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Who Is Brazil Catering to in Approving Bayer's New Controversial Rice? PDF Print E-mail
2010 - February 2010
Written by Verena Glass   
Saturday, 06 February 2010 00:38

Rice bagIt is possible that Brazil may win a sad new title in 2010: the first country in the world to license the commercial planting of a new variety of genetically-modified rice, Bayer's LL62. If CTNBio (National Technical Commission on Biosecurity) approves the proposal at a meeting later this month, the rice will be the 20th genetically-modified product grown commercially in the country.

CTNBio has maintained a steady flow of approval of GMO (genetically-modified organisms) licensing requests over the last years. Between 2005 and 2009, CTNBio gave licensing for two varieties of soy, eleven varieties of corn and six of cotton. There seems to be little doubt that the commission will continue this trend and approve the rice, except for one thing: this time there is a generalized opposition to the rice from various sectors.

Opponents include researchers, consumer groups, environmental groups, and even groups that have traditionally been pro-transgenic, such as Embrapa (Brazilian Agricultural Research Company, a public entity which has supported GMOs), Farsul (Agricultural Federation of Rio Grande do Sul), and Federarroz (Federation of Rice Grower Associations of Rio Grande do Sul).

According to Embrapa and Southern rice farmers, the major threat of Bayer's rice is the possible transference of a genetic mutation of red rice, which is considered the most invasive plant of irrigated rice farming. With contamination, this plant, which already causes damages to productivity and quality of the rice in areas which are highly infested, will become resistant to chemical control.

In other words, according to Embrapa, if transgenic rice is licensed, it will be a threat to food security, capable of contaminating other varieties of rice in the country.

Thus, if researchers (concerned with scientific evaluations), producers (concerned with economic questions), and consumers (concerned with what they eat - Greenpeace has already gathered 20,000 signatures against the transgenic rice) are opposed to the proposal, then one could ask the question, To whom is the CTNBio catering if it votes in favor of Bayer's rice?

Perhaps it would be imprudent to suggest that the sales of multinational transgenic companies is related to the licensing of GMOs in Brazil. But the fact is, according to Exame magazine, Monsanto, which has had nine varieties of GMOs approved, earned in sales US$ 783.9 million in 2006, US$ 899.2 million in 2007, and US$ 954.8 million in 2008.

According to the Law of Biosecurity, the commission, created in 2005, was to "give technical and consultative support to the federal government in formulating, updating, and implementing the National Policy of Biosecurity, relative to GMOs, such as the establishment of technical norms and technical partners in regard to the protection of human health.

"Such protection also extended to other organisms and the environment, and activities which involve the construction, experimentation, farming, manipulation, transportation, commercialization, stocking, consuming, licensing and disposal of GMOs and their derivatives."

In order for a GMO to obtain commercial licensing, fourteen of the 27 members of the commission must approve the product.

According to entities of civil society who have watched over the work of CTNBio, many of the technical analyses in the processes of licensing GMOs have lacked scientific rigor and have not followed the principles of caution as outlined in the Protocol of Cartagena regarding Biosecurity. In addition these processes have lacked research on national soil that proves the security of the commercial planting of the varieties that were licensed.

On the contrary, a strong characteristic of the majority of the commission's members is that they favor GMO technology. In 2003, eight of the current members of CTNBio wrote an open letter in which they affirmed that "Brazil cannot let go of transgenic technology" as it is "essential for sustainability and keeps agribusiness and small family farms competitive, and brings innumerous social and economic benefits to the country."

Among current members, there are various who have or have had some personal relation with biotech companies or with the pro-transgenic lobby groups of Basf, Bayer, Cargill, Dow, Dupont, Monsanto, Pioneer, Syngenta, and others.

Regarding observance of adequate scientific criteria in the process of licensing GMOs, or in the establishment of security norms for protection against contamination of non-transgenic fields by GMOs, CTNBio has been repeatedly challenged by diverse institutions.

In 2007, the licensing of Bayer's transgenic corn Liberty Link and Monsanto's MON 810 (outlawed in France, Austria, Greece, Luxemburg, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Germany) was questioned by Anvisa (National Sanitation Agency) and Ibama (Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Natural Resources).

Both entities pointed out errors in the technical reports which were fundamental in the licensing. In the case of Bayer's corn, Anvisa pointed out the insufficient data around proof of the security of transgenic corn for human consumption.

According to Ibama, CTNBio ignored the inexistence of environmental impact studies and an analysis of risk. The Minister of the Environment also pointed out the absence of "studies or literature which prove the absence of environment damage, something alone which should have impeded the licensing."

Shortly after these charges were made, entities filed a civil suit which forced the Justice Department to demand of CTNBio the creation of norms which would in theory protect non-GMO corn fields from contamination. In this case, minimal distances were established to protect non-GMO corn fields from transgenic corn - 20 to 100 meters depending on different types of barriers.

But over the past three years, various entities have reported the contamination of non-GMO corn fields. The Department of Inspection and Agriculture Defense officially confirmed these accusations in 2009, proving that the CTNBio's norms are inadequate.

"The preliminary reports indicate that under the present norms it is impossible to secure the coexistence of GMO fields, conventional fields, and organic fields, as at the present moment all areas monitored show cross-pollination at a distance much greater than the current norm provides," affirmed the Secretary of Agriculture.

Given this information, at the end of October 2009, various organizations of civil society promoted a civil law suit that ask for the suspension of the licensing for commercially planted transgenic corn until an adequate norm can be established. The suit currently is awaiting a decision from a judge in Paraná.

In response to this issue, a representative of the Science and Technology Ministry, Luiz Antonio Barreto de Castro, acknowledged the contamination of non-GMO corn, but stated, "the norms of CTNBio were established taking into consideration that not always would the contamination result in damage for the farmers who produce varieties called heirlooms...even if contamination occurs, it will be to the advantage of the farmer."

But contrary to Castro's assertion, damages caused by contamination from GMO fields are recurrent in Brazil and in the rest of the world. In 2004, for example, Eco Brazil Organics Ltda in the state of Paraná had its production paralyzed after their fields were contaminated - three million dollars worth of damage.

In 2006, Bayer's experimental fields for transgenic rice contaminated conventional fields and caused damages of one billion dollars around the world, according to a report issued by Greenpeace International.

CTNBio's generosity towards transgenic has already had its collateral effects. Biotech companies originally argued that their technology would mean less use of chemicals and pesticides. Yet one study shows that the use of herbicides on soy, for example, has actually increased.

In 2004, 129.6 thousand tons of herbicides were poured into soy fields. In 2008 the volume was raised to 192 thousand tons. It is important to remember here that Brazil has become the biggest world consumer of agricultural chemicals, using nearly 673,890 tons per year. The collateral effects of this: 6.3 thousand cases of human intoxication in 2007 resulting in 162 deaths.

Verena Glass writes for Revista Sem Terra and Agência Carta Maior.

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Comments (28)Add Comment
written by João da Silva, February 06, 2010

A very good and informative article. My Kudos to Ms.Glass. Considering that there are about 147 varieties of natural rice and we have a huge cultivable land area, there is absolutely no need to grow this GM rice. Shame on CTNBio if they give their final approval. Shame on Bayers too for pressurizing us. Why would rice farmers in Brasil need to produce this kind of rice? The title of this article is right:Who the heck is getting benefited?

Though I am not a big fan of "Sem Terra", I fully endorse the views of Ms.Glass. I urge our regular distinguished fellow bloggers to read this article and give their support to kill this (yet another) "strategic partnership" with Bayers.

Thanks for the warning
written by Craig, February 06, 2010
And in case anyone reading this is still not outraged by the invasion of this menace to society, I suggest you see the video of expert Jeffrey M. Smith, author of the #1 GMO bestseller: Seeds of Deception, and Genetic Roulette, presenting shocking evidence why genetically modified crops may lead to health and environmental catastrophes, and what we can do about it:
Slow Kill
written by Jake McCrann, February 07, 2010
People google GMO "slow kill" and learn that the politicians allowing this are part of an international jewish conspiracy.

Dont blame me because they are jews.

If America had helped Hitler rather than oppose him then we might have already dealt with this. Learn the real history of the world and stop being so gullible.
written by Jake McCrann, February 07, 2010
None of the "Kosher" food is GMO. None of the "kosher" toothpaste has "Con Flor".

Go figure you morons. Or continue to explain why the jews are right that you really are morons.
written by WhackingDay, February 07, 2010
"People google GMO "slow kill" and learn that the politicians allowing this are part of an international jewish conspiracy. "

No they aren't, idiot. You really need to get help for your paranoid fantasies.
written by bananana, February 07, 2010
It seems there's someone who like the jews....

No they aren't, idiot. You really need to get help for your paranoid fantasies.

"You Are What You Eat..."
written by Lloyd Cata, February 08, 2010
Can anyone argue, "why GM food does not result in GM people?". You are already at the mercy of Monsanto, and now Bayer. Soon, all your varieties will be gone from contamination just like the corn and soybeans and you will again be at the mercy of people who will feed you just as they feed animals.

Did anyone see the news story about how Monsanto is trying to destroy any farmer who tries to use 'organic' seeds? Apparently, these people will sell you a product to make you sick, and then profit again from the medicines necessary to keep you alive. New World Order indeed!

I cannot give you all the answers, but please do the research and see what effect GM foods have had in the US. Look into the unanswered increase in disease of all types(obesity, cancer, organs, autism, etc), specifically in 'children'.

As an engineer, I am 100% for progress that will help feed the world through increased production and reduced cost, but "GM people" should not be part of that formula. Sadly, it is the poor who are treated no better than lab rats because the rich will buy organic which we know is more expensive.

Llyod Cata
written by João da Silva, February 08, 2010
Thank you sir, for taking your valuable time off to utter your customary words of wisdom.

I cannot give you all the answers, but please do the research and see what effect GM foods have had in the US. Look into the unanswered increase in disease of all types(obesity, cancer, organs, autism, etc), specifically in 'children'.

Fortunately, even ordinary Brasilians are conscious about the health hazards of GM foods and thus shun them.

P.S: I am sure even your compatriot Mr.ASP will not dispute you on this issue.smilies/cheesy.gif
A Love Affair
written by Lloyd Cata, February 08, 2010
-- Fortunately, even ordinary Brasilians are conscious about the health hazards of GM foods and thus shun them. --

Certainly I have told you before that part of my love affair with Brazil is the wonderful food that is so fresh and tasty. It 'does' taste different than food here in the US. I don't quite know why, but I have met other Americans who say the same thing. I do know that part of the answer is that Americans drown the taste of the 'food' with spices and sauces which are used very conservatively in Brazil; or am I mistaken?
I would be interested to know what Ricardo Amaral has to say about this since he is in the restaurant business in New York...

Llyod Cata
written by João da Silva, February 08, 2010

I would be interested to know what Ricardo Amaral has to say about this since he is in the restaurant business in New York...

I didn't know that Ricardo had such hidden talents. An Economist turned into a Tycoon Restaurateur, eh?
João da Silva
written by Lloyd Cata, February 08, 2010
An Economist turned into a Tycoon Restaurateur, eh?

As a economist, certainly he would have assets in NYC.
New York is very hot now for everything Brazil, both in commercial and cultural areas. Even though Brazilians have large communities in Florida, Massachusetts, and other places, New York City is just emerging as a place for Brazilians to prosper.
I am trying to say this delicately, because it could blow up into something not intended, but an observation from years of studying the actions and reactions of many Americans. Brazilians are not 'perceived' by Americans like Mexicans or Puerto Ricans, which are the largest Latino populations in New York. It's almost like they are more 'exotic', not quite in an African, or Asian context, but more a Eur-asian context, which puts them in the same niche in New York society as those immigrants from Thailand or India, both of whom have quietly done very well in NYC.
Ricardo probably could speak to this better in Portuguese, no doubt, but I am looking at where this goes for investment purposes...
Llyod Cata
written by João da Silva, February 08, 2010

As a economist, certainly he would have assets in NYC.

He is bound to, because he has been living there over 30 years. However, from what he writes, I understood that he is more keen on bringing in foreign money into Brasil to develop the infrastructure here. He has good connections both in U.S. and Brasil.

Another person who lives in NYC is our other friend Augustus, who is also an ex-pat Brasilian over 30 years. Of course, I know that he is not in the Restaurant business.

Both are great guys and I enjoy blogging with them.
Pro, Con, ...and Don't Talk With Food In Your Mouth!
written by Lloyd Cata, February 08, 2010
Some people would be very surprised how much experimental human testing is going on in Brazil. Very poor areas of the world with adequate infrastructure are very desirable to human experimentation. It is no coincidence that biologists come to Brazil for blood of the indigenous Amazonas. However, I never thought they could publicly carry out such a widespread experiment.
Perhaps Lula thinks this will increase food production and he can resurrect "Fomme Zero", or at least he can 'sell' it that way.
Llyod Cata
written by João da Silva, February 09, 2010

All set to watch the "Spectacular" fireworks in the Persian Gulf on February 12th, Dr.Cata?
Is That A Palestinian In Your Soup?
written by Lloyd Cata, February 09, 2010
smilies/grin.gif "What's the difference between a Palestinian and a Haitian?" smilies/angry.gif

Well, I think we all get the point. So let's congratulate the CIA for getting their man. Paki-Talibs picked the wrong time and the wrong man. I'll tell you again, Obama 'leads' from the right and 'governs' from the left. I feel a joint US-Israeli operation in the works. Obama has yet to 'engage' in the Mid-East except, as he keeps reminding us, his speech in Cairo. Can't have another election where Hamas wins! Iran using Palestinians to paint Obama as Bush-Lite.

I've never been too concerned with Iranian nuclear development. What has concerned me was their ability to 'deliver' the payload. Now their apparent ability to place a payload in orbit is very concerning. In fact, so concerning that the launch data is not available nor widely reported in the media. With the increase in US defensive capability (Patriots everywhere), I have to think there's going to be a major event in the Gulf. Obama must prove that he is Commander-in-Chief before the Jews will trust him enough to back his domestic agenda.

It's just an unholy mess! The right-wing in America and the right-wing in Iran are basically both committed to the destruction of this American president. If he doesn't change the game soon...

Maybe he should take a page from Reagan and send the Ayatollah a Bible and a cake?
Llyod Cata
written by João da Silva, February 09, 2010

I feel a joint US-Israeli operation in the works.

I have to think there's going to be a major event in the Gulf.

In another thread you had mentioned about the date of February 12th and I didn't take it too seriously. However for the past two days, interesting things are happening a) No word about Lula´s visit to Tehran b) Sarko and the other Europeans are pressurizing Brasil to review its "Strategic Alliance" with Iran (in fact subtle threats).

I tend to agree that there is going to be a major event there. Hope a civilian airliner full of passengers is not shot down to teach the Ayotullahs and Ahmedinijad a lesson.

It's just an unholy mess! The right-wing in America and the right-wing in Iran are basically both committed to the destruction of this American president.

Some friends of mine are already predicting that he is going to be an one term President like Jimmy Carter!

Personally, I wouldn't like to see Brasil to get involved in that mess nor into a "Strategic Alliance" with France. But I am afraid I am hoping too much.smilies/sad.gif
João da Silva
written by Lloyd Cata, February 09, 2010

...One of the reasons I was against the Rafale. Lula's 'superpower' pretensions and desire to join the club of Imperialists will only lead to further arm-twisting and armed conflict. As I've noted since I started here was my respect for Brazil as a 'non-aligned' state. As a leader in the non-aligned movement. France's collusion with the US in regard to third-world and development has been consistent but very subtle. The Falklands War is just one example of how US/Euro interests overcome any hemispheric alliances between the US and Latin America.

Some of our fellows here seem to think I am anti-Democratic, anti-American, anti-CIA, etc. Let me tell you, from experience; these institutions have been hijacked, just as the Iranian Revolution was hijacked by extremists. There are just as many 'fundamentalists' here in the US as Iran, and that is why good men are no longer suitable for our Democracy and the best men would not even consider the job.smilies/angry.gif

I have been formulating many thoughts for our friend ASP, because believe me, I understand his anguish with what is happening in the streets. I am simply a survivor of just such a situation and it is not my intention to belittle the issue, but like I said before; "Do not burn down your house to exterminate the little monster", it only leaves you homeless and jeopardizes the entire neighborhood.
I see what I predicted for Rio is already beginning with the push of the people. That is when he should worry about FARC, because, again, the illiterate and the poor understand 'injustice' and some will fight back with anyone who will help them. The dam(indigenous rights), the MST(land reform), the Olympics(state-sponsored terror) are fertile grounds for Communists when people are pushed too far.
well, cata, you are a formidabler arguer...
written by asp, February 09, 2010
the funny thing, i am probably in more agreement with you than disagreement...

i certainly dont put anything past the corporate world...

i just find that unfortunatly , you sometimes waste your intelligent reseach , experiance and perceptions by drifting over into one sided conspiricy visions

its not that i dont think the usa cant be imperialistic, i just think stalin, che, fidel and hugo , are too, and bolivians call brazilians gringo and imperialistic...not that i agree with them

its not that i am i fan of the cia, i actualy hate them, they have failed miserably various times. but the kgb was all in brazils military, media, universities and congress in the cold war , just as an example how deeply they were involved in the world.

i just see the world as pretty dirty , i would think your street experiance would have taught you that , because mine surly taught me how i feel and react in the world. if we are going to condemn the usa for these things, we have to condemn everyone else...ok they have a lot of power, but they trip themselves up all the time with that power and have bitten themselves in the ass and paid for mistakes over and over. but violence and power grabs are happening everywhere by other people, like in the congo,other parts of africa, china with mongolea, islamic fundamentalists in india , indonesia , phillipines etc etc

i think corporate world power is above countries and has the upper hand on every one...but i dont hate all corporations

i definitly hate all fundimental religions, christian, jewish and muslim. i have no hate for the huge amount of people who practice religion around the world, but the fundimentalists , all of them, are trying to take us back to the age of the cave man...

mst could have had huge support in the country a long time ago, but, so many people and especialy the poor people see through their hypocracy and just dont rise up in massive support

brazil has taken many steps up in the last 8 years , but the one area that has gotten worse is the violence, mostly drug related
"its not that i dont think...cant be"
written by asp, February 09, 2010
should be "its not that i dont think the usa can be imperialistic..."
Llyod Cata
written by João da Silva, February 09, 2010


Your latest comments addressed to me are interesting and I see that ASP has replied before I even saw them! Most of well informed Brasilians think the way you and I do about going into "Strategic Alliance" with the French. Will come back tomorrow with more comments.smilies/smiley.gif

P.S: DnB would love this discussion.smilies/cheesy.gif
How "Change" Began With One Man And The Truth(1)
written by Lloyd Cata, February 10, 2010
As I have described, as a young man in NYC it was really much like Rio is now with violence, drugs, gangs, Mafia, corruption, and the people behind doors with as many locks as possible.
Today NYC is one of the safest cities in the world and that change began with one man who was willing to put his life on the line and all he had was the truth. (Isn't that the way it has been throughout human history?)
That man's name is Frank Serpico(see books/movies/etc), then a NYC police detective. His courage in exposing the massive corruption within the NYC police department began the change which turned the entire law enforcement apparatus of NYC into the professional force it is today. It is not perfect by any means, and there are still terrible crimes committed by certain units in the force(see Amadou Diallo), but police in NYC know that they too must stand before the bar of justice and the court of public opinion.(
Serpico's testimony before the Knapp Commission revealed the corruption and criminality of a police force that terrorized criminals and citizens alike. The death threats against his life, by his former colleagues, led him to leave the US for many years, but the reforms brought about by his testimony completely changed police procedures leading to a more professional force. Trying to bribe a policeman in NYC today will likely get you a jail cell.
In this world, under any political regime, there is;
a)street justice - what is happening in 'your' neighborhood.
b)civil justice - what happens 'if' you make it to court.
c)The Law - what each citizen is 'entitled' to constitutionally.
That is why every "law enforcement officer" must be answerable to a judge, and the judge must be answerable to The Law. If not, then all you will have is 'street justice', which is anarchy, chaos, and not respectful of anyone's constitutional rights as a citizen.
Police corruption, in any society, is the quicksand that begins the slide of that society into darkness and violence. Fighting crime, drugs, and violence without a dedicated, professional, law enforcement system is useless.

Unfortunately, New York City's police became again more lawless under Mayor Rudolph Guiliani; the man hired by Rio to consult on security for the Olympics. This is not my opinion. Look at the record! He has built a reputation as a "cops cop", which means he will fit right in with the security forces now running the streets of Rio.
Someone mentioned that a Cuban security man(Valdez?) was hired by Mr. Chavez to put down Venezuelan protesters. Well, it appears Brazil has hired its own foreign mercenary to keep its people 'in line'.
there was a recent article in the new york times about serpico...
written by asp, February 10, 2010
sorry, cant bring up a linc about it, but it was about his current life and past (he is living in upstate new york)..maybe you can google it up
written by João da Silva, February 10, 2010

Never heard of Frank Serpico until Lloyd mentioned. Here is the link to NYTimes you cited:

A bit cooler now, isn't it?
written by $hit disturber, February 10, 2010
its not that i dont think the usa cant be imperialistic, i just think stalin, che, fidel and hugo , are too, and bolivians call brazilians gringo and imperialistic...not that i agree with them

MY GOD is this idiot still posting? CHE? STALIN? They are DEAD. And CHE in life (in his prime) failed a CONGO revolution and died a miserable life alone hiding in fields in bumphuck South America, and killed by bumphuck South American spies. Jebus this idiot ASP is thick! You really want to compare the damages wrought by an unshaven buffoon in the 70s to a Nation TODAY that has exploited and invaded LITERALLY dozens if not HUNDREDS of sovereign nations and killed, over the years, in EXCESS of MILLIONS of people? Heck, we're at the one million dead in Iraq alone! A war sold to us on lies!

Please ASP, every-time you post an angel loses her wings. You're too naive and too stupid to be of any worth here. Or, given you ARE a Merikan, too BRAINWASHED..

JUST since the 80s
Who are they feeding? The jews dickhead
written by Jake McCrann, February 10, 2010
I mean I know your Socratic point, and so I am replying for the morons. But you know they don't read this. How would the jews and their children have time to read this s**t when they are too busy spending all our money and f**king all our women and depraving all humanity of what it could have been? I mean isn't 3000 years enough? Even this whole old-testament being appended to the testament of Christ - its an oxymoron. The Jews were just an insignificant cult who Jesus lived near and cursed for their sins and warned them they would suffer. The last book of the bible was written by a jew. They have probably corrupted so much of the Jesus that not anyone could figure it out now. They borun books. They literally go into libraries and steel books. The only reason they are being f**ked right now is because THIS TIME (as they always get f**ked in the end) they missed a litte threat called the internet.

Now they are desperately trying to censor the internet - and they are almost succeeding cause the silly f**king sheeple are more than happy to be forced to give their CPF by Claro after they buy a pre-paid sim card to only get a Claro message that they must enter their CPF if they want to activate the SIM??????????????


They totally condition you to accept this, ahead of time, by running stories in their Novelas and s**t with crap like, "If only the police could have traced them" - Are you people f**king stupid? All the gangbangers to now is walk up to some guy on the street, kidnap and then use his phone for their kidnapping. The legislation was introduced to stop gangbangers doing this or that - Its all fictional because the gang bangers will just get more violent in response. Didn't you Paulistanos learn that in 2006?
You know how they have those 'Press Down Timer Taps" in every restaurante?
written by Jake McCrann, February 10, 2010
You know I have never not turned off a tap after use in my life. But apparently there is a breed of people who are sheeple morons. They are the Middle-Class. The WannaBe-Jews who beat down their brothers and sisters into a lower-class and act as a buffer to them getting to the Jews who are the master minds of this oppressive model we are living under.

When I refer to "oppressive model" I am not referring to some people having no money and others 'having' it. I am talking about the fear we have when we walk down the street of being mugged, the entire almost irreverisble without a crash Security Industry we have around us....

Or how about the guys like me caught in the middle? They can't be freidnly with the poor because they poor are uneducated and will only think about hoodwinking them, and they can't be friendly with the middle-class because the middle-class are mentally retarded GOING TO HELL MAKE US SICK TO EVEN LOOK AT.

What about the people like me??? Well, thats what they are calling TERRORISTS.

full of s**t distributor....
written by asp, February 11, 2010
a true punk bitch if there ever was one...

i pointed out contemporary conflicts all over the world that the usa has nothing to do with

all you keep pointing to is one million dead in iraq,one million dead in iraq,one millins dead in iraq ( quite a few of those deaths just come from sunnis killing shiites, bombing there mosques and procesions and open markets. how many shiites were killed by sadam in his reign, dick head?)

yes, imperialist che was regected by the cuban communists as being too radicle

maybe you can turn that tunnel vision of yours up into your a*****e

and f**k you, jake mccran,you are one full of s**t mother f**ker
Updates to this matter?
written by, October 27, 2010

I have a blog in portuguese which I would like to re-post this article. Do you have any updates to this? Was the rice really approved?

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