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Subject: The list of demands we submitted to England

Posted by Tony Verley (Bourbon et al)
On Tuesday, November 26, 2002 at 12:41:26

Here is a copy of the list of demands we just sent to England. (ah, watch the great things that come from this. Let us, along with our allies, make sure our list of demands we sent to England is met.):

To England>>I know England is not the source of all of the world's
problems, but you are a source of many of the world's
problems (and you even create problems for your own people). (We still have to deal with the other problems, the
Islamic problems, and the other problems, but you know that...) We must deal with England head on. (And yes, England set up communist Russia, communist China, and on through the list. It would be like us sinking England's economy, and then sending Ireland in with machine guns to take over and enslave you. Or in the case of Castro; taking over Ireland, making it communist, and then pointing missiles at England while we send in people to mess with you, as England has in South America, and other places, including pointing the missiles at the USA (We remember...). Or, in the case of Northern Ireland, it would be like us taking over England, and then fighting you amongst yourselves while we maintain control, take advantage of your natural resources, and tax you. In the case of China, it was arming people against the poor to take over and enslave. In the case of the Rock of Gibralter, it would be like us just taking a piece of London, just because we think we can; it is insulting, wrong, and it must not stand. There is more to the story. We must deal with you head on.) Much bad is going rewarded, while much good are oppressed. The proper order must be instated.

There is more we can add to it... but here is a good part of
it. We have pulled our allies together, extreme strength in
goodness, and we are very seriously submitting this list of demands. We expect this list of demands to be met, and quickly. And remember, we want justice, not revenge:

Free Ireland (admit that the only reason Protestants and
Catholics fight in Northern Ireland is because of England
trying to maintain control of Northern Ireland).

Free Australia (as she requested several years ago, but was
denied. Queensland and New Zealand are included).

Free Canada (socialism stops in Canada. Canada gets set up correctly, and the people live better lives. The government subsidies, the oppressive taxes, the poor medical, etc, it all gets fixed. Americans stop losing jobs to Canadian government subsidized companies, while the Canadians get lower taxes and better lives, etc etc etc...).

Give the Rock of Gibralter back to Spain.

Free Scotland should they so desire.

Pull Castro out of Cuba (does not Castro work for England?). Cuba gets freed.

Stop the communism you spread in South America.

Free China (along with such, Vietnam and North Korea, etc).

England built Iraq, Saddam surrenders peacefully and better

Surrender Bin Laden (I am almost certain Bin Laden works for
England... he has attacked everyone but England.)

The "big 5" in the U.N. changes to France, Spain, Italy,
Greece, and the USA.

Pull the Castro trained communist President out of Brazil.

Stop attacking America and her allies, leave God's people

Then there is Pakistan's constitution which states that
Pakistan should take India's half of Kashmir, which I am
pretty certain England set up. That must be fixed. There is a
lot of work pertaining Pakistan and India, but it can better be done once they see that there was a scam being played. Pakistan must evolve into a 21st century country, and also true is that Pakistan and India can both benefit from friendship and trade as opposed to war, but the friendship and trade must be built on a good solid foundation. The terrorists must be dealt with, human rights, freedom of religion, and such, must be instituted in Pakistan.

Give the world an apology.

Knock down Oxford, Big Ben, and a few other buildings that mean something to England; as part of justice, and to remind you not to repeat past mistakes.

England has the most depressed people in Europe, the people of England are oppressed, their health-care is bad, and on and on. Fix England, so that your people are healthier and happier. Lower taxes, fix the health-care (teach them how to set up private insurance companies, etc, as to improve it), and on through the list. Stop the socialism, turn the state-owned over to private companies regulated by anit-trust/anti-monopoly, etc etc etc etc. Fix it.

Stop putting down everyone. Stop putting down the French, the
Italians, the Spanish, the Americans, and everyone else. Do not look down your nose at us, do not call us bad names, do not make us out to be "less than," etc; we are better than you.

Tell the Russian people what you did to them (was it not
England who turned Russia communist? Was not Russia an English watchdog?).

There are aspects pertaining World War 2, England must come
clean on all of that. There was a conspiracy against the world.

The Caribbean was taken by England, but the people of The Caribbean never liked England; they always preffered France and Spain. England sent ships full of soldiers who took the islands, but the islands never wanted to be a part of England. Free the Caribean from England. After we free The Caribbean, we let the people of The Caribbean decide whether they want to be a part of France, Spain, America, Italy, Greece, or if they just want to be independant with the Christian allies looking over them. I would have the people of The Caribbean learn Spanish, for business reasons pertaining South America, as well as for healthy reasons pertaining the fact that a majority of the hemisphere of the Americas speaks Spanish.

The Falklands go to Argentina.

Very Sincerely,

Tony Verley (Bourbon et al)

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