Most Adopted Children from Brazil Go to Italy

Over the last two decades, some 12,000 Brazilian children have been adopted
by foreign couples. Just in the last ten years, Italians have adopted 5,000
Brazilian children.

As a result, professionals from Brazil and Italy who work with international adoptions are holding a seminar this week in Brasí­lia to make the process smoother and more efficient.

The consensus is that Brazilian legislation on foreign adoptions is adequate in halting traffic in children and their commercialization. Would-be adoptive parents are accompanied by authorities while they are in Brazil, for example.

International adoptions are regulated by the Hague Convention. The process in Brazil takes around a year. After receiving a child, foreign parents must make annual reports for four years. The child obtains dual citizenship – the country where his parents take him and Brazilian citizenship.

The deputy secretary for Human Rights, Mario Mamede, reports that in general children adopted by foreign couples are older – the average age is four.

Two years ago, judge Siro Darlan, of the First Children’s and Juvenile Court of Rio de Janeiro, regarded as positive the authorization of four Italian civil entities to be installed in Brazil to act as coordinators in the adoption of Brazilian children by foreign couples.

“In Brazil, these children are rejected by the family and also by society,” Darlan observed.

Siro Darlan informed that children from 0 to 18 may be adopted, but, in general, only children older than 5 or those with health problems are made available for adoption by foreigners.

According to the judge, the reason is that, in Brazil, children in this age group and sick children are practically never adopted. “Couples generally only adopt infants with specific characteristics which are not very easy to find.”

The judge added that he himself has verified that “Italians respect adopted children and treat them with great affection.”

Agência Brasil


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  • Reverent Macort

    Providing A Solution to you
    it a pleasure for me to reach out to you. its been not easy where to contact and when to contact. It was only reading from your profile that i derive some senee of direction bout who people might be to my child. But one thing is clare; it from my personnal judgement that I came to setled on you. I am a German national who turn to involve in Philantrophic to jobs that has turned to render me un able to offer to My lovely Child Claris Kim the most love she needs. I turn to be the responsible person because in one of our missinions out of Germany into Darfu to offer care to needy children, Ilost my Wife Marcor Jenna. From this situation I had to seek for a most comfortable place to have some rest and think on what to do with my child.I am resently in “Ekilindi” The only decision I could make was giving out Claris for adoption to parents I believe will over the most desire love she will ever need as she is growing up. Its with pains I took this dicision but all was for the betterness of this child. I will be moving back to Darfur sooner. this child is getting to six week oil. Its not easy to cope. Will you help out?

  • Guest

    Dear friends,

    I am an Italian/ Australian woman living in Milan looking to complete my life with a child. I have been and am in a very stable and loving relationship with my boyfriend for many years, I’m a professional, self-sufficient (highly paid) executive, with support of family and very dear close-friends and have been seriously contemplating adopting for five years now. However, I am single and hope it will not create an obstacle in the process.
    I would very much appreciate your advice. In particular, regarding adopting a Brazilian child and what the requirements are.
    I look forward to receiving your reply.
    Many thanks and kindest regards,

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