it is all bullshit. What communism does is to make everyone poor, and takes away all freedom and human rights, makes everyone slaves, except for a few fake elites, who control by force, a bullet if you do not as opposed to opportunity for improvement and reward for good. What Castro did in Cuba was not about "helping the poor." And again, the communists must not get Brazil.


Tony Verley
RE: Rudolph Giuliani and Brazil
Posted by Daniel
On Tuesday, February 11, 2003 at 13:17:24

Hi, Tony, nice site.

I think Brazilians will have to wait till Mexico is finished with Giuliani, they hired him.

See you

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