Brazilian Bishops Call Free Pill Distribution Barbarism

Brazil’s lawmakers launched a service called “family planning program” to distribute free contraceptives at the 6,012 hospitals and 63,662 walk-in clinics throughout the country.

The controversial program, roundly denounced by the Brazilian Catholic Church, includes the morning-after pill, also known as abortion pill, despite a Brazilian law prohibiting abortion except in cases of rape or if a mother’s life is in danger because of the pregnancy.

“This is nothing more than medical and moral barbarism, which will pervert our youth,” warned Bishop Rafael Llano Cifuentes, president of the Bishops Committee on Life and the Family for the National Conference of Brazilian Bishops.

The free contraceptives program “will promote the sexual perversion of teenagers, which means prostitution,” Bishop Cifuentes added.

“It’s like telling teenage girls, go out and enjoy an active sex life for the government will guarantee that you won’t get pregnant.”

According to an Instituto Sensus poll conducted in April, 87% of Brazilians support the use of contraception, while 84% support the free distribution of contraceptives by the government. Eighty-five percent are still opposed to abortion on demand.

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    Surreptious Delite
    Ah, come on. The Church just wants to insure that the young lads or “little beauties” are available. After all, they need to replenish their object of delight. Just think, what will they molest if there are no more lads? If they need more lads, I hope they go after Bush. Why not? His wife states categorically that he was milking a “male” horse. Maybe the whole cabinet could be used for adultofilia.

  • Guest

    Some church.
    What sound does a hollow church make? Clang.

  • Guest

    That would be bad.
    “It’s like telling teenage girls, go out and enjoy an active sex life for the government will guarantee that you won’t get pregnant.”

    Yes we certainly wouldnt want people enjoying sex or anything else for that matter. Religion runs on guilt and we must all wait for death to enjoy our rewards, assuming of course any avererage person is capable of entering the heaven they belive in.

  • Guest

    Mr. Lane
    It is with disgust that I read about the Catholic Church ONCE AGAIN assuming that it actually has moral authority. I have read what has been done in the past to the unwanted children of the streets in Brazil. It would not surprise me to see the “church” condone the murders of unwanted children, (so they do not become street criminals).

  • Guest

    The Catholic Church has the nerve to say that contraception is “perverted?” The same Catholic Church that turned a blind eye to the desgusting perverted priests that were molesting little boys? How dare the Catholic Church try to control our lives and our bodies! How dare a bunch of sexual deviants dressed in robes and cloaked in incense pretend they “own” God and are the moral authority.

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