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Bull Times for Brazilian Beef

Revenues from Brazilian beef exports in the month of September reached US$ 241 million, which in comparison to the US$ 141 million in the same month last year, represents an increase of 70%, according to information disclosed by the Brazilian Beef Industry and Exporters Association (Abiec).

In total, 114,000 tons of beef were shipped, whereas 68,000 tonnes were shipped in the same period in 2003, an increase of 67%.

The main buyers of Brazilian beef last month were Russia, the United Kingdom and Italy.

Algeria was the main highlight among new markets. Only in September, the Arab country imported the equivalent to US$ 13 million.

In the period from January to September, beef exports reached US$ 1.7 billion, against US$ 1 billion during the same period in 2003, which represents a 76% increase.

832,000 tons were shipped to foreign markets, 45% more than in the first nine months of the previous year.



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    Very Sustainable
    When will the government realize that economic growth cannot be built on expanding beef production throughout the amazon forest area. In the long run the problems and the environmental degradation caused might be more costly than the revenues made by the export of beef…however, the human rights issues (slavery) which are another problem caused by farmers will put a very negative image on brazil in the future.Enjoy your steak, while you don’t have to deal with the consequences.

  • Guest

    The Brazilian desert
    Enjoy your new found beef wealth while it lasts, how long before the rain forest is just a dust bowl and all Brazilians are dying of hunger like the Etheopians?

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