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Subject: Be Awake, Be Strong

Posted by Tony Verley
On Tuesday, November 12, 2002 at 14:21:56

When a good Christian country helps its poor (and Brazil having the largest statue of Jesus I know of), that is not "communism." Good schools, good roads, clean water, good sewage systems, etc, are not "communism." You never see people trying to sneak into communism, you only see people trying to escape from communism. Communism does not help the poor, it makes everyone poor. Be awake. I heard a Brazilian say that Brazil needs a guy like Rudolph Giuliani, and he was right; Giuliani is a good, Christian Republican, not a communist.

Make sure you guys have good protective tariffs on imports...
not only does it help so far as more money for schools, roads, sewage systems, etc etc etc... (the good stuff civilization needs), but it raises the whole country's standard of living as it raises the prices at which your locally produced goods may be sold at, also allowing for higher wages, allowing businesses and private parties to better afford good private medical insurance, better health-care, etc etc etc. It helps in many ways. Combined with anti-dumping laws, counter-veiling tariffs on foriegn government subsidized goods, etc, it helps foster local business growth and helps protect that growth. That is
but one easy thing you can do to help improve things.

On your oil, state owned is a bad way to do things... I hope your oil is set up in the right way. Kansas, USA, does it great (you might look over how Kansas does oil). Good anti-trust/ anti-monopoly, OSHA, EPA, etc etc etc... then lay a per barrel tax on the oil that comes out of the ground. Things like that will help Brazil.

Also, for every tree that is cut down, make the lumber companies pay to have trees planted. I'd make them plant 5 for every 1 they cut down. It is smart. I'd also lay a tax on each tree they cut down. For every barrel of oil that comes out of the ground, for every ounce of gold they take out of the ground, for each mineral or natural resource they use, I'd lay a tax. That money can be used to help Brazil a lot. Along with the other ideas I've mentioned, it'll all help. (and yes, a low, un-oppressive income tax, so that the people of Brazil all know that the public servants work for them, and that they pay the pay-checks of the public servants (school teachers, police, defense, judges, politicians, everything. And yes, there can be services for the poor... bare necessities like food, clean shelter, etc, and improved public education, etc; when good, Christian countries do things to help their poor, it is not "communism" it is just a good, Christian country doing the right thing. )

I have many concerns pertaining Brazil. Some of my concerns I have already shared with you, but here are some more concerns. 14 year old children are having children in Brazil, and the children of the children are being raised on the streets of Brazil (and again, under the largest statue of Jesus that I know of, and that is terrible). There are things that need to be done in Brazil, such as promoting abstaining from sex until marriage, making it illegal for people to have sex with minors under the age of 18 years old (such as is done in California. Though people can get married in California to a person under 18 with parental permission), there must be laws to promote responsibility such as good child support laws, there must be better education, and on down the list; but there is more that needs to be done. The good, working together, within good rules and good laws, can really do great things. And yes, South Americans are God's people too.

I also hope that the glue in South America is "sniff proof" as it is in the USA. People need every brain-cell in their heads, especially if one is trying to work up from poverty. It is also wise not to sell paint to children under 18, as is law in California.

So far as South Africa... England, Castro sitting down there spreading communism and terrorism into Africa and South America, while pointing Russian missiles at America, trying to control things for England, from my guestimation. Be awake to all of that. Be awake to what has spread and what does spread from there. Be aware that a communist, trained in Cuba by Castro, with help from the communists which Colombia has been fighting, just took over Brazil, and that cannot be tollerated. Communism must not get Brazil. Nor can people be allowed to fight South America amongst itself. The trade talks that were going on before 9/11 matter, and we were going to get communism banned within this hemiphere. We still must ban communism within this hemisphere. Be awake, be active, and care.

Three Areas to watch... I know you see the problems with the Islamic countries, terrorists, and communism, but you must be aware of England. And again, Northern Ireland is but one example of ways England does things... And England built Iraq, I know Carl Marx and communism came from England, I believe communist Russia and communist China were built by England and that Russia was England's watchdog, I believe the cold war stuff came from England, I believe Castro may be tied in with England, I know Castro was funding communism and terrorism not only in South America but also in Africa, I know that although Canada is half French that it is owned and controlled by England and that extremist muslim terrorists come down from Canada, and that is only part of the long list... 007, licence to kill? The zip code in Los Angeles is 90007, were or are any gangs in Los Angeles working for England? Were the Hells Angels ever working for England? England, terrorist muslims, and communism.... Then there is a possibility that Japan was funding Arafat, and on down the list... Then there is the U.N., and the "big 5" in the U.N. including England, China, and Russia, all three of whom I believe are England. (We know the "big 5" in the U.N. should be France, Spain, Italy, Greece, and the USA). There are some concerns pertaining everything being bought up by Germany, as well as many hospitals and such being owned by Japanese companies. There is a communist problem in France that I believe comes from England, I believe the communist problem in South America and Cuba is from England, etc etc etc. I know in the old days France used to have to fight against England from above and against the Islamic countries from below. I know Italy has really been messed with bad over the years, and we know the best Christian civilizations the world has ever known were built by the Italian Kings, and their decendants. Then there was the recent attack on America, when Al Gore tried to steal the election and people tried to sink America's economy. I think the electicity crisis in California was England, and that they stole our tax surplus that should have went to schools, roads, etc, (Californians built that surplus during damn hard times), a deregulated English power company bought electric companies all the way from Boston to Los Angeles before the crisis happened. Then there are the other problems in South America, aside from the communist hole that needs to be fixed in Colombia, and the new president of Brazil being backed by the communists Colombia has been fighting and Castro... I do not want them to break South America up and to fight South America amongst themselves. I know it is best to deal with things early. The trade talks within this hemiphere that were going on before 9/11 are very important. And I always had suspicions that Bin Laden worked for England. The 1960s, the 1930s and 1940s... (never forget, had we not fought England, twice, America might closely resemble communist China, or Stalin's Russia.) We are fighting symptoms, but let us figure it all out and work together to cure the disease. There is also concerns pertaining England's control over Canada, the taking of guns away from the French Canadians, and the problems that occured in Detroit, England's connections with Japan as well as Japans connections with Arafat, and then there is the Islamic terrorists that have been coming down from Canada. There is much to be aware of, to check into, and yes, there is some hard work and fighting to do. We must be wise, we must be dilligent, the good must be strong.

We shut down 86% of the world's heroin when we went into Afghan. I hope we shut down the other 14% as well. We are also working to shut down the cocaine, meth, and other bad drugs. As we shut that all down it will lower crime, it will help, but there are some concerns you must be aware of as we shut that stuff down.

by the way, another concern is that the canal in Egypt was built by Stalin, and Stalin did take communism into Egypt at that time... (and again, communism (Marxism, Carl Marx) came out of England.)

ah, that is only a small part of the story.

Be awake, be strong, be active.

and yes, God Bless.


Tony Verley

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