Minister Says Brazil Is Creating 90,000 New Jobs a Month

The Minister of Finance, Antônio Palocci, said that instability is “definitely a thing of the past” in Brazil, because present conditions are conducive to growth.

The Minister participated, in the Exame magazine’s “Biggest and Best” awards ceremony, to honor the companies that were standout performers in 2004.

In his speech, the Minister underscored that the country’s recent growth has been marked by a drop in unemployment and that the jobs that have been created are formal positions.

“Between 2003 and May of this year, 3 million formal jobs have been created. During the past decade, Brazil created around 8 thousand formal jobs per month. At this moment, we are generating around 90 thousand formal jobs per month, 11 times more,” he pointed out.

According to Palocci, the government’s macroeconomic policy represents a necessary condition for the country to reach the objective of sustained growth, but it is not the only one.

“The agenda of reforms is equally essential. These reforms involve the construction of efficient, modern legal guidelines, with rules that are clear and juridically secure and make it easier to attract private investment, which is fundamental to the viability of development with social inclusion.”

The president of the National Economic and Social Development Bank (BNDES), Guido Mantega, who also attended the ceremony, remarked that “Brazil is achieving the stability of the mature countries, and, for this reason, the disturbances that are normal in democracies and occur in all countries do not affect us as they did in the past.”

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