Caribbean Experts in Brazil Learning AIDS Strategies

The Deputy Manager of Caribbean Community (Caricom) Programs, Edward Emmanuel, classified Brazilian program on the prevention and treatment of STD (sexually transmitted diseases)/Aids as one of world’s best, specially on its attention to HIV-infected people.

Emmanuel is one of the 26 Caricom representatives who are in Brazil to learn about local Aids treatment and combat policy, and to negotiate actions for technical cooperation. The group will stay in Brazil until Saturday, April 9.

Caricom is integrated by 20 countries of the second world region most affected by Aids, right after Sub-Saharan Africa. There are over 440 thousand adults and children living with HIV in the region, according to the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS).

“This visit is very important to identify the needs of Caribbean countries, and, with Brazilian experience, try to implement prevention, treatment, as well as access to human rights programs in countries that do not integrate Caricom,” explained Emmanuel.

He mentioned that, relating to Aids, the main demand of Caricom is the reduction of the mortality indices.

Among Brazilian initiatives that contributed to the reduction of HIV-infections, and that interested the group, there are the free production and distribution of condoms and antiretroviral medications, and the existence of programs focusing on drug addicts.

The World Bank once predicted that Brazil would reach year 2000 with 1.2 million of HIV-infected people. Today, according to Brazilian Ministry of Health, there are approximately 600 thousand people living with HIV in Brazil.

Translation: Andréa Alves

Agência Brasil



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