South America Is More than Drugs and Crime, Brazil's Lula Will Tell Obama

Obama and Lula Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the President of Brazil, revealed that during his coming meeting with his US counterpart on Saturday, March 14, he would ask American President Barack Obama to adopt a more "development minded" attitude towards Latin America.

"We are a democratic and pacific continent and the US should look at us with a more development minded attitude and not only think about drug trafficking and organized crime," said Lula who will be the first Latin American leader to meet President Obama at the White House.

Lula said the main purpose of his trip to Washington, invited by President Obama, is to convince the new US leader to become a "partner" of Latin America and help strengthen the continent.

The meeting was originally scheduled for March 17th but was advanced because of St. Patrick's Day.

A long agenda awaits the two presidents beginning with the world slowdown and the coming G-20 summit in London where both leaders will again meet. Brazil has emerged as a strong supporter of free trade and has urged a quick approval of the WTO Doha round to help abort the growing global protectionist tendencies.

On the more political side, Lula will want to talk about Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia and overall relations with Latin America.

Earlier this week, President Hugo Chavez gave the green light for Lula to talk with Obama about Venezuela and the diplomatic rift with the US, inherited from the previous George W. Bush administration.

On Cuba Lula is expected to insist with the Latin American consensus that it's time to end the US embargo on the Castro regime. Brazil has pointed out that the (new) US position towards Cuba will have a significant effect on relations of the continent with Washington.

The Brazilian president is also expected to defend Bolivia, which has had a troublesome relation, full of retaliations with the former Bush administration. Bolivia has seen its textiles exports to the US suspended following the expulsion of the US ambassador in La Paz and the DEA officers, whose office was closed down.

Biofuels of which the US and Brazil are leading global producers (from corn and sugar cane respectively) is another chapter of the agenda particularly since the Obama stimulus plan contemplates US$ 15 billion for the development of new clean energies, cut US overseas dependency on imported oil and reduce emissions which stimulate climate change.

Following the meeting Lula will travel to New York for a conference to US businesses about investment opportunities in Brazil.

In a brief release on the coming visit the White House said "Brazil is a close friend and partner of the United States" and President Obama "looks forward to discussing ways in which the two countries can strengthen cooperation on global and hemispheric challenges."

President Obama is also looking forward "to consulting with President Lula on effective measures to respond to the global financial crisis during the upcoming G-20 meeting, ensuring a productive agenda for the Summit of the Americas in April and on ways to deepen cooperation on other wide-ranging issues in the bilateral relationship."



0 #25 Yes Joao got the last of that one forrest allen brown 2009-03-13 04:49
wars are fought by men to affraid not to fight

will look for that book .
yes the ten thousand day war would have been a short one if the press and congress stayed out of it
remember the first gulf war 101 hours no press no congress .
now you have inbeded press in the units just crying over everthing .
none give the full news
0 #24 Where is the four-footed beast called Augustus ???Double-Dot 2009-03-13 02:36
The Banana eating beast probably was captured and locked up back in the zoo !!!

God bless America
0 #23 ForrestJoão da Silva 2009-03-12 15:47
do the stepfather have to ???
He has to do it too. The psychological tests have to be done on both and I think the Presiding judge Costa accepted the suggestions given by "Supporter", "Adriana A", "Lord Augustus", "ASP" and my excellent (but humble) self. Goldman is also having free access to his son. Who knows he may extend his stay. I think that it is going to have a happy ending.

As for your question on the other thread:

55 for me 12 feb
you have a good one
Many happy returns. You must have been in Vietnam during the end of that stupid war. I had a friend who served in the beginning and that was the reason I thought you were 63. My apologies.

BTW, did you know that the Iraqi reporter who hurled shoes at your fellow Texan (???) got 3 years imprisonment?

War is a bad business for those at the receiving end and a very good one for the Armaments manufacturers . A couple of years ago, I was reading a book with the title "The Arms of Krupp". If you have a chance, I suggest you read it.

Anyway, I will have a cold one tomorrow night to celebrate your 55th birthday.
0 #22 so why do he have to take psychological tests in brasilforrest allen brown 2009-03-12 03:59
do the stepfather have to ???
or is this a ploy by brasilian laywers to keep him from infront of the camras
in the US so brasil does not look bad ?????

can you beleive the news there JOAO
or the justice system as he is the father .
Mr goldman
not the stepfather or the grandparents the real sperm donor he has the right to be with his son
as did the CUBAN father that the US returned his son to a nation with the worst human rights laws in
this part of the world . and i do beleive brasil demanded that the child be returned to cube .


ASP man does not live by beach alone there are some 450.000.000 cubic metric miles of water on the earth
with some 3/4 million miles of good beaches to live on one and visit 2 others you have found your idea of true paradice
i have seen water so clear it is like my boat was floating on air
sand so black the night has light
and music and people of different cultures with food that is just
dam its good to be alive and to out live your enamies
but never your children
0 #21 sorry to disapoint c...asp 2009-03-11 16:45
i live in a small cramped poorly made apartment with no car...but im close to a world class beach that attracts some beautul people...right over the hill is another world class beach that looks like its from the caribean...and 10 to 15 minutes away are 3 or 4 other world class beaches..i dont have extravagent needs and i live simply...where man doesnt live with only beach only ,when the sun is shining and i can still swim in the water, i dont need much else in the world, except my business to kick in every once and a while , some delicious food that is in abundance down here, and an alive and vibrant culture with lots of drumming and dancing ...
0 #20 ForrestJoão da Silva 2009-03-11 16:24
and we even plan protest in NY at his so called business lunchen as Mr goldman only lives across the river .
Sorry, Forrest. According to the news here, Goldman is already in Brasil for the next 4 days, taking psychological tests. So I do not think that he is going to be in NYC to protest. If you want to spend your money to go there, it is up to you.

BTW, Goldman and Lins e Silva are the birds of the same feather. Only the time will tell. Hope that Sean does not get to suffer in the whole story.
0 #19 Ch.cJoão da Silva 2009-03-11 15:57
Is your father a high ranking politician, a lawmaker, or member of Robbing Hook exclusive "advisers" ?

Ohhh then I bet he also has has a nice Miami condo or mansao and a confortable bank account in Miami AND New York !
Ch.c, would you mind stop trying to pick up a fight with ASP? He is not what you say. He is a simple American who likes where he lives. Just about 30 minutes drive from where I am.

BUT....BUT...... I heard that he is a direct descendant of Mrs.O´Leary . :D ;-)
0 #18 Amman MohammedJoão da Silva 2009-03-11 15:24
Salaam ahlé khum. You must be a recently released detainee from Gitmo. How was life there? If you are stateless and looking for a country to go, we will welcome you with open arms.

BTW, is that Cuban dictator Fidel still alive?
0 #17 aspJoão da Silva 2009-03-11 15:03
ASP, hereby we declare you as un homme sans frontière as well as persona non grata. I suggest you start brushing up your high school French to understand these "fancy " French expressions. :D ;-)

P.S: If you have any difficulty to decode what Ch.c said, you better consult Lord Augustus. :-)
0 #16 Ch.cJoão da Silva 2009-03-11 14:52
And to Joao "Man san Frontier".....we say "un homme sans frontière"
Thank God, you are back to enrich this blog with your outspoken but witty comments. Also I do appreciate your correcting my poor French. BUT.....BUT...., how do you say it in German that you are fluent in?

Were you in U.S. again?

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