Brazil Gets Closer to Kenya

The Ministers of Foreign Relations of Brazil and Kenya will establish a commission to develop cooperation projects between the two countries. The first meeting of this group is set for August in Brazil.

Brazilian Chancellor Celso Amorim identified Kenya’s interest in partnerships in the areas of infrastructure, public health, sugar cane cultivation, and the reactivation of an alcohol processing plant.

Amorim emerged satisfied from his encounter this weekend with Kenyan officials.

“The encounter was positive regarding these topics and other areas of bilateral cooperation, such as cooperation to combat Aids. I have great confidence that our Ministry of Health and Brazilian entrepreneurs will give a positive response to this request,” the Minister affirmed.

As for cultural exchange, the Ministry of Foreign Relations hopes that the number of Kenyans studying in Brazil will grow from the current contingent of 22 to 50.

In the research sphere, the Brazilian Agricultural Research Company (Embrapa) plans to conduct studies using part of the Kenyan Agricultural Technology Company’s genetic bank of 450 thousand plants.

Brazil’s present trade balance with Kenya does not exceed US$ 22 million. In 2004, Brazilian imported only US$ 11 thousand in merchandise from Kenya.

Most of the goods were items of decoration. By getting closer to Kenya, Brazil intends to increase its trade relations with the countries of East Africa, a bloc led by the Kenyans.

Translation: David Silberstein
Agência Brasil



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