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Subject: a copy of an e-mail sent to Cuba

Posted by Tony Verley (Bourbon et al)
On Friday, November 29, 2002 at 15:11:12

Amongst other things (we have a lot going on); here is a copy of an e-mail I sent to Cuba:

To Cuba: Tell Castro and his regime to leave Cuba now! Cuban-Americans from Florida (and from all over the USA), will be coming in to rebuild Cuba after Castro and his communist regime have left Cuba. The Castro-backed president in Brazil must also leave Brazil, and the communists in Colombia must leave Colombia. It is time. Mark my words, IT IS TIME! I know the story, I know who Castro worked for (and Castro did not work for the people of Cuba, I assure you), and I have told the world. Tell Castro it is over now, and he and his regime must leave Cuba. Castro no longer has Russian missiles, and besides, we and our allies have missile defense (and if the bad guys had missile defense we would make anti-missile-defense missiles, we are that smart, and we are strong in goodness and freedom). Again, it is over, tell Castro and his communist regime to leave Cuba now!

Very Sincerely,

Tony Verley (Bourbon et al)

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