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Some Brazilians Are Rooting Against Brazil. It's All Politics. PDF Print E-mail
2014 - May 2014
Written by Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva   
Tuesday, 13 May 2014 15:12

World Cup stadium ItaquerãoAs we get closer to the October presidential election, the attacks on the World Cup become increasingly irrational and sectarian. Criticism is part of the democratic life, but certain sectors seem to be rooting for failure.

When I was president of Brazil, I worked hard so that the 2014 World Cup were held in Brazil. And I didn't do it for economic or political reasons, but for what soccer represents to all peoples and particularly to the Brazilian people.

Our population enthusiastically supported the idea, rejecting the elitist prejudice of those who say that an event of this magnitude "is something reserved for rich countries", and forget that Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, South Africa and Brazil itself have already hosted successfully this event.

Soccer is the only real universal sport, practiced and loved in all countries, by people of the most different classes, ethnicities, cultures and religions.

And perhaps no other country in the world has its identity so linked to football as Brazil. The sport here was not only assimilated, but somehow also transfigured by the ginga and by the mixing of Brazilian races. Through the feet of descendants of Africans soccer gained a new rhythm, beauty and art.

For many years, it was one of the few spaces, along with popular music, in which blacks could show their talent, facing with libertarian joy the racial discrimination. That's why soccer and music are often the first things a foreigner mentions when speaking of Brazil.

For us, soccer is more than a sport, it's a national passion, which goes far beyond the professional clubs. Millions of people practice it, as amateurs, in their day to day lives, in backyards, in vacant lots, in beaches, in parks, in public squares, in the streets of the suburbs, in the schools' courtyards and in the factories.

Wherever there is an available area, no matter how small, a soccer match is improvised. If you don't have a leather ball, you play it with a plastic ball, a rubber one or one made of cloth. When nothing else is available, even an empty tin can will do.

In 1958, in Sweden, a spectacular national team charmed the planet, winning our first world title in soccer. I was twelve, and gathered a group of friends to listen to the final match in an amateur soccer field with a small battery radio.

Our fantasy made up for the lack of pictures with some to spare, while the voice of the announcer took us on a trip. We were carried by a magic carpet inside the Råsunda Stadium in Stockholm. And there we were not just spectators, but players... I dreamed of being a soccer player, not the president of Brazil.

The great writer Nelson Rodrigues, our greatest playwright, said that with that victory won by ball whizzes like Pelé, Garrincha and Didi Brazil had overcome its "mutt complex". And what kind of complex is this? "It's inferiority - he said - in which the Brazilian places itself, voluntarily, in the face of the world". Daring to be champion, it was as if Brazil were telling itself and other countries: "Yes, we can be as good as anyone."

At that time, Brazil was starting its industrialization, it had created its own oil company and its development bank, the popular classes were democratically demanding better living conditions and bigger participation in the decisions of the country - but the privileged sectors said that this was a very serious mistake, the result of "politicking" or "ultra-leftism", since it had already been proven that there was no oil in our territory and we had no need for social inclusion and much less for a domestic industry.

Some went as far as to say that a backward and mestizo nation like ours filled with "ignorant and lazy" people, according to a widespread stereotype within and outside the country - should get used to its underling destiny without getting impossible dreams of economic progress and social justice.

In fact, it is not easy to overcome the "mutt complex". We were a colony for more than 320 years, and the worst legacy of this condition is the persistence of the colonized mentality of voluntary servitude...

Between 1958 and 2010, we won five World Championships in soccer. We are so far the nation with the largest number of titles won. But best of all is that the healthy chutzpah of the Brazilian people was not limited to the sports field.

The Brazil that the world will meet starting June 12 is a country very different from the one that hosted the 1950 World Cup, when it lost in the final to Uruguay. It still has its problems and challenges, some quite complex, like any other nation, but is no longer the eternal "country of the future".

The country today is more prosperous and equitable than it was six decades ago. Among other reasons because our people - especially those who live "downstairs" - have freed themselves from elitist and colonialist prejudices and started to believe in themselves and in the possibilities of the country.

They found that, in addition to winning world soccer competitions, they could also win hunger, poverty, backwardness and social inequality. That miscegenation, far from being an obstacle - worse: a stigma - is one of the greatest treasures of our country.

It is this new Brazil that will host the World Cup. A country that is already the seventh economy on the planet and that, in little more than ten years, lifted 36 million people from misery and brought 42 million to the middle class. It is the country with the lowest unemployment rates in its history.

That, according to the OECD, among all the countries of the world, was one that made one of the biggest investment in education in recent years . A country that prides itself on all these achievements, but does not hide its problems, and strives to resolve them.

Recently, the World Cup has become the object of a fierce political and electoral struggle. As the October presidential election gets closer, the attacks on the event become increasingly irrational and sectarian. The criticism, of course, is part of the democratic life.

When made with honesty, it helps improve the country's preparedness for this great sporting event. But certain sectors seem to want the failure of the World Cup, as if they depended on this to have a chance in the ballot box.

And they don't hesitate to disseminate false information that sometimes is reproduced by the international press, which doesn't take the time to check its veracity. The country, however, is prepared, both inside and outside of the field, to perform a good World Cup - and will do so.

Our national team has been the only one to participate in all 19 editions of the World Cup and we've always been very well received in other countries. The time has come to pay back with typically Brazilian hospitality and joy.

The demand for tickets has been strong, with orders from more than 200 countries. This is an extraordinary opportunity for thousands of visitors to know more deeply the best Brazil has to offer: its people.

The importance of the World Cup is not just economic or commercial. In fact, the world will meet in Brazil at the invitation of soccer. The gathering will show once again that the idea of a peaceful and fraternal international community is not a utopia.

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is a former president of Brazil, who now works in global initiatives through the Lula Institute, He can be followed on

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Comments (75)Add Comment
I am rooting for Brazil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
written by Ricardo C. Amaral, May 15, 2014

First, the “FIFA World Cup Tournament” it's an easy target, and serve as a scapegoat for what is going wrong today around the world.

The long process for determining the host nation of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which included various candidates, concluded on October 30, 2007 with the confirmation of Brazil as the hosts.

On March 7, 2003, the world football body FIFA announced that the tournament would be held in South America for the first time since Argentina hosted the 1978 FIFA World Cup, in line with its policy of rotating the right to host the World Cup amongst different confederations. On 3 June 2003, CONMEBOL announced that Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia wanted to host the 2014 World Cup finals. By 17 March 2004, the CONMEBOL associations had voted unanimously to adopt Brazil as their sole candidate. Brazil formally declared its candidacy in December 2006 and Colombia did so as well a few days later. The Argentina bid never materialized. On 11 April 2007, Colombia officially withdrew its bid making Brazil the only official candidate to host the event in 2014

During the time from when FIFA announced that the tournament would be held in South America on March 7, 2003 to the time when Brazil was finally chosen to be the host of the 2014 FIFA World Cup on October 30, 2007 – these were booming years for the world economy, and most economists and analysts were very optimistic forecasts for the future.

And very few people, such as myself in an article published on Brazzil magazine in February 2005, saw the great depression coming as I described on that article. And as I had predicted in February 2005, the financial markets had a meltdown in October of 2008.

Brazzil Magazine - February 2005
"It’s 2008. The US Has Dragged the World into a Depression."
Written by Ricardo C. Amaral

President Lula did the right thing at the time when he tried to get the 2014 FIFA World Cup rights for Brazil.

The Brazilian economy was moving up fast, thanks to what was going on in China, and it made sense for Brazil an up coming emerging economy to host the big tournament.

The people who are badmouthing Lula for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Tournament, they are doing for political reasons, or just pure ignorance. These people are Monday morning quarterbacks, or they are trying to make a big deal because of the coming elections in Brazil.

Second, since the 2008 financial meltdown the world economy has been in trouble in many areas of the world including Euroland, and the United States.

China has been doing well when compared with what is happening everywhere else. And Brazil has not been doing too bad also when compared with Euroland, and the United States.

There are also other very serious reasons why there's so much trouble in Brazil today, but they don't have anything to do with the 2014 FIFA World Cup Tournament.

In a nutshell:

Finally, the 2014 FIFA World Cup Tournament in itself is not the problem, one of the major problems it's corruption, but that has more to do with the character of most of the Brazilian people who has accepted corruption as part of doing business in Brazil. And that has not started with the Lula or Dilma's administration.

The Brazilian people has the right to revolt, and start nailing the corrupt people in Brazil.

People are getting sick of corrupt people all over the world.

Regarding “corruption,” there is an efficient way to handle that problem – just ask the French – a good guillotine can take care of that problem.


Ricardo Amaral
written by João da Silva, May 15, 2014

Pretty good comments, Ricardo. As a matter of fact, your comments are more interesting than the article per se! Shall await others to say something before I open my mouth.smilies/cheesy.gif

But....but....but.... your comments have proven my point: We lack long range vision and planning. Comes from the top.smilies/cry.gif

Cheers and take care
written by asp, May 15, 2014
ric, im with you on this one...for sure , any peaceful protest is welcome..besides recife , today, where the deaths are related to a police strike, i only hope no one ends up dead tonight..if its relativly peaceful, then that is the right of the people...but , if things start to get broken and destroyed, things the tax payers pay for, then those minority of people are out of line

you really have to have a scorecard to be able to sort out who is who in these events evolving...there are various fontes of bus used to be more the organised crime, now its diverse protests as a result of conflicts with police killings in the drug wars...or some unrest in some circles..unfortunetly for those of us who use the bus, these wanton burnings of public transportation is the moda and these buses are the target of preferance for some disgruntled people

many of these protests today are from syndicates...i am all for the working person to get a fair fact, it is important..sometimes the actual marxixts think they are the only ones fighting for the working person but that isnt the case at all

and sometimes the syndicates take the population hostage in a bad way..there ought to be serious preasures for people to resolve these strikes as fast as posable

its just a cheap shot to hit the copa...even today, these are not huge amounts of people...millions of brazilians are eagerly awaiting the copa and are proud of their country and team...the small minority of shouters gets the most attention and they know it ...who in brazil doesnt want change for the better? to stop corruption?

the copa is a chance to show people all over the world what brazil is about, its power and ability to handle large events, a chance even if a little , to show the unbleivable culture here, the real people , if the cameras are honest, and , their own fantastic team and the art of how they play the game

some people just want to take a s**t on that...

there are far better and more creative ways to protest and actualy do something about the problems that brazil is facing now...creating conflict is not one of the ways...unfortunatly the coming election is creating a lot of incentive for some small amount of people to do stupid things...then you got these actual idiots who think marzism and anarchy are the solution...fuk them

written by João da Silva, May 15, 2014

Good comments, ASP.

But.....but....but... you missed posting a question you have been asking repeatedly in several threads:

1) Why didn't they protest when Brasil was chosen in 2007 to host the "Cup" in 2014?

2) Why were (are) they not protesting against the Rio Olympics 2016?

As you may recall, I have been consistent in my views regarding both the events.smilies/angry.gif
written by Alan. W., May 16, 2014
My wife is Brazilian and she has been in the USA for 15 years, & has been back to Brazil 7 times. I have been there 5 times. Like most Brazilians, she agrees with the objective of the protests. Corruption has been the rule for far too long and it has to go. Their priorities are eschewed. Poverty is on the rise, and the slums have not been improved. But the clock is ticking, and two large events are coming, so here are some of my ideas:
1)Brazil needs accommodations. So float a line of private and government bonds for rapid construction of motels, hostels and dormitories now. These can be used short term for the World Cup and later the Olympics and long term for the housing shortage and increased tourism.
2)Airport renovation and expansion. Allow for short term, low interest loans for Tam and other airlines to increase capacity for the major cities hosting games.
3)Road repair. This has been put off too long. Hire people to fix the roads- long term bond program.
4)Open other airports to International travel. Please tell me why there is only one flight a week from Miami to Recife, and only one a week form Miami to Fortaleza. This is crazy.
5)Clean up crews. Hire people to clean up the ongoing messes.
6)Hospital renovation. Short and long term bond programs to build better health care facilities.
7)Police community awareness training. The cops cannot continue to act like armed thugs. They are part of the problem. They need to be educated to the consequences of their action towards the protesters.
smilies/cool.gifLuxury tax on corporations in Brazil. For too long, the rich have been fleecing the rest of the country. They have got to pay for the large events.
9)Lower the cost of imports from the USA. Drop tariffs. Every Brazilian I have talked to pays three times the cost for American products.
10)Tax FIFA. What are they exempt from paying taxes on their events?
written by João da Silva, May 16, 2014

But the clock is ticking, and two large events are coming, so here are some of my ideas:

Your ideas have come too late to be implemented.smilies/cry.gif Your wife and you should have sent them to the Brasilian government in 2007.smilies/sad.gif
Oh come on . . .
written by capnamerca, May 16, 2014
The people are angry, and it isn't just a vocal minority. They aren't angry because Brazil is hosting the Cup. They're angry because they were promised by Lula that he was going to fix the education problems, the employment problems, the infrastructure problems, the transportation problems and especially the corruption problems. None of those things have been seriously addressed but still the government spends astronomical amounts of money on the Cup and the Olympics. That's why the people are angry. It's amazing that of all these comments, only a foreigner seems to understand what the issues are. Or maybe the only one who will acknowledge them.

Oh yes, I'm sure I'll be attacked for my revelations. I understand how fiercely proud Brazilians are of there nation, their heroes and their culture. Until the educated people of Brazil address the real issues, Brazil will always be a third world nation. And that's very sad. I know many truly wonderful people in Brazil, but they were just born on the wrong side of town.
Oh come on . . .
written by capnamerca, May 16, 2014
The people are angry, and it isn't just a vocal minority. They aren't angry because Brazil is hosting the Cup. They're angry because they were promised by Lula that he was going to fix the education problems, the employment problems, the infrastructure problems, the transportation problems and especially the corruption problems. None of those things have been seriously addressed but still the government spends astronomical amounts of money on the Cup and the Olympics. That's why the people are angry. It's amazing that of all these comments, only a foreigner seems to understand what the issues are. Or maybe the only one who will acknowledge them.

Oh yes, I'm sure I'll be attacked for my revelations. I understand how fiercely proud Brazilians are of there nation, their heroes and their culture. Until the educated people of Brazil address the real issues, Brazil will always be a third world nation. And that's very sad. I know many truly wonderful people in Brazil, but they were just born on the wrong side of town.
parts and partials
written by Simpleton, May 17, 2014
Alan, here's a few odds and ends regarding your item list:
1) accomodations - they built Olympic Village for the PanAm games years ago and did what you said, they let the apartments out / sold them with fantasic financing terms - new favela only much more crime ridden, lots of housing started but never truly finished (i.e. not done in time) out towards Rio Centro (which is about as far from the center of Rio as you can get.) Same issues. There's an antiquated hotel a block or so from Copacabana Palace that ordinances prohibit from being demolished and replaced. Instead they have been spending the past four years jack hammering and banging sledgehammers on iron beams rebuilding it from the inside out a minimum of six days a week. The local residents have had no peace!!!
2)Airports - Renovations have been underway for quite some time like at Galeao (Tom Jobim). Recent "new" power outages while operating on the improved infrastructure has left a heck of a lot of folks stranded. Weather will shut them down if nothing else. Old Swiss Air pilot I knew there always reminded me that if it raining, YOU WILL NOT TAKE OFF. Can't fix that regardless of financing.
3) Roads - They tore out the Perimitral already. Will it's replacement be done in time for the Cup?????
4) Internationalization - The cost for the infrastructure to convert existing domestic airports to international ones will unlikely be out weighed by the increased traffic. Simple economics.
5) Cleanup - The Garis (clean up crews) went on strike during the end of Carnevil week. Ask anyone local what they think about that (and the police strikes and teachers strikes and airport workers strikes and customs officials strikes and bank workers strikes, and ... ad nauseam)
6) Hospitals - Yes, build them! But where?? The most significant public hospital is already too far out in the boonies for most in town people's tastes, old and prone to surgery induced infections and that's if you get by the line of people who are already dead lined up at the door. Even some of the better ones closer in that you might get your follow up care taken care of at have an incredibly long line just to be in line to get a number to be in another line even when your doctors and thearapists know you are pre-planed to be coming that day.
7) Police - Just talk to the folks I know who saw Chacina first hand. You can't really police the police, not even the military police 100% nor train them not to do the wrong things in the wrong situations, not in Brasil, not in the US, not anywhere.
smilies/cool.gif Imposto de Luxo - Great idea, fantastic, get those who have been fleecing the PBs and supporting other fleecers to fleece themselves for a change. Ain't gonna happen, sorry. Why not force them to grow good paying jobs in areas next door to or at least within walking distance of where the pobres have to live to boot.
9) Cost of US Imports - If they are only paying three times then they must be paying in cash. As a notable commentator on this blog used to say - Brasilians like to buy one and pay two or three. The "almost" poor don't want to know how much something really costs, they want to know parcela. The embuito (embedded tax) on medicines is 45% and I don't think that depends on the country of origin.
10) Tax FIFA - Trace FIFA's finances, income / outgo / banking account numbers, etc., and let's all go get the suckers! And while we're at it, let's do the same to those who voted "yea" and or signed the bid that won the right to host the event. arrrggghh
written by João da Silva, May 17, 2014

Good Morning Simpleton. Thunderous and thought provoking point by point rebuttal to the "Colocações" of your compatriot! I already pressed the green Plus button to thank you so much for taking your precious time off to write your lengthy comments in reply to his (I bet you didn't read the article. I read it, though).

But...but...but...but for all you naysayers, I am posting a link below.:,0.htm

I almost spilled my coffee on the keyboard when I was reading it. smilies/cry.gif

But....but....but... I intend doing what exactly HE is going to do to watch the games!

Eu já tomei a decisão de não ver nenhum jogo (no estádio). Vou ver em casa, né? Porque já que não pode entrar bebida (nos estádios), em casa vou tomar uma cervejinha e ninguém pode reclamar.


Have a cold one me.
written by João da Silva, May 17, 2014


The last sentence should read: "Have a cold one on me".

I don't want anyone criticizing me for the inadvertent grammatical errors I make.smilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif
os jogos
written by Simpleton, May 17, 2014
Joao, you've set the bar pretty high for the accommodations I was researching for your upcoming excursion. You'll be needing someplace with live telecast of all of the Cup games. The local bar does have access to all the premium channels but not pay-per-view and for the past year or so, given the economy, they've only been open from 10am to about 9 or 10pm most nights except weekends. Putin reportedly spent 50 bi USD of public funds for his Olympic show. (Which other than the women's curling events, mainstream media complaints about the bathroom facilities and the defective fireworks I saw / watched very little of.) Not surprising Sr Lula thinks nothing of spending 30, 40 .... bi BRL for the patria to have the proud honors. My local link told me last week that they were asking 4 mil for a cheapseat ticket to see just one game, that the place is already devoid of tourists, that not even the Europeans want to come to attend.

You WILL NOT be forgiven for your grammatical errors. What's this about having "a" cold one on you? Shame shame, as punishment you need to be introduced to the barrel house of corrections! (And BTW, yes, I read the article before any of the comments. You're response to Ricardo's comments pretty much covered things, I saw no need to reply.)
written by João da Silva, May 17, 2014

My local link told me last week that they were asking 4 mil for a cheapseat ticket to see just one game, that the place is already devoid of tourists, that not even the Europeans want to come to attend.

1) 4k BRL or U$? Please confirm. The Missus says U$.smilies/shocked.gif Either way, it costs more than an air ticket & a couple of days of stay in the U.S.smilies/shocked.gif Glad we made the right decision.smilies/cool.gif

2) In November when I was in Deutschland,I met a friendly cab driver who is a soccer fan.For almost 20 years, he had been to the countries that hosted the World Cup during the event to watch a few games. He was not going to visit this year. The reason: The cost!

I know the story of Montreal Olympics in 1976. At least, it was the city government of Montreal that borrowed the money to host them and it took 27 years to pay back the debt.In the case Sochi and World Cup 2014 (& Olympics 2016) the Federal governments of Russia and Brasil are footing the bill respectively. I really don't care for the Ruskie tax payers. But...but....but... I do question the "wise decision" taken by the "author" (regardless of the cost- to quote HIM) of this article, because it does affect my pocket.smilies/angry.gif

written by João da Silva, May 17, 2014

Oh yes, I'm sure I'll be attacked for my revelations.

So far nobody has "attacked" you for your "revelations", Captain. So you are doing fine.

I know many truly wonderful people in Brazil, but they were just born on the wrong side of town.

Yeah, the scheisse happens all the time.smilies/cry.gif
written by Costinha, May 18, 2014

I gonna let you in a little secret ... Pimpleton, the american clownd is also a cross dresser !!!

Pimpleton - May the next pantyhose you wear pull real hard on your hairy legs, madam !

Ouch for now,

written by João da Silva, May 20, 2014

Here is an interesting link:,0.htm

It guaranties the safety of the spectators,players & public at large. smilies/wink.gif
Interesting Indeed!
written by Simpleton, May 20, 2014
But do you really think a Super Tucano can take out MH370 when it arrives with all those pubescent Nigerian imigresens and others from PutraJaYa or the unannounced / not wanted to be noticed stream of private jets of Dilma's "friends" / those who can afford a box seat? Airspace MERS space.
written by João da Silva, May 20, 2014

Interesting Indeed!

If you say it is interesting, who am I to say no? I don't find anything interesting except that you are still trying to locate MH370 for which I extend my immense gratitude.But...but...but... I am very curious to know how you came to connect missing MH370, missing Nigerian pubescent, Super Tucano, Mdme Rousseff, GTY, Greg,ASP, etc; You must have plenty of connections with the (Un)Intelligent services of several countries.smilies/cool.gif

btw, who is this PutaJaYa, your latest amante? Does your Missus know you are having an affair with this little wench,huh?smilies/shocked.gif
written by Simpleton, May 20, 2014
Another Joao imposter strumming for truths (sic) #backatya. It's Putrajaya, no typo, just check your map.
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++
written by Costinha, May 21, 2014


I think Mr. Obama (your mama), should name you his Secretary of the Inferior.


written by asp, May 22, 2014
i just got back from 5 wondeful incredible days in rio de janeiro...what a fantastic city...billybong pro was happening, i played a monster gig at the best jazz club in rio with some of the top musicians there , i paid a motorist to just drive us from barra all ther way up to grumari and back and it is some of the most spectacular scenwery anywhere, forget christ de redentor, take a ride past prainha up to grumari and back through recreio...unbeleivable...i even watched a small domonstration outside my hotel window, and the police strike kept people off the road and my ride to the airport was absolutly the fastest easiast ride to the airport in rio i ever is wonderful and the copa is going to be spectacular...the violent protestors can go take a crap...that is all bulls**t, these problems were in place before the copa...its all a lot of horse s**t and abusive syndacites..but,im all for working people getting fair pay
written by João da Silva, May 22, 2014

Another Joao imposter strumming for truths (sic) #backatya. It's Putrajaya, no typo, just check your map.

Don't get paranoiac, Herr.Simpleton. It was no imposter, humble peasant self.smilies/wink.gif

I was impressed with your knowledge of Geography.smilies/shocked.gif Just pulling your leg.smilies/cool.gif You have been Malaysia, especially Putrajaya, its modern capital?

How is the weather up there where you live?
bom trilha
written by Simpleton, May 22, 2014
asp, it's fantastic you didn't just camp out in the sand castles and concrete jungles. Been to Grumari a number of times both with family and without (the dona do cobutura loves driving with a passion so I've seen just about all of Costa Verde from Parati to Vila Velha). Did ya try the steamed fruta do mar at the fishing hut built into the rocks at the far end of the beach? Years ago I told the dono I wanted to buy him out. I'm sure the praia de nudismo wasn't your main attraction. The kid and the mulher got a kick out of watching our escort cross the line to try her luck with my surf rod. When the lifeguard came trotting up with his little red rescue board and told her she had to remove her clothes, she told him that she had just finished bathing / had just now put her clothes back on. We all rolled on the ground holding our bellies and laughing are asses off.smilies/grin.gif
written by Simpleton, May 22, 2014
Sorry Joao, didn't mean to ignore you but no, I've never been with a Ma Lay nor in PutraYaJa, weather is here is just fine.
written by asp, May 22, 2014

2:57 into this youtube, video of grumari i produced shot back in maybe 1990

the music is extra high leval all the way through
written by João da Silva, May 22, 2014

2:57 into this youtube, video of grumari i produced shot back in maybe 1990

Great stuff, ASP.My kudos. Hope Simp pays a little bit of attention.

btw, the CD of yours that was distributed by Cesar (free of cost) is great and sounds more like "Lounge Music". You think I can play it in the pool when doing Water Gymnastics without violating your "direitos autorais"? My classmates (the old bags) would love the CD.smilies/cool.gif
written by João da Silva, May 22, 2014

I've never been with a Ma Lay

Why? Didn't get an opportunity or you are a racist?smilies/wink.gif

You remember A.Norina who used to blog in this magazine? She was a Ma Lay (sian) diplomat(ex) who was given a punishment post(I think) and sent to B.Aires. I wonder what happened to her. She vanished like your compatriot GTY. Hope both of them were not on MH-370.smilies/sad.gif

Best to your Sled Dogs.smilies/cool.gif
right you are
written by Simpleton, May 23, 2014
I've had a lack of opportunity / exposure to aysians since college. Maybe there's a Mal one among them, maybe not. My brasileira sanseis and noseis don't count as aysians but even there my experiences have been quite limited.

asp, yep heard your condomble cow bells in the section you mentioned - luv it. I've seen some interpretive dancing to jazz music just down the block from TGB's hall of tombs anthropology building but nothing like the boring (mostly) and repetitive stuff that starts at about minute 5:26. Anyhow, how the heck did you get the gals to sync up to your rhythm?
written by João da Silva, May 24, 2014

I've seen some interpretive dancing to jazz music just down the block from TGB's hall of tombs anthropology building

Nasty comment Seu Simpleton.smilies/shocked.gif Wonder how our Webmistress allowed your comment to be posted.smilies/shocked.gifsmilies/shocked.gifsmilies/shocked.gif Even more shocking is she punched the green "plus" botão. Absolutely disgusting.smilies/cool.gif
written by asp, May 25, 2014
by all means, joao, use it in your water ballet class...
written by João da Silva, May 25, 2014

by all means, joao, use it in your water ballet class...

Thanks, ASP. A friend in need is a friend indeed.smilies/cool.gif

I am trying to seduce a 80 years old lady and I'm sure your CD will be of big help.smilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/grin.gif

It's getting quite cold, eh? You taken your anti flu shot yet? Take care and keep warm.
written by asp, May 26, 2014
ha, good luck on your romantic adventures, joao...

yes, this cold and rain is a tremendous downer for me...after 5 incredible days in rio...i got in the ocean 3 times and the water was mild and crystal clear...i remember sweating a little...oh i miss that...i cant lie, im not a fan of our winters...i first came down in oct , and thought "oh, its winter is just like barra", where i had been living 6 years...then bam, june comes and im in then, it was such a great place to raise my kid , i couldnt love to be out of here three months a year
written by Simpleton, May 26, 2014
ah-ha, now I know why you weren't happy with my critique of the video in the latter portion of asp's compilation. You had plans for the using the music for the gal's aqua-robics session while you sat back and used an alternative "low-stress" meditative method to get your heart rate elevated using the video portion.

Here it's 80+ with hazy sun, maybe a little too much humidity. For a week or so the tree frogs have been singing up a storm even during the daytime. I've never had so many different species of birds pass through my quintal all in the same year. People are beginning to comment on how low the bug count / general lack of mosquitos thus far has been. Must have been that polar vortex bitch's fault - talk about wanting to be out of someplace for three months!
written by João da Silva, May 26, 2014

ah-ha, now I know why you weren't happy with my critique of the video in the latter portion of asp's compilation. You had plans for the using the music for the gal's aqua-robics session while you sat back and used an alternative "low-stress" meditative method to get your heart rate elevated using the video portion.

You gave a good idea, Simp. I am going to check with the instructor if they can access the link and play the video also.

It is quite cold here and unfortunately, even though the pool is heated, the place is not. It is very good as long as you are in the water and once you come out you get the thermal "shock". Hopefully by next winter they would install some kind of heater.

As for being away for three months from here, I would love to do it too! For the past decade or so, the weather has cooled down considerably in this part of the country debunking your ex-VP's assertion on "Global Warming". A friend of mine (who is almost 80) says it is not because of the age, but based on the statistics. He also constantly criticizes the Brasilian government for not taking "initiative" in tapping solar energy in heating up homes and business establishments. I told him to forget about the government's taking initiative!

But.....but....but...instead of being away for 3 months, I would be away for a month. I guess I shouldn't complain.smilies/smiley.gif

btw, thanks for the weather report that is quite encouraging. smilies/cool.gif

written by Simpleton, May 26, 2014
The cobutura was set up with a solar system for heating the water. Great idea but that's been long defunct / unmaintained. I was unsuccessful getting the folks there talked through the process of shutting down / cutting the electrical backup system last season. They bitched about the light bill but refused to acknowledge nor redress their wasteful consumption practices. I think it's pretty darn lucky there are few locations with air heaters and having the wc occurring during the time of year it is. No doubt with the inundation of gringos the electrical grids would not support every air conditioner in every locale being run full bore 24 / 48.

Is there space for a small catwalk runway and a stage for asp's percussion array near the pool? I'm thinking you ought to be able to negotiate government funding and do a televised media special to air between novelas. Nome de programa: Esquenta Sua Familia / Mantenha Sua Saude. With the young gals dancing on the runway and your tropa de elite in the pool it would do a great public service, more so than pushing solar heating projects. Maybe it would become popularly known as the Programa de Sambistas ea Beastie Girls.
written by João da Silva, May 26, 2014


What's so interesting about New Berlin, WI? Planning to spend a week in your state,weather helping.
written by Simpleton, May 26, 2014
New Berlin is very near the zoo, State Fair Park where there is always something going on (indian pow wows, etc.), Brewer's stadium, the home of Les Paul (in Waukesha to it's west) and eHarmony's hood (in West Allis to it's east). Think the Wisconsin Coach Lines bus from O'Hare to Milwaukee makes it's final stop there. The old Oldsmobile is starting to look pretty rough on the outside in spots(rust zone) and I need to throw a new muffler on it but it still provides a pretty damn cushy ride if you folks need help getting around or want to do driving tours through the kettle moraine scenic areas. Was anyone going to be in need of a walker while you're here?
written by João da Silva, May 27, 2014

Thank you so much for all the info. Also for your offering your Oldsmobile and the Walker. Walker wouldn't be necessary, though (at least for the time being!). Will work out the date and the mode of transport from Chitown to Neo Berlin after arriving in IL. Almost for two weeks after our arrival, we have plenty of social commitments. So we would be able to venture into WI only in the second week of July.

Would you like anything special from Brasil? For eg; Your favorite coffee, 51, ASP's CD (autographed), etc;?.

Cheers & thanks once again.
written by Simpleton, May 27, 2014
A package of Pilao would be nice. I might even start drinking coffee again given access. Forget the feijao preto, on top of having that here I just heard today that it had reached R13.50 for a half kilo in copa. I just checked, the deluxe bus runs every two hours instead of every hour like it used to. For you the rent-a-wreck on this end would be free of charge with or without pilot (excluding traffic fines, parking violation fees and gasoline which isn't much as it gets over 30 mpg even with the a/c running). A gratuity of a meal at a certain restaurant the misses and I tried once years ago would be honorable. Really nice place for the upscale non-yuppy crowd (they put the tristers in another section with less lighting and crystal ornamentation that might get broken in case there's a problem.) Prices are decent, food is fantastic and the staff will keep you smiling and laughing on top of meeting any of your needs. We have no shame in going there slightly under dressed.

Now that I've got a more specific time hack and duration of your window of opportunity, I'll start looking for "things" going on I think you and yours might enjoy in the SE quarter of old WI.
written by João da Silva, May 27, 2014

Thank you once again, Simp. You will be honored on all counts: a) Pilão b)Feijão Preto (My missus thinks they are overcharging for it in Copa) Never mind the price c) The wonderful restaurant.

I am sending you below a link of Pilão. There are 3 kinds of coffee packs. Please let us know your preference. We like the "intenso" which is closer to "Cafe Extra Forte" of Melita.

Cheers and take care.
thought police
written by Simpleton, May 28, 2014
Maybe the post I put will eventually show up or maybe it will not - apparently I have earned the right to have my messages reviewed by an administrator (probably due to use of "special" or non-alphabetic characters with repeated words). Anywho, skip item b), bringing beans might land you in trouble with the AG cops. A bottle or two of a not too fruity / not too sweet blended Merlot from the vineyard region to your south would be nice but only if you insist.
written by asp, May 28, 2014
joap..what the fuk is wrong with our syndicate bus people? the ass holes went on strike again, strictly because they are in rio and sao anouncer on tv today was even saying they were doing it for ideological reasons and because they were doing it in sp and rio...

what utter unmitigated bulls**t on their part...people even protested their strike before, i should be with them since i dont have a car and use the bus..

this s**t is getting abusive..people should rise up and start getting edgy about this ideological bull s**t that only creates chaos and dificulties for the average brazilian using public transportation

i support workers getting a higher wage, but not this abusive syndicate mafia abuse
written by João da Silva, May 28, 2014

joap..what the fuk is wrong with our syndicate bus people?

Not "our" sindicato,ASP. The population is getting pissed off not only with them but also with the Prefeitura that refuses to give license to "independent cab drivers" to compete with the "traditional" taxi mafia.There are several "legal" ways to fight the "sindicatos", but requires political will. I have a feeling Junior may end up using the legal means.

I also got the taste of this strike this morning.My Missus had an early morning appointment with her dentist (downtown) and generally she takes a cab since I hate driving during the rush hour.No buses and the cabs were busy. I decided to give her a ride but faced a huge traffic jam. Managed to arrive before the appointment time.

I am afraid the things are going to be rough till the October elections. As I always said, 2014 is going to be an interesting year for Brasil. Unfortunately, we the peasants have to grin and bear it.smilies/sad.gif
written by João da Silva, May 28, 2014

Maybe the post I put will eventually show up or maybe it will not - apparently I have earned the right to have my messages reviewed by an administrator (probably due to use of "special" or non-alphabetic characters with repeated words).

Ah think you watched Brian William's interview with Dr.Snowden & starting getting paranoiac or our Webmistress had gone asleep. smilies/cheesy.gif Anyway your comment appeared, didn't it? smilies/cool.gif

I shall use my "command judgement" re the stuff you want. But....but...but...did you go through Pilão website?

There are 3 varieties a)Tradicional b)Sabor e Leveza c) Intenso.

Which one you liked the best?

Re agricultural products: The U.S. as well as Brasil allow industrially processed and packed food items. A few years ago our American hostess went through your ICE website and furnished all the info. I suggest you do the same research. Who knows, you may end up buying a farm in Southern Brasil and turn out to be a "Rei do Feijão Preto".smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/grin.gif

btw, our RF has a similar website. Such websites with full of info are quite helpful to visitors who want to take gifts (that are legally permitted) to friends and relatives overseas. It does avoid unnecessary hassles at the Port of Entry.

written by Simpleton, May 28, 2014
Comon' now guys, don't blame the syndicates nor the politicos. I mean really. After finding every possible lame excuse to have a holiday and not work for at least a portion of virtually every week for the past six months it is now time to have the perennial strikes of every nature and form so folks can have legit excuses not to work or be able to pay their bills.

A moto is the transport of a fdp. Anyone who lives well owns a car.

Tell me again why the heck would secure non-burning buses running on reliable schedules or taxis at a reasonable fare be needed?

Did you hear they are going to somehow improve the traffic situation by letting the fans with tickets for Maracana ride the metro for free from six hours before until two hours after the game? Just think about it. If you were a poor naive estrangeiro would you get in that fila unica and highlight further your vulnerability?
stomped or stumped?
written by Simpleton, May 28, 2014
I apparently missed your prior post. Doesn't look like the Webmistress ultimately gave my missing post a "pass". Perhaps the next time the data base crashes and has to be restored it will show up. You don't think that friv3 gal / fella was playing games? Site was down for quite a while after ... just a coincidence I'm sure.

The traditional forte in the red package has been my usual fare while there. Think one of my caregivers brought home a package of Melita once but I don't recall whether it was the Extra Forte nor was I in a condition to make it my way, it was for her. Perhaps the Intenso could make a cup of joe closer to the expresso I had in the non-com officers mess in Algeria? (Yes I get funny looks and comments from most folks. I like my coffee black and very strong. The stuff at the restaurant I mentioned is a bit more continental and bitter so adding both sugar and half-n-half cream was in order. Trick with handling fresh coffee beans is the same as with ervinha and feijao, you have to sort out the quakers and debris and rinse them before processing.
written by João da Silva, May 28, 2014

I like my coffee black and very strong

Great to hear that,Simp. I also like it that way. No black coffee, but....but....but.. with (boiled) half-n-half and served in anything other than a plastic or Styrofoam cup is ok with me.

Perhaps the Intenso could make a cup of joe closer to the expresso I had in the non-com officers mess in Algeria?

Ah didn't know the Algerians drink coffee that prim & proper way, Simp. Thanks for this important info. Will plan my next vacation to that country, provided they dont harass me with mah visa (shall check if we need a visa to go to that country and if so, the Cost.)

barring aside the unimportant details described above, the weather here is miserable and no wonder our distinguished fellow blogger ASP is quite grouchy and unsociable. smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif

P.S: a)I know the red one (Goddam Commie coffee) b) I don't agree with your view on "improving the traffic situation" in Rio, because I don't live there and hence of no significance or importance to me.C) Cheers and take caresmilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/grin.gif
written by João da Silva, May 28, 2014

It occurred to me (belatedly) that Simpleton & I have unintentionally hijacked this thread. I wish to apologize (on behalf of Simpleton & the Webmistress who is not up to her task (probably unionized?)).

Obviously "Não fui eu" that hijacked this thread.smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/grin.gif
written by João da Silva, May 29, 2014

A long & boring day, Simp. Not easy to deal with irrational folks.smilies/cry.gif

Now I fully understand the plight of our fellow peasant ASP.smilies/cool.gif

Getting colder day by day.The weather woman is predicting it is going to get colder next week. I don't put much faith on her predictions, but...but...but...I am well prepared, just in case.smilies/wink.gif
written by asp, May 30, 2014
i saw a report on kids visiting the taca in brasilian, and they started clapping and chanting go brazil for the copa

these kids embody the spirit that the copa in brazil and the team represent is a source of pride ..and some small protests by agendised rhetorical red flagers, black bloc and anarchists takes a s**t on this...what a bad example to set for these kids, to just take a s**t on something they take pride in and want to respect..

these idiots are putting their ideologies in front of brazil...they are disrespecting brazil when they go out and get violent and break public paid for by the taxes of the people..what short sighted disrespect and selfish...

the copa and the team are something brazilians can be proud of..cant these dumb butts understand, there are millions of young brazilians who want to have something in brazil they can beleive in and get behind...and not sabotoge it...what bad lessons learned from ideological idiocy in the just s**t on something for ideological reasons, something kids will be watching and relating to sends the wromg message

protest , but dont do it disrespectably..dont just break s**t in random violence , talking about sending another bad messege to young kids

that is why these son of a bitches have their heads on ass backwards, they are selfish and full of bs....
written by João da Silva, May 30, 2014

Congrats, ole chap. You wrote the 50th comment.smilies/wink.gif

Crumpets & Tea on me the next time we meet (Since this magazine is not rewarding talented commentators like your honorable self).smilies/cool.gif

Another cold wave from the Antarctic is expected. Hope you got the flu shot.
written by João da Silva, May 31, 2014

Forget the feijao preto, on top of having that here I just heard today that it had reached R13.50 for a half kilo in copa.

What you heard was simple sheisse, Simp. We decided to check it out at the supermarket today. High quality locally produced (our beloved state) costs around 5 BRL per Kg. You sure someone in Copa is not trying to rip you off?

Changing the topic: In the other thread, I saw a comment supposedly posted ch.c . But...but...but... I think it is an imposter.smilies/shocked.gif
written by Simpleton, June 01, 2014
Ya, the end of the complaining about how bad things had gotten there in Rio / Copa regarding a myriad of things went on for nearly ten minutes before I could get a word in edgewise. I'll concede that the purveyor of the data on the feijao has been known to inflate things a bit from time to time over the years but as there was not even a hint of a request for any kind of fiscal support, I have no reason to completely disbelieve the level of usury apparently going on there. A few months back a simple shrimp salad sandwich with chips at a kiosk was already going for R99 and that was according to the government sanctioned news media. Considering how bad things are now, the fear of what they will turn into should Brasil be knocked out in the early rounds is very real.

If the commentator on the other thread is a ch.c imposter then I must congratulate you on your skill in mimicking his limericks / phraseology and way of conveying his train of thoughts.smilies/grin.gif
written by João da Silva, June 01, 2014

but as there was not even a hint of a request for any kind of fiscal support

Thank your stars that there has been no request for "fiscal support" so far.smilies/smiley.gif
written by Simpleton, June 02, 2014
Such a request wouldn't get very far much less so far.smilies/wink.gif The new car could always be sold in a pinch or traded in for a beater + cash. With the greves, the WC rental payment hasn't technically been "banked" as yet although the plans for the evacuation to buzios for the duration seems to be all lined up. The lack of fiscal restraint by not spending that income in advance could very well end up causing a problem, but it would not be MY problem. Did you forget I had already been edumacated regarding crocodile tears?

BTW what was the name of that premium brand of feijao preto from your state? Think I remember the brand I was ordered to get whenever it was my turn to harch off to the grocery store was "Tio Joao" or something like that.smilies/cheesy.gif
written by asp, June 02, 2014

so this is the black white skinned blocs way to reach out to the periferia..hook up with the isnt that special...just show who you really are underneath

the pcc, as well as the force behind a wave of bus burnings in our state a while back, are with out a doubt ,hooked up with farc in their drug dealing, so, its only fitting that these black white skinned bloc fuk heads should find their ideologuistic soul mates...these scum deserve each other

just disgusting..if people cant see through this bulls**t and see the truth for what it is..then they are sentanced to suffer this bulls**t instead of scrutinise it , ridicule it and just fuk it up

fuk the black white skinned little punk ass holes, i always knew your real cara
written by asp, June 02, 2014

you cant make this s**t up....
written by João da Silva, June 02, 2014

Think I remember the brand I was ordered to get whenever it was my turn to harch off to the grocery store was "Tio Joao" or something like that.

"Tio João" is not from our state nor the brand was named in my honor, Simp.smilies/smiley.gif However, they are quite diversified and use their Brand Name and distribution network effectively to market their products. They even import several varieties of rice, pack here and sell them. There are equally good quality brand of packers in this country, not only for feijão, but also for rice. Tio Ben is marketing rice under its brand name and the price is quite exorbitant. I for one don't give a sheisse about famous "Brand Names"smilies/cool.gif

although the plans for the evacuation to buzios for the duration seems to be all lined up.

Whom are you trying to evacuate to Buzios? Are you planning to rent a Black Hawk chopper from the U.S. military to transport them or intend force marching them instead?smilies/wink.gif Stragglers left behind????smilies/shocked.gif
written by Simpleton, June 02, 2014
Tio Joao doesn't do beans! Rice and various other "branded" products yes, beans NO. I have put in a "pedinho" to another acquaintance to go look in the local grocery stores to verify the prices. She might not get to that right away as she does not live in copa and just got back from about a month in Rome. Will advise.

A 2014 EcoSport is a far cry from a blindado but I inherently trust the driver except when following trails out to remote beaches and fishing spots. Darn near took out the undercarriage on a rental car on some rocks not so different than you will find in parts of downtown Parati. She already got the EcoSport stuck in the sand on a trail that not even the locals with four wheel ATVs try to navigate. Shame they had to help unload the Ambev truck when it came through in order to allow it to get close enough to hook up a tow line.

Belonging to the cobertura club has it's advantages as it turns out. The family with the house in buzios will be coming to take their month long vacation in their own cobertura in Rio thus making a perfect getaway place available free of charge while the other cobertura is let out to gringos. There's nothing like house / mansion sitting for the rich and aimless. The stragglers will not be left behind but may ultimately get dumped off at the other grandmother's house close to Cabo Frio. I wanna come but alas that won't be happening. Besides, it tends to be colder than snot in that area this time of year with a worse mosquito problem to boot. (Yes I got pestered by three yesterday morning while out spraying the weeds and the missus said the back yard was worse.)
written by João da Silva, June 02, 2014


You haven't gotchen me yet, dear boy.smilies/wink.gif

Tio Joao doesn't do beans! Rice and various other "branded" products yes, beans NO.

Ha, ha. That was very cunning of you to have tested my immense knowledge of rice, beans & other agriculture products. I may be of a humble and simple peasant background, but...but...but...but.. I know how to differentiate between rice and beans.smilies/cool.gif

The stragglers will not be left behind but may ultimately get dumped off at the other grandmother's house close to Cabo Frio

Your stragglers are luckier than the ones that went on "Bataan March", Simp.

Wonder where our friend Eddie is and how he is doing.
written by João da Silva, June 02, 2014

And..and...and.. I wrote the 60th comment (unintentionally, of course) and you better bear it in mind, though I don't think the author of this article would ever recognize my merits.smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/grin.gif

You think the article would get at least 100 comments?smilies/wink.gif
Joke was on me
written by Simpleton, June 03, 2014
Although I did get some much needed exercise, can you imaging how frustrating it was searching through every major and minor and hole in the wall grocery within the eastern half of copa and all of leme trying to find Tio Joao feijao preto only to lower my head and return home empty handed worrying about facing the dona's wrath?smilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/grin.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/grin.gifsmilies/angry.gif
written by João da Silva, June 03, 2014

Joke was on me

No Simp. The bad joke was on every self respecting male (regardless of the nationality,color,creed, etcsmilies/wink.gif & I take umbrage to it.smilies/angry.gif

So I suggest when you meet that "Dona" the next time, you kick her butt and display some degree of "machismo". Confirm after you do that so as to make me proud of ya.

One more thing: If she becomes a straggler in your "evacuation plans", horsewhip her until she gets up and begs for your mercy (and swears she would never ever ask you to shop for Uncle João's black beans). Man, I don't tolerate females that ask me to shop around for something that is not available in the market.smilies/shocked.gifsmilies/shocked.gif

Dont be a bunda mole. Show your courage.smilies/cool.gif

P.S. Ruddy cold here, mate. ASP must have gone to hibernate.smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/grin.gif
yaya I was made a yoyo
written by Simpleton, June 03, 2014
Quite a card that one but she's tricked me worse and much more embarrassingly over the years (not that we haven't played a few "payback" tricks of our own). Showing courage, backbone, standing your ground in a brasileira's household? Be very careful with that! Eyetalian matriarchal families don't hold a candle. The male jovem can be sent off in a jiff to go on some errand. Not a chance they will baulk, make a peep or try to evade their tasking. And within five minutes of returning they will be fired off on another one that they very well could have accomplished during the course of the first mission.

Bunda mole? Para obter bunda bem firme vc nao pode ser covarde.
written by asp, June 04, 2014
yeah, joao , its cold..

i didnt go anywhere, i brought in some very relevant information that the black fuking white skinned bloc is actualy reaching out to the huge organised crime drug traficing gang, the pcc...who i have linked various times to doing big business with farc and who were part of the the co ordination of a rash of bus burnings in our state a while back..

how fitting these sobs are showing their ideological cara by hooking up with pcc who is hooked up with farc...if this doesnt wake people up to the real bulls**t involved with this, then they deserve the definitly isnt being reported on tv news..

fuk it, there will be a copa, it will be a lot of fun..fuk the black bloc and anarchists and chumpy commie flag waving ass holes who just want to take a s**t on brazil because their ideology is more important than brazil...punk bitches
written by asp, June 04, 2014
time and again, i have called the s**t exactly as it is, from the hookups of hugo chavez and farc and their hookups with various drug gangs in various territories throughout brazil, how brazil is now the largest crack cocaine user in the world thanks directly to this flood of cocaine and crack coming into brazil...that farc is one of the players involved among various

how jive from the beginning these punk ass black bloc were, and the commie flag wavers, with their wanton violence , breaking buses and bank machines and phones, and things peoples tax money pays for , pushing their disgusting they were seeking out thugs to pay them to break things and shoot off dangerous fireworks that can and did kill...and now how they are reaching out to the pcc...

this is the real deal, people can be in denial about it, but, this is some of the bulls**t that is going down that could and should be seriously confronted
written by Simpleton, June 04, 2014
Reread the articles you pointed to asp. The mainstream commies aren't actually the blackblocmfrs, they are just happy to have them along for the ride to bring more attention to their dubious cause (health services, education, transportation, jobs, etc..) and now because they've got a leader or two in the pcc infested prisons they're welcoming them aboard too because they are well armed although they say they want non-violent widespread public action. (Like getting together with or lauding either the blackblocmfrs or pcc is going to get the bulk of the public on board - wtf.) Take a look at the recent crime stats for Rio and what's going on in copa. Put tens of thousands of new police in the UPPs and favelas, none in the streets and the middle class deznoves take up robbing the turists and or selling them drugs. Greves with buses, trems, banks, PF and wallah, there you have it, huge increases in car thefts, violent crimes in the Cidade Marvilhosa (cheia de merda).

College student busted for trying to scalp a wc ticket for a super-inflated price - that's normal, a victimless crime. Probably will be tens of thousands of people finding out that the tickets they thought they bought in a package deal turned out to be fake / fraud. Today they're selling off a mass of the severely undersubscribed handicap access tickets but only on-line with no transfer privileges.
written by asp, June 05, 2014
Its not about the mainstream commuinist party, but, in the violent demonstrations, over and over , its the black bloc, anarchist cymbal tee shirts and various people waving commuinist flags and red flags with che on the violent demonstrations, when they show what is happening, these are the prominent symbals these violent demonstrators are rallying around....this isnt seeing these riots and just calling them commies..i waited and waited to start realising that the front line violence people were using commuinist symbals and phrases, and were black bloc and anarchist, a specific movement with their own symbals and philosophies..of couse there are surrounding factors, sao paulo professors on strike a while back , alighned them selves with the black block...and, red flag militants are grouping together to cause their havoc along with some strange syndicate preasure , especialy transit system ..these arnt huge amounts of people, they are small minorities...just taking a s**t on something good

i talked to an american freind recently and he was noting about the unrest and was sure it was the masses reacting to the abusies of copa money...i said at first it was, and there are things to protest, but that this has turned into people who love their ideologue more than brazil...

this hook up with the pcc, no matter on what leval just shows how low these people have sunk, how out of touch they are, from really connecting with the real people...who they really hurt, by breaking public property tax payers pay for and disrupt already stressed lives trying to just get through a day...and these people romanticly link up with the that is a stable solid political strategy , they can count on the pcc...this is disgusting...and people outside are going to think this is for the people...but, its more like the sds hooking up with thug bank robbers at nyak new york , that was part of the death knoll of the armed revolutionary struggle in the usa...

i think its going to be an incredible copa...i look forward to it and fuk the black bloc
written by asp, June 06, 2014
i mean , cant you see the irony in this? the head of the sports commitee in brazil is part of the commuinist party and the party in charge is the pt, the biggest red flagger of them all, but not mainstream communist, and the people who are doing the violent protests are screaming pro commuinist anti capatalist phrases, waving red flags with the commuinist emblem and then some with che on them and the black bloc and anarchists...i mean its bizzarre...they dont seem to realise the idiocy of this...the pt is in power, the labor party the red flag with a pt on it...yet no fuking black bloc has an anti pt bannor or phrase ...and the little bitches waving commuinist flags while the head of the sports commitee in brazil is directly from the communist party in cant make this s**t up...

its like they are robots with their dogma and rhetoric and cant even deal with the real situation in front of them

and now the black white skinned bloc elite nerve center is saying they are trying to hook up with the pcc the biggest cocaine gang in brazil,who does business with farc..this is an unbeleivable comedy

and these people are the ones taking a s**t on the copa?
written by Simpleton, June 06, 2014
asp, although it may pre-date your time, I believe the word you are looking for is unbef**kingbelievable. I mean if it were just a case of pure anarchy or even a Pol Pot type of movement people could understand. The manifestantes in Rio yesterday were apparently better behaved / or didn't use redes social to build up their masses and attract the blackblocmfrs or the lack of any reasonable semblance of a functioning public transportation system caused things to be more localized and "civil" despite the mix of messages and groups ...

Tudo no brasil ser parada ate o final do cupo do mundo.
written by João da Silva, June 06, 2014

Tudo no brasil ser parada ate o final do cupo do mundo.

Ill written Portuguese, Simp. Even an illiterate peasant like me can spot out the "deficiency" in your "writing skill" (in our language). Ah just wanted make a "friendly" observation, before some highly educated "professors" form "reputable" Federal Universities start picking on ya.smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif

But....but....but... I understood what you wanted to say. Its all old women's tales.smilies/tongue.gif Essential services are not going to be "parados" during a month. I wouldn't say that for the government, though.smilies/wink.gif
written by Simpleton, June 07, 2014
Well, if the old women's tails are still providing Essential services who would care what the government isn't doing? (Butt I understand what you wanted to say.)

no na em, do de da, ohhhh a final, pare para parada parado

Not to worry about the attack of the "professors", not even the "highly educated" ones with a knack for traduxao. They're still on strike and as geeky as always. (Ever see one wear a matching set of socks? Puppets!)
written by João da Silva, June 07, 2014

(Butt I understand what you wanted to say.

Glad you did unterstanden.smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif

Rainy and coldt. Hope your veather is much better.smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/grin.gif

written by asp, June 07, 2014
simp, there are a small minoroty of people pushing chaos...

newflash, just saw this of the actualy leaders of the syndicate of metro strikers, one sitting at the table doing the negotiations for the syndacate...was proved to have been participating in one of the violent demonstrations and he was busted breaking a window and was taken to the police..and let go to jail if i broke a window...

people need to wake up about what is going on...not only do you have this fuking black bloc , now reaching out to the pcc, for their power of destruction, something they have literaly paid thugs to do for them, this is a have the sao paulo professors reaching out to the violent black have people in the violent demonstrations , waving communist flags while the head of the sports commitee is in the communist party...and, one of the syndicates of metro public transit, who is sitting down at negociations, was busted breaking public property in one of the black block, commie, anarchist violent demonstrations in sao paulo

you know, this stuff is coming out, its out there for who wants to really get it and understand what is really happening with these violent demonstrations and how a small number of people are choosing their ideology over brazil...they are taking a s**t on something good

there are huge ways to protest non violently , and much more creative ways and these things, the health facilities, the transportation problems, and the lack of investments in these infrastructures is cronic and is in place long before the copa...

simps, you arnt going to get it unless you really are paying attention to the real details and beleive me, lots of brazilians arent paying attention either...
written by J.da Silva, June 09, 2014

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