Brazil’s Drought Made Corn and Soy Harvest Fall

The Brazilian government statistical bureau,  IBGE, reports that the 2004 grain harvest in Brazil reached 120.5 million tons, down 3.65%, compared to 2003.

The IBGE says that the main reason for the smaller harvest was the weather – especially a severe drought in southern Brazil.

The biggest drop in production was in corn, down 13.5%. Soy was down 4.6%, even though the area planted had actually risen over 16%.

The IBGE explains that with corn and soy accounting for over three-fourths of Brazil grain production in 2004, the drop was inevitable.

However, there were bright spots in the 2004 harvest. Cotton production rose over 72%, and there was a sharp rise in production of castor-oil plant, up almost 65%.

The jump in castor-oil plant is explained by incentives the government is providing for its cultivation as it will be used as an additive in biodiesel.



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    man i wish i could go to Brazil cause it is very interesting

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    water conservation
    I believe that the use of agricultuaral polymers in all crops would save 30% to 70% of watering needs.
    I have the patents and the machine for the injection of this process, I am an American now living in Brasil.
    The development of this machine(Polymatic 3000) was the product of the year for California and was selected the winner for world wide Agricultural use at the Invention Convention held in Long Beach California in 1998.
    If interested in water conservation please contact me,
    Lee Dunning

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