Brazil-US Message Vows Ending Poverty

In a joint message signed yesterday, Brazil’s Minister of Foreign Relations, Celso Amorim, and the United States State Secretary, Condoleezza Rice, defend the United Nations (UN) peace mission in Haiti, and the country’s free elections this year “to form a democratically elected government.”

They also request international donors to speed up their aid to Haiti, to ensure the advancement of the stability process.

The text reaffirms both governments’ commitment to work towards deepening bilateral relationship.

Amorim and Rice emphasize their common vision that democracy and rule of law are “indispensable for the construction of modern societies and political systems that promote growth, social development, transparency, and stability.”

USA and Brazil, according to the document, will adopt these policies that are “key for increasing income, improving life quality, and ending hunger and poverty,” with emphasis on the battle against corruption.

In the message, the Chancellor and the State Secretary express support for the creation of a United Nations Democracy Fund. They also reiterate their support for the recent resolution of the Organization of American States (OAS) encouraging the maintenance of the democratic order in all Latin American countries.

“We are committed on maintaining regular meetings, working together towards prosperity, democratic governing, and peace in the hemisphere and beyond,” says the joint message.

Agência Brasil



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