Ecstasy Consumption Is on the Rise in Brazil

Brazil is a growing consumer market for amphetamines and ecstasy, the so-called synthetic drugs, according to the UN’s 2005 World Drug Report.

The latest report was released yesterday, June 29, in Rio de Janeiro, in the southeast of Brazil, by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

According to the document, Brazil is currently the largest consumer of ecstasy among the Southern Cone countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay) and the third largest in all of South America.

The drug is used by around 0.2% of the Brazilian population between the ages of 15 and 64.

“Brazil is a country with over 50 million young people, so it is an attractive market for drug dealers. Synthetic drugs are making ever greater inroads in the country.

“We perceive this in the arrests made in Brazil by the Federal Police and other police forces,” said the UNODC representative in Brazil, Giovanni Quaglia.



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    i use pillz all the time. ecstasy is a brill drug . can some one tell me which country consumes the most amount of ecstasy pillz ?? im sure it`s the uk. the uk is the raving capitol of the world (fact) more raves are done here than any other country. so it must be uk. any way if you use ecstasy drink water kk have fun (ecstasy you realy got me going you got me so i do know wot im doing) hardcore techno

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    This is true. I am a 24 year old brazilian and in the last five years or so I have witnessed the ascension of this drug called Ecstasy, or as young brazilians like to call it, “bala” (literally, “candy”). There are lots of friends of mine who use it regularly at parties and raves and even one cousin. It is considered a cool drug. Problem is it is much more dangerous than marijuana. MJ is nothing compared to it. Ecstasy destroys a tremendous amount of brain cells and opens a hole in the brain (a study made by brittish scientists has shown this). These people will all be sick, dumb and useless before they hit their fifties.
    Something has to be done!

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