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More Deaths by Gun in Brazil in 10 Years than in All Wars in the World Put Together

Here is something to think about: the number of deaths by firearms registered in Brazil over the last decade (a total of 325,551, or an average of 32,555 per year) is more than all the deaths in a total of 26 armed conflicts that took place around the world during that period.

That fact is in a new UNESCO study just released on “Deaths by Firearms in Brazil from 1979 to 2003.”

The study, which was coordinated by sociologist Julio Jacobo Waiselfisz, found that during the whole 24-year period surveyed a total of 550,000 people in Brazil were killed by firearms. During the period, firearms deaths rose over 460%, while the population grew 51.8%.

The study also showed a spike in deaths by firearms as a percentage of total deaths in Brazil.

In 1979, deaths by firearms were 1% of total deaths. By 2003, the percentage had risen to almost 4%.

There was also a sharp increase of over 540% in the use of firearms in murders and 75% in suicides.

The only bright spot in all this was a drop of 16% in deaths due to accidents with firearms.

The downside in all this is that a large percentage of those who die from firearms are young people in the 15 to 24 age group. In 1979, 7.9% of firearms deaths in Brazil were young people in the 15 to 24 year age group.

By 2003, that had risen to 34.4%, which means that one out of every three youths in this age group who die in Brazil die from gunshot wounds.

Firearms deaths have now risen to third place on the list of principal causes of death in Brazil, behind heart/circulatory diseases and cancer. That is for the whole population.

However, in the 15 to 24 age group, things are tragically different. Death by firearms is the principal cause of death, followed by traffic accidents.

ABr – www.radiobras.gov.br


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  • Guest

    Weapon control is not enough
    In many first world countries guns are allowed and large percentage of the population own them. Example: Canada. The death by firearms stats for Canada is not nearly close to 20 people. How can they do that? Its not the guns itself the problem. I’m not saying that having a better control of them or even not having then is not gonna work, but ONLY that is definately not gonna work. Brazil needs way more than just gun control.

  • Guest

    Oh, yes! Without guns, Brazil will suddenly become a land of plenty. The landless will now be able to secure the farms they dream of, the government will cease being corrupt, and the criminals will put down their knives and pick up the cross. Give me a break! Brazil is the way it is for other reasons than guns.

  • Guest

    Brasilian Police Cannot Protect Populati
    If the Brasilian Police, PolÀ­cia Militar, and PolÀ­cia Civil, could actually protect the Brasilan population against hundreds of thousands of armed and very violent criminals, and IF the Brasilian justice system were capable of prosecuting these same criminals, then sure let’s have gun control in Brasil. I know different however, after spending almost half my 41 years travelling there, I can assure everyone that impunity from the law kills more people than guns.

    I am a very peacful person, however when I travel in Brasil, there is always a firearm close by and for bloody good reason. It is so easy to say just disarm the poplulation and it will get better. Brasil is no Australia or Canada, it is a country where the very police who are supposed to protect you, arm and protect the criminals, and where the “justice” system is anything but just.

  • Guest

    Very dubious
    Brazil has the second worst gun murder levels in the world behind Colombia – as far as non-war zone countries which have reliable statistics go, but there’s no way these claims are accurate. I suspect there’s a lack of data for many war zones and these haven’t been included.

  • Guest

    Chip Korngiebel in Sitka, Alaska
    Saddly when one is denied Hope of a better furture. Be it self imposed or forced upon them. When we turn our backs to a higher power we are left to our own devices. We are responsible for our own actions and inactions.
    May we all find Peace with ourselves before it is to late.
    Best of life to all,

  • Guest

    Looks like we have a large Genocide going on in Brasil.

    How are these people getting the guns to kill?

    Are Brasilians being taught alternative means of settling disputes?

    Is it the policy of the Government to allow this large scale killing for some other nafarious purpose? Like population reduction.

    Are social conditions in Brasil so bad that men have resorted to gun violence in an effort to cope with living conditions?

    Is Brasil going through it’s day of the Wild Wild West?

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