Left Gets a Boost in Brazil’s Election

According to the partial results announced by Brazil’s Federal Electoral Court (TSE), parties on the Left showed strength in yesterday’s first round of municipal elections in Brazil.

The Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB) received more than double the votes it obtained in 2000’s municipal elections: 870,055 versus 382,837. Another party that has so far exhibited significant growth is the PCO (Partido da Causa Operária””Workers’ Cause Party), which won 39,580 votes, 25,464 more than four years ago.

According to the partial count, the Brazilian Communist Party (PCB) practically doubled the number of votes it obtained in 2000: 19,035 versus 9,824.

The Unified Socialist Workers’ Party (PSTU) also performed well, receiving over 197,489 votes, 45,575 more than in the 2000 elections.

The Popular Socialist Party (PPS) is moving in the same direction. The vote tally, which has not yet been completed, indicates that the party added at least 1,035,475 votes above the 3,506,619 it received in 2000.

Agência Brasil
Translator: David Silberstein


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