February 2003

What Portuguese Is This?

In Brazil there is almost a total ignorance about the mother
nation. After a Portuguese rock group performed in Rio,
a Brazilian commented: "It was OK, but I couldn't understand
a word." A package of Portuguese films sent to celebrate Brazil's
500 years could only be shown to Brazilians with subtitles.

Ray Vogensen

As an American married to a Brazilian, with two Brazilian children, and with 17 years experience with Brazilian Portuguese (BP), coming to Portugal and trying to adapt to the Continental variety of Portuguese (CP) was not easy at first. I think that if I had not known any other variety of the language, in effect coming with a clean slate, the period of linguistic adaptation would have been smoother.

When we first arrived in Porto it was very difficult to understand the people. They could understand us but the opposite was not true. Now that we have been here for nine years, going on ten, the language presents less of a problem, and communication is not so labored. As in most language learning situations we tend to struggle with the less educated. This of course is because as teachers we have most of our contact with middle-class people with some schooling, who speak a standard form of the language.

Knowing Brazilian Portuguese was help and a hindrance when we arrived in Portugal. On the one hand, most of the arduous process of learning the local language was facilitated and we could communicate from the first day on. On the other hand, the knowledge of the other linguistic variety impeded the learning process in many ways. Prejudices about the supposed attractiveness and even superiority of Brazilian Portuguese made it harder to accept Continental Portuguese. Many Portuguese themselves say that the sounds of Brazilian Portuguese are more melodious and softer than Continental Portuguese.

Another problem is that the Brazilian Portuguese speaker has no, or almost no contact with Continental Portuguese. Outside the restricted world of the Portuguese colony in Rio and São Paulo, with its clubs and codfish dinners, Brazilians have no experience of what Continental Portuguese sounds like. Even the Portuguese who have lived in Brazil for a certain period of time soon lose their accent and do their best to blend in with the local culture. This rarely occurs with the Brazilian in Portugal.

Perhaps this blending in Brazil was because the Portuguese immigrants were looked upon as ignorant and backward, despite their economic success. The historical idea of what a Portuguese was like has never been a positive one in Brazil. In fact, most of the jokes told are about the Portuguese. The prejudice and ignorance can be shocking at times, if one is Portuguese. One student of mine was told he had such an interesting conversation that he didn't even seem to be Portuguese.

In a situation in which no cultural input from Portugal enters Brazil, there is almost a total ignorance about the mother nation. Portuguese singers have never even tried to penetrate the Brazilian market. Recently a Portuguese rock group performed live at a rock concert in Rio. The Portuguese television reporter interviewed several young people and asked them what they thought about the music. The first comment was that it sounded ok but they couldn't understand a word.

Only with Subtitles

Portuguese television and films have likewise never been shown in Brazil, outside a few art cinemas in Rio or São Paulo. A recent package of Portuguese films was sent to be shown during the celebrations commemorating the discovery of Brazil. It was decided that the films could only be shown with subtitles.

The Continental Portuguese language is almost never heard in Brazil, especially in the interior. A student of mine, when visiting a small town in Brazil, was asked if she was speaking Italian. Brazilian women who went to a women's congress in Moscow in the early sixties, before the revolution of 1964, said that when the delegates' words were being translated into Continental Portuguese on their headphones, they had to switch to a Spanish translation to understand. Surely the same would not happen with Spanish from Spain and Mexican Spanish, or even with American and British English—although dialects like Geordie or Scouse can be unintelligible for Americans. But they are dialects; here we are talking about standard varieties.

When the Brazilian arrives in Portugal he encounters two types of reactions to his Portuguese. There are those who think he has a "nice" accent and enjoy listening to it. There are also those who seem to resent the fact that a different type of Portuguese is being spoken, and more so in Brazil—a country that most people in the world today identify with the Portuguese language.

A Portuguese student of mine resented the fact that in Paris, on a sightseeing bus, the symbol for the Portuguese language was the Brazilian flag and the narration of the tour was in Brazilian Portuguese. Ironically this is in a city with close to half a million Portuguese immigrants. Obviously they don't go on sightseeing tours.

Children, adolescents, and simple working people, be they villagers or city folk, are very accepting of Brazilian Portuguese. They watch soap operas from Brazil, listen to Brazilian singers like Daniela Mercury, Gal Costa etc. and generally accept the different accent and vocabulary. The problem arises with more educated older people, usually those who have gone to university or are at university. We have seen that negative language attitudes towards Brazilian Portuguese come from the middle class.

Stop this Rebellion

The comments made about Brazilian Portuguese are always the same. The mother tongue is Continental Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese speakers should not persist in their linguistic rebellion. Centuries of separation from the mother country are not taken into consideration. Brazilian children who enter the Portuguese school system see their writing covered with red marks, with every Brazilian Portuguese word or spelling singled out for correction. They either learn the Portuguese way or fail. There is no such thing as linguistic diversity or multicultural education in Portugal. All immigrants must adapt to the standard or risk failure.

As most of the articles or books required for university studies are written in foreign languages—nine times out of ten in English—and not in Continental Portuguese (the market is too small for translation) the students either have to read in the foreign language, pay someone to translate it, or heaven forbid, read a translation made in Brazilian Portuguese. The negative reaction to the reading of these academic articles and books in Brazilian Portuguese is almost pathological. "The Brazilians don't know how to translate." "The Portuguese is all wrong." "We prefer to struggle with English than have to read in a Brazilian translation."

Ignorance? Yes, a lot of it does stem from total ignorance of linguistics. But there is also the possibility of nationalistic pride and that same inferiority complex that makes the Portuguese so negative about Spain. "Spanish food is terrible," or "the Spanish language is harsh and ugly." The fact that Brazilians have translated such articles and books, and the Portuguese haven't, wounds their nationalistic pride. They forget that the Brazilian market is so much larger—with hundreds of universities compared to Portugal's dozens—and it is logical that the publishers would have a translation in Brazilian Portuguese.

The solution for all of this is of course for Portugal to try to make Brazilians more aware of their modern culture, including the language. I don't think the two languages will come closer together in the near future though. Certainly it won't occur by way of government fiat. As long as Brazil remains so far away, with much more in common with its Latin American neighbors, and with the United States, Portugal and Brazil will not be close linguistically or culturally.

The force of Brazilian culture is much stronger because it comes with economic clout and the reality of having over one hundred and sixty million people versus ten million. In the future there will be much more infiltration of Brazilian Portuguese because of music, television, and immigration.

Perhaps with a strong Portuguese presence in the Brazilian economy—supermarkets, electricity, banks, and cellular telephones—there might be an accompanying cultural and linguistic input, but this is yet to be seen. The Portuguese companies that have acquired a position in the Brazilian economy will most likely do everything they can to blend in and appear to be Brazilian.

Ray Vogensen, the author of the article and the dictionary below, was born in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. He lived in Brazil for 17 years and then moved to Portugal where he has been living for 10 years. You can visit his Portuguese Culture Web site -  - which includes several topics related to Portugal and the Portuguese language. He welcomes comments at 

A Portuguese Dictionary  

A brief list of words that are used in Portugal
and rarely used in Brazil.  Sometimes the word
in Brazil has a completely different meaning.

Continental Portuguese Brazilian Portuguese English
açorda uma sopa grossa com migalhas de pão e alho, as vezes com um ovo encima a thick soup with bread crumbs and garlic, often with an egg on top
adesivo esparadrapo bandage
adiante em frente straight ahead, over there
adeus tchau goodbye
agrafador grampeador stapler
agrafo grampo staple
água fresca água gelada (para beber)

água fria (para banhos,etc.)

cold water
águas furtadas sótão garret, attic
albufeira represa dam, reservoir
alcatifa carpete fitted carpet
alcatrão asfalto tarmac, asphalt
alcunha apelido nickname  (apelido in Portugal is last name)
aldrabão sacana, vigarista, safado crook
aldrabar sacanear, enganar to trick, to fool
aleijar machucar to hurt (physically)
além ali over there
alfacinha habitante de Lisboa a person from Lisbon
alfaias ferramentas de agricultor agricultural tools
alforreca agua-viva medusa, jellyfish
algália cateter catheter
algures em algum lugar somewhere
aligeirar aliviar to relieve, to lighten
almeida gari, varredor de rua street sweeper
almofada travesseiro pillow—almofada means cushion in Brazil.
alterne, casa de boîte, bordel, prostíbulo a type of nightclub where prostitutes encourage men to buy drinks.
alterneira mulher que trabalha numa case de alterne bargirl, woman who works in a nightclub
aluguer aluguel rent or lease
anda ca! vem ca! come here!
andar apartamento apartment
anedota piada joke
ao pé de perto de near
aparcar estacionar to park
apelido sobrenome last name—apelido means nickname in Brazil
apertar amarrar to tie
apitadela telefonema telephone call
apitar buzinar to sound the horn
aposentação aposentadoria retirement
arca congeladora congelador, freezer freezer
ardina vendedor de jornais newspaper seller
arrancar começar to begin
arranjar consertar to repair, to fix
arrecadação lugar para guardar coisas, dispensa storage space
arrefecer esfriar to get cold
arrumador lanterninha (no cinema) usher in a movie theater
artista eletricista ou encanador professional:  an electrician or plumber
aselha desajeitada person who is clumsy
atacador cadarço shoe strings
atendedor automático secretária electrônica answering machine
aterrar aterrissar  to land in a plane
atestar encher o tanque do carro to fill up the gasoline tank
auscultadores audiofones headphones
autarca funcionário da câmara local city government worker
autocarro ônibus bus or coach
autoclismo descarga da privada toilet flush
avançado atacante forward, striker (football)
avariado quebrado broken
bagaceira cachaça, pinga brandy
bagaço cachaça, pinga brandy
baixa centro da cidade downtown
baliza gol goal or goalpost
balela mentira lie
balneário vestiário changing room, locker room
bancada arquibancada stands, bleachers
bandolete tiara, arco headband
banheiro salva vidas lifeguard (in Br. Port. banheiro is "bathroom"
baril legal, do caralho cool, groovy
barriga da perna batata da perna (também em algumas regiões do Brasil se usa barriga da perna) calf of the leg
batota trapaça trick
bazar ir embora, dar com o pé slang for to leave, to hit the road, to skedaddle
BD: banda desenhada gibi, revistinha comic book
bem disposto? como vai? how are you?
beneficiação melhoramento, beneficiamento improvement
berlinde bola de gude marble, as in the children's game
berma acostamento (berma é um termo técnico que quer dizer aba lateral de um aterro) hard shoulder of the highway
bestial legal cool, groovy
betão concreto concrete
Beto (calão) Mauricinho, riquinho rich kid
biberão mamadeira baby bottle
bica cafezinho expresso coffee (in Lisbon)
bicha fila line, queue:  bicha in Brazil means queer
bifana bife de porco slice of fried pork
bicho carpinteiro cupim termite
bilheteira bilheteria box office
bocado, bocadinho um pouco a little bit
bófia tira cop
bola, ir a ir ver o jogo de futebol to go to a football game
boléia carona a ride, a lift
borbulhas espinhas pimples
borga farra high jinks, spree
borla, de de graça for free
borracha garota girl
borracheira bebedeira drunken state
bossa corcunda hump
bouça mato thicket
broche sexo oral, uma chupada, uma chupeta fellatio, oral sex
Bucha e Estica o Gordo e o Magro Laurel and Hardy
bué muito very (slang) as in "bué de caro"
bufar soprar (bufar é expirar violentamente como se estivesse cansado ou muito nervoso) to blow
bute "s'imbora", vamos embora slang for "let's hit the road"
cabrão filho da puta (em Portugal cabrão pode significar "chifrudo") son of a bitch (in Portugal "cabrão" can mean "cuckold")
cacete pão francês baguette, French bread (in Brazil cacete is slang for penis
caçoilo caçarola pequena small casserole dish
cachopa garota, moça girl
cachorro cachorro quente, hot dog hot dog
calção shorts shorts, bermudas
calcar pisar (calcar é apertar) step on
calhar, se talvez maybe
calhau pedra, pedregulho stone
colunas altofalantes, caixas de som speakers (for a stereo)
camisa de dormir camisola night dress, night gown
canalha criança kid (in Brazil canalha is bastard)
canalizador bombeiro (mais comum no Rio de Janeiro), encanador plumber
cancro câncer cancer
candeeiro abajur (de mesa), lustre (de teto) lamp
caneca caneco mug
capa letra k (ká) the letter k
capachinho peruca wig, toupee
Capuchinho Vermelho Chapeuzinho Vermelho Little Red Riding Hood
caraça! caralho! prick!
caril curry curry
carne picada carne moída (carne moída é aquela passada no moedor e picada é aquela cortada em pequenos pedaços com uma faca) ground meat
carne verde carne fresca fresh meat
carocha fusca Volkswagen Beetle, the Bug
carpete tapete solto loose rug (in Brazil, this is called carpete)
carpir chorar (no Brasil usa-se mais no sentido de chorar os mortos) to cry, to mourn 
carregar apertar um botão to press a button
carrinha utilitário fechado, tipo Kombi van
carruagem vagão de trem train car, carriage
carta de condução carta de habilitação, carta de motorista driving license
carteira bolsa de mulher handbag
casa de banho banheiro bathroom
casa de pasto boteco, restaurante popular inexpensive restaurant
cash and carry atacadista wholesaler
castanho marrom (tambêm se usa castanho, mais para cor dos olhos e cabelos) brown
catita elegante dandy, elegant
cauteleiro vendedor de bilhetes de loteria lottery ticket salesman
cave porão basement, cellar
cesto cesta (tb se usa cesto como de lixo) basket in basketball
chanatos (calão) chinelos slang for slippers
charcutaria espécie de mercearia fina delicatessen
chaufagem aquecimento heating system
chavalo garoto young boy or girl
chávena xícara cup
cheio de frio, fome etc. com frio, fome etc. (morto de fome) hungry, thirsty
chibar reclamar complain
chiça! puxa! doeu! wow!  jeez!
chicha carne (linguagem de criança) meat (baby talk)
chispa rápido, vamos (tb se usa com o sentido de sai, passa, fora, se manda!) let's go!
chispe pé de porco (um prato popular em Portugal) pig's trotter (a popular dish)
chucha chupeta (de criança) pacifier for babies
chuço guardachuva umbrella
chui tira cop
chumbar não passar de ano, levar pau na escola to fail at school
chumbar o dente obturar to fill a tooth
chunga (calão) mau, chato bad, the pits
chupa-chupa doce num palito candy, sucker
churrasqueira churrascaria (a churrasqueira normalmente só serve frango no churrasco) steak house, restaurant that serves barbecued meats
chuto picada de heroína heroin injection
cimeira reunião de cúpula summit meeting
códea casca de pão crust of bread
coima multa fine
colaboradora (eufemismo para um anûncio no jornal) prostituta em boîte bargirl, prostitute (euphemism)
colega companheiro de trabalho (tb se usa colega de trabalho ou só colega) workmate
comboio trem train
cona vagina vagina
conductor chofer, motorista driver
conduzir guiar, dirigir to drive
conservatório repartição pública government office
cota (calão) pais slang for parents
contabilista contador accountant
continuação! até logo! see you later!
copos, ir aos sair para beber, encher a cara have some drinks
corte tapão, toco a blocked shot in basketball
coscuvilhar fofocar to gossip
coxia cadeira de corredor aisle seat, used for planes, theater etc.
cu bunda ass, buttocks
cueca calcinha ou cueca quando é de homem underpants
cunha pistolão, QI (quem indicou?) influence to get a job
cusco bisbilhoteiro ferret, busybody
dar explicações dar aulas particulares to teach private classes
dar uma vista de olhos dar uma olhada to take a look
defeso temporada season (football)
deitar fora jogar fora to throw away
desculpe lá! com licença! excuse me!
diospiro caquí persimmon
dobrar dublar to dub a film
doméstica dona de casa housewife (in Brazil doméstica is a house worker, a cleaning lady)
dorido dolorido painful
drogaria armarinho store that sells brooms, cleaning material
duche chuveiro, banho de chuveiro shower
durex camisinha condom—in Brazil durex is scotch tape
ecran tela television screen
eléctrico bonde tram or streetcar
em diferido videoteipe video tape
ementa cardápio, menu menu
ena pá! caramba, putis grila wow!
encarnado (semáforo encarnado) vermelho red
encerrado fechado (encerrado é utilizado mais com o sentido de terminado como em expediente encerrado) closed
enfrascarse (calão) ficar bêbado get drunk
engaço (o verbo é engaçar) rastelo, ancinho rake
engraçado engraçado (cômico ou bonito) funny or pretty
entornar derramar to spill
escadote escada ladder
escanção a arte de servir o vinho the art of serving wine
escaparate estante bookshelf
escusado, ser ser inútil, não ser necessário to need not, needless to say
escuta escuteiro boy scout
esférico bola de futebol football
esferográfica caneta (tb se usa esferográfica) ballpoint pen
esferovite isopor styrofoam
espalhar esparramar to spread
espalhar um exame tomar bomba num exame to fail a test, to flunk
esparregado creme de legumes vegetable sauce
espirituosa bebida alcólica spirits, alcoholic drink
espumante champanha, campagne (tb se usa espumante) champagne
esquentamento aquecimento heating, warming up
estafetas, corrida de revezamento  relay race
estalo bofetada, tapa (forte) slap
estendal varal a plastic clothes drier used in apartments
estomatologista dentista a doctor who specialized in dentistry
estore persiana de madeira ou plástico wooden or plastic blind
explicador professor particular private teacher
facho lanterninha, lanterna portátil flashlight, torch
factura nota fiscal  invoice
falhanço fracasso failure
fato terno suit
fato de banho maiô ou calção de banho swimming suit
fato macaco macacão, jardineira overalls
faz favor! por favor excuse me!
fazer óó fazer naná baby talk for go to sleep
fazer o pino plantar banana stand on your head
febra pedaço de carne de porco slice of pork
feijão verde vagem green beans
feira da ladra feira hipie flea market
fiambre presunto (no Brasil fiambre é presuntado; presunto como em Portugal só importado) processed ham
ficha tomada plug
ficheiro fichário file (cabinet)
filete bife beef steak
fino chope pequeno small glass of draft beer
fisga estilingue, bodoque slingshot
fita-cola durex (em Portugal Durex é uma marca conhecida de camisinha) scotch tape
fixe genial, legal cool, groovy
fogo apartamento apartment
força passa! Xô! Se manda!  Sai! go ahead!
forreta pão duro stingy, cheapskate
fotocópia xerox (tb se usa fotocópia ou xerocópia) photocopy
frigorífico geladeira fridge, icebox
fufa sapatão lesbian, dyke
fumado defumado smoked
fumador vagão de trem para fumantes smoking car on a train
fumo fumaça smoke
fundir queimar (Fundir é derreter o motor) to burn out—used for light bulbs
furo pneu furado flat tire
fusca gíria para pistola ou revólver revolver
gabardina capa de chuva raincoat
gadanha foice scythe, sickle
galão café com leite coffee with milk served in a glass
gamba camarão gigante prawns
ganga, calça de jeans jeans
ganza baseado a joint of marijuana
garina garota girl
garrafeira loja de bebidas alcólicas wine shop, bottle shop
gasóleo óleo diesel diesel
gasolineira posto de abastecimento ou de gasolina gas station
gasolineiro frentista gas station worker
gelado sorvete ice cream
gestor gerente manager
ginja cereja preta black cherry
giradiscos tocadiscos record player
girafa caneca grande de cerveja large mug of beer
giro legal, bacana great, cool
golo gol goal
grelha programação de televisão ou grade de programação list of programs on TV
grilar bater pino to ping-said of a motor
grossista atacadista wholesaler
grosso atacado wholesale
guardafatos armário, guarda-roupa wardrobe, closet
guarda-lama pára-lamas mudguard (on the car)
guarnecida com batatas food with potatoes
guiador guidão handlebar
guião roteiro screenplay
gulosema balinha sweet, candy
habilitações literárias grau de instrução, formação acadêmica educational background
Hansel e Gretel João e Maria Hansel and Gretel
hemiciclo Senado, Câmara dos Deputados Chamber of Deputies
hipótese (não há hipótese) chance (não há chance)

hipótese é uma suposição

hora de ponta hora do pique, hora do rush rush hour
hospedeira aeromoça, comissária de bordo air hostess, stewardess
imperial chope draft beer
indicador de combustível ponteiro fuel gauge
intriga fofoca (intriga é uma discórdia) gossip
invisual cego blind person-politically correct word
ladrar latir to bark
lameiro brejo, terreno húmido  swamp, wet pasture
lanço trecho de estrada ou de pontes part of a highway
larilas chorão wimp
leitor de cassetes toca-fitas tape recorder
liceu ginásio high school
ligeiro carro de passageiros passenger car
lombo filé mignon filet mignon
lume fogo, um fósforo a light, a match
maçante chato a bore
maçar chatear to bother
macaco (calão) titica snot, bugger
magoar machucar to hurt, to harm—in Brazil machucar is physical and magoar is psychological.
mais pequeno menor smaller—mais pequeno is considered incorrect in Brazil
mala bolsa de mulher handbag
malga tigela para sopa soup bowl
malta turma group of friends
mamas peito tits, breasts
mandrião preguiçoso lazy
manguito dar uma banana to give the finger, to flip the bird
maple sofá, poltrona sofa
marcação reserva reservation
marcar discar dial (a telephone)
marco caixa de correio post box, letter box
marialva metido a gostoso, conquistador Don Juan
marosca batota deception, trick
marrão (calão) C.D.F. (Cu de Ferro), estudioso hard studier
matrícula placa de carro license plate, number plate
maxilar mandíbula (tb se usa maxilar) jaw
médios faróis baixos low beams in a car
meia de leite café com leite coffee with milk
melga mosquito, perilongo (tb chato) mosquito, a pain in the ass
meloa melão small melon
menina garota (tb se usa menina para uma criança e garota para uma adolescente) girl, Miss—used as a title
merugem garoa, chuvisco drizzle
meruja garoa drizzle
merujar cair merugem, cair garoa to drizzle
mingar/minguar emagrecer,diminuir (tb se usa raramente minguar) decrease, get thin
miúdos crianças (miúdos são os órgãos internos e vísceras comestíveis das aves) children
moço garoto, jovem (tb se usa moço) young man
mola prendedor de roupa clothes pin
monstros entulhos trash left on the street
montar subir (montar é cavalgar ou subir na fêmea na hora da relação sexual o mesm que cobrir - gíria com o mesmo sentido de trepar) to climb
monte (Monte dos Vendavais) morro (Morro dos Ventos Uivantes) hill, heights (Wuthering Heights)
montra vitrine shop window
mossa estrago, amolgadura damage (used for a car)
mota moto motorcycle
motorizada lambreta motorbike, scooter
muinha dor constante constant pain
muita muito a lot—in Portugal the word can be feminine before a feminine noun
mulher a dias faxineira cleaning woman
nado de bruços nado de peito breast stroke in swimming
nado de mariposa nado de golfinho butterfly stroke in swimming
naifa canivete jack-knife, pocketknife
néria nada, necas nothing
nojice nojeira rotten, sickening
nomeadamente principalmente mainly
notário tabelião notary public
oh, pa! pô! damn!
ora bem! veja bem! let's see!
pacóvio lerdo, burro silly, foolish
Pai Natal Papai Noel Santa Claus
palmarés currículo, resumo da obra background, experience
panado à milanesa breaded meat
paneleiro bicha queer, gay
pantomineira (calão) mulher barulhenta, cheia de gestos a loud, vociferous woman
pantuflas chinelos (tb se usa em Portugal) slippers
papeira caxumba mumps
paralítico imagem parada (paralítico é aquele que não pode andar) stopped image on TV or video
parangona manchete headline
parque estacionamento car park, parking lot
particular (jogo) amistoso friendly match
partir quebrar  to break
parvo idiota, tolo, bobo fool
parvoices besteiras, idiotices, bobagens, tolices stupidities
passadeira passagem de pedestres, passarela zebra crossing, crosswalk
pastilhado drogado (em pastilhas) drugged on pills
pastilhas elásticas chiclete, goma de mascar chewing gum
patilhas costeletas sideburns
peão pedestre pedestrian
pêga puta whore
peixeira pessoa barulhenta (vem das vendedoras de peixe) loud person (comes from a woman fishmonger)
pelas às (tb se usa pelas:  lá pelas tantas horas) around such and such a time
peleiro peleteiro furrier
pelouro cada um dos ramos da administração pública public administration
penso curativo bandage
penso higiênico absorvente íntimo, modes kotex, sanitary napkins
penso rápido band-aid Band-aid
pequena garota girl
pequeno almoço café da manhã breakfast
pêra barbicha, cavanhaque goatee
perceber entender (perceber é mais próximo de sentir:  ele não percebeu ela chegando) to understand
percebes tipo de marisco barnacle
perdidos e achados achados e perdidos (essa é ótima pq primeiro se perde para depois se achar)  lost and found
pessoa colectiva pessoa jurídica a company
pestanas cílios eyelashes
peúgas meias short socks
piada (não tem piada) graça funny (in Brazil piada  is a joke)
pica injeção an injection (in Brazil pica is slang for penis)
picas cobrador de ônibus the ticket puncher on the train
pila pinto, pau (pila tb é uma gíria no Sul para dinheiro) prick, cock
pildra, ir para ira para cama ou ir para a prisão to go to bed or to go to prison
pionês tachinha thumbtack, drawing pin
pipi (fazer) xixi children's slang for urine
pirilampo vagalume firefly
piri-piri pimenta malagueta hot sauce, chile pepper
piropo galanteio, cantada words of praise said by men to women
piroso cafona corny
piso andar do prédio (também se usa piso para designar andar de prédio ou o acabamento que se põe no chão das edificações) floor of a building
planear planejar to plan
pois! então! so! OK
porreiro legal great, cool
portagem pedágio toll on a road
portanto (pronunciado "purtanto" portanto (uma das palavras mais usadas em Portugal; usa-se como "filler" numa frase) so
pouco profundo raso (tb pode se dizer pouco profundo mas o mais comum é raso) shallow
póvoa povoado village, town
prego churrasquinho de carne de vaca a beefsteak usually served on bread
prenda presente (no interior se usa prenda com esse mesmo sentido) present, gift
preservativo camisinha condom
pressão, cerveja de chope draft beer
pronto! (or prontos!) e daí, pois, OK Ok, uh huh!
pronto a vestir roupa feita, pret-a-porter ready to wear
propina mensalidade (propina é o dinheiro de suborno que se paga para obter alguma vantagem ou encobrir um ilícito) tuition
putos crianças (puto é uma pessoa desprezível, um filho-da-puta) kids
queca trepada, metida, transa a fuck
quinta sítio ou chácara small farm
quiosque banca de jornal (quiosque é uma construção rústica sem paredes e com telhado de palha) newsstand
quispo (kispo) blusão, casaco parka, anorak
rabiosque nádegas, bunda buttocks, ass
rabo bunda, bumbum (também se usa bastante rabo com o mesmo sentido, só que mais forte) behind, ass
ralhar brigar (ralhar está em desuso mas também é entendido) to fight, to argue
ranha titica snot, nasal mucous
rapariga garota girl
rasca ordinário, reles vulgar, common
rata vagina (rata é a fêmea do rato) pussy
realizador diretor film director
rebaixas liquidações sales
rebuçado doce de caramelo, pirulito candy
reformado aposentado (se usa reformado nas Forças Armadas) retired
registar registrar register
rego vagina (no Brasil rego é o mesmo que bunda) vagina
reinar gozar, zoar, brincar to joke
relato narração (tb se usa relato como uma narração mais formal, um depoimento) narration
relvado gramado lawn
remate chute a gol goal kick

aluguel (renda é o dinheiro ganho ou um trabalho feito com linha num tecido)

reparação conserto repair
rés-do-chão térreo ground floor
residencial tipo de hotel inexpensive hotel
ressalto rebote (ressalto é uma saliência) rebound in basketball
ressonar roncar (ressonar é dormir leve; roncar is used in Portugal for animals) to snore
retalhista varejista retailer
retrete privada, vaso sanitário bathroom
sacho enxada weeding hoe
saco bolsa a tiracolo de mulher handbag
safar apagar ("apagar" com borracha to erase ("safar" in Brazil means "to escape")
saloio caipira hillbilly
sandes sanduíche sandwich
sanita privada, vaso sanitário toilet
santinho! Deus te ajude!  Deus te crie! God bless you!—said when someone sneezes
sapateira tipo de caranguejo (sapateira é o lugar onde se põe os sapatos) type of crab
sarilho confusão (sarilho é um modo de se colocar os fuzis em pé apoiados uns nos outros) problems, mess
sebenta apostila notes to help you to study
se calhar talvez perhaps
secretária escrivaninha (secretária é a funcionária que organiza a agenda de um empresário) desk
selecionador treinador coach, manage
seropositivo aidético sufferer of Aids, HIV positive
serrano pessoa rural, do interior hillbilly
Setor/a Professor/a (usado para se dirigir ao professor) Teacher, Mr, Miss (used when addressing a teacher)
sim, senhora! sim, senhor ou senhora (se usa mais Sim, senhor!) yes, sir or madam
sítio lugar (sítio é uma propriedade rural pequena) place
snack bar café, lanchonete snack bar
soalheiro ensolarado sunny
solarengo ensolarado sunny
solicitador despachante solicitor—someone who helps you to get documents
sujidade sujeira dirt, filth
sumo suco (tb se usa menos sumo) juice
tabaco cigarro tobacco or cigarettes
tacão salto heel of a shoe
tachista marajá government worker who lives like a king
talá? quem fala? alô? who is speaking?
talho açouge butcher's
tampão calota do carro hubcap
tanga mentira lie
tanso palerma, otário fool, jerk
taralhoco maluco crazy
tareia surra a beating
tasca boteco simple bar
tejadilho de abrir teto solar sunroof
telefonia rádio do carro car radio
ter a lata ter a ousadia to have the guts, the balls
ter pena sentir muito to be sorry
tigre camarão gigante tiger prawns
tintas, estou-me nas estou pouco ligando para isso I don't give a damn
tira-cápsulas abridor de garrafa bottle opener
tira uma bufa soltar um pum, um peido to pass gas, to fart
tomates ovos, saco balls, testículos
tossim! alô! Hello!!—used when answering the phone
tosta torrada toast
trânsito condicionado trânsito impedido interrupted traffic
traque pum fart
travão freio brake
trepador escalador climber in cycling
tresandar feder to stink
treta besteira, conversa fiada prattle, verbosity
trincar morder (trincar é quando o vidro quebra mas não despedaça) to bite
tripeiro habitante de Porto inhabitant of Oporto
troço trecho de estrada stretch of road
trolha ajudante de pedreiro laborer, construction worker
trucidado atropelado (usa-se sempre com o trem) run over by a train
tubo de escape escapamento exhaust pipe
utente usuário user of a public service
vai-e-vem ônibus espacial space shuttle
varicela catapora chicken pox
vazio filet mignon filet mignon
velharia antiguidade antique
verbena arraial, festa ao ar livre night festival in the open air
verniz esmalte (verniz é um protetor de madeira) nail polish (in Brazil they use esmalte on fingernails and verniz on wood)
vir abaixo apagar, morrer—refere-se ao carro to "die"—said of a car's engine
vivenda casa, mansão house, detached house
vulgar comum (mas não vulgar) ordinary, common


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