A Book and
a Song

Regarding your October 1997 issue, Rodolfo Espinoza's article "Pleasure Principle" quotes from the American anthropologist Richard Parker's book, Bodies, Pleasures, Passion: The Sexual Culture in Contemporary Brazil. Since I have tried to read that book I thought it important for me to warn your readers.

Mr. Parker writes long convoluted sentences that are meant only for other anthropologists. These sentences obscure more than they enlighten. The writing is so turgid and profoundly boring that the Brazilian sex life is less interesting than a book on statistics. Should a Brasileiro attempt to read it, he runs the at risk of loosing interest in sex altogether.

I am sure that some writer is capable of writing a very interesting book on Brazilian sexual culture and it would be on quarter the size of Mr. Parker's. However, any of your readers who may have a copy of the book can use it for keeping a window open. Maybe your readers can write in giving us all the various uses they have found for using Mr. Parker's book.

I have been planning to write you for some time. I want to join the other readers who have been thanking you for publishing Bruce Gilman's articles. They are well written and very helpful. I do not know how long Mr. Gilman has been writing them, but you might consider republishing his work every 2-3 years for people who share their magazines, but who want to retain this material. It would make a great gift to give musicians and friends who are not yet familiar with Brazilian music.

The October 1997 issue should really break the fio dental of those readers who have been complaining about the risqué photos you've been publishing.

Armand C. Caputti
San Francisco, California

Bye, Brazzil

Please, don't send me Brazzil anymore. The reason I am taking this decision is the immorality presented in your October and November issues. Articles translating obscene words, and explicit immorality in words and pictures are not appreciated by my family. In my opinion this magazine should be censored and its sale should prohibited to minors. Certainly it is not a magazine for the family anymore.

Beatriz T. V. Souza
Las Vegas, Nevada

Brazzil No More

Please cancel my subscription to your Brazzil magazine. I did not expect it to bring pornographic smut.

David Johnson
Greensboro, North Carolina

Keep Sending

It's that time of year again for a renewal of my subscription. Due to the current postal strike in Canada, I might not see the November issue for a bit (right now, I could get to Brazil faster!) which also means I can't pay you right away, but I'm good for it whenever they settle the strike. In the meantime, keep up the fine work and sign me up for another year.

Terry J. Cooper
Ontario, Canada

Soothing Brazzil

Congratulation on your success in publishing Brazzil as both a printed magazine, as well as an Internet site. I am writing to confess that I still prefer the paper version of Brazzil. Like old friends, paper magazines are more accessible and reliable than the Internet. In addition, it can't be as comfortable to curl up in bed and fall asleep reading a computer on your chest. Here is a three-year subscription renewal for an old friend, my paper copy of Brazzil magazine.

Dan Gressser
Columbia, Maryland

Nobody Does
It Better

Brazzil is the best buy for the money. It gives me a good insight of the Brazilian people and the troubles that they face. I enjoyed the article "Charming Duo" (November 1997) about President Clinton and his visit to Brazil. Enclosed please find my check to renew Brazzil for another year.

Walt Szczepaniak
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Medicinal Leaves

I can't remember if I already renewed my subscription, so to be sure I am sending a check. I used to be able to tell by looking at the address label, but there is no date anymore. Thanks so much for such a fine magazine. When we are away from Brazil we have such saudade. Brazzil is the only cure.

Cindy Brown
Fairbanks, Alaska


Is Brazzil distributed in the state of Utah? Your Web site is a treasure. What a great nation Brazil is. Thanks for being there.

Bob Smith
Via Internet

Quite Content

Please renew my subscription to Brazzil. I have enclosed my personal check for payment for three years. I can offer no greater vote of satisfaction and confidence in your publication.

Joseph E. Howard
Richmond, Virginia

Yes, MO,
Check, Cash

I got a copy of Brazzil magazine at a restaurant in San Francisco and was really amazed by the quality and variety of the information on it. It warms the heart of a homesick. I'd like to become a new subscriber and for that I need to know if I can send a money to pay for it.

Valéria Rogick
San Francisco, California

Good Source

I'm simply writing to tell you that what I've seen of your magazine has been excellent. As a student at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, one of my majors was ethnomusicology, and within that program I wrote several papers concerning Brazilian music. Some of the articles I encountered in Brazzil were helpful in pointing me towards subjects. And, like some other people who have written, I was impressed by Bruce Gilman's Carlinhos Brown article. Always a fan of new Brazilian music, I bought the CD, which has been a real treat for me and for my former roommate.

Derrick Smith
Bloomington, Indiana

Info Source

I have been reading Brazzil magazine on line. I am a 14-year old student from Brazil. I don't write and speak fluently, but I can read and understand English very well. I like your page very much because through it I can know the international opinion about Brazil. I used information from your magazine to write a paper on former President Fernando Collor de Mello. Thank you for your help.

Kelly Caetano
Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil

Back Issues
Only on Line

I have been a subscriber to Brazzil for almost two years and I enjoy it tremendously. I am wondering if it is possible to receive any back issues of your magazine, specifically during the 1995 year? Thank you for your excellent publication.

Henry Medina
Norwalk, California


I have featured your magazine on my media page for Brazilian Media. I am also rebuilding my Brazilian section and it is my intention to feature you there as well. I think your site is excellent. It makes me want to return to Brazil. I have a favor to ask. I want to steal your midi of Jobim. First, tell me if I can, and then tell me how. I will use it on the page where I feature Jobim and I will also feature you there with a banner. Okay? My site is at: http://www.escapeartist.com

Via Internet

Counting the Days

I love your online version and can't wait to see it in print. Also can't wait for my trip to Brazil in June. I've loved Brazilian music for several years.

Alisson Hutchison
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

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