Brazil’s Challenge Is to Grow, Says Minister

Evaluating the two years of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s administration, Minister Luiz Dulci, of the Presidential General Secretariat, pointed out that Brazil has resumed a rhythm of sustained growth, which improves country’s general conditions to face social issues.

Dulci participated this Wednesday, April 6, on a roundtable promoted by the Perseu Abramo Foundation, in Brasí­lia.

“My personal evaluation is that the government did not do everything it wanted, however, it is the administration with more social advancements since the country’s redemocratization process began,” he observed.

Dulci emphasized that Brazil grew 5.2% in the period, with record-breaking exports even with the floating exchange rate system, and more jobs. “There were 2 million new jobs in this period,” he said.

In Dulci’s opinion, the challenge now is to grow. The Minister says he is optimistic about the next two years of Lula’s government, and added that critical observations are welcome.

The President of the Workers’ Party (PT), José Genoí­no, also made a positive evaluation of the two years of this government, and remembered that, in addition to the economic growth and social programs, Brazil has adopted an active external politics.

“We have made important reforms, approved laws. It is clear that the change process in Brazil is, sometimes, slow, but we are walking towards a strong, socially integrated country,” he said.

Translation: Andréa Alves
Agência Brasil



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