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Centenary Boobs

Dercy Gonçalves, 89, shows it all.
Dercy shows her boobies.
Eternally irreverent bad girl of vaudeville turned TV star and cultural icon Dercy Gonçalves never stops shocking the bourgeoisie. At age 89, she has again made headlines by doing a striptease on TV where she once again showed her boobies. She did this five years ago in Rio, during Carnaval's Escolas de Sambas' pageant. This time the topless show was performed during Globo TV's comedy program, Sai Debaixo (Stand Clear).

Dercy shows her boobies.The scene was taped and provoked a stir even before it aired. Some thought Globo would have second thoughts and skip the bare breasts show. They didn't. Carnaval singer Emilinha Borba, from the same generation as Dercy, commented: "You can't do something like this on TV. They should have cut the part where she exaggerated, showing her breasts and raising her legs. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry when I saw it all."

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