Apex Exports Bring US$ 12 Billion to Brazil

The events sponsored by the Brazilian Export Promotion Agency (Apex) in 2004 should generate a total of US$ 12 billion for the country in export up to the end of the year. In case this value is confirmed, it will be around four times greater than last year.

This information was provided by the president of Apex, Juan Quirós.

“The physical presence of Brazilian products has generated space for us in end consumer markets,” stated Quirós, on commenting the increase of business estimates.

“This is a picture of the events in which we participated, these figures are included in the reports the companies have sent us. With regard to the deals they have closed outside the events, we have no control,” he added.

Up to the end of the year, the agency will have sponsored, or co-sponsored, participation of 13,500 companies, from all 27 Brazilian states, in 500 international events, such as fairs and trade missions. They represented 45 sectors of the economy and develop over 200 trade promotion programs together with the Apex.

“All the sectors that participated in the projects are seeing their export grow between 35% and 40%,” stated Quirós.

Last year, a total of 8,500 companies participated in 400 international events.

This year, the organization invested in larger events, like exhibition and sale of Brazilian products at Selfridges, the British chain of department stores, for almost one month, “Festival Brésil” in French supermarkets Casino, “Brazil-Russia Fashion”, which took place in Moscow in September, and the agreement for sales of Brazilian fruit and juices at stores of the Carrefour supermarket chain which has shops in 18 countries.

“The United States and European markets had important participation, but there has also been an increase in sales to other destinations, including significant growth in business with the countries in the League of Arab stats,” declared Quirós.


The agency promoted Brazilian exhibitor participation in a series of events in the Arab world, many in partnership with the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (CCAB), as was the case with Index, the furniture fair that took place in Dubai at the end of September.

There was also the Cairo International Fair, in March, in which the Apex organized a stand together with the Brazilian Zebu Breeders Association (ABCZ). The same happened at Jewellery Arabia 2004, the jewel fair that took place in Bahrain this month.

Still in Dubai, Brazilian companies also participated in event Arab Health, in January, turned to the medical and dentistry product sector, and, in April, in BeautyWorld Middle East, in the cosmetics sector.

In 2005, according to Quirós, the Apex should participate in a series of events similar to those it participated in during 2004, as the organization budget will not be much different.

“But we are going to proceed with the work we are executing and are going to consolidate the new markets,” he concluded.

ANBA – Brazil-Arab News Agency


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