Ricardo C. Amaral

Jun'03 - How to Make the Real Count 

Jun'03 - Dear Saudis, Play Safe, Bring Your Money to Brazil 

Jun'03 - I Nominate Brazilian Furtado to the Nobel Prize 

Jun'03 - Brazil, North Korea and Food for Nukes 

Apr'03 - The Art of Deception 

Feb'03 - We Need the Bomb _ Part ll 

Jan'03 - The Brazilian Ruling Class 

Jan'03 - Preparing for War 

Dec'02 - Brazil's Big Chance 

Nov'02 - The Big American Lie 

Oct'02 - Can Brazil be Saved? 

Sep'02 - Argentina Yesterday, Brazil Tomorrow 

Aug'02 - Anxiety Attack over Brazil's Economy 

Jun'02 - Only the Euro can Save Brazil 

May'02 - Why Brazil Must Have the A-Bomb 

Mar'02 - Taking Advantage of the US Religious War 

Sep'01 - A New Center for Brazilian History in the U.S. 

Jul'00 - Way too Many Brazilians in Brazil 

Jul'00 - The Greatest Man in Brazilian History


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